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Totally Bamboo 20-2083 Salt Box, 3-1/2-Inch round, Plain

  • Totally Bamboo 20-2083 Salt Box, 3-1/2-Inch round, Plain
  • Totally Bamboo 20-2083 Salt Box, 3-1/2-Inch round, Plain
  • Totally Bamboo 20-2083 Salt Box, 3-1/2-Inch round, Plain
  • Totally Bamboo 20-2083 Salt Box, 3-1/2-Inch round, Plain
  • Totally Bamboo 20-2083 Salt Box, 3-1/2-Inch round, Plain
  • Totally Bamboo 20-2083 Salt Box, 3-1/2-Inch round, Plain
  • Totally Bamboo 20-2083 Salt Box, 3-1/2-Inch round, Plain
  • Totally Bamboo 20-2083 Salt Box, 3-1/2-Inch round, Plain

Totally Bamboo 20-2083 Salt Box, 3-1/2-Inch round, Plain

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Totally Bamboo's beautiful bamboo salt box for keeping table salt, gourmet salts, herbs or favorite seasonings close at hand on your countertop
  • Smart design with swivel lid; closes firmly with magnetic lock and opens easily with just one hand for quick access to spices while cooking
  • Great for use in other areas of the home too: a handy little storage box for jewelry, office supplies, dog treats and more
  • Easy care: simply hand wash or wipe with a damp cloth; do not soak in water or wash in the dishwasher
  • Bamboo is better for the environment: Moso bamboo is an incredibly durable material and it is a renewable resource which grows quickly and doesn't require pesticides, clear cutting, artificial irrigation or replanting
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Customer Reviews

But the best thing about the bamboo is that it absorbs moistureThis works well and keeps the fancy salt next to the stove, covered so that nothing gets in there accidentally. But the best thing about the bamboo is that it absorbs moisture. In the hot part of the summer, the humidity didn't affect the salt. The grains stayed separated and didn't stick together. That was nice. 5So upset, didn't even last a month1I was so excited to receive this item especially since I cook a lot and this item is essential. Not even a week into it the lid came off...then not even into a month it has cracked/separated so I can't even used. Garbage, just garbage!!Never, ever will go near this seller or product again and don't recommend you spend your money on it either! 1Very bad smell, does not go away.I've washed it at least 5 or 7 times with soapy water. The smell of some chemical or glue does not go away. No way to use it as a salt box! Very disappointing. 110/10 with rice.It's a box that holds my salt and I like it a lot. The lid rotates on an embedded pin and is held shut with a relatively weak (but appropriately strong) magnet. The box is attractive, smooth and is easy to get into. My wife was excited by it because now she can pick up and throw the salt on food like she's a fancy professional chef. 10/10 with rice. 5Get one with a word or design on itMy only quibble is that I can't tell where the hinge and magnet are. I had bought these as gifts for my sisters and they both loved them, so I bought one for myself. The only thing is, if I move it around on the counter, which I regularly do as I'm making room to work -- then I can't tell the position of the hinge and it takes me a few tries to get it open.If I were buying it again (and I just might donate mine and buy another one), I'd get one of the ones with a design or wording on it, so I could tell at a glance how to open it.Aside from that issue, this is a fantastic salt box. I absolutely love it. 5Not what I expected.I love bamboo products. I have one of these already for salt and have it near my stove for easy access. I wanted another one for pepper. However, it is not made with the same quality. The walls of the container are thinner and the magnets to keep it closed or open for that matter don t work. Magnets are too deep in the wood to connect to the magnets in the lid. Also it should have magnets to secure it being closed and also additional magnets to keep it open so the lid doesn t slide shut while trying to remove the contents. I should really send it back but I ll find some use for it. 2Well made, nice material, good valueI am starting to develop a new appreciation for bamboo for kitchen items. I have 5 bamboo spatulas from Walmart and they've served faithfully for a few years, constantly in the dishwasher, soaking in dirty dishes, etc. - holding up very well.Same seems to be the case for this salt box - pleasant to look at, pleasant to touch, love the little magnetic "lock" (the lid snaps in the closed position).I initially wanted a salt box similar to what Alton Brown uses on his Good Eats show. But then I thought: I don't want a vessel I have to hold to open it - I want a vessel I could open with 1 hand without lifting it off the counter and also close it the same way - this is it!I do wish it was a bit bigger, 3.5" is ok, but you have to keep it filled. I figure that if your salt level reaches less than half it'll be hard to reach in and grab a pinch. It's fairly thick, so it's really less than 3" on the inside - a little smaller than I pictured it. But I'm not taking any stars away for this, just mentioning.Really nice item, IMO. 4If you like everything in its place, get this.This box is well-constructed. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial too. Which does not mean I didn't wash this prior to use and slather food goo on it daily. But for usage, I'm a gal who cooks dinner every day. The whole sit-down occasion, the family. This salt box is great for the quick adds you need at the stove top to correctly season your food. As Emeril says, chicken doesn't come with salt and pepper included! And a la Alton Brown, keep that kosher salt handy, people! Even though we have been hoof and beak meat free here for ~ 6 months, everything benefits from seasoning with salt. Even vegan banana bread and jumbo chocolate chip cookies. Salt, yeah! 5Unreliable QualityI ordered two Bamboo Round Salt Boxes. Overall I really like the boxes. The wood quality is good and it looks nice on my counter. They are small - holding less than 1 cup of salt. The perfect size for salts or other spices. Some people have complained about an odor with these boxes and they say they can't get rid of it. I didn't notice an odor out of the box but upon a good nose inspection I could smell the wood & mineral oil odor. I washed mine good with soapy water and dried it and then left it out, with the lid open, for a few days. The odor is not 100% gone because most wood has some sort of odor, but it is a very slight wood smell and that is to be expected of a wood product. Someone complained that the water beads up on the box, suggesting the mineral oil can't be removed. I believe that is the nature of the bamboo, not the mineral oil left on the box.My reason for the 3 stars is that one box came with the lid well attached, tight and lined up correctly. The other box arrived with a loose lid, barely attached and a little off. I may be a little picky but I had the example of a well made box before me and I wanted two boxes of the same quality. I returned the loose box for a replacement and I received a new box with same issue. It made me wonder if Amazon ever reads your reason for returning an item. If Amazon had any quality control at all the person repackaging my order would have looked to make sure I wasn't receiving a loose lidded box AGAIN! Thankfully returns are free when it's Amazon's issue but I hate the waste of resources in returning an item a second time when there is a reasonable solution (like look at the customer complaint and fix the problem before mailing a second time.) If it weren't for the unreliable quality I would give this box 5 stars. Great item when it arrives with a tight, well fitted lid. Now I'm off to mail back my replacement box - giving Amazon yet another try at mailing a good quality box. 3Good size and ease of useI like the bamboo look. And a wood top as well. I would really have preferred one with a removable top, one with a seal, but I was not able to find one in the time I had available to replace my old worn out one. I'm sure I could have simply continued to look, but when one becomes accustomed to working with a salt cellar, it is difficult to go back to other means of salt accessibility. So this one works well. I am sure time will tell if the rotating hinge idea works long term, but if not, I'll find a way to remedy that. 4
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