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The Shave Well Company Fog-Free Shower Mirror

  • The Shave Well Company Fog-Free Shower Mirror
  • The Shave Well Company Fog-Free Shower Mirror
  • The Shave Well Company Fog-Free Shower Mirror
  • The Shave Well Company Fog-Free Shower Mirror
  • The Shave Well Company Fog-Free Shower Mirror
  • The Shave Well Company Fog-Free Shower Mirror
  • The Shave Well Company Fog-Free Shower Mirror

The Shave Well Company Fog-Free Shower Mirror

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • BRAGGING RIGHTS - THE SUPERIOR MIRROR: Move over cheap, plastic, drug store shaving mirrors because this fogless shower mirror was designed to outperform, outpace and outlast any other
  • SUCTION CUPS DON'T SUCK: The 6" tall x 4" wide mirror comes with an adhesive hook (not weak suction cups) that allows you to remove the mirror for hand held shaving or travel. Does size matter? The Deluxe Shave Well Mirror is 33% larger than the original Shave Well Mirror. Search DELUXE Shave Well on Amazon
  • THE SMOOTHEST SHAVE - FOR THE SMOOTHEST MEN: Shaving in the shower does more than SAVE YOU FROM EVIL STARES from your significant other because your CLINGY HAIRS left a SINK SIDE MESS - the steam from your shower opens your pores, allowing you to razor off more hair, for the smoothest, baby soft shave you've ever experienced.
  • ENGINEERED BY SCIENCE for almost INSTANT CLARITY: Simply douse it under the water stream to equalize the temperature differential for an instant fog-free experience for the duration of your shower.
  • STAYS FOG FREE - CLEANS IN A SNAP: Everyone knows that showers leave stuck-on, soapy residue that's tough to get off. Unlike plastic knock-offs and blurry overpriced shower mirrors our shaving mirror has a special coating that allows you to eradicate sticky, soapy, water spots in seconds using a tiny dab of your regular toothpaste!
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Customer Reviews

Just a simple tiny mirrorI bought this mirror to use inside the shower to water floss. I followed all the instructions to be fog free but this is impossible. It s just a simple mirror. So I use it before turning on the shower to avoid the fog. Simple as that. Company reached out to me With same instrucciones but didn t work. Customer service was good but they didn t follow up at the end. I m sticking with this because I needed a small mirror. The adhesive hanger that came with it fell on he first day. I cleaned, I pressed, I left it for more than 2 hours and as soon as I hanged the mirror it fell. Good thing I had another hanger and it worked fine. This mirror should be $5 my opinion. 2This mirror is the first in-shower mirror I've ever actually liked. And I love it.I would happily recommend this to anyone who wants a shaving mirror. But follow the directions when mounting the hook. This company is very charming. You'll get a feel-good insert that comes with the mirror. I don't want to spoil it, but it made me very happy to support this company and recommend it to others! :)I like that the mirror is easily detachable (it has a hole in it to hang on the included hook). That way you can let the mirror run under hot water in the shower to de-fog it. Most "anti fog" mirrors are junk. This one doesn't rely on a coating, it simply uses physics. As a physics teacher, I appreciate the simplistic nature of it. I had problems with the hook, but I re-mounted it and then ran a bead of silicone caulking around it. 100% satisfied.5Disappointed!Not worth the money. Mirror is NOT fog free, that s a complete lie. Cheaply made, very small, and not worth the money. If you put like soap and water on it while you shower it helps with the fog. You can find cheaper at Walmart. Not sure why I thought this was a deal. 1Previous Complaint ResolvedI'm not sure if the original complaint is still visible or not, but this change of opinion has been long overdue. When originally delivered, the mirror worked as described, but the adhesive with which it used to hang didn't work as promised. In less than a day the mirror could no longer hang. At the time I posted a review revealing this issue, and my disappointment with the product. Not even a day later, the owner contacted me with information to rectify the issue, including sending replacement adhesives at no cost.They arrived a day later, worked as promised, and I have been happy ever since. The mirror is great for up-close, fog-free, in-shower shaves, but almost more importantly, the responsibility shown by the company in ensuring I was satisfied with my purchase was as top-notch as you can find in today's day of customer service wait times, and mass-produced empty promises.Strongly recommend.5Science behind the mirror makes it foglessOk so ... at first I wasn't too thrilled with the mirror and actually wrote a review here reflecting my dissatisfaction. But within about an hour, I received a nicely worded email from the manufacturer offering insight to exactly how the technology in the mirrors construction, makes it truly fogless. We had it positioned in the shower too high on the wall (have kids so ... glass and water + kids = not good).I've posted this info below but I gotta say .... any company that is that willing to stand behind their product and offer such personal customer service is a 100% winner in my book. If only all online retailers could be this way. It's nice to know they care enough to respond personally. Buy the mirror ... it's affordable and does what it says. Enjoy! :)From the email I received .......If I may, please allow me the opportunity to share how the mirror works in an attempt to help alleviate the fogging issues you mentioned in your review. Most houses are kept in a temperature range of 70-75 degrees. The average shower water temperature is 107.5 degrees. Fog on a mirror is simply condensation. The air in the bathroom is heated by the shower and becomes saturated