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TROND Halo C Task Lamp, Eye-Care LED Clamp Table Light (11W, 5 Adjustable Color Temperatures, 5-Level Dimmer, 30-Minute Timer, USB Charging Port, Flexible Gooseneck, Flicker-Free), Black

  • TROND Halo C Task Lamp, Eye-Care LED Clamp Table Light (11W, 5 Adjustable Color Temperatures, 5-Level Dimmer, 30-Minute Timer, USB Charging Port, Flexible Gooseneck, Flicker-Free), Black
  • TROND Halo C Task Lamp, Eye-Care LED Clamp Table Light (11W, 5 Adjustable Color Temperatures, 5-Level Dimmer, 30-Minute Timer, USB Charging Port, Flexible Gooseneck, Flicker-Free), Black
  • TROND Halo C Task Lamp, Eye-Care LED Clamp Table Light (11W, 5 Adjustable Color Temperatures, 5-Level Dimmer, 30-Minute Timer, USB Charging Port, Flexible Gooseneck, Flicker-Free), Black
  • TROND Halo C Task Lamp, Eye-Care LED Clamp Table Light (11W, 5 Adjustable Color Temperatures, 5-Level Dimmer, 30-Minute Timer, USB Charging Port, Flexible Gooseneck, Flicker-Free), Black
  • TROND Halo C Task Lamp, Eye-Care LED Clamp Table Light (11W, 5 Adjustable Color Temperatures, 5-Level Dimmer, 30-Minute Timer, USB Charging Port, Flexible Gooseneck, Flicker-Free), Black
  • TROND Halo C Task Lamp, Eye-Care LED Clamp Table Light (11W, 5 Adjustable Color Temperatures, 5-Level Dimmer, 30-Minute Timer, USB Charging Port, Flexible Gooseneck, Flicker-Free), Black

TROND Halo C Task Lamp, Eye-Care LED Clamp Table Light (11W, 5 Adjustable Color Temperatures, 5-Level Dimmer, 30-Minute Timer, USB Charging Port, Flexible Gooseneck, Flicker-Free), Black

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  • MOST POWERFUL CLAMP LAMP EVER. TROND Halo 11W-C is NOT a cheaply-made, mini clip-on book light. Instead, it's a super-bright, full-sized clamp light with all the functionalities. It boasts of various color temperatures and light intensities, which can rarely be found on a regular desk lamp. Its flicker-free, anti-glare light with the total flux of 1000 flux is perfect for reading, crafting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, painting, etc.
  • STRONG CLAMP & FLEXIBLE GOOSENECK. Durable gooseneck arm (41cm/16.1" long) enables you to tilt & swivel the lamp at will; Strong clamp opens up to 1.38" width (optimal 0.6"-1.1" width) and can be used perfectly with desk, headboard, piano, sewing table, drafting table, drawing table, etc. Please do the measurement before placing your order
  • LOTS OF LIGHT OPTIONS. With 5 distinctive lighting modes and 5-level dimmer, TROND Halo 11W-C allows you to choose the right color temperature (cool white, daylight, warm white) at different light intensities, so as to cater to your various lighting moods - working / reading / relaxing. The integrate memory function remembers the previous setting from your last use
  • LIGHT TIMER & USB CHARGING PORT. Long press the on/off switch for 2 seconds to activate the light timer, and the lamp will power off automatically in 30 minutes. It's also built with a USB charging port in the rear which can charge your 5V electronic devices including iPad, iPhone and Android smartphones
  • WHAT YOU GET: TROND Halo 11W-C Clamp LED Desk Lamp (Upgraded with Premium Diffusion Film - 50% brighter), 6ft UL-certified detachable power Adapter, Welcome Guide, 18-MONTH TROND warranty & 30-DAY money back guarantee
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Customer Reviews

Light Does Bend, Even on Your Work Bench! Absolutely awesome product. I just bought another. One very small con relates to the object as pictured (though the product description is accurate) . The incredibly flexible neck seems a bit short when you first pull the thing out of the box. However, it is truly "incredibly flexible" and is the perfect solution to my needs, which were to light my Dremel "drill press" area and/or my secondary "baby" bench vice mounted next to it on my bench. To do this, the neck needs to be bent around the Dremel stand and the head bent at a 90 degree angle to light the drill bit. That is a pretty tight curve, and it is changed often for other needs. So far, no issues. With three different light color characteristics and three brightness levels, I can also see my jewelry elements in varying lighting conditions, an important need for any artist who works with color as an aspect of their art. At $40 bucks, a steal of a deal. (TROND, please make the neck just a bit longer or offer a "long-necked" version.) 