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Sunbeam Heating Pad for Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief | Standard Size Renue, 4 Heat Settings with Auto-Off | Spa Green, 14-Inch x 22-Inch

  • Sunbeam Heating Pad for Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief | Standard Size Renue, 4 Heat Settings with Auto-Off | Spa Green, 14-Inch x 22-Inch
  • Sunbeam Heating Pad for Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief | Standard Size Renue, 4 Heat Settings with Auto-Off | Spa Green, 14-Inch x 22-Inch
  • Sunbeam Heating Pad for Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief | Standard Size Renue, 4 Heat Settings with Auto-Off | Spa Green, 14-Inch x 22-Inch
  • Sunbeam Heating Pad for Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief | Standard Size Renue, 4 Heat Settings with Auto-Off | Spa Green, 14-Inch x 22-Inch
  • Sunbeam Heating Pad for Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief | Standard Size Renue, 4 Heat Settings with Auto-Off | Spa Green, 14-Inch x 22-Inch
  • Sunbeam Heating Pad for Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief | Standard Size Renue, 4 Heat Settings with Auto-Off | Spa Green, 14-Inch x 22-Inch
  • Sunbeam Heating Pad for Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief | Standard Size Renue, 4 Heat Settings with Auto-Off | Spa Green, 14-Inch x 22-Inch

Sunbeam Heating Pad for Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief | Standard Size Renue, 4 Heat Settings with Auto-Off | Spa Green, 14-Inch x 22-Inch

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • GET SOOTHING HEAT THERAPY WHERE YOU NEED IT: Tailored design provides relief to the neck and shoulders. The power is 55 watts
  • MAGNETIC CLASP KEEPS PAD IN PLACE: Magnetic clasp and slightly weighted edges help the heat pad stay put for continued relief
  • SUPER-SOFT MICROPLUSH: Makes the heat feel even better as it eases tension away; pad is machine washable and easy-care
  • USE MOIST OR DRY HEAT: Includes sponge so it can be used with moist or dry heat
  • EASY TO USE: Digital LED controller features 4 customizable heat settings; extra-long power cord means you can move around while you relax
  • PEACE OF MIND: 2-hour auto-shutoff so you can relax in comfort without having to wake up and turn off the pad; 2-year limited warranty
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Customer Reviews