with moisture. When this saturated moist hot air comes in contact with the shower shave mirror (which is still at normal room temperature roughly 30 degrees less), the moisture comes out of the air and condensates on the shower shave mirror surface. When you hold you Shave Well mirror under the shower stream for a few seconds, the acrylic mirror will warm up allowing for the temperature of the moist air and the mirror itself to equalize. Once you have held the mirror in the shower spray to equalize the temperature of you shower and the mirror, there can't/won't be any fog/condensation.All of that being said, the mirror works on basic science. If your mirror is still fogging then the only answer I can give you is that it remains cooler than the temperature of the shower. Since the mirror is rather thin acrylic, it should warm up in the few seconds you have been holding it in the warm water of the shower spray.Some additional thoughts that remain would bea.) Whether or not you have a greatly reduced flow shower head. If you do, it may take longer for enough warm water to equalize the temperature of the mirror.b.) If the mirror hung so high that there is a direct flow of cool air over the shower curtain/door or whether an air conditioning vent is blowing toward it. If this is the case, I am happy to send you a new hook so that you can reposition the mirror.c.) One additional suggestion would be to make sure you are turning both the front and back of the mirror under the shower water spray when you are equalizing it. This will help in "warming it up" to equalize the temperature.Finally, regarding the issue of the size of the Shave Well mirror, it was designed to be removable from the wall to truly address the issue of fog by "warming up" the mirror under the shower. Given that the mirror will be removed from the hook before you shave, many users choose to hold the mirror while shaving. The 6" X 4" size fits well in a users hand as well as provides a complete reflection of the entire face while shaving.To avoid any confusion, under the Product Description section of the amazon.com listing is the size of the item is shown: "The Shave Well Company fog free shower shave mirror measures 4" wide, 6" tall and is 1/8" thick. The base of the adhesive hook (the part that sticks to the wall) measures 1" wide and 1 1/2" tall." 5Great product, perfect size!At first I was surprised by how small it was. I was expecting something larger. In hindsight I've learned they do offer a larger one, but this one is PERFECT! It completely fits my entire face in the image from an arm's length away (perfect shower distance), it stays fog-free for the duration of my shower, and because it's completely flat, it dries easily with a towel or squeegee.The company makes them in the USA and, if I recall correctly, benefits people with learning disabilities.Great product, great price and great company. VERY PLEASED WITH MY PURCHASE! 5Very Happy With ItMy first impression was that it seemed small.I recently started shaving my head due to being follically challenged with age and I wanted to shave in the shower as that provides the best results. So this is my first shower mirror in years. It's light weight, I believe it's acrylic with a rubberry backside for a good grip even when wet. It appears to be good quaity & I saw no distortions. I also like the hook, which allows for easy placement where you want and with more hooks (you can buy at any hardware store) you can hang easily in diferent locals for different sized users.Now to the functionality - I started the shower and upon entering heated the mirror up to check it's fog free claim. I then soaked in the hot water myself for about 20 minutes to relax before shaving. the mirror is off to the side so that I don't have to stand under the stream and shave, allowing me to lather up. Sure enough it had fogged up, but I had increased water temp & it hadn't been under the stream in that time. No problem as I grabbed it easily with wet soapy hands and held it in the stream for a few seconds and it was good for the entire shave. The few drops on the mirror afterwords were not a distraction from shaving.As to my first impression, I was wrong, the size fits in your hand easily & I didn't have to touch at all while shaving my whole head, I do keep a light beard so I need the mirror for the trim detail and it worked perfect for that as well.5This is a great little mirror!This is a great little mirror! I've bought 2 now. I keep one at home hanging in the shower and keep one for travel (I use a suction hanger for my travel mirror). I love having a mirror in the shower since I almost always shave & trim my beard in the shower (can't stand to do it at the sink). It's small size makes it less obtuse than some other mirrors out there. If you're looking for a large, back-lit, swivel mirror: this isn't the one you want. If however, you want a simple, functional mirror at a reasonable price that is easy to maintain and use: then I highly recommend this one. I'm also thinking about buying one more to leave at my parents house (did I mention I really like having a mirror in the shower). About the hook - I didn't even try the included hook. It appears to be a perfectly fine hook (I at least like that it isn't a suction hook). Still, I prefer a Command(tm) hook (if I ever want to move it, I can just use a refill adhesive strip). A note about the "Fog Free" claim: it is worth pointing out that the fog-free-ness is actually a process that prevents the mirror from fogging up (I am not sure that calling it a feature is being precise with the description). That said: the process does at least actually work. I have very little trouble with the mirror fogging up. So in the end, I guess I won't complain about the imprecise use of Fog Free... To summarize: it is a reasonably priced, great, little, convenient mirror that gets the job done as far as I'm concerned. 