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Taylor Precision Products Gourmet Wireless Remote Thermometer (147921)

  • Taylor Precision Products Gourmet Wireless Remote Thermometer (147921)
  • Taylor Precision Products Gourmet Wireless Remote Thermometer (147921)
  • Taylor Precision Products Gourmet Wireless Remote Thermometer (147921)
  • Taylor Precision Products Gourmet Wireless Remote Thermometer (147921)
  • Taylor Precision Products Gourmet Wireless Remote Thermometer (147921)
  • Taylor Precision Products Gourmet Wireless Remote Thermometer (147921)
  • Taylor Precision Products Gourmet Wireless Remote Thermometer (147921)
  • Taylor Precision Products Gourmet Wireless Remote Thermometer (147921)
  • Taylor Precision Products Gourmet Wireless Remote Thermometer (147921)
  • Taylor Precision Products Gourmet Wireless Remote Thermometer (147921)

Taylor Precision Products Gourmet Wireless Remote Thermometer (147921)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Keep an eye on cooking food while entertaining friends and family with this thermometer and remote.
  • Clip the remote to a belt or strap and monitor cooking temperatures and times up to 200 feet away with light, vibration, and sound alarms.
  • Easily read the temperature and timer on the base unit with its large blue backlit LCD display.
  • Both the base unit and the remote have built in magnets to position on metallic surfaces.
  • 4 AAA batteries are included to power the base and remote.
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Customer Reviews

