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Swing A Way Portable Can Opener, White, 7" 407

  • Swing A Way Portable Can Opener, White, 7"   407
  • Swing A Way Portable Can Opener, White, 7"   407
  • Swing A Way Portable Can Opener, White, 7"   407

Swing A Way Portable Can Opener, White, 7" 407

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • SMOOTH AND EASY USAGE: The cutting wheel is made of high-carbon and glides easily across the tops of cans. The cutting is smooth and skip-proof making usage easy. A built-in bottle opener is included.
  • EASY TO USE WITH COMFORTABLE HANDLE: The Swing-A-Way Can Opener features an extra-long crank handle for a better grip; helping take the strain and pain from your hands when in use. The crank folds down, making storage easy.
  • CUSHION GRIP INCLUDED: There are extra-long soft cushion grips for comfortable handling, the ergonomic handles fit any size hands.
  • SMOOTH AND EASY USAGE: The cutting wheel is made of high-carbon and glides easily across the tops of cans. The cutting is smooth and skip-proof making usage easy. A built-in bottle opener is included.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: It is recommended to hand wash with warm water and a mild detergent; rinse then dry immediately.
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Customer Reviews

Get the other brandDepressing waste of money. My Swing-a-way from decades ago-yep that's how long I had it-gave up the ghost. I read the reviews for new ones, some said made in another country, not a good product anymore....but others said it was great. So I went with sentiment & got a replacement. The people that sell them must have written the good reviews. My old one works better than the new one. Now I've spent more money on a different brand, let's hope I get it right this time. All can openers skip a beat now & then, but the new swing-a-way one skips about every other cut or so...it's terrible. I have to gingerly take a fork to it & pry it open, trying not to cut myself. Besides the pain, cuts are a real hassle for dealing with til they heal!UPDATE 5/25/15: I purchased this type of can opener from EZ-Duz-It & oh my, that's what I'm talkin' about....it looked better ,it felt better it cut like a charm. Perfectly. Feels good to see Made In the USA stamped across the side, & it does our country proud. Awesome can opener. EZ-Duz-It is the best. 1The WORST Swing-A-Way I've ever owned!!!!!Don't buy this can opener, you'll regret it! I purchased it knowing that there were quality control issues (my last one developed rust more quickly than I thought it should have). But I foolishly bought it again, thinking that I could put up with the eventual rust for the other benefits. But quality control is going DOWN, DOWN, DOWN! The cutting edge on this can opener began slipping within a couple of months. Additionally, the rubber grips aren't glued on to the handles and slide off.So, to summarize, yes, I can still use it by holding it awkwardly to apply angular downward pressure (so the cutting edge cuts) and gripping the handles strangely so the rubber doesn't slide. Did I mention, don't buy this??? 1While a decent-quality can opener, the quality is inferior to the old US-made models, so I advise purchasing the US-made versionThis is one of the better can openers I have used when considering the price. With that said, the Swing-A-Way is no longer a USA-made product and there are some major differences in the build quality of the older American models versus the current Chinese-made models.This replaced a Kitchen Aid can opener I had which I absolutely despised because it could not keep its grip on a can. My parents have owned a Swing-A-Way that they have had for at least 20 years, so I went with that brand. As other Reviewers have noted, the Swing-A-Way used to be an American-made product, and the build-quality of these newer models that are made in China are, without question, inferior products. With that said, this product is still easy to use, comfortable to hold, and manages to get a strong grip on different types & sizes of cans.The biggest single difference I have noticed with this versus older models is the corrosion resistance. The current models will start to stain and rust much quicker than the previous models, which I am already finding to be rather frustrating. This indicates some major differences in the steel being used, as well as the quality of the heat treatment. I cannot currently speak on how long the blade stays sharp, but given the huge difference in corrosion resistance suggests major differences in steel, I have a feeling it will have a much shorter service life than the older American-made products.Overall, this is a decent can opener, but I think spending the extra few bucks on the Ez-Duz-It is probably a better call. To my understanding, the Ez-Duz-It is the exact product that the Swing-A-Way was when it was American-made. If that is the case, the Ez-Duz-It will probably have a much longer service life, making it less expensive in the long run. 3Why the sharp edges?This can opener opens cans with no fuss and flattens the sharp edge around the lip nicely (though the lid is still sharp, so be careful). It's nice that it opens all the way to a full 180 degrees, which makes cleaning easier. But neither of these are terribly unique features.Meanwhile, the can opener itself has some sharp edges. I'm not talking about the cutting roller, which is sharp, of course. I mean the edges of the metal frame where it was punched out. See the photos for one of the places I'm talking about, but there are others. There are burrs there that I suspect might even be able to cut your finger. Not good! Whether they would cut you or not, this just screams "sloppy manufacturing."Also, the card that served as its packaging, the one it comes zip-tied to, had oil or grease stains on it when it arrived. (Also labeled in the picture.) Ewww...When it comes down to it, it does a decent job of opening cans. but I was not impressed overall. I'm sure you can find better. 