5Much better than the last mirror!This is a great simple design. The last one I had was a suction cup mirror and kept falling off. This one has a small hook you stick to the shower walk and a mirror that hangs on the hook. The nice thing about it is you just run it under the hot water for about ten seconds and either put it back on the hook to shave or just hold it in your hand to get a look at all the tricky areas. And you can take it off to clean the mirror if need be unlike the suction cup ones that are frustrating. If I had one complaint about the mirror it would be that the magnification may not be strong enough to see details, I have trouble seeing my neck, but maybe that's because of my bad eyesight haha. Thanks for making this mirror and great job to the company! Would reccomend. 5The attachment to the wall is awesome. Most of the other ones have suction cups ...Wouldn't have thought there could possibly be much to a simple shower mirror, but this thing really is the bees knees. The attachment to the wall is awesome. Most of the other ones have suction cups on the back and inevitably they fall off, break off, or whatever. I was pretty surprised at how well it kept from getting foggy, and also how it stayed so clear of water droplets. After a few months it went ahead and held onto some drops, and got some water spots on it but I did as advised on the packaging and cleaned the mirror with toothpaste. Boom, like new again. The only problem this thing really causes is all the extra shower time I use, because sometimes I just stand there admiring myself until it starts getting too cold to stand it. 5Going on six years nowI have used this mirror daily for almost six years. I have accidentally dropped it numerous times and it continues to hold up with no hint of damage from falls. The instructions mention cleaning water spots from the surface with toothpaste as a polishing compound, but because I wipe the mirror dry after every shower, it looks as good as new without any further care. It is the best shower mirror I have ever used, including those which connect to the shower head for rearward water flow to prevent fogging. 5Not the quality it used to be...I purchased this mirror in 2012 and used it in the shower every day. It lasted 4 years before it was just worn out, with scratches on the front surface and some of the backing was coming off. A pretty good run. I bought a new one to replace it in January of this year and have been very disappointed. Something has definitely changed with regards to the quality. The mirror coating on the back is probably 50% gone and I can scrape it off easily just by rubbing the pad of my thumb on it. The only true mirror part left is where I left the sticker on the back, protecting the coating. You can see how bad it is in the attached picture (the gold tint is just a lighting effect). I've done nothing different in how I've used or stored this new one, it hangs in the shower on its hook when not in use and sits propped up on a shower shelf when I use it. 2It works! Not just for shaving!The Shave Well mirror really works! I color my hair and when I return from the hair dresser I need to remove the color stain around my hair line. The easiest way to do it is in the hot shower. Before this little handy mirror I would just scrub blindly, now I can see where the scrubbing is needed so the job gets done much faster.I am attaching a collage of 4 photos that I will be referencing in this review.1. Photo #1: The mirror comes with a hook that you attached to the shower wall with a double sticky tape. I have a single piece shower stall to which it adhered very well. I have had the mirror in the shower for a week and it still solidly on. The mirror is very light so it does not put a lot of stress on the hook. I find the hook to be a more reliable mechanism than a suction cup, as those occasionally do come off. And I like that I can take the mirror off very easily.2. Photo #2: The mirror comes with a protective film over the glass. The film is white and you cannot see through it. Once you remove it the mirror is very clear and the reflection is high quality.The mirror is sized 6" by 4" and the glass has no magnification.3. Photo #3: The mirror is very light, it weighs only 1.7 ounces4. Photo #4: The back of the mirror is covered with thin thermal coating.Fog forms on mirrors because of condensation. The water in shower is warmer than the air in the house, it warms the air in the bathroom and condensates on any cool surfaces such as mirrors. If you hold this thin mirror under water for 10 seconds to warm it up condensation does not form on the glass until the mirror cools off. I measured that it stayed fog free for about 13 minutes, then a quick dip into the hot shower and it was fog free again.The best place to position the mirror is away from drafts that will quicken its cooling, and away from direct shower spray to minimize water spots.Overall I am very pleased with the mirror and recommend it.Ali Julia review5GREAT PRICE FOR A VERSATILE SHOWER MIRROR; NEEDS TLC TO STAY THAT WAY!This is my 2nd Fog-Free shower mirror so I have a little input. It doesn't stay fog-free for long and I have to rinse it 4-5x to warm it up while shaving as I shave my head, too. I think the biggest culprit of it not remaining mirror-clear and fog-free is the build up of hard water/scale that accumulates on it in the shower. I now will use it in the shower 1-2x/week when I'm shaving and then, dry it off immediately. Another thing, they recommend cleaning with toothpaste? DO NOT USE A TOOTHBRUSH! Just your finger or you create micro-swirls that serve to collect the hard water/scale better. I think with a little better care this 2nd one should last longer and remain more mirror-like. Wish I knew a better way to totally clean off the hard water accumulation without damaging the plastic surface. Let me know if you've found something that works. 4
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