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Swingline Paper Trimmer, Guillotine Paper Cutter, 12" Cut Length, 10 Sheet Capacity, ClassicCut Lite (9312)

  • Swingline Paper Trimmer, Guillotine Paper Cutter, 12" Cut Length, 10 Sheet Capacity, ClassicCut Lite (9312)
  • Swingline Paper Trimmer, Guillotine Paper Cutter, 12" Cut Length, 10 Sheet Capacity, ClassicCut Lite (9312)
  • Swingline Paper Trimmer, Guillotine Paper Cutter, 12" Cut Length, 10 Sheet Capacity, ClassicCut Lite (9312)
  • Swingline Paper Trimmer, Guillotine Paper Cutter, 12" Cut Length, 10 Sheet Capacity, ClassicCut Lite (9312)

Swingline Paper Trimmer, Guillotine Paper Cutter, 12" Cut Length, 10 Sheet Capacity, ClassicCut Lite (9312)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • EASY TO USE TRIMMER - Lite trimmer is simple and easy to use, with a sharp guillotine blade and a handy alignment grid. Built with a sturdy plastic base, it's also light enough for easy transport.
  • 12" CUTTING LENGTH - With a 12" cutting length, it's a convenient choice for most common trimming tasks. Ideal for use in the home or at the office.
  • CUTS 10 SHEETS - Excellent for everyday use, this neat little trimmer cuts through paper, photos and more, cleanly cutting up to 10 sheets at a time.
  • ACCURATE CUTS - Designed for accuracy, with an alignment grid for precision. Dual scale ruler, with marks in inches and centimeters, assists with measuring, regardless of which system you prefer.
  • SAFETY FEATURES - Guard rail keeps fingers safely away from the blade while it's in use. Blade latch hook securely locks the trimmer arm when not in use.
  • BUILT TO LAST - Swingline stands behind this high-quality trimmer with a limited 10-year warranty.
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Customer Reviews

