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Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow & Neck Pillow Straps To Airplane & Car Seat Best Accessory For

  • Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow & Neck Pillow   Straps To Airplane & Car Seat   Best Accessory For
  • Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow & Neck Pillow   Straps To Airplane & Car Seat   Best Accessory For
  • Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow & Neck Pillow   Straps To Airplane & Car Seat   Best Accessory For
  • Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow & Neck Pillow   Straps To Airplane & Car Seat   Best Accessory For
  • Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow & Neck Pillow   Straps To Airplane & Car Seat   Best Accessory For
  • Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow & Neck Pillow   Straps To Airplane & Car Seat   Best Accessory For

Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow & Neck Pillow Straps To Airplane & Car Seat Best Accessory For

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • The only product that provides FULL LATERAL SUPPORT for the upper body making it easier to relax, fall asleep, and stay asleep longer.
  • Promotes proper head and neck and cervical alignment - KEEPS HEAD FROM FALLING FORWARD. Ideal for chronic pain sufferers. INFLATES EASILY with just a few breaths and DEFLATES INSTANTLY. Stores neatly when rolled to minimize packing space.
  • ERGONOMIC Patented design provides proper support to prevent tension and neck strain.
  • MULTI-USE AND ADJUSTABLE - Position across the torso or down the side. Wear like a messenger bag or tether to an airline seat. Easily loops over headrests in cars and airline seats. See our instructional sheet and videos. Rolled Dimensions: 2 x 9 x 3.5 inches. Weight: 7 ounces
  • INFLATABLE - WASHABLE - ADJUSTABLE: Adults & kids older than 8 years. Great for airplanes, buses, trains, cars, camping, backpacking, wheelchairs, airport terminals, watching TV. 2-Year WARRANTY. Great GIFT! OPTIONAL PLUSH COVER SOLD SEPARATELY Luxurious Travelrest velour and memory foam COVER also sold on Amazon.
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Customer Reviews

Flexible positioning helps on long flights and you don't feel "strangled" (when you use the usual C-shaped neck pillows)I have had the pillow (and the plush cover - sold separately) for several years. Once I got it, I realized that I prefer it over my other travel pillows that wrap around the neck - which makes me feel hot and uncomfortable. I like the option of adjusting it at various angles across my torso - depending upon my changing posture while on long-haul flights. The only issue I have had is that the cap for the air-vent is not securely attached to the pillow. After multiple uses, my fears came true - I finally lost the cap during a recent trip.Customer service, however, was excellent. The manufacturer has been very helpful - and has offered to send me a replacement cap, even though the design has been updated since I bought my pillow. It was a pleasant surprise to actually receive a response to my email on a weekend - followed by confirmation a few days later that the cap will be sent. Will wait for the cap and check if it actually fits, then I will update the review. 4mehI am a side sleeper so i thought this would be perfect, but to be honest i think you really do need the memory foam cover, it's pretty bulky once inflated and as with all blow up pillows I feel like i can never get it as firm as I want it because the blow hole in far too big. I understand it is big so that you can deflate it easily, but a smaller hole would allow you to really get the pillow firm enough to lay your body weight against 2Travelrest pillow and coverI purchased this pillow when it first came on the market. As I cannot sleep on a plane this pillow works and I have traveled all over the world. With this pillow I can nap. I lost it when I returned from Australia probably at customs, so in July I purchased a new one and in August I purchased the the cover which made a good pillow awesome. The problem was I could not snap the cover on it so I called customer service and spoke to Teri who promptly took care of it. I am planning a trip which includes 16 hours on a plane, without this pillow I would not get any rest and arrive at my destination and be sick. I am over 70 and highly recommend this product and company. I am not ready to stop traveling and this pillow keeps me going. Love it, thanks Teri.Raye Paradise 5Well Worth Buying, but has a few flawsMy wife and I bought two of these for plane travel based on the glowing reviews. The concept was pretty compelling, and I have to say that the pillow works almost as well as advertised.