Great for air fryer ovensThis product is my favorite for use with my air fryer oven. I bought several where you have to open the oven door and insert the probe to read the temperature. This product has many functions, is easy to use, instructions are clear, the AF oven door closes easily over the wire and you can monitor the food and temp quickly and easily. Highly recommend this product. 5Not recommendedEven with "proper usage" as described by the Taylor engineer's review, and treating this unit with kid gloves, this unit is wildly inaccurate as described by previous reviewers. The UI is cumbersome and NOT user friendly. I can safely say that I got pretty frustrated when trying to set the unit for a "custom" temp when cooking the Thanksgiving Turkey. I am very tech savvy and having to go through more than 3 *different* key presses to even approach the setting needed is unacceptable. Not to brag, but if I have to get the manual out, it's too tricky.Also, the glue holding the magnets in failed within a week of occasional usage. The wireless feature is hit or miss (mostly miss). I wasted $21 and wish I had replaced my Polder with another Polder. I bought this unit on the recommendation of Cook's Illustrated, and while their reviews are pretty good, I think they missed the train on this one. 1Great thermometerI know there are some mixed reviews on this meat thermometer, but I just bought my second one and I have been very happy with it. I had the first one for about 2 years when the wires became exposed on the thermometer piece, but I contacted the company and they sent me a replacement! The only reason I had to buy a second one was because something got spilled on the digital piece and fried it, so it was not a product default. It is easy to use and has a large screen that is easy to see. T little "pager" that comes with it is really handy too. Overall I would recommend it. 5I agree with mostI read all of the things you are not supposed to do with the probe and don't do them but it still failed. It's under warranty but they will likely try to tell me I broke it. I got the dreaded HH message on the screen which tech support told me means the probe isn't functioning. The wire is broken at the hard metal part of the probe. I keep it in a drawer with other items and suppose it could have become broken there, but as others posters point out, there should be something in the design protecting the stress point. I bought an Ace Hardware brand today and what do you know, it has a reinforcement at that stress point. 1Product failedWorked very well. Pretty accurate. Was off only 2 degrees when testing boiling water. Like the magnetic mount. Remote unit hooks up easily.After less than 3 months use, I was measuring Ice cream being made in freezer. After 3 hours of below zero, the unit has never worked correctly again. Doesn't even register above 32 degrees any longer. 2Not fit for intended purposeThe design of this thermometer guarantees that it will fail. Mine did fail, and after it went kaput, I contacted Taylor and was told, despite what you read in the product description, that this product can NOT be used in a barbecue.Read on.I purchased this as a gift, and we used it for the Christmas turkey. Unfortunately, the unit kept turning itself off after thirty minutes, even though the temperature in the turkey was constantly increasing (it is only supposed to turn off if the temperature doesn't change over a thirty minute period). This ruins the whole concept of having a pager that will alert you when the temperature is getting close to the desired end temperature, and also beep again when it reaches final temperature.So, the first strike against this product is that it cannot be reliably used for anything that takes longer than thirty minutes to cook.Next, the temperature reading went up and down during cooking. This, of course, was not really happening because a large turkey does not get colder in a 350 degree oven. Why did this happen? Well, I read in the reviews here on Amazon, the response from the engineer at Taylor. I read this BEFORE I used the thermometer, and I knew that several other reviewers had the temperature vary considerably, and that the "solution" given by the Taylor engineer was to make sure the probe was fully inserted. So, that's what I did. For our turkey, I inserted the probe all the way down into the breast, away from the bone, all the way up to the large bend in the probe.However, the real killer, and the thing that ultimately caused the unit to fail and makes it completely unfit for its intended purpose, is that it cannot be used in the BBQ. Yes, you read that correctly. Again, I read the cautions from the Taylor engineer about making sure the probe wire goes through a hole in the BBQ and is not crimped by the hot lid. I did EXACTLY as he advised, "snaking" the the wire through a hole. It was not crimped in any way whatsoever.However, the probe wire melted, after just six minutes, at the point where it went through the hole.Now here is where it gets interesting.After the unit failed, I called the Taylor service line. The woman I spoke to was very helpful, knowledgeable, courteous, and nice. Taylor gets an A+ for good customer service. She could not have been any better. I told her my story, and she then said: "that thermometer is not intended for use in a BBQ." I then asked, thinking I had missed something: "Do the instructions make any reference to this, or are there any warnings or cautions on the box or anywhere else?" Her answer was no. What's more, I then returned to this Amazon page where the description states: "For use in oven or on barbecue or smoker."So, the whole concept of this product is to let you tell, at a distance, whether something you are cooking has reached the proper temperature. The BBQ is the one obvious place where this would be useful. However, it cannot be used in the BBQ -- even when following the advice given by one of the people who designed it -- without destroying the unit.Thankfully, Amazon has a great return policy. However, Amazon should simply not carry this product because ultimately they will get a lot of returns.One final thing. I purchased this because of the reviews at America's Test Kitchen/Cook's Illustrated. I am becoming very concerned about whether their testers are really doing the testing they claim to be doing or, potentially more disturbing, are being biased or influenced by certain manufacturers. I am now viewing all reviews from this source with a certain suspicion.I hope this helps!! 1Poor qualityGreat idea, poor execution! Quality looks better online. The buttons worked for about 2 weeks of casual use. Overall this is very poor in quality and design. Buttons have to be pressed several times to beep with the feedback that it s getting the message and then the timer doesn t start until you press start twice! Not exactly what you are looking for when you are trying to add a few more minutes to a dish only to find it didn t start when you pressed start. Then the buttons quit working entirely. Just don t buy it and you will not regret it like we do. 1Excellent ProductVery good technology. Before I was constantly running outdoors to my grill to ensure that the meat would not over cook and interrupting the prep. of the other meal items. With the Taylor, I set my custom "early warning" temperature, it alerts me in my kitchen so I know when I need to start or finish other dishes with confidence. Additionally, by setting a custom temperature, you can allow for a proper "rest time" for the meat, so it is done to your desired "doneness." I wish I would have purchased this a long time ago. I am purchasing additional Taylor Probe Thermometers for friends and relatives who I know will be as impressed as I am. 5Don't waste your moneyI purchased this to replace the prior iteration of Taylor's oven thermometer which was awesome, but finally stopped working after many, many years. I particularly liked the remote function of the old Taylor. Within a few months, I threw the new Taylor thermometer in the trash. It is beyond worthless. You cannot easily set custom temperatures, and it keeps reverting to the preset temperatures. First, the remote stopped working, then finally the main unit stopped working. So, if you like your roast beef cooked to 175 degrees, which is inedible, this is the temperature gauge for you! 1Not designed well.Bought this in 2012. Have been using for about 9 months. Had to replace included batteries to get it to work. Accurate reading of meat internal temperatures. Range of remote is very limited. Had to stay within close range and no obstructions (around 30'). Fortunately the grill is close to the back door of kitchen, so this was not much of a problem. Would have been nice to have been able to use in other rooms of home for longer grill cooking times. Just had a flare up cooking some chicken. The flames burnt the insulation on the lead from the probe to the base unit. Unit is now non-functional. Will look to see if this can be ordered as a replacement item, but not hopeful. Will look for a better designed unit if I cannot replace the probe. One that has a shield protecting the lead from the probe to the base unit. 3
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