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Toddy Cold Brew System

  • Toddy Cold Brew System
  • Toddy Cold Brew System
  • Toddy Cold Brew System
  • Toddy Cold Brew System
  • Toddy Cold Brew System

Toddy Cold Brew System

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  • Now you can create a 'coffeehouse' coffee - served steaming hot or iced cold, and in the comfort of your home - for much less than expensive signature coffee drinks! Also ideal for making tea.
  • Patented cold brew system uses regular coffee beans to create incredibly smooth coffee concentrate with 67% less acid than coffee made with hot brew methods, it's easier on sensitive stomachs and all with no electricity required
  • Get more out of your coffee grounds, as the coffee concentrate stays fresh for up to 2 weeks with no change to the flavor
  • Set includes brewing container with handle, glass decanter with lid, 2 reusable filters, 1 rubber stopper, set of instructions, and recipe guide
  • Includes a one year manufacturers warranty when purchased from an authorized reseller.
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Customer Reviews

A bit pricey, but it makes toddy :)My wife loves her toddy so when her Toddy pitcher cracked we had to replace it. Yikes! $35 for a glass pitcher and some plastic. I get it that this is is not that much for a coffee maker, but the glass is so thin. I would have loved to have opened up the new one and found a much beefier pitcher, but no, I think this one may be thinner than our old pitcher. I guess you have to cut costs somewhere.As far as functionality goes, it does what it does...it makes cold brew coffee concentrate. 4Just Use A French PressI bought this after using a French Press to make Cold Brew for some time. I figured it would be a lot easier and I'd be able to create a higher volume at once. Not only did it fail to meet expectations but it's significantly harder to clean than a French Press.First of all, the design is just strange, there's a little "plug" in the bottom of it to keep the liquid back. Not only does it make it so if you're not careful it'll leak but removing the plug is cumbersome and somewhat difficult. Having a little attachable handle improves this making you capable of doing this job by yourself but as many other reviewers have shown this flimsy handle can easily break and cause a MASSIVE mess (luckily this didn't happen to me). You'd think in this day and age they could have a little knob you could turn on the bottom to allow the liquid to start and stop flowing but it's too cheap for that.Secondly, this thing is an absolute nightmare to clean. Not only do the grounds not easily come out of the basin but if you try and "shake" them out the filter often falls with them straight into the trash can. On top of that this thing is an actual pain to clean in the fact that the little sharp edges on the bottom will literally poke into you while you're trying to hold it and clean it. The last problem seems like such an easy problem to solve but was a major oversight; the basin is white. This makes it so if you don't scrub the basin after every use it will start to become dark and stained with coffee grounds.Overall this product is an absolute joke and for this price SHOULD be something much better. This should be black plastic, have a turnable knob on the bottom rather than a plug, should have rounded edges so it's not painful, and should have a built-in handle that won't easily break and cause the basin to smash onto the ground. They really need to redesign this, especially for the price. Just use a French Press instead and save yourself time, money, and hassle. 1Class container makes a messThere are 2 major parts the plastic brewing container and the glass container. The glass container causes more of a mess then the hundreds or thousands of containers I have used in my life. I have never seen a container that causes so much of a mess each and every time you pour liquid. It drips outside the container not back into it and because of the way its made it manages to drop about half a teaspoon or more that makes a coffee ring under the glass container. This happens every time you pour something out of it. Seems to me that a $35 piece of glass and plastic should be able to pour a glass of coffee without making a complete mess every single time. Should I replace half of the $35 piece of glass and plastic with a walmart upgrade for $0.99, probably, but this will still be a $35 piece of glass and plastic with a useless piece of glass. 1Excellent, no more burnt flavored coffeeOrdered this for my child's teacher gift..... My Brother found this system when I was in high school (25yrs ago), my mom has and still uses it every week to brew coffee... I received one as a gift about 15 yrs ago and use it weekly as well... I rave about it, I know that there are other systems out there but this one is just simple, basic, easy to use and makes a great amount of brew. I have fast-tracked the system... add filter, fill 1/3 with water add full bag of coffee and top with water.... I'm happy with everything Toddy has, they even have disposalable filters that are great to use for fast clean-up.... Its worth every penny and you'll be so happy to make the best cold brews around, smooth, no bitter taste, its changed my coffee drinking taste... I like to use blonde or meduim roast, the dark has a burn flavor to me - one reason why I hate coffee shop coffee know. You will be spoilded by this system and the change in the flavor you get from cold brew. I have used many different brands of coffee and some are better but for me if I stay in the blonde or medium range I get a great brew each time... 5Outstanding coffee, simple brewerFor such a simple device (glass carafe and plastic jug), seems overpriced. But it works and works well and is cheaper than most anything else. Also this one is recommended by Cooks Illustrated. The instructions say to use 1 pound of coffee for each brew; I end up with about 8 cups of concentrated coffee.The flavor is outstanding. I used to use a lot of sugar but now I just add some almond milk. The nice thing is that the concentrated coffee lasts for quite awhile in the fridge and you can completely control the strength of each individual coffee just by increasing/decreasing the concentrate to water mix. It is messy to clean up and the plastic jug handle is just a plastic ring with a handle on it that slides onto the jug and it always comes off. You do have to be careful when dumping the used grounds ... I accidentally threw out the filter when dumping the grounds. 5Easy peesyI love this system. It makes cold-brewing coffee a lot easier. You don't need to buy an expensive system like this... I used to use any container that I had on hand, then strain the coffee through a sieve. But it was messy, and a lot of grounds got into my toddy. This system is much easier to clean up, and the spongy filter keeps all the grounds out, even the small ones.For making the toddy, I don't follow their instructions exactly. Here's a better way: After wetting the spongy filter and putting it in place, coarsely grind 12 oz. of coffee and put it in the toddy maker. Then pour 1 quart of filtered water over the grounds slowly. Do not stir. Let that sit for 30 minutes. You'll see that the coffee has developed a crusty top to it. When the 30 minutes are over, pour another quart of filtered water over, slowly. Don't disturb the grounds. They'll start to foam up nicely--that's called the "bloom." Now it's ready to cold brew overnight. I put a plate over top just to keep dust and whatever out.Letting it sit for that 30 minutes ensures that with the next quart of water, the grounds will more readily absorb the water and create the bloom. No more crusty, unsoaked beans on top! 5Coffee shop perfection at home. READ DIRECTIONS. UNLESS YOU WANT ROCKET FUEL!I just used my new Toddy and its literally just as good as the coffee shop. I love it. I even messed up a little and its still good. You're supposed to plug the white container, put the felt filter in, pour 1c water, then 6oz of your favorite COARSELY GROUND coffee like for French press, then 3c water, the last 6oz of coffee, finally pour the last 3c water over the grounds and press with a spoon to ensure all grounds are wet. Wait 10, 12, 24 hours on the counter. Unplug over the carafe. Drain coffee. Lasts 2 weeks in fridge. A kitchen scale helps. I didn't fully read the instructions, just plugged, stuck in filter, poured in coffee then all the water, and forgot about it for a day on the counter. I almost threw away the filter. Also remember to use a 1 part coffee-2 part water or milk ratio. Unless you want rocket fuel 5Flawed, but probably the best on the market.First and foremost let's just get something out of the way: Cold brew ain't rocket science. It's water, coffee, and time, then filtration. And there is no secret sauce. No brewer on the market can possibly create "better tasting" cold brew than some other brewer given the same input amount of beans, water, and time.So why the market for these things? It's all about making life easier. You can achieve the exact same effect as any of these devices if you just put your grounds and water in a large jar, and then pour the results through a coffee filter-lined sieve when you're ready. That's a bit of a pain and you'll probably wind up with grounds everywhere, so the job of one of these brewer products is to improve on the process -- presumably making it less messy and more contained.All that out of the way, on to this system, which I purchased to replace an OXO cold brew maker that I found to be just one small step above awful. (You can find my review there, if you're interested.)As compared with the OXO:- Toddy initial price is a bit lower.- Toddy total cost of ownership, maybe higher - you have no choice but to buy replacement felt filters. With OXO you can use either just the built-in metal filter (which I usually did) or add paper filters (instant clog in my experience).- Toddy plastic seems quite a bit less durable (it's far softer and thinner).- Toddy's glass carafe is a bit larger.- Toddy's bucket does not come with a lid, which seems weird. Luckily, the OXO lid fits perfectly so I'm happy.- Toddy's filter area is much larger, which is a huge plus -- the OXO filter regularly clogged for me.- OXO's awful grommet design means it often leaks and there is nothing you can do about it. Toddy's cork doesn't have that problem, but you do need to make sure to give it a nice twist to tighten it up.- To release the coffee with OXO, you flip a switch. With Toddy, you have to pull out a cork. That part, quite bluntly, just sucks about Toddy.- Cleanup, probably slightly easier with Toddy.