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The Board Dudes Dry Erase Chore Chart 11x14

  • The Board Dudes Dry Erase Chore Chart 11x14
  • The Board Dudes Dry Erase Chore Chart 11x14

The Board Dudes Dry Erase Chore Chart 11x14

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Magnetic Dry erase chore chart
  • Includes reward magnets for reinforcing a job well done
  • Includes a dry erase maker and mounting strips
  • Has columns for the days of the week
  • What's in the Box: Reward chart, dry erase pen, reward magnets, and mounting hardware
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Customer Reviews

OK But Magnets Aren't Strong EnoughI purchased this chore chart for my brother who is developmentally disabled and now lives with me because my father (who is 97) can no longer care for him.I'm trying to find a way to motivate my brother to take more responsibility for activities of daily living (even though he needs assistance with completing these) plus need to coordinate ADLs and household chores across two caregivers, my husband, and myself. The board will work fine for tasks that need to be completed on a DAILY basis (e.g. brush teeth), but I wish it included a way to track chores that need to be completed on a WEEKLY basis (e.g. change bed linens, clean bathroom).My major disappointment ... and what other people considering purchase should know about ... is that the magnets provided with the Board Dude's chore board are not strong enough to hold the board on the refrigerator (an ADA compliant Summit AL-652B) in my brother's apartment. The chore board slides to the bottom of the refrigerator and then falls off. I know that some surfaces don't have enough metal in them for magnets to work so tried mounting the board on a variety of metal surfaces (i.e., my refrigerator, washer, dryer), but, in all cases, the magnets weren't strong enough to hold the board in place.To end on a positive note, the marker that comes with the board warrants a special "shout out." It has a traditional writing tip you can use to list and and check off chores, but it also has a stamp that makes stars plus a built-in eraser.Bottom line: I need a solution sooner rather than later so I'm going to keep the board even though it doesn't fully meet my needs. IMHO the price point for this product is too high.3Magnets don't stickI am extremely disappointed in this product. My boys were so excited to earn their stars when this package arrived. We sat down, talked about what chores we would all agree on, what our star rewards would be, and who was represented by each star. Then I realized the magnets were not attached to the board. I attached them specifically following the instructions, only to place the board on the refrigerator and have it come crashing down to the floor. The magnets extend past the frame and definitely are all four touching the refrigerator. They are placed exactly as directed in the diagram and the weight is balanced. These magnets simply are not strong enough for this product. They don't work whatsoever. Now I will have to damage the board to remove them and make a special trip to Office Max to find replacement magnets that work. What was the point of purchasing this board and having it shipped to my home if I now have a board that I can't use, disappointed children, and need to go hunt around town for replacement magnets. Very unhappy with this product. I expected better from this manufacturer. Dont ruin your board and attach these magnets if you purchase this item.1Perfect for busy families!This board was just what I was looking for. Enough structure that I don't have to start from scratch, but lots of flexibility to add our own chores. The magnets are small but powerful and the board is east to use. I've got two kids and we were able to split the magnets into two sets of stars so that one kid gets two colors, the other kid gets the other colors. It's easy to manage and use. I also like the additional areas at the bottom for rewarding good meal time manners, school behavior, and other miscellaneous tasks. This board was exactly what we needed to help the kids be responsible, and help us remember to keep up with the chore chart!5Should be used for intended audience onlyWorks fine, but may insight pettiness and drama when used in a college house. It's probably best when used for its indented audience, which is children. Actual children, not college students that act like children. It comes with cute "reward" magnets that I'm sure children would love, but they were always used in conjunction with petty sarcasm in my house so I wouldn't know. The only good thing about the chart was my roommates were so incredibly competitive and hated each other so much that chores became a brutal competition. Our house was the cleanest college student house you will ever see. Unfortunately, the chart had a sad mishap with my knee after a brief rebellion of the majority of my roommates against the self-proclaimed "chart master," who made it her duty to photograph the chart weekly and hold our actions over our heads like the children