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Ticonderoga Pencils, Wood-Cased, Graphite #2 HB Soft, Yellow, 96-Pack (13872)

  • Ticonderoga Pencils, Wood-Cased, Graphite #2 HB Soft, Yellow, 96-Pack (13872)
  • Ticonderoga Pencils, Wood-Cased, Graphite #2 HB Soft, Yellow, 96-Pack (13872)
  • Ticonderoga Pencils, Wood-Cased, Graphite #2 HB Soft, Yellow, 96-Pack (13872)
  • Ticonderoga Pencils, Wood-Cased, Graphite #2 HB Soft, Yellow, 96-Pack (13872)
  • Ticonderoga Pencils, Wood-Cased, Graphite #2 HB Soft, Yellow, 96-Pack (13872)

Ticonderoga Pencils, Wood-Cased, Graphite #2 HB Soft, Yellow, 96-Pack (13872)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Exclusive #2 graphite formula provides extra smooth performance
  • Top quality, latex-free eraser provides easy, clean corrections
  • Made with premium wood from responsibly managed forests
  • Satin smooth finish enhances writing comfort, PMA certified non-toxic
  • Includes 96 pencils comprised of 8 boxes of 12 pencils each
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Customer Reviews

Bought this and the Mirados after reading up on an internet argument between fans of the two... turns out they're very similarI have a similar review for their mortal enemy, the Mirados (by Papermate, if I recall correctly). Basically, I was perusing reddit one day and I read a series of posts by some folks jokingly fighting over whether the Ticonderoga is the master race of pencils, or the Mirado. Each side offered pretty convincing arguments about why they were the better pencil fanatics (or rather, why their preferred pencil was the better one).So I was bored and decided to go ahead and order a pack of each. When I got them, I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed - the pencils were pretty decent, no complaints, but they weren't as life changing as I'd hoped (like the way I was when I upgraded to a newer PC and saw what I was missing out on when I was playing at 15 fps compared to the more recent 45-60 fps that I'm now getting).Realistically, these pencils are ok, but you're not really missing out if you decide to get $1 pencil packs from a dollar store instead (well, actually, you might - some rubber erasers that are cheaply made will harden and lose their 'gooeyness' and end up leaving pink streaks on your paper, or even ripping it.... and in some other cases, the rubber will have become too gooey and will actually just end up sticking to the paper you were trying to erase, making it look like you killed a red colored insect and smeared its guts on your paper.... so I guess you ARE sometimes missing out if you buy the cheapest pencils you can find). Regardless, though, I couldn't really tell any different between these and the Mirados, so don't feel bad if someone tells you that their preferred pencil is better (at least if the choice is between these two models).Regardless, hopefully one day the two camps will join forces and instead of fighting over which pencil is better, combine their powers and make some sort of super ultimate pencil.(For the record, I'm kind of a fan of the "Paper Mate Clear Point Mechanical Pencil" when it comes to pencils. It's got a nice grip and has a replaceable eraser head, not to mention a neat way to 'extend' the lead out, or whatever the word is for making the lead come out after you use it up) 5Very cheap. Not comparable to in store purchases at all!So the one time I didn t read reviews and I regret it. I though, Ticonderoga are great pencils and I don t need to read reviews! Well 15 minutes after ordering, the Amazon robots were quicker than my attempts to cancel the order.These pencils arrived the next day. So the pencils are indeed from Mexico with a (c) 2017. I pulled out a comparison box of Ticonderoga pencils I got from Target last summer when the school supplies went on seasonal clearance. The Target ones were made in China and (c) 2015. I sharpened the Amazon (made in Mexico) pencils first and they sharpened just like those cheap pencils with cute designs that you get in places like party favors or for cheap prizes in an arcade. The wood caught and the lead almost fell out having to start another round of sharpening to get another fine point. The ones I purchased in Target sharpened smoothly, without the wood catching and the wood color was noticeably distinct and different. It created a nice smooth even point when sharpened.Well now at least we have a bunch of back up pencils for around the house. 3Save your moneyTiconderoga was praised as the superior pencil brand by a few friends who are teachers, as we passed around back to school purchase recommendations. What I received was more along the lines of quality I'd expect from the dollar store - box after box, the pencils wouldn't sharpen evenly. What I ended up with to send to my child's school was boxes of pencils so short they looked like they'd been used for at least a couple of months. I confirmed the teacher friends who'd ordered around the same time had the same issue. I will stick with the other big brand in the future. 