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ThruNite TN12 EDC LED Flashlight: #1 Best Value Max Output 1100 ANSI Lumen with Cree XP-L LED 5 Versatile Modes Waterproof to IPX-8 (TN12 XP-L CW+U1+3400)

  • ThruNite TN12 EDC LED Flashlight: #1 Best Value Max Output 1100 ANSI Lumen with Cree XP-L LED 5 Versatile Modes Waterproof to IPX-8 (TN12 XP-L CW+U1+3400)

ThruNite TN12 EDC LED Flashlight: #1 Best Value Max Output 1100 ANSI Lumen with Cree XP-L LED 5 Versatile Modes Waterproof to IPX-8 (TN12 XP-L CW+U1+3400)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • The TN12 XP-L Flashlight runs on 1 x 18650 --- Adopts latest Cree XP-L LED combined with new designed ThruNite drive up to 1100 ANSI lumen. Neutral white output will be 20% less than cool white.
  • Compact & Reliable Flashlight ---Length(5.63 inch) x diameter(1 inch); net weight: 2.90 oz; this compact light can be used for military, army, law enforcement, firefighters, police, emergency, hunting, security, camping and for any tactical use. Waterproof to IPX-8; 2m; 30min, compact resistance to 1.2 meters.
  • Upgraded stainless steel side switch to make the operation more sensitive.
  • Improved circuit design makes the brightness difference between High and Max Mode more obvisous.
  • Package includes:TN12 XP-L CW flashlight*1 PCS, U1 charger*1 PCS, 18650 3400 mah battery*1 PCS
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Customer Reviews

Most Impressive!! Purchased this on a recommendation from a friend. And wow, what a great deal! Everything is machined aluminum, glass lens, momentary on/off, very positive click on/off button, separate mode button, waterproof, o ring sealed, extra o rings, comes with lanyard and holster. I'm not sure how you could do better! It also feels very good in the hand.Took this hunting in 30 degree weather and it performed perfectly. Runs on 2 CR123 batteries or one 18650 rechargable. As as side note, CR123's are becoming quite popular and are easy to find at Walgreens and gas stations.The holster is quite useful as well, I had no problem putting this on any belt I had. It even fit my hunting rig belt.The spill is quite wide with a generous center of throw. It is more than bright enough to put on high and be able to cut through dark forest to identify coyotes or any other undesirable pest as you are walking out/in the woods or at night at camp. It really is a handheld spot light, but also has firefly mode to read maps or check on your cooking brats at night time without blinding you.I can't think of a better truck light to keep in your glove compartment. I will be purchasing another for this exact purpose.Only way it could be better would be if you could focus the beam by twisting the head, but that is not very common in LED flashlights.Women:If you don't have a powerful flashlight in your purse I highly recommend this light.Guys:Buy a few for yourself and one for your girl. 5Brightest flashlight ever with a single battery, only $40! This thing is SUPER bright! Throws off more light than most larger flashlights at 1050 lumen on its brightest setting. You do have to get the separate batteries for it, which can be a bit inconvenient, but worth it. love the fact that you have 4 brightness settings, easy to use with a simple accessible push button. This allows you to lower the brightness to conserve battery, or avoid blinding other people.It is sturdy, and very solid and well made. I have dropped it many times, and have had no issue. I have had it roll into the edge of the river, and it still works no problem. Toss it in a backpack, and rolling around inside through tough hikes, etc., no issues. This is a quality product, and worth getting a couple of them for the price.Also has a great little belt sheath for easy carrying and a loop for connecting to your beaner or pack. Battery life is not days at high power, however, so you should take extra batteries. Allow for about 2-2.5 hours on brightest setting, which gives you quite a few late night bathroom trips. Note that the end of the light does get quite hot after a few minutes. I rarely use it on high power, however, I usually use the 2nd or 3rd setting unless I am trying to spot in treelines. 5Best flashlight I've ever seen! I simply can't say enough awesome things about this flashlight! I carry it with me everywhere I go and use it extensively in my profession. It's insanely bright (when I need it to be) and I love the rechargeable battery setup. I rarely need to run it at a setting higher that 3 (of 5) but when I do crank it up it makes other flashlight beams completely disappear in shame. Inspectors are quite picky about their flashlights and this is the best flashlight I've ever seen. I immediately bought one after seeing a co-worker with his and since that time most of the rest of the crew has bought them as well. They're that good.I absolutely love the adjustable settings. It makes a huge difference being able to tone it down