***UPDATE***This product deserves a minimum of 4 stars. My original review failed to take into account some additional ways to use the pillow effectively.First off, the excellent:1. The pillow is very easy to inflate, and only takes 3-4 puffs of air depending on your lungs. It is also very easy to deflate, rolls up, and takes up a minimum of space in your carry on bag.2. The pillow is comfortable enough for an inflatable. It is covered in a soft faux velvet that doesn't irritate the skin or cause discomfort due to pressure points. You can make it even more comfortable with a small cotton pillow or even by putting a cotton pillow case over it, if you prefer that.3. When it used properly it will support your head and neck very well and will allow you to sleep on an airplane, car, or even sitting in the airport lobby.4. The 'arm' of the pillow resting along your chest and mid section is very comfortable. I found it soothing since I tend to sleep holding a pillow anyway. Your mileage may vary on that one though.A Few Problems:The pillow can be hard to keep in one place if you use the rope to fasten it to the seat back. There are two bands that connect the pillow to your chair: the first is a loop that you can put around your belt, your seat belt, or even a belt loop. This connection works well and is fastened in place by a quality metal snap. However, the top is held in place by a nylon piece of rope that you can adjust with a plastic thump clasp. It is intended to go around the backside of your seat and then tighten down to hold the pillow in place. This can work pretty poorly on certain airplanes because A. the seat backs in are sometimes slick, B. the nylon rope doesn't have any traction to it (although this is intentional because it allows the thumb clasp to move easily), and C. The top of some airplane seats are angled and as time passes the rope works itself free. My experience was that it was very hard to make the cushion stay in place for more than an hour at a time, and it required readjustment frequently. This may frustrate the person sitting next to you, or the person behind you who you keep turning around and looking at while you make adjustments!***UPDATE***After receiving some additional information from the makers of the TravelRest pillow, I've learned that there is an alternative (and far superior in my opinion) way to use the pillow that involves wearing it like a messenger bag by connecting the pillow strap to the bottom strap. This forms a loop you can put around your body and which keeps the pillow much more stationary. Using the pillow in this fashion is easier and more secure. I'd recommend using the pillow this way virtually all of the time.2. The pillow only gives you support on one side at a time, unlike traditional neck pillows. If you shift while sleeping, you will find yourself with a massive neck cramp.***UPDATE***However, you can easily shift the pillow from one side to the other if you're 'wearing it' messenger style. This alleviates that problem pretty satisfactorily.Advice and Observations:1. Don't over-inflate the pillow. It is actually more comfortable at about 80-90% capacity.2. It is easy to let air out once the pillow is in place, but it is much harder to add air because the access point is on the bottom of the pillow. Go for a little over full and then let air out as necessary.Conclusions:This is pretty solid invention for sleeping on a plane. In my estimation, it is superior to a traditional neck pillow, but has its share of advantages and disadvantages. I'd recommend it if you prefer strong directional support to softer universal neck support provided by a traditional neck pillow, and if you like the comfort of having a pillow 'hugging' you as you sleep. This pillow also works really well in the car, and if you've got kids who have a hard time sleeping on road trips, these are probably a must buy.***UPDATE***I'd like to thank TravelRest for their customer service. This company went out of their way to assist with my pillow by providing additional information on how to use the pillow effectively. They have produced a short video on using the pillow that I have put a link to in the comments section. It is pretty PR-ish, but does show the various ways to use the pillow. I'd also like to say that TravelRest in no way bartered for any changes to this review. They were straight shooters who wanted to make sure I understood their product and was using it properly. I've got no problem recommending them to anyone. It's actually pretty amazing when a company goes above and beyond to provide solid customer service as they did for me. 4Does not withstand frequent useWhen I first saw this pillow I knew I HAD to have it. That was back in 2015....After buying my 4h new pillow I can no longer say I am as in love with it as I once was. I travel often for work and use the pillow pretty regularly. After a couple months of use, the pillow just seems to stop working. It does not stay inflated at all even on a quick 90 min flight. I tried making sure the seal was completely tight every single time I inflated it, and still I would wake up mid-flight with a completely deflated pillow. The pillow is fantastic at first and seems like it would be perfect for those who travel less frequently and just need it for 1 or 2 long trips. Takes up no space at all and is easy to use. Just wish I could get it last longer than a few months. 