1Great in the past, current quality questionableWe've purchased this brand of pencils the last few years, and this particular product the last 2 years. I would rate it 4 stars overall, because prior to our last shipment they were fantastic (5 star). The most recent shipment the quality of the pencils has deteriorated. There are a few pencils in each box where the wood catches and splits horribly when sharpening and the lead breaks easily. You end up eating too much of the pencil just trying to sharpen the darn thing. I would give the latest shipment 2-3 stars. We'll likely go back to purchasing then pencils in-store as we haven't had issues with those before 4THE best pencils!The best pencils that money can buy! As a teacher, I know my office supplies. In fact, I think a love of office supplies is a prerequisite for becoming a teacher. As you can expect, we go through a lot of pencils in my classroom. These pencils sharpen well (you don't need to stand at the sharpener for ten minutes because it keeps breaking while sharpening) and the eraser is great! It's not a smudgy eraser, and it doesn't break off when it is used. If you are still not sure about buying these pencils, see a teacher's eyes light up when you mention Ticonderoga pencils. I guarantee these are their favorites, and they feel as passionately about these pencils as I do. Plus, this deal on Amazon is absolutely amazing. So, make a teacher's day, and buy these pencils for their classroom. You will automatically be a favorite in their book. 5QUALITY HAS GONE DOWN SIGNIFICANTLY - Teachers beware.I have to agree with the many other posts about the quality of these pencils. As a teacher, I NEED good pencils that don't constantly break and cause interruptions. I need reliable pencils, that LAST! The quality of the Dixon Ticonderoga Pencil has significantly gone downhill in the past 2 years. It USED to be the "go-to" pencil for teachers. That's no longer the case. I have also found that in addition to the lead breaking far too often, the metal eraser ends are coming off as well! At first I thought the kids were doing it, NOT SO. I had several of them out on the reading table and picked one up to use it - right off came the entire eraser end when I tried to use the eraser. I picked up another, SAME thing! What a shame. NO REASON the quality had to be sacrificed OR production moved out of the USA. I will be searching for a new "GO-TO" pencil. 1I can be pretty picky about my pencilsI can be pretty picky about my pencils. The problem with Dixon Ticonderogas is that they are made in China and Mexico and on Amazon you never know what you will get. To complicate things somewhat, I've seen incense-cedar wood used in both China and Mexico versions of the same pencil, as well as lesser quality non-aromatic basswood or other lower grade wood material that is not readily identifiable.Also, Ticonderogas over time have changed their packaging graphics and they will no longer specify wood type on the box, anymore. They now use a generic phrase "Premium Wood / Bois de la meilleure / Madera de primera calidad" which gives absolutely no indication if the wood is cedar or not.Of late, they have a stamp signifying "100% American CEDAR WOOD sustainable forests" and this designation will grace all boxes of pencils that are created out of incense-cedar (presumably!).It seems that this stamp has started to show on their products manufactured starting 2016. You will see it on their colored erasable/checking pencils, Tri-Conderogas, and their standard issue Ticonderogas in the 12-pack cardboard box, 24-pack hang tab clear plastic boxes, 48-pack hang tab green cardboard boxes, and the 96-pack cello wrapped variety which is in actuality 8 of the 12-pack boxes packaged as a single 96 count unit.They probably will start to use this designation on other products as well to make it easier to distinguish which of their products are incense-cedar wood and which are not.UPDATE: They also have a new stamp in the form of a gold colored banner: "Celebrating over 100 years of excellence". AVOID those like the plague! You are buying the low-end Ticonderoga. The irony...that they would label their low-end garbage as "excellence".Ticonderogas come in a higher grade and lower grade now. Look for the green-white CEDAR WOOD stamp if you want the high grade Ticonderoga.The problem is that there are huge stocks of pre-2016 packaging and it is hard to tell what's inside unless you actually peek into the box and handle the pencil in person. Even then, some variety of Ticonderogas will have sloppy paint jobs that have paint dripped over the ends and make it difficult to see the wood grain or take a whiff which is an important hint as to what you are dealing with (cedar vs basswood). Of course this is not possible when buying on Amazon.I've bought 96-pack Ticonderogas at the large wholesale membership stores before (Costco) that are of the Mexican origin, in the same cello wrapped individually boxed units per dozen, HOWEVER, they are "not marked for individual sale", meaning the bar codes and product code (i.e. 13882) are not imprinted on the individual boxes.The 96-pack bought today (2/6/2016) here on Amazon are also of the Mexican variety, in the same cello wrapped individual boxed units per dozen, AND they are each marked for individual sale, replete with barcodes and product codes. This is an interesting distinction because there is a huge quality difference between the two, and this is the crux of this review:- The Costco variety have a strong paint smell where the Amazon variety is nicely aromatic cedar.- The Costco variety is NOT imprinted as 100% AMERICAN cedar wood, the Amazon variety has the imprint.