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The Candlemaker's Store 05417002641 Natural Soy Wax, 10 lb. Bag, White

  • The Candlemaker's Store 05417002641 Natural Soy Wax, 10 lb. Bag, White

The Candlemaker's Store 05417002641 Natural Soy Wax, 10 lb. Bag, White

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • This is a good container blend with a 121-125 melt point that is blended with 2% of our Universal Soy Wax Additive
  • This wax can hold up to 15% Fragrance and has an incredible hot throw
  • You can also blend this with the 416 Soy wax to create beautiful tarts
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Customer Reviews

Poor quality!I ordered my first soy wax from here about a month or so ago, it was perfect. The first order came in two 10 pound bags. Then I recently placed a second order for my candles and the wax came in four five pound bags, the wax looked the same but once I poured my candles, keep in mind I made 35 candles in one setting the wax was just horrible and was not white like the first bags of wax I order a month or so ago. Very disappointed, this wax I received on my last order was very poor in quality and had an unusual color to it unlike the same wax I ordered before which came out white and didn t have tons of cracks in it! I will not be buying this product ever again! 1Not weighed correctly.Very disappointed. I ordered 3 10lb bags of soy wax. Each ten pound order was in a box with two bags and the box clearly states 10 lb. I put each bag in the scale and you can see the result. They are under packing each bag by nearly 1lb, or two pounds per small box. For my order that shorted me almost 6 lbs which in a narrow margin business, that is product I can t sell. 1Turned out great! 1lb = 16oz meltedMy first time candlemaking - fun and easy. I found that 1lb of these wax flakes yielded 16oz of melted wax. I melted the wax in a Pyrex 4 cup measuring cup over a pot of simmering water to 170-175 then cooled it to 155-160 before adding fragrance (mostly I used candle fragrance but I also tried some with essential oil). I added 1oz fragrance per 16 ounces of wax. I poured it into containers at 110 degrees. I tried one candle with some chopped rosemary added, but it all settled to the bottom. For one candle, I used the leftover wax from a Febreeze brand candle and mixed it with this soy wax. It did have one "cave in" next to the wick which I filled with some more melted soy wax. This is the green candle in the picture. All my candles came out lovely. One has some "wrinkles" on top and one is almost totally smooth and one is completely smooth. I am waiting 4 days before I burn them but I can't wait. 5This is Excellent Soy Wax.I love this wax. I made a batch of Frankincense and Myrrh candles tonight and they came out beautiful. I heated the wax to 185F and added the essential oils at 150F. Then I let the wax cool and poured between 120F and 130F. The top has a beautiful sheen and there are not any holes. Thank you very much! 5Excellent product for container candlesI wanted a large three-wick container candle for use on my patio. I don't like most candle scents, so I wanted to stick with an unscented product. After realizing such a thing was going to be very hard to find (or insanely expensive), I read a little bit about making my own, and decided it was worth a shot. I ordered this and a bag of fifty "medium" wicks.I melted this wax in a double boiler made from a saucepan and cereal bowl, and ladled it into a cheap flowerpot from the dollar store. I am absolutely thrilled with the results.The wax melts fast and clean, with a very mild, slightly savory scent. It's yellowish when melted, but it hardens to a perfect snowy white. I made a test candle with some Gulf paraffin from Walmart and had some serious contraction problems as it hardened (leaving a big divot in the center), but the soy wax didn't seem to contract nearly as much. The surface finish was smooth and attractive.But the real test came when I lit it for the first time. I get three perfect, clean, uniform flames from the three wicks spaced 2-3 inches apart. They make great melt pools, which eventually grow together after 30-45 minutes of burning. The flames are stable and strong even in windy conditions. The success was probably partly attributable to the good wicks, but the wax is definitely doing its job. The candle doesn't put off any appreciable scent (unless you put your face right down in it), which is exactly what I wanted.Misc. notes: The wax flakes came shipped in two separate non-resealable five-pound bags. The bags were inside another bag, which was inside the shipping box. I didn't have any of the open-package problems people are experiencing. The price for the 10lb quantity is amazing at the time of this writing. It's just about the cheapest wax you can find, so the quality was an extremely pleasant surprise. I figure I can make nice candles for my family for Christmas, since they would all appreciate lack of scent. All told, I have enough supplies to make probably five large three-wick container candles, for less than $30.Echoing what others have said, this stuff is probably too soft for freestanding candle types.Forgive the artsy picture, it was the only one I had at the time. 5but I had better results with 115-120 degree pores from them onWell packaged, no spilling during shipping.I had only one issue with using it, but I'm convinced it was a user error which was quickly corrected. I think I waited too long to pore the first set of candles. I was trying to wait until the product was 100 degrees F, but I had better results with 115-120 degree pores from them on. The only difference was the smoothness of the finish on the top.I've had no issues with the look of the candles after multiple burnings. They melt well, and harden up nicely once you blow them out.I heated the wax to 140 on the stove while stirring, let them cool to 120 before adding essential oil scents and pored once it reached 115-120. Clean-up was a breeze. All it took was hot, soapy water in the sink and a quick run through the dishwasher and all residue was gone.I was very happy with this product and will buy again when my supplies run out. 5First time candle maker!This soy wax is perfect if you're just starting to make candles. Shipped fast in a large resealable bag.I didn't want to invest