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Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad | Quilted Polyester, 10 Heat Settings , White , King - MSU3GKS-P000-12A00

  • Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad | Quilted Polyester, 10 Heat Settings , White , King - MSU3GKS-P000-12A00
  • Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad | Quilted Polyester, 10 Heat Settings , White , King - MSU3GKS-P000-12A00
  • Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad | Quilted Polyester, 10 Heat Settings , White , King - MSU3GKS-P000-12A00
  • Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad | Quilted Polyester, 10 Heat Settings , White , King - MSU3GKS-P000-12A00
  • Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad | Quilted Polyester, 10 Heat Settings , White , King - MSU3GKS-P000-12A00
  • Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad | Quilted Polyester, 10 Heat Settings , White , King - MSU3GKS-P000-12A00

Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad | Quilted Polyester, 10 Heat Settings , White , King - MSU3GKS-P000-12A00

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • WARM AND SOOTHING: This soft Sunbeam King Quilted Heated Mattress Pad features dual side controls, each with 10 heat settings to help soothe neck, shoulder, back, legs, and more while you get a restful night's sleep
  • EASY TO USE: The EasySet Pro Controller gives you control over heat levels, while dual-sided ThermoFine technology assures heat consistency by auto-adjusting throughout the night, and the auto-off function allows for peace of mind
  • HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN: Made of 100% polyester, this soft quilted mattress pad is machine washable and dryer safe
  • 5-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: Blanket is durable for years of use
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Customer Reviews

