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Bed Band Blk Original Bed Sheet Holder Straps (4 Pack) Usa Company Sheet Grippers Suspenders With

  • Bed Band  Blk Original Bed Sheet Holder Straps (4 Pack)  Usa Company  Sheet Grippers Suspenders With

Bed Band Blk Original Bed Sheet Holder Straps (4 Pack) Usa Company Sheet Grippers Suspenders With

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • You will receive (4) packs of Bed Bands totaling (16) black pieces
  • Easy to use - Cordlock button allows you to control desired tension
  • Versatility: Works with ALL types of bedding - No heavy lifting required - Bedside installation
  • Built with durable round elastic, nickel plated clamps with fabric protector and unique cord lock
  • Making the bed is easier and faster in the morning!
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Customer Reviews

Bad backI have a favorite sheet set, that I paid good money for, that I couldn't use. They would not stay smooth on my bed. No matter how far I managed to tuck them under, I'd wake up in a nest of wrinkled sheet. I have a back injury so just bending hurts, never mind pulling and tucking sheets every damn day! I thought I'd give these a try, I've had similar for crib sheets. I chose them because they are adjustable after the bed is made (awesome!) & because they are made in America. No more wrinkles! Awesome product, made in America you can't go wrong. My daughter bought a set because her boy friend is a very active sleeper and pulls the sheet loose on the top corner of their bed, these clips work for them too! 5It actually works!I have a pillow top and pillow bottom queen sized bed that is a little too small for king sheets and with queen sheets I have battled to keep the sheets from popping off. I have tried everything! I was about to try to customize some king sheets because it was so frustrating. Then I saw this product advertised on Facebook in one of those posts about the amazing products that people love. So I figured it was worth a try. It works. I was shocked. My sheets have not popped off once. I ordered this in February and it is May now---and they have not popped off once! They used to pop off EVERY .... SINGLE... NIGHT. To say this is life changing is not an exaggeration. Such a relief to be able to sleep through the night without ending up in rumpled sheets. 5Works well and love that it's adjustable.This product works like a charm for my purpose. I take in senior or sick dogs who have been abandoned at the shelter, technically they call it a hospice home, so at times I'll have some incontinent dogs who have to wear dog diapers. I've been working with various homemade macguyvers to ensure the diapers don't fall off the dogs, a few of whom like to make a game out of wiggling themselves out of their diapers. I sew little loops on, and then attach the diaper to their comfort harness. It works okay, but I have to hand sew them and I got tired of having to do that.I figured I'd give this a try. What I really love is that the grips are STRONG. For now. I've only been using them for a little while. Also, they are adjustable. Not all dogs are built the same size! So that helps. Also the made in USA also convinced me to buy, and I truly hope this company is able to turn a profit selling these. If they need to branch out, they might consider exploring the sometimes perilous world of securing diapers to dogs. 5Best sheet holders on the market!I love these so much, that when we moved and I lost one of the ones we previously had, I purchased more!These are the best things since sliced bread...seriously! The bunjee-cord that is attached to them is really great, and very durable. The clips are made of strong metal, and sort of like "alligator clips", if anyone knows what those are. They open up, and then you can clamp them closed so that they don't open and release the sheet. The black plastic piece in the middle is so that you can either tighten or release the cord and make it tighter or looser. They hold fairly well, and it allows for a custom fit every time you put the sheets on.You clamp the metal piece to one side of the corner, and then clamp the other metal clip to the other side of the corner of the sheets. You can either do this before or after you put the sheets on, but my advice is to do it after, as it can really stretch out the elastic on the sheet if you do it before. Once you have the clamps in place, you can then tighten the bunjee cord to your preferred tightness, and then release. In the past, I've only used two of the clips for the fitted sheet, and it has held the sheet on fantastic. I plan to use only two clips in the future, and I place the two clips at the top of the mattress, where the pillows go.I have also purchased other bed elastic straps (I'm not sure what their brand name was) and they didn't even hold up one night! I kept them around, but found myself just moving them from side to side when I would clean or get new sheets out of the closet. They were just taking up space, so I donated them...that's how useless they