Complete, accurate, easy, and convenientColor me amazed at the functionality and accuracy of such a well priced cutter! I do a LOT of papercrafting and needed a full sized cutter that was highly accurate and light enough to move every time I wanted to use it (my table space is woefully limited). This is PERFECT!Couple things to know: The handle is packaged with the cutter but is inside of a cardboard spacer in the box. It's lightweight so if you open the box and pitch the packaging there's a really good chance you're going to miss it completely. Also, this cutter is exceptionally accurate. There are full length grid lines that allow you to set up the paper for a spot-on cut regardless of inconsistencies of the paper itself. So use the grid lines instead of the top edge of the cutter to stage your cut if you aren't positive of the precision from your paper manufacturer.Other than those two things, everything about this cutter is self-evident and straightforward. After owning this only 11 days I can't imagine how I crafted without it. Thanks Swingline, you guys hit this one out of the park! 5What s the point in having a paper cutter that doesn t cut straight lines?I purchased this through Amazon and I have had it for almost 6 months now. So I really took my time with it before reviewing. I wish I had saved my money and purchased another one. I went based on the reviews at the time, thinking that this was the best one.Here s the problems that I found with this product:1) Not precise at all. Because of the green guard and when you try to make the paper straight but at the top right of the cutter, the paper will not be straight across, causing crooked cuts.2) I have accidentally cut myself on the blade by easily knocking it with my hand. Not a big issue but if you re a clutz like me or have children be very careful.3) The green metal guard is completely useless.Here s what is nice about it:1) It is sharp. I found that I could cut up to 3 to 4 thick card stock. Of course they come out crooked every time but it is sharp.2) It has a safety latch. This is a must for children around the house. Make sure you push up on the latch until you hear it click, to ensure that it s locked.When unlocking the safety clip, push down with your thumb until it releases. It s a little stiff but it will release.3) If you want to have more precise cuts, use the grid to line up everything.4) It is lightweight 1Scale marking very hard to read, impacting accuracy - but cuts very well.I've been using this trimmer for about a week and feel confident about leaving this review, even though I cannot know if the blade will sharp indefinitely. I think there are some great things about the trimmer, and some that aren't so great. I am a paper crafter so my usage has been related to those purposes.Great aspects:1. Blade is sharp; easily cuts a single layer of 110# card stock. as well as 20# copy paper. I haven't cut multiple layers as accuracy is more important to me than cutting in bulk 2. Lightweight yet sturdy. Doesn't slide around on desktop. Easy to move around and store. 3. Work surface is large enough to cut 12" x 12" paper or card stock.Not-so-great aspects:1. The only thing that keeps this trimmer from getting 5 stars is its measuring capabilities. If you have excellent eyesight and don't need to cut the utmost accuracy, you will probably be satisfied, even pleased with this trimmer. a. The designers have chosen aesthetics over function by using a pale gray color for the inches scale on the top of the trimmer. Against the darker gray body, it's very hard to read if your vision is compromised by age or disease. b. The scale on the top is marked in 1/8" increments which is OK, 1/16ths aren't that necessary but would have been appreciated. The problem for me is the top scale markings don't go all the way to the edge of the paper stop (very hard to describe), so when the paper is butted against the paper stop at the top, there is a gap between the paper and the scale, making it hard to be accurate. c. There are two scales about 5 inches down; the top one is metric and the one below is in inches. If you are cutting something longer than the 5 inches, this helps line up the left edge, but if you're cutting something shorter, you must rely solely on the upper scale. d. The guillotine blade doesn't lift very high at the pivot or connection point, so requires extra attention to be able to slide paper or card stock up to the paper stop. It would be nice if it rose just another inch.If you just need a paper trimmer for tasks that don't require a super accurate cut, and if you're young and/or have excellent eyesight, this could be a great trimmer for you. The cost is low, the build quality seems very good. But if you don't see well and need contrast between markings and background, this will probably just frustrate you.I will use this another week or so to see if any 'work arounds' come to me to make it more accurate for my poor vision, and if not, I'll return it to Amazon. 3Finally reviewing ... product quality not up to par with other Fiskers items I ownI've been using this cutter for about a year. There are plenty of good reviews here so I'll just skip to my pros/cons.Pros: It is still cutting as well as it did a year ago. I've cut cardstock, chipboard, and paper - probably totaling a few thousand cuts. Also, it is sturdy. I've had no issues with cracking or sticking. It balances well.Cons: The biggest, and the reason for my low rating, is that the handle/blade/grid are not properly aligned. If you align your paper to the vertical grid, it will be off. If you align it to the horizontal grid, it will be off. If you guesstimate, it will be off. Cutting perfectly even paper requires pre-measuring with a ruler for my unit. Also, the latch that is supposed to hold the handle down rarely secures it for more than a few minutes. Then, it falls off. Finally, you must hold the paper down close to the guard bar or you'll get slippage toward an incorrect cut.I'm finally going to break down and buy another paper cutter. It's sad because this one still cuts but the hassle of never having even pages without a few extra steps is more than I want to deal with right now. I hope that my unit was just defective and no others are having this issue. Still, I thought I'd share a review in case it happens to someone else. I didn't ask for a replacement because I always thought I must be doing something wrong. Finally, after a year of botched cuts, I asked someone else to try it. When their cuts also failed, I realized it is the tool. 2Good for light use, great value for the price.Work's well, really great for the price. I looked at much more expensive models but couldn't really justify the cost, as I only needed it for cutting a few sheets of 110lb cardstock and a few shipping labels a week, and I only needed to cut 1 piece at a time.The blade is sharp and cuts straight. It has a nice little locking mechanism to keep kids from playing with it. It has very little give, but it's easy to cut with, and it's sturdy enough to stay up when you leave it in the up position. (Very important for aligning paper without fear of chopping off your fingers.)The measurements start at the exact edge and go up to 11.5 inches, which is more than enough if you are only cutting regular sized paper. The measurements make it easy to cut exact pieces, and it cut every one of the 110lb cardstock sheets perfectly. (See photo.)All in all I'm glad I got this paper trimmer, MUCH easier than trying to cut out everything with scissors. I just hope the blade holds up! If not, it looks like it easily replaceable, I just hope I can find a replacement blade when the time comes.So far I've only cut about 10 sheets, but I will update this review in about a month or two with some info on how it's holding up. If I haven't updated this review, then that probably means it's doing pretty well. :) 5Doesn't cut straightCuts paper like this ) it's subtle but there's definitely a curve. My fianc bought this to cut our wedding invitations. This is our first time using it. I'd like to return it but it's past however many days. It's good if you don't need a perfectly straight cut. I think it's cuz the plastic board it comes with kinda flexes a little little 1Perfect for its intended use!Bought this paper trimmer to use when making products for my Etsy store. I mostly cut laminated card stock, and have found this trimmer to be perfect for this use. Plus it has a rather satisfying slicing noise!PROS:- Appears well made- Safety lock- Satisfying noise!CONS:- Since the blade is coming down rather than sliding across, it can be difficult to make a precise cut. It takes a little extra time to line it up. Small price to pay for having a blade that will last longer. 5Not good for precise cutting I use mine for art/craft cutting rather than office type cuts. It is easy to assemble, very sharp, and the arm stays up on it's own. It's lightweight and easily moved around as it's all plastic other than the blade.I have two issues with it. First, is that it's very hard to get a cut exactly where you want it if you're trying to make a cut in the center of a piece of paper versus just cutting off an edge. The other issue is a green bar that is secured down the right side. It prevents you from cutting longer piece of paper as the paper has to go under it. See my video. 3It cuts... just not straightThis item is a great value and does a much better job at cutting than a ruler and scissors, but unfortunately the lines aren't straight no matter what you try to use as your guide. I used this item occasionally since purchasing a little over a year ago but didn't really notice the cuts. Over the past 2 months, I've used it a ton to cut invitations. It became clearer and clearer after each use that the cuts weren't straight. No matter how I aligned my paper, the cut would start off exactly where I wanted and end up crooked. I tried cutting slow, fast, holding my paper towards the top, middle, bottom, etc and the results were the same. I even added a frame around the invitations themselves to serve as my cut lines, and while the cut would start at the cut line, it would end crooked and leave some of the frame that was supposed to be cut off. After trying to save the cut a few times, it became evident that it would never look completely straight. 2Disappointed in the quality of this cutterI waited to purchase a paper cutter like this for awhile. Perhaps I should have chosen another type or brand, but disappointed about 3 things:1. It cuts a slightly crooked line-the edge where you line up the paper must be slightly off.2. The handle will not stay in the upright position when you lift it, and try to position your paper...the handle drops every time about an inch, making it necessary for me to hold the handle up with my body, so I can slide the paper under the blade, and3. The lock on the bottom side of the blade is very stiff, and very difficult to pop open, so you can lift the handle. I'm afraid I'm going to slip one time, and cut myself on the blade.I'm really disappointed in this paper cutter, but don't want the hassle of a return. Only one thing I like-the blade actually cuts paper. If I had known these things, I wouldn't have purchased it, especially because of problem #2. 3
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