5fantastic little lamp i was a little hesitant to drop $40 on a task lamp, but i thought i'd give it a shot given the reviews. only had it a day and i don't regret it.it's a great task lamp. i have it clipped to the shelf over my desk, and can easily transfer it to my desk or drawing table. the light source is defused (instead of being an exposed bulb) which is great for a task lamp. i don't get blinded by it if i happen to glance up at it.the different temperatures and brightness's are incredibly handy and really why i bought this lamp. i like the versatility of being able to use it for reading as well as for more color accurate artwork, to use is when i just need a little additional light or have to illuminate my whole desk.the goose neck is plenty long for this style of lamp. it extends a holds it's own weight fairly well. the device itself is not bulky, easy to move about, though i think the power cord could be longer.some of the negative reviews i've seen have to do with the clamp and the buttons. it is true, the clamp has its limits, as do all clamps, but i think it's more than generous for size and more than strong enough to support the weight of the lamp. time will tell if it can keep it's grip. there is also a notch in the base of the clamp if you want to wall mount it!this lamp isn't going to replace any room lighting. it's not going to be the main source of light in a room. however this lamp is plenty bright (remember the brightness adjusts) for close personal use, like at a desk or reading. it also specifically states that it's intended for focused light.i also saw that some folks did not like the buttons. i find this to be a matter of preference rather than a flaw in the product. you can't really feel the buttons and they are touch sensitive (require no pressure), so if you have your lamp clamped in an inconvenient place where you can't see the lamp base, you may brush over a bunch of buttons before finding the one you wanted. while that can be annoying (i have a monitor with these kinds of buttons, and i've accidentally turned it off by brushing against it) i don't see it much of a drawback. the lamp is designed for you to keep it within arms reach (it has a USB charger on it after all) so if you are looking for something you want to keep out of the way and only flick on occasionally, blindly in the dark, this won't be a lamp you want.long story short (too late?): this is a really useful task lamp with some solid construction and useful features. if you need a handy up-close-and-personal desk lamp designed well for desk tasks, this is a great choice. please keep the measurements in mind when buying this item, and remember that this is a focused desk lamp, not room lighting! 5Excellent Reading Light I bought this in order to have a reading light that clips to our bed headboard. It lives up to everything the manufacturer claims; I was most concerned about the clip fitting our headboard and the extent of the illuminated area (I sometimes read the newspaper in bed). The clip fits onto our headboard (1 3/16" thick) and although the clip pads are open past the point of being parallel, it still holds the lamp stably. It helps that I have it against the bedpost (see photo below) for added stability. I do hold the base of the lamp if I change the position of the gooseneck, although it's not always necessary. Another point - I mounted the clip vertically and find that I have no trouble reaching over my shoulder to operate the controls. It is plenty bright - I use the 'mixed' light mode at the third level and have plenty of reading light. The area illuminated is large enough to read your average newspaper. The small blue light that indicates that the unit is plugged in has not been a problem in terms of keeping me awake. My wife liked my lamp so much that we bought one for her side of the bed . . . now my daughter wants one, too. Highly recommended. 5There's no going back I'm always so stingy with my money. When I decided I wanted a lamp to clip to my headboard for when I'm knitting in bed, I really expected to get something around $10. But this one caught my eye and after reading about it, nothing else I looked at seemed even comparable. I've been using it for about a week now and LOVE it. The neck of the lamp is long enough to adjust however I need to see my knitting, crocheting, etc, and strong enough to not droop down since I have it at the top of my head board coming out horizontally.Light has 5 brightness settings and timer. Handy because I can have it on a lower setting when my partner doesn't want to be bothered by the light and it'll turn itself off when I inevitably fall asleep at the needle. 