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Thermos Stainless King 16 Ounce Travel Tumbler, Matte Black

  • Thermos Stainless King 16 Ounce Travel Tumbler, Matte Black
  • Thermos Stainless King 16 Ounce Travel Tumbler, Matte Black
  • Thermos Stainless King 16 Ounce Travel Tumbler, Matte Black
  • Thermos Stainless King 16 Ounce Travel Tumbler, Matte Black
  • Thermos Stainless King 16 Ounce Travel Tumbler, Matte Black
  • Thermos Stainless King 16 Ounce Travel Tumbler, Matte Black

Thermos Stainless King 16 Ounce Travel Tumbler, Matte Black

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Thermos vacuum insulation technology for maximum temperature retention, hot or cold.
  • Durable stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Cool to the touch with hot liquids, sweat proof with cold
  • Built in tea hook, easily holds tea bags or most loose leaf infusers
  • Fits most automobile cup holders; single serve compatible
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Customer Reviews

100% leakproof except when it's not, ugh.I loved this mug. It worked great until it didn't. It kept everything hot or cold depending on your drink preferences for a really long time. I researched extensively before I bought this as I am prone to do with every purchase to everyone in my life's frustration.Pluses:-Heat, cold retention-100% leakproof-Comfortable shape-Sipping lid easy to drink fromMinuses:- 0% leakproof, ugh- exterior on even a mildly cold day is like the 'tongue on pole scene' from a Christmas Story...better wear gloves. It gets really cold but still keeps liquids hot.- Lid can be difficult to take off to clean. To keep it leakproof I often had to really tighten the lid.- Lid can be difficult to clean with many right angles. If you drink any liquid with dairy it's a great place to get hairy stuff growing. Unfortunate accidental discovery. Mouth vomit.-Exterior paint starts to flake off. Get the stainless version to avoid-Customer service non existent. Tried to resolve the leaking issue but no one answered emails or phone calls (press 9 then 1 then 6 then 0 to speak with an operator then goodbye without ever speaking to anyone live. A message was left unanswered as well...YMMV)Improvements:-The leakproof gasket-Colored open/close indicator washes off-paint peeling-lid right angles for cleaning-customer service...outsource it, the world is all about customer service. Not really hard to do if you want to. Call Patagonia for a great example or LLBean. )This is my first review but what compelled me to write are some newly stained and coffee infused sheets, pants and backpack. 3Wears out fast!Good at first....I agree with all the positive reviews while the mug is new, and then it all goes down hill. I purchased 4 of these mugs, all 4 are having issues.The biggest problem is the lid breaks. The seal becomes separated from the metal and the lid spins when you try and remove it from the mug. It now requires a screwdriver and a husband to take off. This has happened to two of the mugs.The next issue is the open/close wear off, so your not sure what state your mug is in with out tipping it to see if anything comes out (with this style lid its not visibly apparent if its opened or closed hence the label). This has led to unfortunate car coffee collisions.And last the paint wears off, which doesn't impact the mugs ability to keep things hot, but it does flake all over the place, including your face when you are drinking out of it.I know with 4k positive reviews you think I am crazy , so I have included pictures. 1Old thermos = great. Ordered within the last year = broken in one week.I got one of these for Christmas two years ago, and it was the BEST. This mug keeps liquid warm for literally 6-8 hours. It's great. Amazing. Nothing in this review refutes that this used to be a great mug. This would be a 5-star review except...My guess is that Thermos switched to cheaper parts or had some kind of breakdown in their manufacturing within the past year. I bought my wife one, and within a week (with no mishandling) the twist-switch on the lid broke. Not the actual part you touch, but something inside the lid broke when you went to open / close the pour hole. This made the thermos stuck as always-open and unusable for travel. Bummer. We must have gotten a bad one, right?So I shelled out the money for a replacement. Again, within one week and no mishandling, the EXACT same thing happened. The thermos was stuck as always open. Clearly either there was a manufacturing error on an entire batch of them, or Thermos switched to cheaper parts. We sent Thermos a message asking for a replacement, but they refused to replace the two mugs. They offered to send ONE replacement part if we agreed to pay shipping. No thanks.It's a shame because my original mug was so nice, but we will not be investing any more money in Thermos products. 1Hard to cleanThis mug is a crud factory. The lid is horribly complicated and you must disassemble it to clean it properly. Skip total disassembly for a week or so and you will get crud forming. I thought I would get away with just blasting with the sink hose, but no. The only reason I kept it is because the lid has a 'well'. I am travel mug challenged and I like the hot contents to first pour into a well area so I can sip it normally from there. The cups with just a small hole either cause me to burn my tongue or if the drink cools to body temperature, I'll end up dribbling down my chin, lol. I wish I had sent this back because it takes more time than I like to clean. You can separate the lid parts pretty quickly, but I found that I also need to remove the main seal as that draws the crud too. That's not too hard, but for me it requires reading glasses to reinstall correctly. Even with total disassembly, there are many nooks and crannies and the sink hose does not always blast them clean. The lid can be hard to unscrew if it sits for a few hours. This was not apparent when new, but now a few months into it and sometimes its a struggle to remove the lid.The cup is nice to drink from and it does keep hot for a good long time. My search for the perfect mug continues. 