3A must-buy for frequent long-haul travelers!Ok, I took my time writing this review because I wanted to test the TravelRest out properly.I travel very often and cannot sleep AT ALL on the go (planes, trains, buses..everywhere). So out of desperation I have tried the various U shaped pillow, leaning against my bf, the seat head flaps, the window, curling up in a little ball (i'm quite small so i can do this) - and nothing worked (mainly because when I sleep my whole body collapses into jello). After much research I purchased the TravelRest based on the good feedback and it made the most amount of sense: I lay on my pillow, I can lean on this product. Sold. Let me tell you, its worth every penny. Ignore anyone who says it looks funny or that you will be embarrassed inflating it. It takes 2 breaths and though it is a bit bulky when inflated, you won't notice when you are unconsciously sleeping in bliss. You can tie it to the seat or use it like a messenger bag, it is even nice against your significant other's shoulder. It really relieves the pressure on my neck and allowed my body to relax - Finally! I took 2 flights over 10 hours each that I fly regularly and the TravelRest made these trips a million times better. I now no longer fear flying coach!I also purchased the special pillow case that goes with it, which I also recommend. It packs a little larger however its a great feel and does make a difference especially on the seams of the pillow.In the perfect world I would fix the anchor of the strap at the top. It uses a little plastic pinch device where you can adjust the length of the cord, however once you put weight on the pillow this never stays in place. So I usually wrap the cord around it self and make a light knot so it will hold my head without loosing slack. I'd prefer something where I didn't have to tie it - I get nervous tying the cord, worried that I won't be able to un-tie it in a hurry.Additionally; customer service is amazing! Thanks so much to the helpful staff who make sure I had a great product in a hurry for my travels. They answered all questions and issues I had quickly and professionally.I can't recommend this pillow enough - not only is it well made but the company cares about your experience. Don't hesitate and buy this product! 5Convenient and ComfortableI purchased this pillow specifically for my trip to Asia. With almost 24 hours of traveling, the travelrest pillow saved me. It was easy to inflate and material is comfortable. I love that it's so compact. I went to three countries and used it every single leg. I even used it in a long car rides as well. The only reason why I'm not giving it a five start, was because there was a defect on the stopper. However, I reached out to the company, and they will send me another one. I can't wait to take the new one my next trip, which is next week. 4This pillow works much better than other travel pillows I have triedThis pillow works much better than other travel pillows I have tried, which do not help me sleep at all. It has a few issues, but it is the best pillow I've used. Make sure it is not overinflated, since it was less comfortable that way.The good:Stays in place easily when wrapped around your body.Easy to inflate.Wraps to small form after deflating.Good neck support on one side, prevents head from dropping forward which is the most important thing for me.The bad:The surface of the pillow is not soft enough for my tastes, I recommend using a pillow case with it for extra comfort.It feels uncomfortably warm when in contact with skin. I am a sleeper who needs to feel cool at night, and this was the biggest problem I had with it.No easy release valve. I was using it on a plane and it nearly popped when we were ascending. Be sure to wait to inflate until after takeoff!All in all, a very good travel pillow. 4It's Only The disembodied Arm Of Your Lover. At Least They're Not Complaining And Trying To Re-Adjust!Let's talk about train travel. I love to take the train from Florida to New York. Cheap, roomy, and unique. My only problem was sleeping without nodding awake every 30 minutes. You might get an hour or 2 if your against the window and prop the pillow just right but that's in a perfect world people, the travel gods will not be so kind. If you get the aisle seat, you have nothing to lean against, so you're stuck with a hurt neck after your head is jostled with every sudden movement on the tracks. This is a problem, my friends, and Travelrest and made the solution! I know the shape is questionable, design seems the most basic of basics and you seem to be relying on a flimsy rope strap, but damned if it doesn't work perfectly, I slept through the entire night, with no soreness or stiffness in my back or neck.The idea is simple, as I spoke of the window above, it's essential a window and pillow combined. The cord holds the pillow tight in the crook of your neck and doesn't allow it to rock or slide, keeping your head comfortably rested on it. When emptied and rolled up, its small enough to fit in your pocket or small carry on. Even with the optional velour and memory foam slip cover (that I bought separately), its still a small package. Not to mention that there's nothing behind your head to push it forward, unlike most neck pillows. If you're having sleeping issues during long travel and nothings cutting it, get this immediately and remedy it. Worth every penny and more, even the added price of the slip cover. 5This was the best travel pillow everThis was the best travel pillow ever. It worked perfectly on the plane and while we were cruising on a motor coach around Spain it came in handy again. I wanted to tell people on the plane using different brands that they were missing out but I decided they would notice how relaxed I was with my travel pillow. Again perfect travel pillow. 5
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