A thorough review... hands down best heating pad for back and spine issuesThis heating pad has been my life saver, i would not be able to function in life without this heating pad. I use it for hours Every. Single. Day. I suffered a neck and spine injury a couple years ago. The injury has left me with nerve damage and chronic spasms in my neck, traps, mid back, and shoulder blade region. My spasms are very easily triggered, I usually wake up with a tightness that turns into a spasm in my back. If I get stressed out, my neck will get tight thereby triggering a spam. Lift something with my left arm, here comes another spam. My life is a constant struggle of trying to not bring on back and neck spasms. That being said this heating pad has helped me tremendously.I use it first thing when I wake up to release any tightness I might have gotten in my neck and back from sleeping. And it works. The heat penetrates deep into the muscles relaxing them. If I feel tightness coming on later in the day I use my heating pad for about 20 minutes and it helps release those muscles. I use it at night before bed to calm my muscles down and the heat soothes and makes me sleepy. It's great, I literally use it all day long, all year round. It has saved me from so much pain, helped me from having to take round the clock medications and muscle relaxers and has allowed me to function so much better in daily life.What makes this heating pad so great and different is a few really important things:The Shape. It goes not just on your back but over your shoulders on your traps (which are a muscle of constant tightness for all people) It extend up the back of your neck (another tight area on most people) AND THERE'S ACTUALLY HEATING COILS IN THE NECK PART!!!! The cheaper brands show the neck part but there are no heating elements in them! Trust me I've tried them. That's the biggest difference and why you should buy this Sunbeam over any no name brands that might be cheaper. You're paying for quality.The heating pad can go from slight soothing heat to really hot. It has a controller that goes from warm, low, medium and high. I never use this on bare skin because high can get very hot and actually give you some burns, especially if you lean back against it on a couch or chair (they caution you on the box to never lay or lean on it, but I do all the time, you just have to watch how hot it's getting)It heats up very quickly, in seconds you'll feel the heat which is great. The material of this heating pad vs other sunbeam heating pads is much softer. It has a very silky soft minky cover which is nice.The only thing I will caution on, is do not twist the shoulder straps. I got into the habit of wrapping them up in the front around my neck like a turtleneck because the front of my neck gets tight. But after a few months of pulling them in a way they weren't supposed to go, I damaged the heating wires in the neck part. As a result it would get super super hot and burn me in that spot. So I learned my lesson and it's not the fault of Sunbeam, I really was bending and damaging the wires inside it. So I ordered a new one and this one I am careful not to bend it that way. So use caution, it's not good to fold the pad in half or sit on it etc, there are little wire coils inside that can be damaged that way.I've owned and tried many heating pads since my spine injury and this Sunbeam heating pad is the best to hit all of the areas I need. It has been a lifesaver for me. If you need lower back heat, this will only reach to the bottom of your rib cage depending on how tall you are. I am 5'5" and that's where it stops on me. But If your looking for heat on your neck, shoulders, upper and mid back all at once...this is the heating pad for you.5You want this.Edit: It's been four days. I'm still obsessed with this thing. I still want you to buy one for your best girlfriend or Nana and yourself. I've only just now found some negative reviews and questions about it and let me tell you - I have experienced none of that. There is no bad odor, or any odor at all really to it, and it works perfectly. I wish I could take it with me in my car and to class lol. It's really that good. Trust in me. I wouldn't lie to you!Buy it. This thing is so amazing. I saw one of the office girls at my kids pediatrician wearing one and I surreptitiously looked it up while booking their follow up appointment. NO REGRETS. None! I m perpetually cold. I sit right now working on my midterm essay and I am awash in warmth and peace. It s the next best thing to not having a midterm essay to write and being in bed with a book for fun. Seriously. Buy it. Buy one for your friend and another for nana. Tell her it s from me!5Don't BuyThis product does NOT stay hot. I bought this to replace my microwavable heating pad because I hated getting up to reheat it once it cooled down. This absolutely did not solve my problem. It only stays hot for about 10 minutes and then becomes lukewarm. So my previous heating pad is infinitely better. In addition, the seller doesn't allow returns so I feel like I wasted money. So don't buy this even though it is tempting with the positive reviews. Go to a local store and buy one for more money in store so you can at least return it if it doesn't work.1This worked great - for 2 monthsThis worked great - for 2 months. Now all I get when I turn it on is a light and absolutely no heat. I've NEVER had a heating pad quit working EVER. I bought this for the design but the quality of the item is clearly substandard. Of course, I can no longer return it so It looks like it will be going in the trash.1AmazingThe 4 stars is due to the horrid smell of the heating pad. I have washed it 3 times now and it still has a chlorine smell to it. I use the heating pad for lot's of reason, but when using on my kneck the smell makes me nauseous and not burn. Makes me wonder what was used to sanitize it before it made it to me. I know it was made in China, so not sure what chemicals could have been used in the process. I will update if I can ever get the smell out. If I can not I will have to return the item because of how awful it smells and makes everything smell that it touches.Now for the use of it. It has a warm, low, medium, and hot setting which is amazing because the heat is a good steady heat and I have not had to use it higher than low because to me it is uncomfortable above that setting. As well as makes the smell even stronger. The kneck part isn't as even with the heat and has cold spots, but still is a lot nicer than other pads.UPDATE 4/3/17I have disposed of the heating pad due to the smell and several attemps to get the chlorine smell gone. What ever heating component is in side must be what is giving off the nasty smell. I used odor eliminating products as well as washing the pad several times, unfortunately nothing helped. The smell would be gone after washing but once heating it up the smell came roaring back. The smell is so bad that it gave me a headache and nausea in any attempt to use it.2Great heating pad!Much nicer than expected. Very soft with a nice, long cord. I usually only have to use the medium setting as the high setting is REALLY hot (high works well if I am wearing thicker clothes). It has a magnetic closure in the front and is slightly weighted to hold it down over the shoulders. I wish it was a little more weighted....sometimes I pull down on it so it has more contact on my shoulders. Overall I am very happy with it and I almost use it daily!5Doesn't get Better - YOU NEED THIS!I have every heating pad, trigger point, Tens device, cream, ointment for back pain known to man and I have always struggled with finding the perfect solution for my neck that is comfortable and provides nice heat. Look no further my friend - THIS IS AWESOME and I need to purchase a back up just in case so I am never without this. I love the magnetized collar around your neck. It heats nicely and evenly and I just can't say enough about it. Don't even think about it if you have neck pain - THIS is for you.5Defective device cannot be returned!I missed the review that said no returns accepted. I used it once for about a half hour just to confirm it worked. The heat on medium was more like low but that wasn t really what I was focused on. A number of hours later I tried to use it but it would not turn on. I tried a number of times throughout the evening with the same result. The next morning confirmed all connections and tried again. So ok no big deal, I figured I would just return it. Imagine my surprise when I get the message it s not eligible for return. This has never happened to me with Amazon. Wasted $30 for something that doesn t work and can t be returned. Too bad I can t give it negative stars.1Use it everydayMy heating pad arrived quickly. I was so glad because my old heating pad had stopped working. I use it everyday including right now as I type this review. Especially love the fact that you can wear it around your neck and shoulder area without worrying about the pad falling off. It is specially designed for that area and stays attached by a magnetic strip in the front. Love it!!!!5Almost perfect.I read all the reviews before purchasing this. The Number 1 complaint was the smell. I took it out of the box and sniffed it like a blood hound. I found no odor. I plugged it in, put it against my neck and shoulders and cranked it on high. After two hours there was a slight odor. I can't explain it but it was not something that made me ill or caused me to throw it out in the yard and dial 911 to ask for a Hazmet Crew to rush to the scene. When it was turned off, there was nothing. I have it on right now and there is no odor.The Number 2 complaint was it does not get hot enough. My thoughts on this one are much stronger. On high, this thing gets plenty hot! When I removed it yesterday, the back of the chair I was in was actually almost too hot to touch. My neck and shoulders felt so much better. Maybe some folks were wearing it over multiple layers of clothing. Maybe their Ancestry DNA results came back as 50% dinosaur. I used it over a heavy t-shirt and it was hot. I would not recommend using it on bare (non dinosaur) skin. You could easily burn yourself.I am certain you noticed that I only gave it 4 stars even though I seem quite happy with the purchase. My subtraction of one star is due to the size of the item. It covers my shoulders and neck just fine. The problem is the length. Most back issues are in the lumbar region and that is where my other problem resides. Other than children, I don't see how this could reach L5-S1 on anyone.That is the item I would buy in an instant. Neck, shoulders and lower back all at one time.4
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