were!These bands are the best, and I honestly refuse to use any other type. Trust me when I say that although there may be cheaper options available, these are absolutely worth it! 5Problem Solved!!We have a rather deep mattress and added a memory foam topper which gave our fitted sheet a real stretch to be able to securely tuck at the corners and not slip off. It would hold some of the time, but we frequently had a corner or two slip off during the night. It was disrupting sleep, so I was ready to safety pin the fitted sheet corners in place. However, no need for safety pins. A quick product search on Amazon found many affordable solutions, but the Bed Band design stood out. After giving Bed Band a try our fitted sheet slipping problem is solved! The clamp design grips like iron, but the best part is the adjustable bands that allow for a quick final fit after installing the clamps. The other designs require that you adjust the bands first, and then stretch the clamps into place under tension. With Bed Band, you clamp each band into place without tension, then you use the quick adjuster to apply tension as needed. This makes for a much simpler installation, and with a product that by its nature needs to removed and re-installed repeatedly (sheet washing), ease of installation is critical. Bed Bands is the clear design winner here for both function and ease of installation. A stellar product design at an affordable price! 5UPDATE AFTER A COUPLE OF MONTH THE STRAPS DONT HOLD SHEETS DOWN ANYMORE. I AM REALLY DISSAPOINTEDUPDATE, AFTER A COUPLE OF MONTHS THE STRAP LOSE THERE HOLD ONE CORNER TWO CORNERS WHERE MOST TENSION IS THOSE NOT HOLD GOOD IDEA BAD EXECUTION. I AM GOING TO BUY HEAVIER DUTY ONES 1Absolutely genius product. Thank you thank you thank you!!These work exactly as advertised. Believe it or not there is a brief learning curve to understand how to install them but once you understand that you need the ends that attach to the sheets to be spread apart quite a bit for the best attachment then you are set.I have been using them about a month now (I don't like it when people review something they just got before they actually tested it) and they work perfectly. I bought 2 sets of the XL. One for my mattress pad that holds a topper from moving around perfectly and one set for my sheets. If you are wavering on which size to get just buy the XL because you can adjust them down to fit any size mattress but the regular size may not be able to adjust up enough for large mattresses. My sheets have not come off once and stay as tight as the day I attach the Bed Bands. This is a genius product that is worth every penny and I highly recommend to everyone since I don't believe there is such a thing as sheets that do not come off the mattress. I only wish I would've thought of it! 5Grips quit gripping after 2 changes of sheets. Pitiful!!!!!The grippers worked great the first time I used them. Changed sheets and the grip was not as strong, but they did work. After the third change of sheets, the grips wouldn't hold at all! I purchased two kinds like these and they are both failures. Do not waste your money on these!!!!!!!! 1Strike up the bands!I purchased these specifically for covering a bed backrest with pillow cases. I ordered the extra large which worked nicely. First impression out of package was that they seemed well made. The alligator clips hold the material securely and don't damage the fabric. The bands are adjustable in length by pushing the button on the black disc and pulling the elastic cord through. I pulled out too much for my purpose and had to use the tine of a fork to pull the elastic back out. That okay because it's designed to hold the cord firmly and prevent slack.I'm very pleased with this product and though I used them for something they weren't designed for they worked great. 5Strange application but works greatI bought these sheet holders to try to keep the porta crib sheets on my 10.5 lb rat terrier's dog bed. Whenever I would get her out of the crate in the morning, the sheets would be off, balled up in her crate. The same sheets on the same sized bed for my Labrador Retriever never came off. I got these sheet holders and used 3 of the 4 grippers; one at each end between the two corners and one in the middle of the sheet. They work great! The sheet hasn't come off the bed since I put them on the sheet. As a bonus, I found out what my little girl had been doing to the sheets. Now in the morning, when you let her out of the crate, she comes out from between the sheet and the bed. Either she just likes being covered by the sheet at night, likes the cozy feeling, or just likes to keep warm. She has a blanket in her crate but prefers this method. It looks really funny when you look into her crate in the morning because you can't see her. I would really like to see how she maneuvers herself under the sheet, but have never actually seen her do it. If you want your sheets to stay on your bed at night, get these sheet holders, they're rat terrier proof! 5
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