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Tovolo Vented Collapsible Microwave Food Cover With Easy Grip Handle, Dishwasher Safe, Bpa Free Sili

  • Tovolo Vented Collapsible Microwave Food Cover With Easy Grip Handle, Dishwasher Safe, Bpa Free Sili
  • Tovolo Vented Collapsible Microwave Food Cover With Easy Grip Handle, Dishwasher Safe, Bpa Free Sili
  • Tovolo Vented Collapsible Microwave Food Cover With Easy Grip Handle, Dishwasher Safe, Bpa Free Sili
  • Tovolo Vented Collapsible Microwave Food Cover With Easy Grip Handle, Dishwasher Safe, Bpa Free Sili
  • Tovolo Vented Collapsible Microwave Food Cover With Easy Grip Handle, Dishwasher Safe, Bpa Free Sili
  • Tovolo Vented Collapsible Microwave Food Cover With Easy Grip Handle, Dishwasher Safe, Bpa Free Sili
  • Tovolo Vented Collapsible Microwave Food Cover With Easy Grip Handle, Dishwasher Safe, Bpa Free Sili

Tovolo Vented Collapsible Microwave Food Cover With Easy Grip Handle, Dishwasher Safe, Bpa Free Sili

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Multiple lid perforations allow steam to escape, which keeps food moist while splatters and messes are contained; it also has finger grips making it easy to lift
  • The microwave safe cover expands to 3. 5 inches but collapses to 1 inch for easy storage; Use thumbs to easily "pop up" And press to flatten
  • It can be used expanded or flat on bowls; reduce waste and movement of paper towels or other wraps in microwave
  • Heat resistant up to 600 degrees F
  • The large 10. 5 Size fits most plates and bowls, is BPA free and dishwasher safe
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Customer Reviews

