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Taylor Precision Products Taylor Commercial Waterproof Cooking Digital Quick Read Thermometer, One S

  • Taylor Precision Products Taylor Commercial Waterproof Cooking Digital Quick Read Thermometer, One S
  • Taylor Precision Products Taylor Commercial Waterproof Cooking Digital Quick Read Thermometer, One S
  • Taylor Precision Products Taylor Commercial Waterproof Cooking Digital Quick Read Thermometer, One S
  • Taylor Precision Products Taylor Commercial Waterproof Cooking Digital Quick Read Thermometer, One S
  • Taylor Precision Products Taylor Commercial Waterproof Cooking Digital Quick Read Thermometer, One S
  • Taylor Precision Products Taylor Commercial Waterproof Cooking Digital Quick Read Thermometer, One S

Taylor Precision Products Taylor Commercial Waterproof Cooking Digital Quick Read Thermometer, One S

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Wireless and waterproof for hassle free food temperature readings
  • Measures temperatures ranging from -40 to 450 F and -40 to 230 C
  • Simply functioning 0.8 inches digital thermometer display can be seen from almost every angle
  • An anti microbial housing provides added safety and hygiene
  • NSF approved and backed by a 1 year warranty
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Customer Reviews

L meant "Low Battery" or something like that") No luckI have had this thermometer sitting in drawer for 4 months in it's original package. When I finally needed it, I had been used it for no more than 7 weeks, not abusing it, no dropping it and keeping it all the time in it's yellow plastic cover.... Last time tried to use it, it would show a sign LL.L no matter what I do It will keep showing LL.L. I even tried replacing the battery (Thinking LL.L meant "Low Battery" or something like that") No luck.. When it worked it did a very good job, but now I am convinced that I will never buy a Taylor product ever. 2GoodI bought this product to get a quick temperature reading without the hassle of pulling out my digital oven thermometer (which has a cord that connects to another unit outside the oven). I've used it about 10 times so far for meat and water (to get a perfect temp to brew tea) and I'm happy with it's performance. I also like that you can calibrate it to make sure you're getting an accurate reading. The only minor issue is the holes in the sleeve can be used as a holder for the sensor stem, according to one of the pictures in the product's description, but my stem does not fit fully through the holes as the sensor stem is too wide for the holes. I cannot compare it to similar products since this is my first quick read thermometer.Shipping and packaging was as expected via Prime. 4Cannot CalibrateBought four of these thermometers and luckily one of the theremeters was calibrated correctly to 32 degrees, verified by using an ice/water slurry. The other three thermometers were all off by some 8 degrees and turning that little screw first counter clockwise then clockwise didn t change a thing. I could use the thermometer, as is, and just adjust my recorded temperature by however many degrees the thermometer was off but I want to avoid any hassle with the USDA, so that option is off, I guess I ll use them as darts 1Terribly slow to read tempUsing this while grilling chicken it can take 30 seconds or more to get a reading to 165 . Too long, too much time for things to cool while trying to get a reliable reading. Other than that, seems pretty accurate once it stabilizes on a reading. I have an old "CPS" brand digital thermometer that reads within a few seconds. Only reason I need a replacement is its snap together case is worn and won't stay together anymore. 2Incorrect reading, can t calibrate.Poor quality. At the price point I realize I m not dealing with a scientific instrument. However, considering it is intended to be used for food safety I would hope it to be somewhat accurate. When I first used it, it definitely seemed to be off . Tried to check it in an ice bath and it just read LLL.LL. Compared to an actual calibrated thermometer used to compare to and calibrate other thermometers, this one reads 15 degrees F low. To complicate matters, the calibration screw is maxed out in the direction I need to turn it. 1Not an instant-read thermometerDo understand that this is not an instant-read thermometer. It takes it's sweet time in 0.1 increments to slowly rise to measure the temperature of your food. If having to hold it in boiling/simmering liquid, the head is not as large as I would like it to hold onto. I have had the item for one year and have used it a few times. But each time after trying to work with it, I put it down and take the other one I have to finish the job, which I am very satisfied with (CDN DTQ450X ProAccurate Quick-Read Thermometer). After reading such high reviews about this Taylor model, I thought maybe it was better than the one I already have. Not. I will no longer keep this thermometer. 2Not "Instant Read" As Advertised on PackagingThe thermometer isn't "Instant Read" as advertised on the packaging. It works just like an analog thermometer: Stick it into the product, hit the on button, and then stand there while the reading slowly rises up to the product's temperature. For example, when I stuck it into a baked chicken and hit the on button, the thermometer started out at 70 degrees (room temperature) and the slowly rose up to 165 degrees over about 15 seconds.It's no better than the analog thermometer I have, so I returned it. 2Company gone bad: bad quality, not honoring warrantyI used to have this thermometer for several years and even bought the same version for family members. Couple months ago mine got damaged, so I ordered the exact same as a replacement. However, the new one takes 40-50 seconds to get a reading! I couldn't believe my eyes. The packaging says 6 seconds, and that's what my previous unit was able to achieve. Thinking it's a defective one, I contacted manufacturer, however they're refusing to honor the warranty, saying it is "taking a little longer". Factor of 7 is not "a little longer". I know a minute doesn't sound too much, but if you're trying to get things cooked, especially on the grill - sitting there for a minute, burning your fingers is not the way to get things done.Long story short, I would not recommend buying this product (or any of Taylor's products for that matter) since quality is bad, customer service is bad, and they're not honoring the warranty. 1Taylor replaced it . . . Poor quality control??UPDATE: I was contacted by Taylor and sent a replacement thermometer which seems to be working fine, except, as others have noted, a little slow to get to temp. But, it does work and seems properly calibrated. Thanks, Taylor, for standing behind your product.INITIAL REVIEW: This was our 2d Taylor thermometer, and it proved a big disappointment. I would have returned it if I had not waited so long to open the package. The first one of these thermometers lasted several years, but gradually seemed to lose accuracy, so we ordered a new one. When we finally opened and started using the new one (just a month ago), it proved unreliable from the start. The temperature readings jumped randomly, varying 20-30 degrees in ambient air, and for no apparent reason. I usually know my bread is done when it registers 205 F after 50 minutes. However, the new Taylor thermometer gave me weird temp readings that swung between 226 - 242. It's too late for me to return this lemon, and so I've wasted nearly $15 (including tax). Quality control seems to be the issue. I liked the first Taylor, but not the second. 4Poor performance, useless battery compartment design.Well, it worked for a while...I'll give it that much. I only used it once a day to test the temp of my boiling water to make a cup of coffee. And it's been on life support for the last couple of months. I replaced the battery, and that seemed to get it going, but even that is fraught with peril. You see, taking the little battery "tray" out is like doing work on a race car. The battery is a very tight fit, and the funky rubber, hinged tray that you have to push the battery in with is useless. After many MANY minutes messing with it, I finally tossed it.The probe is short. The unit is slow to come up to temperature. and as I say, it works fitfully, and is very difficult to work with the battery tray. A complete waste of time. Spend a bit more and get a higher quality thermometer that at least has a competent design. 1
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