a bit when getting close to something instead of blinding myself. Even the lowest "firefly" setting has been handy when I needed to sneak into the kids room at night to collect baby bottles without waking them.I have the natural white option (not the cool white). When compared side by side with my co-workers "cool white" thruNite TN12, my 5th setting is about as bright as his 4th setting, so the cool white is brighter (my beam disappears once he cranks his up to his 5th setting), but my natural white doesn't wash out colors like his cool white does, so it's a trade off. I prefer the natural colors at the sacrifice of lumens. It's really not that significant of a sacrifice. The highest setting still puts out a ridiculous amount of light.The belt clip is a little tight, but it comes with a belt pouch and a tight clip prevents a lost flashlight.Seriously. If you're in the market for a flashlight - take the opinion of a professional. Don't buy one of these - BUY TWO!!!*Edit: So, I've now carried this with me almost daily (Monday through Saturday) for nearly 2 years now and it still works and looks like new. The belt holster has disintegrated into a ratty old unusable mess but the flashlight is totally indestructible! I've since "lost" most of my other crappy flashlights. I friggan love this flashlight. Amazon needs to add a 6th star to it's rating system. I've also bought my dad a TN12 (2016), because... why not share the love! 5A very bright affordable high-quality flashlight I have other LED flashlights going back 10+ years. They ALL have strange, very annoying tinted beams which make it difficult to see colors accurately. This Amazon Thrunite TN12 has what the company describes as a "Cool White" beam rendering natural looking colors to my eyes. On the Thrunite site they offer a "Neutral White" option which on spec sounds like it may be even better in terms of accurate color rendition. OK so now you ask "Who gives a rip about color as long as you can see?". That's what I thought until I tested the TN12 alongside my slightly older cheaper "blue" tinted LED flashlights in total darkness. Putting aside the fact that the TN12 is a bit brighter than the old light it provides a much more pleasant "experience" (I know, you're hearing the Twilight Zone theme about now) due to the more natural beam from the Thrunite LED. For me, this was worth the upgrade alone. I know, this sounds like some New Age baloney. But for me this difference in beam color is significant and may not be an issue for others. I'd suspect that any light that used the same LED as the TN12 would provide this benefit in terms of beam color. Bear in mind that the reflector used also plays a role in how the beam is propagated onto what you're viewing. The TN12 appears to be much better than my other flashlights in this regard.The 5 light levels are set at useful lumen levels except the difference between the 4th (800 lumens) and 5th and highest lumen levels (1050 lumens) is nowhere near as dramatic as the others. In most cases the 800 lumen level is almost as adequate as the 1050 lumen level and will probably extend the battery life. On that score Thrunite sells their ThruNite 18650 3400Mah 3.6V li-on Rechargeable Batteries Protected 2 Count (Panasonic NCR18650B inside) (18650-3400mah*2pcs) which are 800mAh higher than the standard 2600mAh batteries of this type.The point here is that the Thrunite does all this without breaking the bank while retaining a quality of construction equal to any of the most pricey lights you can buy. Based on the TN12 build quality I expect to be putting this light to use for some time to come. 5Best light hands down!! Had this light for 8 months. This is my edc light. Everyday for the past 8 months had this light in my pocket. Love it at work very bright and not giving up gets hot after leaving it on on turbo for more than 5 minutes but doesn't give up. I changed how the clip is just for the fact of it accidentally turning on so that way I can see its on. Will buy again if I ever lose this one. I know it's not going to go out until it's life span.Edit: 2 years and 2 weeks later still going strong! Will add additional pics with it 2 years and two weeks in my pocket Everyday. 5Very good overall performer but dual switches not ideal I own about 20 different types of LED flashlights (different sizes, batteries, color tints, beam profiles, user interfaces, etc.).I added this Thrunite TN12 2016 model in neutral white to the collection because I could use a good all-around flashlight for around the house that uses an 18650 battery and could also function as a backup for night hiking. This light fits the bill nicely!I especially like:- The existence of both a moonlight mode (very low brightness for slipping out of bed in the night without waking my wife) as well as really bright turbo mode for spotting things while hiking.- The simple, straightforward, smooth form factor. No sharp edges, which means more friendly for your pockets!