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Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad | Polyester, 10 Heat Settings , White , Full - MSU1GFS-N000-11A00

  • Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad | Polyester, 10 Heat Settings , White , Full - MSU1GFS-N000-11A00
  • Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad | Polyester, 10 Heat Settings , White , Full - MSU1GFS-N000-11A00
  • Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad | Polyester, 10 Heat Settings , White , Full - MSU1GFS-N000-11A00
  • Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad | Polyester, 10 Heat Settings , White , Full - MSU1GFS-N000-11A00
  • Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad | Polyester, 10 Heat Settings , White , Full - MSU1GFS-N000-11A00

Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad | Polyester, 10 Heat Settings , White , Full - MSU1GFS-N000-11A00

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • This extra-soft, Sunbeam Polyester Heated Mattress Pad controller includes 10 heat settings to help make neck, shoulders, back aches and more disappear while you get a restful night's sleep
  • EasySet Pro Controller with ThermoFine technology deliver consistent and comfortable heat-control by auto-adjusting throughout the night. Controller appearance may vary
  • Made of 100% polyester. This extra-soft Polyester Headed Mattress Pad is machine-washable and dryer-safe without shrinkage
  • This product comes with a 5-year limited warranty from Sunbeam. The Sunbeam brand strives to provide complete customer satisfaction and confidence
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Customer Reviews

Stopped working after 6 months and I also purchases a ...Stopped working after 6 months and I also purchases a Square Trade warranty and was told since it was still under manufactures warranty they could not help. Amazon does not have an option to return this product. I will not buy this product again nor will I buy the worthless warranty. 1) I hate heavy covers75 years old and NOW I find nirvana.. (not Curt..) I hate heavy covers. Top heat blankets are strange now days. This is BLISS! I can just warm up the bed early! Sleep WITHOUT covers at all! Freedom! FREEDOM!! Sorry. i was going to write more but..it's... nap time.... 5Do you like sleeping on wires?I have used sunbeam heated blankets and mattress pads my whole life, generally they make a great product. This is the exception.This heated mattress pad heats up quickly and gets very hot- when I used it, I never turned it up past 3 or 4. The controls for it are a weird, clicky dial that feels outdated.The wires in this are so big and thick they are miserably uncomfortable. No padding whatsoever. I would not buy this again or even give it away! It s so bad! 1Don't trust the positive reviewsAll the positive reviews are fake; there's just no other way to explain this. This pad is so cheaply made, it is pathetic. One of the reviewers said her bed felt like a cheap motel mattress, and I can't agree more. We have a very high end bed/mattress, and after putting this pad on, it felt like you are laying on a stack of newspaper or plastic tarp. The wires are VERY VERY VERY pronounced and you WILL feel them through your bed sheets--there is no way you can't. And there is no way anyone could be ok with how that feels. Lay chickens wire under your current bedsheets and lay on it. That's exactly what it feels like.This product is bonafide crap. 1Nicely toasted!Remember those Sunbeam electric blankets from the 1990's? You know, the ones that really got so warm and toasty? Electric blankets these days are so weak. I have one and half the time, I can't even tell if the darn thing is working, even if it's on HIGH. After doing some research, I discovered that the prevailing wisdom of the Internet suggested that (for some reason) a heated mattress pad would get noticeably warmer than an electric blanket, so I bought one of these for my boyfriend. (We live in different states). On my visit last week we put it on his bed and turned it on. Wow! It is so nice and warm! I wish my electric blanket worked half this well. I think next winter I will invest in one of these for my bed as well. 5Question to Sunbeam.Couldn't you have placed the plug on somewhere where you don't sleep on it?It is so annoying on your feet. Then I put it where it's underneath my pillow, but sometimes my pillow so it's even worse in my head. I was gonna give 3 stars, but now that I remember that you get only one.It would be so easy to put the plug on the side of the mattress or underneath! 1This is my fourth one!This was my 4th purchase of a Sunbeam heated mattress pad, made just like this one. One is currently heating my daughter's bed and has for at least 4 years. My first two lasted years (I'm talking 7-10 or more years, really!) I bought my first for warmth when I had a big old "hybrid" water bed, the ones with water filled tubes tucked inside a regular mattress. My second was purchased when we replaced it with pillow top queen size.We have a deep mattress and this fits fantastic. It's made like a fitted sheet - enough room to tuck under so it doesn't "pop" off. I've read complaints about the plug but we've not found it inconvenient at all. IMHO, your body learns to ignore it. This is my first one with an automatic cut off -- we love this. I've always machine washed on gentle and line dried just as instructed.I know that it's less expensive than some others. The pad itself isn't made of pure cotton or anything fancy. But I have consistently received a durable, dependable, long lasting product when purchasing a Sunbeam heated mattress pad. My daughter has already added it to her list of must-haves for when she outfits her dorm next year. 5It works...cozy toesI bought this because I suffer sleepless nights in the winter due to cold feel...or just cold in general. Although not winter yet, I already put it on my bed. This thing without blankets does not seem like it gets hot but with blankets, on high, it gets toasty warm. I took one reviewers advice and placed the plug at the head of the bed and I don't notice it at all.The drawback is that the lower part (the part that goes around your mattress) is poor quality so not sure how long that will last. The mattress pad itself adds a bit of stiffness to the bed so I am thinking of putting it under my other mattress pad instead of on top. Pretty sure that will do the trick. Super happy to have this thing and I am sure to sleep the winter this time. 4DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT !!!!!!!After a few times using it the controller starts flashing and turns off. i have tried to contact someone to get a refund and they are passing the buck. if i could give them a zero i would. look at a different brand. i have been a prime customer for many years and i have never had this much difficulty in getting a refund . 1Don t Waste Your MoneyRead the reviews and ordered the pad with reluctance, big mistake. Plugged it in for the first time and both controls were blinking. Did exactly what the Sunbeam troubleshooter advice was and still no luck. I tried numerous times and finally gave up. Did I mention it is about as flimsy as you can possibly imagine, just overall poor quality. Sending it back and doing what I should have done in the first place, spending much more on a quality pad or blanket. You get what you pay for, lesson learned. 1
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