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Taylor Precision Products Digital Cooking Probe Thermometer And Timer, Pack Of 1

  • Taylor Precision Products Digital Cooking Probe Thermometer And Timer, Pack Of 1
  • Taylor Precision Products Digital Cooking Probe Thermometer And Timer, Pack Of 1
  • Taylor Precision Products Digital Cooking Probe Thermometer And Timer, Pack Of 1
  • Taylor Precision Products Digital Cooking Probe Thermometer And Timer, Pack Of 1
  • Taylor Precision Products Digital Cooking Probe Thermometer And Timer, Pack Of 1
  • Taylor Precision Products Digital Cooking Probe Thermometer And Timer, Pack Of 1
  • Taylor Precision Products Digital Cooking Probe Thermometer And Timer, Pack Of 1
  • Taylor Precision Products Digital Cooking Probe Thermometer And Timer, Pack Of 1

Taylor Precision Products Digital Cooking Probe Thermometer And Timer, Pack Of 1

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • This digital cooking thermometer measures temperatures from 32-392 F, perfect for cooking meat
  • A durable stainless steel food thermometer probe and 4 ft. silicone cord allow food to be monitored without removing it from the oven
  • Features an automatic time and temperature alarm
  • Use the stand-up display for countertop use or built-in magnet for oven door attachment
  • 2 AAA batteries included
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Customer Reviews