this chart was intended for. It is now resting in pieces in a landfill somewhere. Surprisingly, the house didn't implode when the chart met its demise. Maybe I'll buy it again when I live with actual children. Oh, and 4/5 stars because the blue/red columns are a little dark, which made it difficult to see anything written in those columns (especially the dark blue one).4I really like how the board comes with easy to install magnetsI really like how the board comes with easy to install magnets, and the adhesive for each magnet. It's labeled which side is for the adhesive as well and there are four for each corner. I love the sharpie pen and how fine the point is, that makes it real easy two write with. I do wish there were more lines for the chores or maybe it's a sign that my son has too many chores, lol... oops! My son gets $2 for every chore so it would have been nice to have something for monetary tallying but it does have a few spots at the bottom for rewards and can support up to 4 different children's names and rewards with its magnet star (one color for each child and one line for each child's name so you can assign them a star color and reward). All in all it's proven to be a great product for the money spent!4Useful, Effective and the Kiddo Loves itWe just introduced my pre-schooler to contributing to the family's needs through assigned chores. This helps keep her on track and she LOVES sitting down to go over what she did for the day. I love that I don't need to buy stickers for paper charts all the time... and that the pen has a star-stamp end to make "checking off" her list even more funThe chore list area is big enough that I can write down the chore description but also draw a little picture to help her (since she's not reading yet)At the bottom, there's a place to add up points, which will probably be more useful when she's a little older and has the numbers concept down a little more. I think we'll be using this for quite awhile, and I would definitely purchase another if we had another chore chart need.5The pen mount doesn't work with Expo brand fine markers either so if you buy separate markersMy major complaint is that the marker was completely dry and unusable when arrived, so that in order to use it, we had to make a trip to the store which is sort of the point of ordering from Amazon. The backing instructions also seemed to imply there were separate stickers for the magnet mounts, but there were none aside from the separate foam sticky mounts, so we used the foam mounts to mount the magnets. The pen mount doesn't work with Expo brand fine markers either so if you buy separate markers, you won't necessarily be able to mount them on the board. Agree with the other reviewers who said there were too many stars and no where to put them, just tossed the extra. Overall, we like the small size, the other chore charts out there are 17 x 11 and are just too large for a two person family. As some other reviewers said, there weren't really enough lines for as many chores as needed so we divided each in half to accommodate additional tasks.3Solid product at a reasonable priceMy nearly 4-year old son has been having some trouble connecting the earn/reward concept which isn't very surprising. This board has really helped him visualize the concept of doing chores, workbook pages, reading in order to be able to play a game on his Kindle Fire, or Mario Kart on the Wii. In addition, he now looks to brush his teeth, go potty before heading to bed, etc. in order to get that star for the day. Colorful and does the job for young kids.My only complaint would be that there aren't really enough rows to put everything I want, but I used a thin permanent marker and a ruler to add more lines for that purpose (thanks to another reviewer to came up with the idea.) This solved my one gripe. With that "fixed" this is the best board for kids that I found and really has helped my son not only accept the structure we want him to have, but to enjoy and look forward to it.4Daily Chores!I like that it came with a dry erase pen and the cute little magnetic stars and the section for rewards but it didn't give you anything to adhere the magnets onto the board so I had to improvise on that one. But all in all it works great and my kid does his chores for the most part!4Good board for basic chore keepingThe board is made with good quality and the look is very appealing. Has plenty of space for writing, though I used it only for 1 kid, i still think the space is adequate. The only bad things I have to say about it are the star stamp on the end of the dry erase marker is pretty useless. It makes marks, not stars. I ended up going to buy my own star magnets to use for showing completion of a chore. Also, the magnets that are included in the packaging to hang the board on a fridge, as I tried to do, do not hold up the board. I hang it and it just slides down, so had to make my own way of keeping up. Other than that, I would recommend it. Accomplishes what I needed to accomplish, especially for the price!4
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