5A well designed light to ease reading in bed. This little light is a life saver. Being able to read in bed is a challenge. The light is too high, or too low, or too bright, or too far away to illuminate the page. The light is an elegant solution as their are seemingly endless options of types and degrees of lights. The USB charger is a nice touch, but just be aware that the light beeps when a full charge has been reached. This is a handy feature during the day, but is annoying at night when you are trying to sleep.The product itself is fairly attractive, but it is definitely noticable clamped onto the side of a headboard, there is simply no way around that. Having the option to purchase a different color might help with coordinating with a room. The light effectively clamped onto the side of a 2 inch around iron rod that is at the top of my bed. It is secure and has not budged a bit since I purchased the light several months ago. I use it nightly without a bit of slippage and the gooseneck feature shows no sign of breaking, despite the fact that I yank it about every night. 5Truly perfect reading lamp Yes I've purchased the Trond Halo light and have no affiliation with the company. This is my third purchase of a Trond lamp. The first two were floor/table lamps, with the same features as the "clamp" style light reviewed here. These are not the cheapest lights on Amazon, but they are without question the best. The build quality is impeccable, the light color and intensity can be dialed in for whatever you need, and there's an 18 month full warranty backed by a company that responds to its' customers. The first one of these that I purchased was nearly two years ago, so I know the longevity is good, and judging by the way the lamp is built, I expect it will last a very long time. I think all the details about the lamp are in the description, but I wanted to add my voice to the others who have rated this the perfect reading lamp. Definitely a 5-star rating. 5great lamp I love this lamp. It provides consistent bright light and doesn't get really hot like other non-led lamps. I love the adjustable color temperature, I use this lamp for my desk where I paint models and seeing accurate colors is important to me. I like that it has a usb port I can plug my phone into if its running low on battery while I listen to music or audio books in the garage. It saves me from finding a charger to bring with me. The clamp is solid and opens wide enough for my desk, I've never worried about it falling over. I've already recommended it to other people. 5Great headboard light, but the goose neck is a little weak 1. Clamps securely on my 2 3/8 inch headboard.2. Controls are very nice with a easy to understand interface3. Lamp head stays put in SOME orientations, but not all.4. USB power port is very usefulI was afraid this light would not fit my headboard which is close to 2.5 inches. However, I was impressed by some well designed touches on the clamp that allow it to hold the headboard tightly, even at close to its maximum. The light controls are very nice, allowing me to select 5 levels of brightness and 5 different levels of Warm/Cool white light. The power button is capacitive, turning on when your finger is near it. The power button LED is not bright so it is not blinding in the dark.The flexible neck is encased in a rubber-like sheath. As noted by other reviewers, this sheath does not seem very rugged. The neck is just strong enough to hold the lamp stationary in several positions, but not all of them. The lamp head is just a little too heavy for the neck. As long as the lamp head applies its weight DOWN like in the photos, then the lamp head stays put. If I angle the lamp head too far over my bed, then the lamp head will droop down.The USB power port is very useful. It delivers ~5 V and 1.5 Amps for rapid charging of phones. One weird bug/feature that may only affect me is when I plug in my phone, the phone mutes itself. Useful, but strange. 4High quality and a great value, but clamp will not fit thick desks This is well built and has a number of extra features not typically seen in LED desk lamps, especially at this price point. These include dimmer, dimmer, color tone adjustment and USB charger port. It is very well constructed with an appealing matte rubberized exterior. For the price, this is an outstanding value. The only thing to be aware of is that the clamp does not open that wide. It will not securely fit my intended desk which is 1.25 inches thick. I have not fully measured but it seems like it will fit a desk an inch or thinner. It fits my other desk of almost 2/3rd and inch well. 5If you need a clamp lamp, you need this lamp If a clamp lamp were a boss, it would look like this. This bad boy clamps, lamps, and does both in style.(No, I didn't get this for free, I know what you're thinking. Not free, not reduced, I'm not a professional review writer, just a bored writer with some sass to burn off.)Honestly, this is the best task lamp ever. I use it for crafting, reading in bed, coloring, etc. It cycles through several temperature options and it's dimmable. The neck is also strong, bendy, and the whole lamp is covered in a nice silicone-feeling material which makes it hard for even my clumsy ass to drop. If you need a clamp lamp, get this one. 5
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