3Not What it appearsI have owned Swing Away can openers for over 45 years and each one of then worked flawlessly, and lasted for years. Recently I ordered a new Swing Line opener to replace my rusted worn out Swing opener which lasted at least 15 years. The one I ordered from amazon was a terrible opener, which would not completely cut around the can. Half way around the can it would leave gaps of uncut metal in several places. This made it very hard to open the can. I had to twist the lid back and forth in order to break the little area on uncut metal. Thinking it was a just a defective opener I returned it to Amazon for a replacement. When the replacement came same exact problem existed. These can openers appear to be another Chinese cheaply manufactured product of inferior product quality. Also the size of the large or small did not matter. I suggest you try a different brand. 1Can opener that doesn't open cans!I had a Swing-A-Way manual opener for 27+ years that I "lost" in the divorce. Easy replacement, right? Just order a new one! Wrong! This one looks the same and feels the same, but it does NOT completely open the can. It rotates and opens the can for about six turns, then it pushes the lid down but does not cut it, then it rotates a few times but does not move. It continues along like this so and you having a can that isn't open at "3 and 9 PM" and you end up rocking the lids back and forth and smashing half of it into the can to get your food out. Someone is really going to cut themselves on these un-opened cans. Not the same Swing-A-Way quality I am used to at all! 1Worst can opener everThis thing is junk! Within a week of purchasing it, it was skipping multiple times, requiring me to go back & recut areas over & over. It's now been 1 year & I dread opening cans. I just threw this useless thing away & ordered a new one after getting bean juice splattered in my eye for the last time. I've cut myself more times than I can count & the handles constantly fall off & have to be adjusted after every can. Don't waste your money! 1Finally a can opener that isn't dead after a few monthsHow is it 2015 and most can openers still suck? I don't know, but thankfully, this one doesn't. I recommend it to others.I didn't expect hover cars or even personal robots that open all my cans for me, but I naively thought that by the year 2000 we'd have can openers that, you know, worked well. By all accounts prior to this Swing-a-Way, I was wrong. All my prior can openers worked okay for a few months, but then they died.Finally, FINALLY, I found a can opener that isn't awful: this one. It opens cans easily and seems better made than all the ones I had before (and it wasn't like I was buying super cheap ones). If this one stops working, I'll update my review. If you don't see an update, then take solace in knowing that finally, there is a can opener that isn't awful.This can opener doesn't open cans automatically, but it works and it has kept working. So, I recommend it to others. 5Disappointing - Not like the old Swing-A-Way I was replacingThis can opener is a real disappointment. What's the problem with it? Compared to the old Swing-A-Way openers, it doesn't grip the can as easily or securely (tends to misalign easily), it doesn't turn as easily, and it doesn't cut the can lid as cleanly. Here's some more history about my long journey to replace my old Swing-A-Way.Last year, my swing-a-way (purchased in 1995) eventually died and needed to be replaced after nearly 20 years of faithful service. I went to the local store and picked up a Kitchenaid, since they didn't carry Swing-a-way. The unit failed to align and cut properly within a couple of months. I returned to a different retailer, bought an OXO (seems nobody carries the swing-a-way here), and it failed within a couple of months again.Turning to Amazon, I bought the Swing-A-Way, believing that everyone else had cheapened their can openers to an unacceptable level. Unfortunately, this Swing-Away isn't like the original I purchased. I don't know what they've done, but it doesn't grip the can the same way, it doesn't turn as easily, and it doesn't cut cleanly like the original.The final chapter in my story is the purchase of a can opener called EZ-DUZ-IT manufactured by a company called John J. Steuby in Missouri. This one FINALLY met with my expectations. I'm not sure how or why it works better. It just does. It holds tight to the can, turns easily, and cuts cleanly. I have no idea whether it will last 20 years like my old Swing-A-Way, but after a lot of effort, it's the closest thing. I was also surprised and pleased to find out that it's made in the USA and didn't cost any more than the awful openers I had purchased from Kitchenaid, OXO, and Swing-A-Way. 2Best Manual Can Opener EVERMy local supermarkets (Giant and Safeway) used to carry the Swing-a-way Can Opener, but when I tried to replace my old one (at least 10 years old), both had different brands. OK, I thought, a can opener is a can opener, so I bought whatever was available. First from Safeway, then from Giant, then from Home Goods, then from Nordstrom Rack of all places. One after the other, none of them worked properly. I kept using my old Swing-a-way, which had grown somewhat blunt over the years but was still better than any of the junky new ones. Finally I thought of Amazon and there it was - a Swing-a-way Can Opener that looked just like my old one. I bought it and I'm delighted. It works perfectly, doesn't stick, doesn't slip, doesn't cause soup to spurt out of the can. Thank you Swing-a-way for this wonderful, durable can opener. 5
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