- The Costco variety is obviously not cedar wood, wood is a pasty white without visible woodgrain patterns- The Costco variety had very poor paint jobs and the classic green foil lettering and logos are noticeably poorer quality- There were more curved pencil "bananas" and off-centered leads in the Costco variety- The Amazon variety had largely well centered leads with mostly straight barrels, and the ferrule yellow paint stripes were cleanThis all means that if you are lucky and score a box of the cedar wood variety, you will have a great writing experience.The Mexican Ticonderogas were generally thought to be superior to the Chinese versions, because the Ticonderogas made in China largely used basswood/non-cedar wood, had a smallish eraser head, and the leads were poorly centered, and the ferrules were poorly painted as well. A lot of technical problems seems to plaque the Chinese version, like leads falling out (poorly bonded lead), or broken leads, or not sharpening well to a point (poor quality wood to blame). However, my Costco experience illustrates that both factories, whether it be China or Mexico, produce higher grade Ticonderogas and clearly lower grade ones as well.Interestingly, the latest batch of pencils that are hitting the shelves in big office retailers like Office Depot or Staples are of FANTASTIC quality and they are made in China versions, with well centered lead cores, incense-cedar wood barrels, sharply imprinted foil lettering, and ferrules that are printed very evenly with a bright yellow band, and erasers that are starting to grow to a size that almost rivals the Mexican counterparts. They are slightly darker in color and a very smooth, satin finish.I hope that Dixon is starting to listen to the myriad of complaints about the inconsistencies of their Ticonderoga product line, and the latest developments in this venerable brand is surely encouraging that all is not falling on deaf ears. In fact, the latest batch that are made in China would indicate that they have made a major commitment to restoring the brand to its former glory! 5Broken leads... wasn't worth it this time.I love a Dixon Ticonderoga pencil.... however, these pencils were either dropped a lot, or really abused vedore they arrived at my house.bought these for end of year testing. Today I sharpened 12 (one box worth) this is a picture of the 12 pencils after their first sharpen, and most of the leads that fell out. The leads inside were very broken. The picture of one in my hand is from the first days use, I had a student hand it to me after bubbling in 10 bubbles on their test and thus is what it looked like after I got it to sharpen without the lead falling out. 2Odd issues....Factory rejects???Strange batch of pencils... I apologize as I know I am about to ramble a bit, but I'm going to be honest and specific. (Sorry for any spelling errors...autoINcorrect...you know how that goes.)As a homeschooling family with four children, we've purchased many many many Dixon Ticonderoga pencils over the years. Before having children of my own, they had already become my favorites. They've always been the best of affordable options, in my opinion. Sharpen well, don't break as easily as most, erase well, and last. We have purchased from local retailers in the past.Wanting to buy more at once in bulk before we start our next school year in a few weeks, I looked here.I found and placed an order for the pack of 96 pencils consisting of 8 12count boxes. Seemed like a good deal... I was happy. I have NEVER received these pencils for free or at a discount and felt that this was a good buy for our money. My order arrived very quickly and I was excited to open it (yes, I still get excited about new pencils).HOWEVER: Every single pencil in every single box was covered in, what I assume was, sawdust. Not just a little haze here and there...quite a lot as there were so many pencils. It got all over the table, my hands, and my clothes as I took then out of the boxes and sharpened them all.Odd...but they Are wooden pencils...no big deal really. Moved on. 3 pencils are missing completely, each from a different box.Well, that is irritating. Multiple pencils are quite bowed, at least 8 that I counted once I started paying attention as I sharpened them all.Annoying to sharpen And to use, especially for my elementary aged children whom are still refining their pencil grip and handwriting form. Sheesh. 2 pencils are cracked lengthwise. The cracks worsen with sharpening. Lead breaks easily. Pencils will split with use rather quickly.Great. Another thing = useless pencils.Oi. I feel a bit gypped. We live on, a very tight, one income. I am very frugal & make do when we need to make do. This possibly makes me a little more sensitive to problems like this than some, but I don't think anyone would be happy with this.I hate to complain...ever. To have to leave a negative review for a typically good product leaves a knot in my stomach.What is going in here? If my batch was this bad, I can't be the only one...surely.Are these are factory rejects??I realize that I purchased a larger number of pencils, but I just don't feel that these kind of issues should ever happen...much less this many in a single purchase. Very strange... Just be aware. I'm sorry for the negativity, but I don't think I would purchase from this seller again.UPDATE: I am now regretting this purchase even more so. Upon further inspection, I've noticed just how terrible the quality and manufacturing of this batch of pencils is. In addition to the issues I mentioned previously, I am now finding that multiple of these pencils have a deep uneven/ripple that runs down the entire length of the pencil. I assume that these will crack with use as well. I cannot find a stamped manufacturing number on most of them. The ones that do have this are very faint and look strange. There is bubbling in the paint on most of the pencils and flaking paint around where the metal eraser mount meets the pencil.Absolutely ridiculous that there are So many problems to stumble across when you're not really looking for them! I so wish I had not sharpened all of these before inspecting them carefully. I'd have sent these back in a heartbeat. I have Never seen such terrible and questionable manufacturing from Dixon Ticonderoga pencils prior to ordering from here. I'm starting to wonder if these are even legitimate at this point. They are certainly factory rejects regardless. Don't buy these pencils from here.... 1One StarI ordered one box of pencils with other stuffings.But arrived only two pencils. 1
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