2Solid, Leak-Proof & Temperature Retention Over Six YearsIn case you want to know how using a product five days a week, every week, for *six* years, will effect it, please view the picture. I received one as a Christmas gift six years ago and used it literally everyday until I decided it was time to buy this second one.I love this Thermos travel tumbler. Absolutely leak-proof once closed - I've thrown it in my bag and not had to worry once. Stays hot for hours when full of hot liquid. Perfect for drinking on the go in the car to work--just make sure it's at drinking temperature before you leave as it will take some time to cool.My only critique is that the colored metal flakes off easily, so I suggest only buying the plain silver. Dropped the old one multiple times on the concrete--still fine-- the new one seems to be lighter in weight & less likely to withstand dropping. When I ordered this new one, it came dented from the mail, so I had to order a replacement (which arrived just fine). It's been eight months with this new tumbler & still seeing the same leak-proof, temperature retention action since the beginning.Also after six years of daily use, I can recommend that you take the time to remove & wash & dry all the rubber parts. When I got lazy about it, hard black something-or-other accumulated on the rubber rings that became impossible to scrub out, even with bleach. It's gross, so hence buying this new one. 5Absolutely the BEST Thermos on the market!Best thermos you can buy. I've tried other name brand thermoses but this is the best. It keeps my coffee hot for hours and hours. Even when I pour out my coffee the following day, it is still warm. I have a silver Thermos King thermos that I have had for over 10 years. Still works great. Some of the clearcoat finish is starting to wear off from use. Doesn't affect the performance, just the looks, so I decided to buy a new one since it was on sale on Amazon. Got a red one.On road trips, my routine is to stop by Starbucks and have them fill my thermos with black coffee ($1.95). I sip the coffee for hours while driving. It stays piping hot for at least 4 hours and remains hot for another couple hours. The size is perfect. Fits in my cup holder.There is a lever on the top that you move to open or close the small opening to allow coffee to be drunk. There is a 1/4" lip that helps prevent any coffee spills. I normally leave the top set on Open (instead of constantly opening and closing). And it still stays really hot for over 4 hours. The opening in small and the way it is designed, very little heat will escape. Warning... for first half hour or so, take very small sips or you will burn your lips and tongue!The top unscrews (obviously) and both the top and container are easily washed. I just rinse with water. The top can be disassembled for a more thorough cleaning by twisting the bottom of the top. I've only cleaned mine a couple time over the years.One possible negative (at least for my wife) is when you screw the top on, it creates a seal that must expand slightly. Because unscrewing the top can be difficult and requires some strength. Even when I try not to screw the top on too hard, it still requires some elbow grease to unscrew it. In the mornings, we make a pot of coffee. I drink a cup and eat my cereal. Then I fill my Thermos with the leftover coffee and go to my home office to work (about 9am). I sip on the coffee during the day. I stop drinking coffee at 3pm (otherwise it interferes with my sleep). At 3pm the remaining coffee is still hot in my Thermos. Sometimes I don't get around to emptying it until the next morning - it is still lukewarm! and that is with me leaving the top to the "open" position.Can't say enough good things about this Thermos. To me it is a Must Buy item... even if not on special. 5stay away for your healthWell this had been along true love story between me and the Thermos mug. I got my first Thermos mug around 9 years ago and that mug was perfect except for two things:1: it was hard to clean so you can not use any drink that mixed with milk in it.2: the paint flaked off and it looked ugly after less than 4 months.still loved it and used it the way it looked for couple years. After using it for 4 years I left the USA and I had to leave it behind me. I just got back to chicago and I thought the winter is around the corner and it would be good to get the same mug again so I ordered the same brand. This time I made smarter choice and I got the stainless steal color so no more flake off paint. Before I jump to the bad part I would like to say that I love that Thermos replaced the old version lid with one that can be dissemble and defiantly easier to clean.what I did not like about this newer version is:1: after using it for one time I noticed a rusty little spot in the bottom inside the mug and this is should be red line in any mug.2: the older version of the mug was not leaking at all but the newer one some time does leak I am not sure if it is because the the new lid or maybe I did not assemble it in the right way.3: I got a little dent on my mug from the beginning but I thought it is small and I will not submit a bad review for that until I got the reason number 1.4: They use bad glue that s hard to take off from the mug.5: this mug could have more problems that I am not aware of because I only used it for one time and I washed it with my hand.I hate to give bad reviews. I could had given them bad review for the first mug but at that time I thought they had great product that need little improvements so no need to be harsh.I am only giving them 1 star out of 5 because the inside of their mug get rusty and after I noticed this nothing else could matter.stay away I will never buy anything from this brand again 1READ THISProduct works GREAT! keeps liquids hot and cold. HOWEVER after two months of use the top mechanism broke. I contacted Thermos Brand, and was told that the top is not covered by warranty! What? Really? it is the only part of the unit that has a moving part, and not covered? If you don't clean the unit buy disassembling the top, you can't really clean it well. It comes apart relatively easily but obviously not engineered for someone who both uses and cleans daily. Honestly, top could have been designed better with fewer moving parts that would allow cleaning without breaking! Mostly disappointed in the company that has had a great name in the business and been around forever. 2Started leaking after a few months of use. Thrown in the trash and buy a ContigoUnfortunately the Thermos line is not the brand that it once was.I have had a couple of these Thermos cups purchased both from Amazon and Walmart. Both have started leaking within a few months. I get that these cups are not meant to be thrown in the bottom of a backpack or handbag; but when they leak, they leak when you are using them to drink. That's a pretty fundamental flaw.I would save your money and purchase a Contigo, in my experience these last a lot longer (and you can throw them in the bottom of a bag). 1*WARNING* READ REVIEW ....If you plan on buying this cup you better first look under your sink and make sure you have a healthy supply of Goo Gone. Your gonna need it. There are 4 (yes four) stickers on this cup that's gonna need it. But the Krewe de gras of all of the stickers is the one that wraps around the entire bottom half of the mug. If this sticker was a boxer it would be Mike Tyson in the prime of his career. The glue they used is just senseless. The paper on top tears into a thousand little pieces and leaves the cup with a 1.5 inch by 1.5 inch patch of frustration that must not be underestimated. Half a can (4oz) later and the entire outside of the mug is tacky still! If you get past all of that it's a good mug. 3
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