- The tint. I really love the neutral white tint (which I now prefer for all my new lights). Compared to cool white, neutral white gives more realistic colors and is overall friendlier to your eyes and brain. I think this is way more important than the 10-20% higher output (that you hardly ever need) of the cool white version.- The beam profile, which has a good wide hotspot (due to the small head/reflector and large XM-L2 emitter). This is very useful for close range (compared to a tight hotspot just for throw), but the light is still bright enough for some decent distance.This is my first light with both a tail switch and a side switch. Being very critical, I did notice some intricacies with handling this flashlight.These are the points that I don t really like about the light:- The tail switch for ON/OFF, and side switch for mode selection, means you normally have to reposition the light in your hand several times: overhand grip (thumb at the back) to switch it on, underhand grip (thumb near the head) to change modes, back to overhand grip to switch it off. Very cumbersome if you tend to switch modes a lot!- Mode memory: this often means surprise mode - if you forgot in which mode you left it in, the light basically comes on in a random mode. This might blind you, e.g. when all you need is moonlight mode but it comes on in turbo. I would prefer an interface that gives you the option of directly switching from OFF to either moonlight, turbo or strobe (e.g. Olight s S1 baton has such an interface). Mode memory can be handy, as long as you think about it before you switch the light off (e.g. I always need to change the light to moonlight mode and switch it off, before I go to bed).I would not call this flashlight tactical . The dual-switch design and mode-memory make this light unsuitable for military or law enforcement. Quick access to strobe is only possible when the light is already on and you hold in in the underhand grip. Otherwise it involves switching the light on with the tail switch, changing grip, and press the side switch for 1 second. Not quick, nor very tactical at all! (but it s fine for just signaling when the light is already on)- I find the tail switch a bit too mushy : it s pretty soft and needs a fairly deep push before the momentary-on function kicks in. This makes it more unreliable than other lights I have. Sometimes you need to press it more, sometimes you pressed it too far and the light clicks on. This makes manual signaling with the tail switch a bit difficult.- Although the new black pocket clip is an improvement, my version came with a pocket clip that does not properly align with the body of the light. It connects fine and does its job, but it doesn't seem to be straight.- Anti-roll: there is a very small anti-roll ring near the head of the light, but its straight portions are too weak to prevent the light from rolling around most of the time. For a proper anti-roll function you need to keep the pocket clip or lanyard attached.All in all, this is very good general purpose flashlight, especially for this price! It gives you everything from moonlight to a very bright turbo, with a pleasant, useful beam and a choice of tints! Just be aware of what the tail+side switch combination (with mode memory) means for you. This interface might not be for everyone. 4The sheath is also very nice; no cheap components What a flashlight! The current price point for this quality is currently upward of $70 ... and it even comes with a spare tailcap button rubber and a spare O Ring seal. The sheath is also very nice; no cheap components. The light is crystal clear and very usable; most of the time I use the flashlight in the #2 position @ 20 lumens. The firefly mode (0.2 lumens) can actually be shined into one's eyes without discomfort ... and is supremely useful for close-up work. The rated endurance at firefly mode with a standard 2600 battery is rated at 1,585 hours ... with my 3400 mAh Panasonic 18650 protected batteries, I expect that figure should be right about 1,800 hours or more. Phenomenal endurance! Level #5 is over a thousand lumens ... and the strobe is dazzling and blinding. Wild animals will move away from it out of fear and blindness, so it's good for field work out in the wild.The only con is the clip because it doesn't match the light. Brushed stainless. Comes separate so that you don't have to take it off if you don't want it. The fit is quite tight. I don't use mine and, because of that, the flashlight is prone to rolling. There are very small flats on the barrel, but they're just barely enough to keep it still. Nudge it and it WILL roll. The solution is more aggressive anti-roll flats on the barrel ... as well as a nice flat black clip that matches the light.Thrunite is a quality product at a very affordable price. The spacing of the light levels is okay ... but I would eliminate level #4 because it's almost indistinguishable from #5 (direct drive). The quality of light is more natural, too ... not overly white. The pattern is flawless ... with a good, hot center for range and excellent peripheral coverage. The light WILL get hot quickly; you simply can't make this much light without producing heat in a compact LED flashlight. Just the laws of physics here.My recommendation is to drop a hundred bucks and get two of these: one for the BOB and one for the EDC ... and then you've made your portable lighting investment for the next 30 years. 