It s comical how bad this isWhat a piece of junk. It took me nearly 3 minutes to expand this cover to its full height. The reason, I finally discovered was because the whole item was warped beyond usability! It was literally shaped like an oval instead of a circle. The handle on the top is only about 1cm deep, so you d have to be an elf for it to be helpful at all. Also, I did try placing it atop one of my standard dinner plates and it did not even reach to the edge of the dish... meaning it would mash into your mashed potatoes every time you try reheating them in the microwave. What a dunce-of-a-product! You know it s bad when you go to file a return and the sellers don t even want you to send the item back to them; I just got refunded my money and they let me keep the embarrassment. Like, Here, you throw this away... What??1Does Not Stay Expanded And Smaller Than DescribedVery hard to expand and then it collapses before it can be used. It is really only 10-inches in inside diameter so it does not fit over a standard dinner plate. Handle is useless for lifting.1Clean way to cook or reheat in the microwaveI have been using a large tortilla steamer when heating things on plates in the microwave. But in time the oils and splatter from heating have marred the interior of the steamer to the point that I don't want to put it on the table with tortillas in it. The tortilla steamer is bulky and I usually have it stored in the pantry because it takes up so much room in the pan drawer. So I wanted something that was easy to store, inexpensive, easy to clean, and able to release the steam from reheating or cooking in the microwave but still preventing splatter. This fit the bill.The clear silicon is built like an accordion so that when you fold it up it is about the thickness of a plate (1/2 inches) so it easily stores in the cabinet with the plates. When it is new, it is a bit stiff so it is hard to get to pop up, but after a bit of use it gets easier.5Perfect for People with Three HandsI wish I had read the reviews before buying. First, it does appear to be a bit small for dinner plates, but that's not a major issue for me. Also, even though I have not actually used it yet, I expect that it will not last long based on reviews.I did try to expand it, though, and it would work perfectly ... if only I had a third hand. It does pop back on one side while I expand another, and I haven't been able to teach my dog on how to help with the process. It's possible to accomplish the task after many tries, but I do question what product design engineers learn in school. Clearly they don't get lessons in usability or product testing.All of that said, I like the idea of using it flat to keep bowls from splattering. Since I tend to make lots of soup, I'm sure that I'll find it useful in reducing the number of times that I have to clean the microwave. Time will tell me how long the device lasts, but I can pretty much promise that I will not buy another expandable cover in the future, since they all seem to have the same design.3Not Easy to Use - Great Customer Service ThoI haven't had this item for very long but so far I really don't like it. I don't expect that to change. The idea is nice but the execution leaves something to be desired. Yes, it collapses and is great for places with little storage, unfortunately getting it to expand is tricky. You pop out a side, then try and pop out the other side and the one you just popped collapses, while this may be a fun drinking game I don't enjoy it when trying to heat something up. It might help if the handle on the top had a way to get a good grip on it but that isn't' the case here. Last, I don't think the collapsable walls will last long, I haven't even had this for a full week and they are already showing wear. I'd prefer to return it but as it's been used with food I'm not sure they'll take it. I will be getting something else that hopefully works better.Ultimately I'll say, buy at your own risk.UPDATE: I took a chance and went to see about returning the item and the company gave me a full refund. They didn't want the item back, I suspect because it's a food related thing. So while I leave my review of the product as subpar the customer service/return policy is great.2Large and collapsible. Better than plastic wrap. Nice vent holes on the top.This fits the large dinner plates and anything smaller of course. It collapses for easy storage. It isn't terribly easy to hand wash but it isn't terrible difficult either. (Expand it to clean). It has small vent holes in the top. It keeps the heat in but lets it breath when it needs to.I can't think of a way to improve it. We melted one of these by turning on a burner on the stovetop while it was sitting there. Bought another to replace it. It is so much easier than plastic wrap and I think it even works better.It does say not to store it in the microwave. We do store ours in the microwave but we don't put it in there right after it has been used. (wait for it to cool down a bit) I think they are worried that people will put it back in an empty microwave right after it has been used and it will melt. I get that. I say store it in the microwave once it cools down.5Defective on Day OneThis is supposedly collapsible; owever, it will not fully open. It stays lop-sided. If I manage to fully open one side, then the other side shrinks down. I never used the product. It simply was defective out of the box. I demanded a refund. PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANY PRODUCTS BY THIS TERRIBLE COMPANY. I have bought cheap $1 microwave covers from Wal-Mart and the Dollar Tree that worked just fine; this is $8 garbage.1It melted!!! It works good for covering stuff, but when we used it for a potato for 5 minutes ... It melted!!! No mention in the description about a duration limit for cooking1Second one of these and we love itWe lost our first in a move, but boy are we glad we bought a second one! These do an excellent job pf keeping your microwave clean! They also trap quite a lot of steam, which allows us to use it as a cooking lid on our dishes -- very convenient. Our old cover (which we owned for 2 years before losing it) held up well to the heat and was easy to clean. Cleaning just requires a simple kitchen sponge -- the side edge of which is the best way to clean the crevice in the "handle." Size is good, but truthfully, I'd like it to be sightly larger in both diameter and depth/height. Larger diameter would allow it to completely cover a large dinner plate (vs sitting on top of the outer edge of it) -- though, admittedly, this keeps moisture on the plate instead of all around it!) and would allow me to use it as a lid on our pyrex rectangle leftover dishes. The height is pretty much always adequate except for when trying to cook a potato -- the potato rests on the top of the lid, so an extra 1-2 inches in eight would be perfect! These dimension issues are really more of a preference for an additional larger item from the seller, as this cover is great and does exactly what it's advertised to do!5Good but could be betterWe use it nearly every day. Weather melting butter for baking or reheating a meal this splatter guard does its job. My only issues are with the size and ability to hold shape.It is just slightly too small to fit over our dinner plates (standard correllaware) and not quite tall enough to fit over some of our bowls (IKEA). Overall I wish it was larger in diameter and height to make it perfect for general use without having to clean it after each use.As for holding the shape. this is due to the collapsible feature. Which by the way is a nice feature to have but we rarely use. When fully extended our cover sits lopsided because one side does not hold the extended shape entirely. thus far it has not prevented us from using it but does get in the way when putting the cover over taller items.I would still recommend buying this item. It is superior to other similar products that we have tried for the price.3
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