EASY TO READ AND USEI use this to check temps mostly on chicken. Also, I like the easy to read numbers, and ability to set temp to desired doneness. I haven't had any trouble with this thermometer. I just run the probe under the water with a quick wipe of a sponge and its clean. It also remembers your last temp setting, even when turned off. I even tried this on a glass full of ice water and it got down to 31 , so I have nothing but great to say about this, except if you are in the market for an easy to read thermometer than this is the one to get. Great price as well, for the ease of use. 5Lasted 2 monthsPurchased in December 2016, non functional by February 2017. I used this thermometer nearly daily for melting wax for my candle business. It worked quite well until the sensor stopped working, giving random temperatures from 40 degrees to 180 and back down again in a second or just displaying "LO" -- while moving the wire on the probe it worked sometimes but it seems like this one has a fault probe or a disconnect inside that cannot be replaced or fixed.I have thrown mine away and will be trying another brand. 1Actuate and Replairable ThermometerI had another brand and when the probe wore out they did not offer a replacement option. Taylor does. Having used this product for about 5-months now, it does a wonderful job. I have verified the readings from this thermometer with another and they are a degree of each other in therms of accuracy.There is one design issue I have with it, but too many people take points off for something they should have seen when looking at the illustrations or comments, I don't.I wish that they had a spindle molded into the unit to wrap the cord around (like another brand does), it would make storage easier.One tip I have for any users of this type of product is to wrap the section of the cord that comes out of the oven (esp. if it's a toaster oven) in foil. This will prevent the hot metal of the door from melting the insulation of the cord. 5Junk compared to older modelsI purchase this just 4 months ago to replace a Taylor thermometer that I had at least 5 years.This is junk. Thermometer probe doesn t register properly and ruined a turkey. Now timer stopped mid cooking and ruined a dozen eggs. Went to switch off and on off snapped off. And of course double checked battery and it s fine. So angry. As a disabled person, time and energy in a kitchen is a struggle. To waste that, and the food due to faulty products infuriates me 1Not for a serious cookI was looking for a durable product to work with on a daily basis. After reading lots of reviews I decided to give this one a try. Well, my first one broke almost after a year of usage. It stopped reading temperature correctly. For instance, it could display 32C when the liquid begins to boilor just reads "Lo t" instead of giving the exact figures. I replaced batteries with no results. I contacted Amazon and got the replacement. It had been working for just 6 months not being used as intense as his predecessor and ended up with the same result - BROKEN and can t be replaced by Amazon anymore. I will contact with manufacturer to negotiate my options now.What is the conclusion? If you plan to use the thermometer a lot better keep searching for a different one commercial grade 1Great design, POOR quality.I love this digital thermometer , why can't you make it better, and last longer. I bought it in July 2016 and it's already not working. I keep buying it because I like it.... i keep hoping I'll get one that works longer. When it works it's good for baking and also for yogurt making. The problem lies in the cord that goes from the device to the probe. You just need to make it stronger somehow. Please try to make it better quality. I'm not going to buy it again this time. Let me know when you improve the quality. 1Buy it, you can't go wrong!Awesome, excellent unit. I use it so I know the moment my deep fryers are up to temp in my food truck. My last one finally died after about two years.I wish it would hold the alert temp between power offs. Once I park the food truck & begin setup, every second counts... and it takes a little bit to reset the alarm to 350 each shift. That got annoying, I decided to never turn it off, and I found that normal alkaline batteries last about 9 months, which I think is great. While I am tempted to give it 4-stars for not storing the alert temp, I still give it 5 because the long battery life (while constantly on) makes up for it, which might also be a contributing factor to why my last one died.Food trucks get hot and most of the electronics (digital thermometers/timers, etc) I've ever kept stored near heat sources only last a year or two, which I consider perfectly acceptable for non-industrial devices. 5Didn't last! Still not accurate.Update 3/8/15. I finally got my replacement thermometer back from Taylor (4 or 5 weeks later.) I immediately checked the remote probe's accuracy against two other thermometers, and it's still 10-15*F off! At the price point, this may seem like a good deal, but if you depend on consistent, accurate temperature readings, spend a few dollars more and get a good, quality thermometer. Now, I use this as a glorified timer.After using this just a few times, it now reads about 20 degrees Fahrenheit too warm, and there's no way to calibrate it. Good thing it has a 1 year warranty, so I'll be sending it back to Taylor for repair or replacement. In the future, I'd spend a little more and get a good one (at least one with better reviews!) I'll update this review when/if I get a replacement back from Taylor. 1Good product, but lasts only TWO monthsI use this thermometer to time my infant's milk because my bottle warmer does not have a timer setting. I have owned 2 of these thermometers in 7 months. Never again. Now, why did I buy 2? Well, read on:PROS--When it works, it is accurate. I have measured the temperature using another thermometer and the temperatures were the same.--The timer is user-friendly. If you are anything like me, you dislike reading user manuals. This thermometer requires no reading - use is obvious.--The timer lets you see how much time has elapsed so you start to get a feel for how long it takes certain things to warm. For instance, I now know that it takes my daughter's milk about 3 minutes to warm from ice cold to 100 degrees. I can plan accordingly.--The alarm is loud, but you can choose a silent setting.--The numbers are large, so you can see them from afar.CONS--HUGE CON: It doesn't work for more than 2 months. I have bought this thermometer twice now and each one stopped working within two months for the same reason: Instead of showing the temperature of the item you are heating, it shows "LO". What "LO" is, I couldn't tell you, but once you see that, it means the thermometer is done working for you and you are out of luck.--Return is a pain. You would think that a manufacturer selling an item that has a known defect would make return easy, right? Or even better, send you a new one as soon as you complain, right? Nope. Amazon makes you return this item first and then wait for your refund or order a new one without having received your refund. No customer service. No apology. No complimentary shipping of a new one so you are not inconvenienced. Very lame.--The fact that the manufacturer has yet to fix this bizarre "LO" defect that so many reviewers have complained about tells you how little they think of their customers.**Please click "yes" below to let me know this review helped you!** 2Not as good as past versionsI have had two or three of this particular model of meat thermometer over the past 15 or 20 years and have always been pleased with its performance, durability and reliability.When I received this one I was very disappointed to discover that the probe wire now has a plastic or rubber covering instead of the braided wire cover that all of the past units had.I have read that this wire has a tendency to melt if it contacts higher temperatures. This happened to me the first time I put it in a roast in the oven and closed the door.In addition, the company manufacturing this has made the wires inside the covering so thin and brittle that they break from the fatigue of normal bending.The metal probe itself is also of a much lower quality, Taylor has made the metal the probe of this item of such poor quality that with the first use, when the probe was inserted in the roast, the metal probe bent.With the braided metal covering of the past I never had a problem of the wire being damaged from heat, or the probe bending, but with this new unit this is no longer the case, which is why I gave this item two stars.BUT, this has allowed Taylor, the company manufacturing this, to create a market for a new item:Replacement wire/probe which they sell for MORE that the cost of a replacement thermometer: https://smile.amazon.com/Taylor-Precision-Replacement-Thermometer-Probe/dp/B0071NWE9O/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1490892344&sr=8-1&keywords=taylor+meat+thermometer+probe 2
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