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Tovolo Perfect Cube Ice Mold Trays, Sturdy Silicone, Fade Resistant, 1.25" Cubes, Set of 2, Capri Blue

  • Tovolo Perfect Cube Ice Mold Trays, Sturdy Silicone, Fade Resistant, 1.25" Cubes, Set of 2, Capri Blue
  • Tovolo Perfect Cube Ice Mold Trays, Sturdy Silicone, Fade Resistant, 1.25" Cubes, Set of 2, Capri Blue
  • Tovolo Perfect Cube Ice Mold Trays, Sturdy Silicone, Fade Resistant, 1.25" Cubes, Set of 2, Capri Blue
  • Tovolo Perfect Cube Ice Mold Trays, Sturdy Silicone, Fade Resistant, 1.25" Cubes, Set of 2, Capri Blue
  • Tovolo Perfect Cube Ice Mold Trays, Sturdy Silicone, Fade Resistant, 1.25" Cubes, Set of 2, Capri Blue

Tovolo Perfect Cube Ice Mold Trays, Sturdy Silicone, Fade Resistant, 1.25" Cubes, Set of 2, Capri Blue

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  • Each tray produces 15 perfect cubes; each equal to 1 ounce of liquid
  • The cubes are easy to remove & won't split, shard, or crack
  • Creates an interesting visual display when used in all types of drinks or to chill foods/appetizers
  • Multipurpose trays- Perfect for freezing 1 ounce servings of homemade or pureed baby food, sauces, or as a mold for perfectly cubed fudge or candy
  • Comes in a set of Two, each tray measuring 7 x 4. 5 x 1. 5 inch
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Customer Reviews

Fun ice trays!I bought these trays because I'm having such a hard time getting ice out of my hard white plastic trays that you theoretically "twist." I thought it would be easier to get ice out of these babies. It's not, but at least it's more fun in a way. You kinda poke them up from below and then pull them the rest of the way out. Now I'm wondering if I could bake in the trays, for even more fun. Brownie bites? Petite fours? Anyway, I'm glad I got them and I recommend them as an alternative to other ice trays that are hard to get cubes out of.UPDATE-- It is easiest to get these cubes out starting from the middle of the middle row. Take out the middle cubes, which are the easiest, and the rest are a breeze. Take it from me, I'm an efficiency expert.5Great at first... then became extremely aromatic and unpleasant.I would have initially given this four stars. The only initial complaint I had was that the ice cubes were hard to remove.I have had these trays for over a couple years, where I have been pleased with the size and shape of the ice. I almost never use ice, which is why I probably never realized the increasingly bad smell/taste. Additionally, I only ever use ice for mixed drinks, so perhaps the drinks overpowered the off-flavor from this product. I thought the ice tasted a bit odd from time to time, but after cleaning the tray the flavors became undetectable every time this happened.I own the Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds, and I LOVE them. I do not get any off-flavor, and I find them easy to use. I am surprised that these are the same brand.I have never given a product one star before. This mostly stems from the fact that I have been trying to locate the horrible smell in my freezer for months and months. I never took the time to focus on what I thought would be the last thing to smell. Since I rarely made ice, I just didn't notice sooner. I finally took them out today for heavy scrubbing, and now I can smell it from the kitchen drying rack as I sit in the living room typing this review. I tried dish soap, bleach, vinegar, Pine-Sol, boiling water, and let them soak in soapy water for hours. Nothing. If anything it smells worse. I will simply have to get rid of these trays. I feel bad giving up.On a positive side, the construction of the trays feels sturdy, and the ice cubes do look nice. Overall, it's just not worth it. Maybe it's not 100% silicone, I'm not sure. Just please stay away if you are sensitive to plasticy aromas and flavors.1More than just ice cubes. I use these for coconut milk and spinach.I don't use these for water, I use the for frozen coconut milk. I have been cutting down dairy in my life, and often coconut milk spoils too quickly. One method I have been doing is freezing my coconut milk, and then when I need it for a recipe, I will remove a cube, heat in a microwave for 30 seconds and add to a dish.Also another thing I use this for is spinach. I will add a bit of water and spinach to a blender. Then freeze the spinach in cubes. In the morning when I have a smoothie with my Nutribullet, I take out 2 cubes and add that to my smoothie. It adds fiber to my shake and also cools the smoothie