yet in a bunch of supplies since I didn't know if I wanted to stick with this or not (making Xmas gifts for now). After heavy research and making 5 imperfect candles, this is how I finally figured out how to make beautiful candles with very few store bought supplies:1) Clean glasses and ceramic cups/bowls/jars thoroughly. I used mason jars I had at home and bought a few ceramic cups from thrift stores.2) Melted wax flakes in a cleaned tin can (ones that hold canned food), inside a heavy-bottomed pot. Don't turn up heat too high.3) Use candy thermometer to track temperature while gently stirring flakes until melted. Remove can holding wax from heat when thermometer reads 180-185 degrees F.4) Depending on type of fragrance you're using, let wax cool until you're able to add fragrance. I used fragrance oils from Candle Science (B0092RNCSY most of which were safe to add at 180 degrees F.5) While wax cools, thread wicks through wick tabs (B001683N86 I fray the end that's going to the bottom of the candle so when I make the wick taught later I won't pull the wick out. If you don't want to purchase wick tabs I found this method to also work ([...]6) If using glass, run it under a hair dryer or hot water to warm up the glass. This will help the wax bond with the glass instead of making holes along the sides.7) Place the wick and wick tab inside the container. Pour in just enough wax to cover the top of the wick tab. Don't worry about the placement--just make sure it's at the bottom and covered with wax. Let the wax you just poured cool until it's slightly opaque (should not be liquid, but not completely solid), and then press wick tab down gently (I used a chopstick) into the middle of your container. This wax will harden over the wick tab so it'll stay anchored at the bottom. By the time the wax hardens, the rest of your wax should be ready to pour.8) Let the rest of the wax continue to cool until 110-115 degrees F. Pour in the rest of the wax, leaving some space at the top of the container so wax won't overflow when burning later.6) Wrap a rubber band around the center of a pen or pencil. *Gently* guide the end of the wick into the rubber band. Make the wick stand taught and straight and rest pencil or pen over the top of your container.6) Let the candle cool undisturbed. Don't make the mistake I made by putting it in the fridge! It'll cause cracks over the top if you cool it too quickly. I remove the rubber band off the wick when it feels pretty stable (usually no longer than 20-30 min. after wax poured).7) If cracks or any other imperfections do appear over the top, run a hair dryer over the top on low. It'll melt the top layer and settle beautifully with a slightly frosty appearance.8) In 24 hours your candle will be ready to burn! I hope these tips can help another beginner out! :) 5I ordered 10 pounds of this wax, and only ...I ordered 10 pounds of this wax, and only received 5 pounds. The sticker on the bag says 10 pounds, so buyer beware false advertising! I didn't notice the bag was too light until after I'd already used 2 pounds, so I can't return it, but I am steamed! 110/10 Will Buy Again!I love this wax so much. It melts beautifully and cools wonderfully. I heated the wax until it was 185 F, added an ounce of FO per pound of wax at 180 F. Added my liquid colourant at 155 F then let the wax rest until it was 135 F and poured into 4oz tins. I let them cool undisturbed for 24 hours the covered and let them rest for 3 days (just to be sure). 10/10 will buy again! 5Best Soy wax I've used so farI just started making candles and I love this soy blend rather than the regular soy wax with no additives. I couldn't seem to get it right with the regular 100% soy. But with the GW 444, I was able to get smooth tops without a 2nd poor with a great scent throw. Not saying I got perfect smooth tops every time , but 4 out of 5 candles I did. Also this wax is good for making whipped cream wax once it cools.I heated the wax up to about 190 to 200 using a candy thermometer. Took it out of the boiler and poured into a Pyrex measuring cup which cools it faster. I add my color if needed. I add my fragrance at 180 degrees. (If it cooled down below 180, heat it up again in the microwave in 30 sec increments until it reaches 180. 180 is the temp that the fragrance will mesh with the wax and maintain it's scent. Use a digital thermometer for quick readings for the fragrance pour and container pour) Mix well with a wooden skewer. Pour at 145 degrees exactly for good results. And it comes out great if you don't touch or move the container after it's poured. I've learned, messing with it or moving it after pouring could cause some issues on the surface when it cools. So pour in a place where it's out of the way and it can sit still.This wax says it can take up to 15% fragrance. I misread that when I started using it only using 12%. But it still throws great. But for sure I will try 15% now. lolOver all, I see people having all kinds of problems like I was. My advice is to use this 444 soy wax, get a digital thermometer, get good concentrated fragrances that are really potent and get a scale that weighs in ounces and and can "tear" (Zero out the weight of the pot or measuring cup on the scale so that it will only weigh the new liquid being poured in). Guessing the wax to fragrance ratio can mess up a potentially good candle. So, calculate everything!! You will be glad you did cause you will get the most out of the wax and fragrance. If your candle container holds 8 oz, measure out 7 oz of wax on the scale. The 1 ounce is your fragrance which will make it 8oz for your container plus that little .05 that the wax allows itself to hold.7 oz (wax) x 0.15% (fragrance) = 1.05. 1.05 is the fragrance that you will measure into your 7 oz of wax at 180 degrees. if you want to use a full 8 oz of wax then times that to .15%. (1.20) Just make sure your container can hold over 9 oz. If not, have a "left overs" wicked candle container to pour in. Once you fill it with left over wax, you go a new mult-iscented candle for the house. :)I hope this helps point you in the right direction. It took a lot of researching and messed up candles to get decent looking ones. I too am still perfecting this craft. I just wanted to pass on what I learned.Happy Candle Making. 5
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