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Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds - Set of 4

  • Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds - Set of 4

Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds - Set of 4

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Innovative and clever design stacks neatly to conserve space
  • Leak-free and won't tip in the freezer giving you a perfect sphere
  • The slow melting sphere will bring out the full flavor and add a splash of class to your next drink
  • Silicone cap BPA free ice molds
  • Dishwasher safe
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Customer Reviews

Pricey Product, Kind of Tiring to Use.These molds do make spherical ice, as advertised. Kind of pricey, but they get the job done. Be careful though, these molds are not designed to make perfectly clear ice (though I think there s a hack online for doing it, though it s kind of complicated). If you want that, you should look elsewhere. 4Great value, seems durable; clear ice comes from the process, not the mold or water type.I followed some of the online tips and have had good success. For the money, a very good value. I have been able to get clear or near clear ice balls doing the following, mainly taken from the other reviews: I used a Coleman 8qt cooler add around half inch of water to the bottom. I tried all the several water variables distilled, boiled distilled, filtered and boiled, but regular hot tap water has produced equally clear ice. Fill a stove pan with enough hot tap water to assemble all 4 molds. When you can stand to submerse your hands in the hot water assemble each mold while fully submerged under water, place your finger over the vent hole and remove from the pan and place hole side down in the cooler. You can see if you got an air bubble visible on the top of the mold. If so, redo the assembly. Repeat for the other molds. I have placed them in the cooler, replace the lid and place in your freezer. I m currently trying to freeze them without the lid. To remove I pull the block of ice and molds from the cooler, run a little water to help get them out of the ice block, but careful as not to shatter the ice by starting a quick thaw. I have found I get a small ice nipple - not sure why, seems like a lack of expansion area, otherwise for the value are holding up. Have about 16 made, 4 in the freezer. 5These Sphere Molds are GREAT!I tried a different product but should have bought these all along. These sphere ice molds make the perfect ice spheres that melt slowly and are great with bourbon or any other adult beverage. The container itself is easy to fill and clean and does not take up much space. Don't buy anything else -- these are the best! 5Like a boss, good for coffee tooYou look like a boss with these. They fit a scotch glass perfectly. They take longer to freeze than a normal ice cube so having multiples is very helpful. I like using these instead of normal ice cubes because they just last so much longer. Also, I found that if you want iced coffee from say your Keurig, throw one of these in a coffee cup and then put the coffee in. It works great. 5Nifty, good price for what it does.These are neat for what they are, but the flexible molds don't make perfectly round spheres. I know it's a gimmick, but if that's what you are hoping for, I might try a gravity mold instead. These are fine for me, I just throw one in my glass of Mountain Dew and it lasts for an hour or two (depends on if drink is already chilled or not). Also can be tricky getting ice out of mold; just have to be patient. 5Not badThey work. You just have to be careful about filling them up with just the right amount, using distilled or at least bottled water. They can sometimes be a pain to detach from the plastic lid but other than that, it works. 4TOVOLO ICE SPHERE IS THE REAL DEALI had looked at many different types/brands of sphere ice molds and decided on this one, I could have gone cheaper but decided on Tovolo and was not disappointed at all!... I had read about other ice molds and that the molds tasted funny, so I immediately put them in the dishwasher....afterwards I put the water in them, filled to the line & into the freezer they went....let them sit overnight & followed the directions on extraction & they came out perfect!!!!.... No problems, No funny taste and now I've got a nice supply of sphere's stacking up.... I love these things!.... I'm sorry but anyone who rates them less than five stars must not know what they're doing... I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM. 5Ice balls are almost like the photo... almostDespite my headline, the product works, giving the user slow melting ice that's ideal for scotch or rye. The orb itself tends to be a bit cloudy and I've tried using distilled water, but that doesn't help. The round cube isn't really round so much as it is semi egg shaped. I still need to experiment with it a bit to see if I can get that perfectly round shape. But in the final analysis, who cares? It works, it's a much better way of cooling whiskey, and that's all that matters. 4IN LOVE!Let me start off by saying that shipping was really fast! Received it by the next day. Second, my spheres came out PERFECT! had no breakage what so ever. I was a bit concern because after reading some reviews I thought i was going to have trouble getting the spheres out and maybe not fully round, but this did not happen. I filled them with water up to the line it indicates, covered it with the silicon top it brings, put my finger in the little whole and flipped it to empty the excess water. Let it in the freezer for about 24 hours. When taking it out, just as the instructions indicate, I ran water over them through all the sides and Viola! out came my spheres! 5I m a BallerI ve only had these molds a week but have made a couple of batches of the spheres. I do like them, they are easy to use and (mostly) produce perfectly round spheres that keep my whisky cold and don t dilute it.Recommendations on usage: the instructions say freeze for 6 hours but I found that they weren t frozen all the way through, so I went for a full 24 hours. They are easy to remove if you run the base and sides under warm water. The ball comes out attached to the top, you just carefully peel the silicone sides back and out they come. I still haven t mastered the art of crystal clear spheres (despite boiling the water) but I ll get there. 5
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