down.The best part of these trays is how easy the cubes are to remove. There's really no fighting the cube out of the tray, since it is silicon. And they are super easy to clean.5A great solutionMakes perfectly shaped cubes. The silicone is flexible enough to bend and push cubes out from the other side. Vastly superior to using the old-fashioned hard plastic ice cube trays! To keep freshly loaded ice trays level on my wire freezer shelves, I place them on a small metal tray (from my toaster oven). I got this pair of ice cube trays specifically to freeze lemon juice from my lemon tree produce. I then store the cubes in freezer zip bags to use in salad dressing instead of vinegar, or to liven up a glass of mineral water on a hot day.5PLEASE READFirst they look great and will not break one bit , seems like the next step in ice cube trays. I started using them for mixed drinks and couldn't notice the disgusting problem with them until i used them in my thermos for some iced tea. It tasted like something died in it. I didnt know what it was at first, i thought it was my thermos, even bought new one, because surely it can't be the ice. After texting the new one, made of just glass, it has the same taste, disgusting and undrinkable.after more experiments, because i have nothing better to do, i figured it was the ice. The molds leak something into the ice, and you just take two cups of water and leave them out, one without and one with ice cubes made in these molds for 2 hours, let them melt, you will see that one is completely undrinkable, the smell is one of a roadkill left on the road for hours and the taste is to match.At the end the scary part wasnt the smell or taste, but thinking about all the chemicals i that had leaked for those two to happen, and that i consumed them. Please do not buy this! Save yourself.1Score 1 for Silicone.THIS IS A RE-REVIEW: I HAVE A SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM!! In just a few days after my initial review - my initial ecstatic review - my trays developed the "fug" or "funk" that some of the others have described. Whatever it was that flavored my ice cubes - they started tasting like a freezer condenser smells. So I ordered another round of these trays and another LARGE square cube tray - and added the spheres while I was at it - why not? The basic problem is that silicone is not a suitable substance for use in the freezer as it absorbs everything that comes into contact with it - whether from dishwashing or just sitting in the freezer waiting to freeze - the trays are magnets for lots of stinky stuff. Stinky stuff that will end up in your ice cubes. I detailed the solution to the first problem below: NEVER WASH YOUR ICE CUBE TRAYS WITH DETERGENTS - NEVER - WHETHER YOU WASH YOUR DISHES BY HAND OR IN THE DISHWASHER. A RINSE WITH HOT WATER SHOULD BE ALL THAT IS REQUIRED AND THAT ONLY FROM TIME TO TIME. (The manufacturers recommend washing the trays in a diluted solution of vinegar and water periodically. I am going to try that with my former set of trays but I don't "relish" vinegar-scented ice cubes!) Second: I use triple-filtered water in these trays. Not the stuff directly from the tap. Or if you want ice cubes that are clear you should use water that has been boiled and then allowed to cool. Third and this was my partners innovation: After they are filled, I am now placing the filled ice cube trays in freezer bags and then sealing them so the trays and iced cubes will not be exposed to the freezer at all - ever - during the freezing process. And, as I also described below, I store the finished frozen ice cubes in a sealed disposable freezer keeper so - again - they do not have the opportunity to absord "stuff" that will make them smell and taste nasty . This may seem like more trouble than they are worth but these cubes really are the PERFECT size and I feel they warrant all the attention! (What an innovative solution JP! Thanks for the suggestion.)MY ORIGINAL REVIEW: I usually don't care for silicone especially in bakeware. But these ice cube trays are just the ticket and they live up to their name = they make perfectly sized ice cubes. Even the silicone is a bit easier to use here and the ice cubes pop out effectively. Perhaps because the cube trays are really not that big - although 2 trays just fill a large Gladware container perfectly and you can store your ice cubes in an airtight environment. Even after many rounds of ice cube making the trays never lose their shape. I, too, do not understand the quibbles with these trays. They, themselves, do