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Tide Pods 3 In 1, Laundry Detergent Pacs, Spring Meadow Scent, 81 Count

  • Tide Pods 3 In 1, Laundry Detergent Pacs, Spring Meadow Scent, 81 Count
  • Tide Pods 3 In 1, Laundry Detergent Pacs, Spring Meadow Scent, 81 Count
  • Tide Pods 3 In 1, Laundry Detergent Pacs, Spring Meadow Scent, 81 Count
  • Tide Pods 3 In 1, Laundry Detergent Pacs, Spring Meadow Scent, 81 Count
  • Tide Pods 3 In 1, Laundry Detergent Pacs, Spring Meadow Scent, 81 Count
  • Tide Pods 3 In 1, Laundry Detergent Pacs, Spring Meadow Scent, 81 Count
  • Tide Pods 3 In 1, Laundry Detergent Pacs, Spring Meadow Scent, 81 Count
  • Tide Pods 3 In 1, Laundry Detergent Pacs, Spring Meadow Scent, 81 Count

Tide Pods 3 In 1, Laundry Detergent Pacs, Spring Meadow Scent, 81 Count

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Tide PODS consist of up to 90% active ingredients, so you can be sure that you're paying for clean not for water
  • 10x the cleaning power* (*Stain Removal of 1 dose vs. 10X doses of the leading liquid bargain brand)
  • Reveal our brightest clean yet for brighter brights and whiter whites
  • 3 in 1 technology: detergent, stain remover, color protector
  • Dissolves in both hot & cold water. Keep out of reach of children
  • Its Spring Meadow scent is infused with fresh floral notes to help keep your family's clothes smelling great
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Customer Reviews

No excessive detergent usage, clean and simple!I'm a super big fan of pod detergents. Tide has always been a solid cleaner and these are no exception. The major plus I have always felt using this is that I do not waste excessive detergent. I typically only ever use one pod unless it's a VERY big load (then 2). Being less messy and no waste saves money in the long run.You may see some reviews that state they do not dissolve. The reason for that is people do not follow instructions. If you put this on top of your clothes or in the mix of them, you will have that issue. Put the pod in your washer FIRST and then add your clothes. If you follow that one simple rule they will always dissolve. I use a front loading high efficiency washing machine and have gone through hundreds of these pods and not one has ever not dissolved when placed in first. 5Pods sticks to your shirtAfter reviewing its instructions it says you can use any water temperature. I usually use hot water to do my laundry and it doesn't say anything that you can't use hot water for pods. After the laundry, I was surprised that the plastic residue sticked on my under armour shirt which costs $25 and to my wife's old navy shirt which costs around $25+. I love tide pods but definitely this experience kind of scared me because I have precious clothes that i don't want to be damaged.Will be switching to different brands 1Regularly stains clothesFed up and switching back to regular liquid detergent. Pods are a nice idea, but they need to fix their design. This regularly leaves bluish or dark stains on clothes.Tired of having clothes stained and having to re wash, sometimes multiple washes, to remove. If I'm lucky. I've had to throw away good clothes for stains not coming out. 1Dont waste your time unless you want to rewash the Unwashed PODS off your clothing.Never again, I bought these thinking they would be a change from the normal pour in and set and forget. Was I wrong.... The PODS that keep the detergent in do not dissolve and when it comes time to get my laundry folded I find the PODS half dissolved sticking to my clothing. At first I thought I was sticking to much laundry in my front loader, so I put half a load in... Still the same problem. I tried hot and cold water and even throw them in the drum like instructions state. I will never ever ever again buy these PODS. Horrible idea on Tides end who ever designed these. 120 PODS STUCK TOGETHER!!!Love the convenience of these pods & using a lot less detergent, but had at least 20 pods not cut apart and it says on the container of stuck together don't break apart, guess the manufacture thinks you can buy the 81 pods and throw out the ones that were not separated, so you will only get 60 usable pods. 1They don't dissolve completelynow!!! They used to be great.I used to love these. They used to work. I actually had them on my subscribe & save. But recently, the pods were no longer dissolving completely. Some parts of the outer covering turn into gummy residue that stuck on my clothes and survive the drying as well. One time I went out not knowing my pants had this gummy thing stuck to the buttock pocket; it was embarrassing. I did my best to hide it. Good thing it was only to attend a livestream class at work and there were only the two of us attendees. They can be removed by soaking in a tub then vigorously handwashing, but what is the point of having an expensive HE washer if I will have to do this time-consuming activit of hunting down which clothes have stuck-on gummy Tide on them and then washing them off? I am busy already as it is with my full-time job as an RN and with my new business of homemade lotions! Thing is, I still have at least 6 of these containers unopened. I want to return but can I if they have been sitting on my pantry shelves for some time now? 1I like being able to grab a pod toss it in ...This is my first time using Tide pods. They work for me. I like being able to grab a pod toss it in with no mess and no cleanup. Perfect for my 11 year old son as he learns to do laundry. it smells great. this container is large but narrow and well made so it fits in a corner very well. It for some reason the pods get stuck, toss a little cornstarch in the container and give it a shake. That will loosen them up. I always put these in as soon as I start the water to give them time to dissolve. I use two if I have a really large load. I have not had any issues with the pods not dissolving all the way or staining my clothes. I have this on subscribe and save so Its safe to say I will be using these for the long term! 5Love Tid PodsI've loved these since I started using them years ago. So much simpler to use, less mess, and less chance of wasting product than from a pour-bottle. I have only ever needed 1 pod per load, even large loads, and never had an issue with items not being clean (but I have a standard washing machine, not one that has a super-massive basin). Additionally, I have never had them stain clothing or not dissolve properly. I toss them in before the machine is loaded with clothing or water. A bit pricier than a bottle of detergent, but they're even more worth it when you can get them on a deal! (And no, I don't eat them. Strictly laundering purposes only.) 5Nothing really gets it done better than Tide.For almost 20 years my wife and I bough the other guys because Tide, well, Tide is frickin expensive. But when I sat down and did the math on what we were spedning on detergent, how much we had to use to get our stuff clean, and the difference in cleanliness and smell, it turns out we were actually spending more on the other stuff. The pods make it impossible to over use, and because it is Tide the recomended usage is all that is needed. No extras because you know your brand just may not make it this load. All told, we buy Tide less often, and are much happier with the result. I usually say just buy it when I like something, and I would like to here, but Tide is frickin expensive. If you are frugal with the other brands, you can spend much less on doing laundry. Me, I buy it. 4Less product for the same priceWe purchased the 81 count of pods in February (left side in photo) and just received our new order (right side) today. Notice how much smaller the new container is. It also weighs less. At first I thought - oh it weighs less because the container is smaller. But out of curiousity I thought I would compared the two. And I am disappointed to learn that we are now getting less for the same price. And that is how inequity happens - getting less and less and ultimately paying more for it. 2
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