- Coffee quality, identical, except that the Toddy filter is giving me much cleaner results because I'm using the felt filter vs the OXO metal filter.So which is better between the two? OXO feels like a higher quality product and has a somewhat better user experience with its switch release mechanism. But, the fact that I can control whether or not the Toddy will leak, makes me very happy. (I certainly will take that control.) And the fact that coffee actually flows when I pull the cork, and that I no longer worry about clogs, really brings it home. Toddy wins, by far.A few tips and observations:A) Put the cork in before you put the filter in. Otherwise there is a chance that the cork will push the filter up and out of position a bit. If this happens, you're getting a bunch of grounds in your finished coffee.B) When you put the filter in, you'll have to press it into place around the edges. It's better if the center of the filter, as you're looking at it, is convex rather than concave. (In other words, it should arc over the cork, not down toward it.) This seems to help it stay in place. (See (A) for why I think it dislodged for me, the one time it did.)C) After you're done draining the coffee, pick the bucket straight up just a bit, and then tilt it from side to side a few times over the carafe. Reason, there is a design flaw where a small amount of coffee pools in the little section where the cork plugs in. I found this out the first time I brewed, when I removed the bucket and it leaked coffee all over my floor as I was carrying it to the sink.D) You're supposed to store the filter in the freezer in between uses. It freezes hard as a rock. Stick it in a bowl of water for five minutes before you attempt to do anything with it.E) The instructions for both Toddy and OXO say to make a concentrate, but that never produces a really GREAT cup of coffee for me. I recommend brewing at full strength. (I like a 12.5:1 water:coffee ratio for cold brew.) I also recommend a "hot bloom", whereby you pour a small amount of hot water on the grounds first to help them bloom, leave that for a couple of minutes, then follow up with the remaining water in your formula, cold. I like a 20-24 hour total brew time.So is this better than a jar and a filter? Yes, but not by a huge margin. I think it's the best system currently on the market, but the market is full of not very good choices. Toddy's design is very old, and it shows. If the company were to update a few things it could create an actual winner instead of something that's merely "good enough."All in all, recommended but with reservations. 4Toddy Cold Brew system actually works!I tried different methods to brew my homemade cold brew at home, using french press overnight at fridge, leaving grounds to soak in water and filtering them... none of them work until I got my Toddy last Friday, quickly unpacked, cleaned, sanitized and brew a batch with the recommended dosage on the package, the final product after almost 20h brewing was an extremely rich, soft and rich coffee concentrate without any acidity whatsoever. What I loved about the product is the filtering system, it uses a felt type of filter which can be reused many times and doesn't part any flavor or aroma to the coffee, yet it filters each batch without any type of coffee residue or sediment (something that did happen with other methods) and It didn't clog it as long as you don't stir the ground coffee, you just stir and soak it.The top part is plastic and it doesn't ship with a cover for the top so either buying an aftermarket or covering it with plastic wrap its advisable just to avoid any contaminant. But take into account that the white, top part which holds the water and grounds is only resting on top of the glass container and it can be easily knocked over. Put it on top of the glass just when you are going to filter it. It came with only one cap to stop the flow, if you lose it, you will need to order another one. Otherwise, the system is great, works perfect and yields around a litre of concentrate which, if you dilute it by 3/1 you'll end up with roughly 4lts of cold brew with 340g of coffee, not bad. Absolutely recommended. 5Mostly AwesomeI *mostly* love this product. It's a super easy way to make cold brew (much better than what I was doing before, which was making it in a pitcher and then straining it through a cheesecloth, which was messy as heck), and the quality of the brew is good. It really does make the whole process easy and streamlined.A couple downsides:The plastic handle on the white part is not strong enough to hold it when it's full of water and coffee. Don't even try.You have to put the cork in the bottom of the white part *really well*. I apparently didn't get it all the way in one time and came home to coffee all over my kitchen counters. The cork had popped out and the coffee had poured out all over everything. I don't think the cork design is the best method for this process, but it seems to be what every brand uses.I wish the glass jug was a little larger. The white part can brew more than the glass container can hold, so I end up with a little extra cold brew that I then have to put in another container. Not a huge deal, but they could have made the glass jug a little larger and solved that.Overall, I do recommend it to anyone who makes a lot of cold brew and is sick of the messy process of using strainers and cheesecloths, though. 4
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