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Time Timer Original 8 inch; 60 Minute Visual Timer - Classroom Or Meeting Countdown Clock for Kids and Adults (Black)

  • Time Timer Original 8 inch; 60 Minute Visual Timer - Classroom Or Meeting Countdown Clock for Kids and Adults (Black)
  • Time Timer Original 8 inch; 60 Minute Visual Timer - Classroom Or Meeting Countdown Clock for Kids and Adults (Black)
  • Time Timer Original 8 inch; 60 Minute Visual Timer - Classroom Or Meeting Countdown Clock for Kids and Adults (Black)
  • Time Timer Original 8 inch; 60 Minute Visual Timer - Classroom Or Meeting Countdown Clock for Kids and Adults (Black)
  • Time Timer Original 8 inch; 60 Minute Visual Timer - Classroom Or Meeting Countdown Clock for Kids and Adults (Black)
  • Time Timer Original 8 inch; 60 Minute Visual Timer - Classroom Or Meeting Countdown Clock for Kids and Adults (Black)

Time Timer Original 8 inch; 60 Minute Visual Timer - Classroom Or Meeting Countdown Clock for Kids and Adults (Black)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • TIME MANAGEMENT: 60-minute analog countdown clock to stay on task, assists with organization and concentration. As time expires, the visible display of the red-disk disappears in a clockwise direction.
  • SPECIAL NEEDS: The visual design of the Time Timer helps ease transitions and encourages independence and productivity for all abilities, including those with Austism, ADHD, or other special needs.
  • QUIET OPERATION: No loud ticking provides the silence and focus for school, homework, and other silent activities. Ideal for special needs, children, parents, teachers, office staff / professionals, and students.
  • AUDIBLE ALERT: The optional alarm signal when time is up can be turned off for sound-sensitive environments.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: One AA battery required (not included). 7.70 inches x 1.80 inches x 7.70 inches. Ideal size for medium to large groups. Wall mount or can stand on flat surface with foldable feet. Compatible with the Time Timer Visual Schedule Kit Accessory - 8 inch.
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Customer Reviews