5ThruNite says "Please mind the hot" As others have stated, this is a well engineered flashlight for about $50, etc. however, one that can dangerously overheat, especially when in the highest output mode ("Max" in the manual). The manual states: "DO NOT run the light at max mode for [...] more than 10 minutes." While not a deal breaker, I think it is important to note, since the TN12 uses lithium batteries and lacks thermal protection circuitry. If by some chance the tailcap button becomes accidentally depressed for a long enough period while in a rucksack, pocket, etc., and the last used mode was max, this could be a serious burn, explosion, or fire hazard. My recommendation would be to always be sure to "lock out" the tailcap by twisting it counterclockwise when the TN12 is not in use. This goes for any lithium flashlight in this form factor, but especially ones like the TN12 which have a small reflector and lack thermal stepdown. 4Neutral white vs Cool white As many reviews have already stated, this light is a steal for the price, no doubt there. But for those wondering which color to get, read on... It was definitely a hard decision for me, as this would be the first neutral white flashlight to own, I have many other cool white tints. It was such a tough decision that I decided to order both lights and compare the two in person. Upon arrival I got the cool white first as the neutral white was out of stock. I really enjoyed this light thoroughly, it was super bright for an EDC sized light, have great throw and a wide spill, and the best light I own for EDC. The cool white is definitely not the standard cool white tint found in many other lights, it was a bit warmer and I did enjoy this, colors were truer, plants were green, and the outdoors seemed a little bit more natural at night. I was in love with it, but the only thing nagging in my mind was the trueness of the neutral white tint. The neutral white arrives a week later and immediately I threw in a fully charged 18650, at first I was slightly disappointed, being that it was my first time ever having a NW light, it kinda seemed blah to me, it looked dimmer and unappealing and reminded me of the old maglights. However, the more I used the NW version, the more I warmed up to the idea of the NW tint (no pun intended). First use outside and I was astounded, the colors were real! Nature was as nature intended it to be, grass was green, wood was brown, everything felt more like real life. That is when I knew that NW tint was the one to go with. Neutral white tints do loose some lumens, and loose a slight bit of throw, but in my opinion it is definitely worth it. In a world of flashlights were lumens are everything, sometimes its best to step back and see the real use of an EDC light and ask yourself, do colors, depth perception, and usability matter more to you than lumens and throw? Thats for you to decide, but for me, neutral white it is. 5I am thus far very pleased with this product This is about as much bang for the buck as one can receive in the flashlight world. At the 50 dollar price point there is nothing else on the market that can compare. I am thus far very pleased with this product. It does exactly as advertised which few products do these days.Fit and finish are very good. Especially at this price pointThe switches are tactile enough for most people and I find them easier to use than many of the other flashlights on the market that require half clicks and bezel turns to change modes.The light out put is very nicely spaced from the super low "Firefly" mode to the eyeball searing "Turbo" mode. The medium setting at 280 lumens makes for a very nice general purpose flashlight that is easy on batteries as well. I was somewhat amazed that even my old eyes could get me around a dark room in the "Firefly mode. (5 stars to the eyeball creator)Light is small enough to stick in a pocket and forget until it is needed. Would fit in a console or glove box for vehicle use and not take up much room.My only caveat would be to buy quality batteries for this light if you get it. I am using Orbtronic 3400mah batteries in this and these plus a charger will cost as much as the flashlight. Thrunite, Eagletac, Nitecore and a few others also make batteries at this output. However I am confident that if an emergency should arise this combination will perform to expectations. 5
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