The cheapest therapy I've found for chronic nerve painThis is the pinnacle of modern technology. Seriously, this may be one of the best things I have ever purchased.I have MS. The symptoms of MS vary widely person to person, but one of my specific issues is that my legs hurt a lot when I get cold. It's a nasty, burning pain, and one that I wouldn't wish on anyone, and it's particularly bad at night. On a recommendation from a friend who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, I looked for a heated mattress pad. I liked the idea of the mattress pad rather than an electric blanket, because I was concerned about getting tangled in cords while tossing and turning in bed.This mattress pad is fantastic. It keeps me warm at night, which makes me more comfortable. It also lets us save on heating costs by making our bed a nice little nest. There are several heat settings, allowing me to get the temperature just right. Best of all, there are dual controls, so I can get toasty without overheating my husband.So yes, get this! It's worth every penny (I know, I thought it was crazy to spend this much on a mattress pad until I tried it). Whether for health or just warmth, this will be your new BFF. 5I have had a sunbeam before and was very pleased with it but I will not buy another oneI ordered the sunbeam quilted polyester heated mattress pod on Sept. 4 2017 and received it about the 7th of Sept.. I have used it about 6 times and every time I use it after about 6 hours the control on my side of the bed starts to blink I read how to reset the control and it will stop blinking but then when we use it again it does the same thing. I contacted Sunbeam and was told to send it back at my expence and it would be 2 or 3 weeks before I would get it back. I feel this is so wrong. I think they should send me a shipping label or at lease send me a replacement. I have had a sunbeam before and was very pleased with it but I will not buy another one. I got my pad back after about a week and the first night it worked great the second night the blinking started back. They send my the same one back but did not fix the problem. I am going to contact them again and either get a new one or ask for my money back. 1Best sleep ever! Amazingly comfortable! You don't feel the coils, works well, multiple easy heat settings!This is one of the best purchases I have made for my sleep! We turn it on to make the bed toasty warm to climb into, and then lower it for steady heat throughout the night. Very helpful for aching joints, and you don't have the problem of rolling over into a "cold spot". We each get to adjust our own sides, which is important (plus for some it helps draw the line down the bed for "my side" vs "your side"), and it fits either a full or queen bed. The heating cords aren't noticeable at all, evenly distributed heat (except the top 4 inches under where the pillow goes). You can put it under a waterproof mattress pad to keep from having to wash it often (for those of you who eat/drink in bed). It doesn't have the problem of bunching like electric blankets do. Easy to see, easy to set, 10 hour auto-off timer is great. We have the controls attached to the bed posts, and it's easy to adjust it without having to wake up to think about it. The only down side is the twist function to adjust level of heat is a bit stiff and could use more of a rubbery grip. 5Keeps you toasty warm, but I can feel the power plug with my toes....The bottom line is this heated mattress pad works and works exceptionally well. It heat quickly and evenly, and keeps you toasty warm throughout the night.But there are a few things about the heated pad that makes go "Hummm..."1. The plug to attach the pad to the power cord is on the foot of the mattress, and instead of being on the side of the mattress it is located on the TOP. See picture in gallery. When I stretch I can feel the bulky plug with my toes. The other mattress warmer used in the house has the plug on the side of the mattress at the head of the bed. This seems like a much more logical location for the plug. I thought about just reversing the pad and putting the plug at the head of the bed, but then you would feel the plug under the pillow and touch it with your fingers.2. Because the plug is at the foot of the bed you have to stretch the power cord from the foot to the head so you can set the temperature controls on the nightstands. This takes A LOT of cord. To make it worse you can't put the cord between the mattress and the box spring, it has to go on the floor. I keep a lot of stuff (aka junk) under my bed, and it seems that every time I pull something from under the bed the power cord gets snagged and this in turn yanks the temperature controllers from the nightstands.3. If you have a bed skirt on the box spring the location of the plug causes another problem. To get the power cord under the bed you have to cut a hole in the bed skirt and fish the cord through the opening.4. The temperature controller is another issue. You need two hands to turn the dial and set the temperature. There is an easy on/off switch, but changing the setting on the dial takes a bit of effort. Not good for the elderly or someone with arthritis.5. The temperature controller is also a weird shape, and won't sit flat on my nightstand. The lighter, narrow end with the on/off button is always elevated about a 1/2 inch. See picture in gallery. The controller doesn't topple over, but it just looks a little odd. Almost like a little mouse sitting next to my bed.6. You run your hand across the top of the pad you can feel the wires, but when you lay on it they are hardly noticeable.So if your only concern is keeping warm at night, then this is the mattress warmer is a great choice. But if you don't like the thought of your stretching toes touching the power plug, then look for a warmer with the plug on the side of the mattress.PS: If your controllers keep flashing that means the power plug is not pushed far enough into the plug on the mattress. Push it till it snaps in place. Took me a while to figure that out. Duh, I know. 4Lasted less than a yearLasted less than a year before the controllers started blinking and the pad no longer heated. It started as just one side with the issue but now both sides are impacted. Not impressed and would never buy again. 16 things you need to know before buying this product ....I'm answering the real questions. In return I'd ask that you smash that "yes" button below the review indicating it helped you!Can i feel the wires?NoCan i put it under a mattress cover?YesCan i put it over a mattress cover?YesIs the plug at the top or bottom of the mattress?Bottom but as the instructions say the cord is long enough so it can be run under the bedDoes this have an app or connect to wifi?NoCan i use Google home or Alexa to control this?No. Not even connecting this to a smart plug would work because the device defaults to off after being plugged in. So if you connected it to a smart plug and turned on the smart plug the heater would be off until you physically press the on button. 3Works good, but I prefer an electric blanketThis is my first mattress pad. I have had several electric blankets by sunbeam and loved them. I only heat it up about 30 minutes prior to bedtime and then i shut it off when i get in bed. I decided to try a mattress pad and I had read online that they recommended them over the electric blankets. It gets my bed plenty warm, but my feet are warmer with the electric blanket over them. I feel like I have to put my feet sideways with this to feel the heat. The blanket seemed to mainly keep my lower body warm, this will keep your whole body warm, but sometimes it feels like too much heat on my back. I found that setting it on number 3 is enough to warm up the bed. 8 and above were too hot. So it works good to heat up your bed and whole body, but my preference is for the electric blanket. The cord and plug it was under the electric blanket, this has it on top of it in the middle and seems in the way sometimes. My sunbeam electric blankets give little heat after 5 years of use, I'll have to see how this does. 3Pad works well, but I suggest another model.The mattress pad works well, after all it is a Sunbeam...I really dislike the control. The knob I find is difficult to grab hold of and difficult to turn, usually requiring both hands, one for the knob and the other hand to support the base. In bed, you cannot see the setting without setting up or rising enough to 'look down'.Sunbeam has, I just discovered, another model with a ComfortTech Controller - Control 'tap' buttons on the top, a display on the side. This model has a preheat button which the one I have is lacking. When I replace the one I have, I will 'upgrade' to the 'better model' and 'friendlier control'. 2Do not buy!!I initially loved this mattress pad, but it lasted less than a year. The lights on the controller started flashing, like in many other reviews, and nothing anyone suggested fixed it. I unplugged it, during which time my puppy chewed through the controller cord. I contacted Sunbeam via their website about buying another set of controllers, but never heard a word back. Not only is this a poor quality heated mattress pad, but customer service is non-existent. 1Broke down after a couple months of use - only one side heats.I was sooo excited to have a nice warm bed to get into. It was great when it worked. It arrived late November and as of about 2 weeks ago only one side works. We have only had this for 3 months before this happened. Well we bought 3 more of these after loving mine. One of the other queen heaters actually only heats in one little area. We probably used this about 2 times a week to warm the bed before climbing in. Nothing should break down that fast. Half still work as far as I know, but one of our sons never uses his. My daughters only heats up under her pillows and she hardly uses her either. We just missed the return day by 15 days on the last on we ordered. I would not recommend this and read reviews. My husband ordered these and wasn t use to reading reviews before purchasing. Good luck. I hope this helps. 1
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