not impart any smell at all and lend no scent to the ice cubes either. I keep my freezer impeccably clean and I have a box of baking soda in the freezer as well as the refrigerator - so maybe that's the difference. Also, I never wash silicone in detergent as that will be absorbed by the trays and your ice cubes will be perfumed and make your cubes taste like Dawn or Ivory or Joy or whatever you use. Not good. Again, it's the size that is the innovation here and that is the aspect of the cubes that pleases me most.5I wanted it to work but....I had a pair of these in the freezer for years and I found that the ice was increasingly foul tasting. So I ordered a new pair of trays and that's when I found the problem. It wasn't the freezer. It's the TRAYS. When they arrived, they stank right out of the package, and the package stated we could wash in vinegar and water. Well, that was a waste of vinegar AND water. I sent them back.I simply do not want my scotch to taste like chemicals and these trays impart that flavor to the cubes. Bad.1EASY ANYTHING BUT!!I have had these about four months and I promise you these are the hardest ice cubes to get out of the tray you could find. They claim easy anything but easy, it can take two to three minutes to get one cube out. They also claim it last longer! This is so far from the truth. They are the hardest ice cubes I have had to remove and melt faster then a normal ice cube. I've banged the tray, twisted, turned upside down and with all my strengths try to push them lose. Once finally getting them to move slightly using the middle row only you can then use your fingers to slowly remove the ice cube from the tray using the middle row only. The outer edge ice cubes are like pulling a tooth for a dentist. It's very hard work for one ice cube! Filling the trays is also a challenge for you have to make sure you hit every cube with water otherwise you will end up with half the size cube. It has become a party game with the strongest man not able to get one ice cube out in less then a minute. It hasn't been done yet! I have got to say these ice cube trays are the worst trays you could buy. But if you want a challenge these trays are for you and don't be in a hurry CAUSE at least two minutes per cube if not in the middle row. Buy the old fashion kind they are so easy to get out and stay colder so much longer. I highly do not recommend These trays to my worst enemy,, if I had any. Worthlessness in ice cubes believe it!2Avoid this Trays! Very difficult to remove cubes. Not a good thing.Why is it so difficult to find good ice cube trays? I have done the Cook's Illustrated top rated trays made by Oxo that came with a plastic flap that was a pain to install. Then I bought trays that came with lids that were easy to place, but the cubes were tiny--and I got the larger size! So I ordered Tovolo thinking this might be the answer. No. They are terrible, because the cubes are very, very difficult to remove. You would think a twist would have them pop out, but no. The only way I got them out was by letting them melt a bit. The only good thing I can say about them is that they stack, however, even that becomes a problem because they stick together...again needing to wait for the ice to melt before dislodging one from the other. At least this time I returned them to Amazon rather than tossing in the garbage. Still on the hunt for ice cube trays that produce easy to remove nice cubes.1Great Cubes, But Too Hard To RemoveLike you, I grew up on ice cubes that you'd freeze in hard, rigid plastic trays. You'd twist a tray back and forth, and through the simple laws of physics, the rigidity of the trays would help spring loose the cubes. I'm not change-averse, but these trays are made from very flexible, very soft silicon -- they provide no rigidity with which to aid the cubes in popping out with twisting. Instead, you try your best to push them out from the bottom while sometimes having to rip away at the flimsy-feeling structural integrity of the tray. Even that action is met with uneven results. These trays just aren't optimized from a design standpoint; they also don't feel meant to last.If you can get the cubes out, they're perfectly square and super pretty, and provide a cool alternative to both bagged ice and the rectangular home ice cubes of yesteryear.But I'd look elsewhere first for harder, more rigid molds -- if it ain't broke, don't fix it.-Was this review of use to you? If so, let me know by clicking "Helpful." Cheers!2
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