An amazing tool to learn time and also patience with!My 6yr old son is high functioning ASD and one thing he always has struggled with is grasping the amount of time it takes for anything. He becomes very impatient and then that eventually transitions into meltdowns. During a parent/teacher conference, we actually found out that they utilized the Time Timers throughout their classroom and that many kids, including him responded to it greatly.So we decided to purchase the 8" version as we wanted one that was still very readable, but also portable throughout the house. This is probably one of the best things we've purchased as it helps him understand the time it takes something (like when dinner will be ready) and also ensures that he has some patience while the timer ticks down.Functionally, this timer is wonderful. You simply slide the little handle to the amount of time you want it to tick down from, and then it goes automatically. The red filled area is how much time is left, and once it reaches zero it beeps to alert you the time has expired. It's very kid friend and easy to teach time with (teaching my son 10 minutes so that he can set it himself for example).I'd highly recommend this to anyone really as it's a great learning tool and also instill the understanding of patience! 5Broke after 4 days in the classroom.I am an art teacher in a public school, and was so excited to order this product for my art room. I started using it as soon as I received it on the mail. The first time I set it, a teaching assistant told that they break very easily, especially if young kids set it. As soon as she mentioned that, I made a point of telling all off my classes that I was the only one who could touch it. It was for the 4 days I used it. As a visual person, loved it, and many of students used it as well, to keep track of how tell there was before clean up. Yesterday, it broke. No student touched it, instead, I accidentally knocked it off of the ledge it was resting on. I can set the timer, but it does not tick down he time. I was extremely frustrated, as it lasted exactly 4 days in my classroom. I purchased this out of my limited supply budget, and do not think I will buy it again. It is a great idea, but very cheaply made. 1Great for speeding up the morning routine!Boy, has this made a difference in our six-year-old's morning bathroom routine. Brushing his teeth used to take 20 minutes (because he was making faces in the mirror instead!) but we've hung this next to the sink and it really helps keep him on track. He actually takes great pride in setting it himself. It doesn't have a distracting ticking sound, and the bell is only a few seconds. We've also used it in the kitchen/living room and it's easily readable from a distance.Now, a couple of things. Other reviewers have mentioned the delicate touch required to move the disc, and I'd agree -- if someone is rough with this thing, it would be easy to tear it up, but it's not so flimsy that I feel it'll break under normal use. It's also an opportunity to practice fine motor control and respect for tools if the user's at a developmentally appropriate stage for that, so basically, I'd say use your judgment as to whether it's hung within reach. Unlike the smaller version, this clock does not have any kind of covering or protection for its face -- keep the box if you plan on moving it around, because it would be really easy to get the red disc hung on something.Overall, I'm a big fan of these products and I like the big size of this timer. 5Doesn't last, not durable. Awesome concept.I've purchased a few of these and each one doesn't seem to last very long. They are absolutely wonderful, when they do work. They help my kids SO MUCH with being calm about homework or pretty much any activity that they normally that they would normally not be able to bear without a visual aid (like sitting down to dinner for 20 minutes or more). Anyhow, I wish it were more durable and reliable. Too bad. 3Works Great!Perfect for both me and my 8-year old daughter-- we both struggle with ADHD and this timer has been a wonderful addition to our family. Yes, as others say, it's rather cheaply made for the price, but it serves it's purpose and we've had no issues with it at all. To help keep it that way, the rule in our house is that it stays in one place and if Mom sets it, my daughter is not to touch it. She can set it for herself, but I keep an eye simply because I don't want it to become a toy, but stay a useful tool. The alarm is loud enough to be heard throughout the main floor of our good-sized townhouse condo and the 8" size is perfect size to not lose it, and for me (with poor eyesight) to see it from a distance. 5Picky Eaters tool!!I LOVE THIS TIMER!!! For us, our 5 YO takes an Hour+ to eat any meal. Since starting kindergarten, where they only have 30 minutes- it hasn't gotten any better and he comes home with half his lunch uneaten. I had been looking for a basic egg timer but took a chance on this. For those of you with the same issue this is the rules for the timer we've done:1- Only mommy and daddy touch the timer.2- He has to start with the food item he "thinks" he won't like first and move to his favorite food last.3- Therefore, if time runs out and he hasn't been eating in a reasonable tine frame, he'll miss out on his favorite foods.4- And- obviously- there's no dessert unless dinner was given a good try (75% for us is reasonable, and I serve fairly small portions)5- We give him about 25 minutes for the average meal, more or less depending on the items served.At first he thought of it as beating the timer, and that worked well. It's been a few weeks and it was brought out once when my emotionally sensitive one began to cry like he was being punished. I reminded him that the timer is not to punish him or make him feel bad, it is simply to give him a way to see that time is going by while he's at the table. That calmed him down, knowing it wasn't that he was in trouble, it was just to help him see how long it was taking him.Since I'm requiring him to eat the "least favorites" first, he's eaten salmon- and found he likes it! I'm not saying this timer is a miracle but it's been a miracle to us! 5Large and Loud but, Very Poor Quality!This is the biggest timer I could find for my classroom. It is great visually and it is very simple to operate. The timer is all plastic, and it is light, however this means that the timer is not very solid, and does not seem durable. The face is made of thin plastic overlays, which look like could bend easily that if you are not careful. The sound it makes as it stops is loud enough to be heard across a large classroom.I am giving this timer a 1 star review, due to its construction, and because after just a day and a half of use the timer stopped working. It would not beep, and it would not move. Great idea, poor quality. 1Quit after a month. Needs better wheel mechanism.The timer worked great for a month but has stopped working even after the battery was replaced. The red time wheel is stuck and will not count down time, which was kind of the point of buying this timer. I am very disappointed in the build quality for the price. When it worked it was great, but it broke during normal, gentle, daily use. Until product quality improves, I cannot recommend this version to parents and teachers (I am both). If the product worked it would be five stars. As soon as it quit, zero stars. There is unfortunately no in betweeen--either it works or into doesn't. And it doesn't. 1Fantastic timer. Works great. You must use fresh batteries for the alarm to work. Awesome!!!!!This is great to have in your class as a timer. The alarm sound is just right, not to loud or to soft. I use it for my undergraduates in which they have to give seminars. This keeps them on time and the class moves smoothly. I found that if you don't use brand new batteries, the alarm will not sound. I was ready to send this back because the alarm did not work. I was using old batteries. When I put in new batteries, it worked great. The size of the timer is also great and is easy to see especially with the red. 5Alarm Not The Same as 3-Inch TimerSadly, this 8-inch timer is not the same as the 3-inch timer in one important way. In fact, I am returning this 8-inch timer (but have five other 3-inch timers that I've kept and have used for years). If you use the audible "beep" alarm on the 8-inch timer, it makes 4 irritatingly-loud double-beeps (ie. total of 8 beeps), very disruptive to a meeting; whereas the 3-inch timer makes only 1 soft beep when the alarm goes off - just enough to notify, but not enough to irritate or interrupt.FYI - The audible alarm (also called "alert") feature is optional on both the 3-in and the 8-inch timers, by simply pushing a little switch to "on" or "off". If you don't plan to use the audible alarm feature, the 3-inch timer and the 8-inch timer are exactly the same except for size. However, if you do plan to use the audible alarm feature, be aware that you cannot adjust the volume or number of beeps for either timer - you only have the default mode as described in my paragraph #1 above.UPDATE - Some other reviews have stated the alarm/alert has 1 beep, 2 beeps, 3 beeps, etc. When reading a review, be sure to read beneath the reviewer's name, in blue print, which size model they purchased. Also, there's two 8-inch timer models - one with a top handle and one that does not. Mine does not have a top handle. I have just re-verified the number of beeps for the 8-inch timer alarm/alert: it is exactly as I've written above - 4 double beeps, ie. beep-beep, beep-beep, beep-beep, beep-beep - they are loud - then it ends. 3
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