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Under Cabinet Coffee K-Cup(tm) Holder (Patented Technology) 13" Wx9 Lx1 H

  • Under Cabinet Coffee K-Cup(tm) Holder (Patented Technology) 13" Wx9 Lx1 H
  • Under Cabinet Coffee K-Cup(tm) Holder (Patented Technology) 13" Wx9 Lx1 H
  • Under Cabinet Coffee K-Cup(tm) Holder (Patented Technology) 13" Wx9 Lx1 H
  • Under Cabinet Coffee K-Cup(tm) Holder (Patented Technology) 13" Wx9 Lx1 H
  • Under Cabinet Coffee K-Cup(tm) Holder (Patented Technology) 13" Wx9 Lx1 H
  • Under Cabinet Coffee K-Cup(tm) Holder (Patented Technology) 13" Wx9 Lx1 H
  • Under Cabinet Coffee K-Cup(tm) Holder (Patented Technology) 13" Wx9 Lx1 H
  • Under Cabinet Coffee K-Cup(tm) Holder (Patented Technology) 13" Wx9 Lx1 H
  • Under Cabinet Coffee K-Cup(tm) Holder (Patented Technology) 13" Wx9 Lx1 H

Under Cabinet Coffee K-Cup(tm) Holder (Patented Technology) 13" Wx9 Lx1 H

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Patented - Conceived & designed in the USA. CLEAN ASSEMBLY - Our coffee c holder is lightweight, yet durable with commercial grade steel construction, mounting screws for a truly permanent hold and pre-installed mounting adhesive allowing you to unbox, pick a location, quickly install and begin keeping like you've never kept before.
  • No drilling required for installation. Fits any standard cabinet. WE RECOMMEND USING THE SCREWS PROVIDED to ensure proper installation.
  • CLEAN MOUNTING SURFACE with Isopropyl (Rubbing) Alcohol. When is the last time you cleaned the underside of your cabinet? Seriously - this is a problem with the adhesive unless it is cleaned properly. Some cabinets near a stove have a thin layer of grease or oil that prevents adhesion of the adhesive. Please use screws if you do not clean properly to extend the longevity of the product.
  • Holds 24 K-cup packs
  • Swings down for easy access. Swings up and out of the way for unseen for storage.
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Customer Reviews

Not Consistently Manufactured!!! This product is a great idea so I bought two! Turns out they are not consistently manufactured! The one on the left sits lower than the one on the right!!! (shown in my pictures). I like how the one on the right sits flush inside. That is perfect! The one on the left has a tray that is too wide to close on the inside of the rails; it stops a bit lower. It's all hidden underneath the cupboard so I'm not complaining about it being uneven or unsightly... It still gets the job done. However I took off a star in my review for it. They should make them all the same! I would recommend buying this still, don't let my bad review deter you. They are not as flimsy as you'd think they would be, they are pretty strong and sturdy. I think $20/ea is a fair price for them, which is what I paid. 4Overall I love this concept....however So I really don't want to rate this poorly because I really like the idea and what they've done. The under cabinet concept is perfect for those tall shelves where storage is not high enough to interfere with the holder being lowered. I have installed it and I love it but unfortunately, the holder does not properly raise evenly to remain in place against the shelf bottom when not in use. I lift it up and one side will magnetically attach but it seems out of square and the other side will not adhere, leaving it look angled. I'm not sure if it just happens to be this one or whether it's a common problem. I hate to have to remove it and return it for replacement but I might have to do that. Other than that, it's a great place to store the pods and easy to pick your beverage of the day!11/6/18: Edited review. I've upped my review to 5 stars because 1) the response was immediate from the company. Customer service is big in my book, thank you Coffee Keeper 2) I really like the concept and product and was able to reinstall it and it works exactly as I expected. Worth the purchase and so convenient for me AND my guest to just open the cupboard and select their morning beverage (or any time) of choice! 5Can't live without one! Had to leave one behind when we moved and immediately ordered a replacement for the new house.Be careful when mounting under cabinet. The mounting tapes provided are extremely sticky and don't allow any re-positioning once pressed into place, even with light pressure. I first put it too far back under the cabinet such that it wouldn't fold up all the way. In order to re-position it, I had to use a very strong spatula-like tile tool to pry the tapes loose, partially destroying them in the process, and then re-installing the holder using the pre-drilled holes on the rails and 4 short wood screws. Can't blame the product for my lack of planning. Had I done it right initially, I wouldn't have needed tools as the tapes are very strong.Love the convenience of having the K-cups stored up out of the way and virtually out of sight until needed. The racks that are also available take up way too much counter space. It holds 24 K-cups, an adequate supply. 5Very nice ! This coffee pod holder is awesome! It fits all brands. I buy the Costco keurig coffee pods and they fit perfectly. This also folds up very discreetly under the cabinet. You would have to bend over to see it. It very nice and unobtrusive. It installs easily with the adhesive but comes with screws. My husband did use both since we live in a very humid climate. The hinge is smooth and easy to grasp. Make sure you install it in the correct direction. 5Great idea As a person that now lives in an RV with VERY limited counter space, I measured carefully and was able to fit two of these side by side under my kitchen cabinet, one for regular and one for decaf. So far, they work well and do exactly what I wanted. I did use the adhesive mount as well as the provided screws. I would have given all 5 stars if they were manufactured in the United States, and if I had longer experience with them. One reviewer replied that the screws are 1/2 inch, but I would guess that they are closer to 3/8 inch. That said, if these were Made in the USA, they would be five stars! 4Mixed reviews but bought anyways, don't regret it. I was apprehensive with purchasing this because of the mixed reviews but it's exactly what I was looking for so I decided to go for it and I love it! The double sided tape it comes with is actually already stuck to the product. I took a cloth and wiped the bottom of the cabinet with some ammonia to get off any grease before applying. It's been up for just over a week and used multiple times and it is perfect. It's solid, I don't see the tape coming off anytime soon, it does have screw holes if you wanted to attach it that way. I have no CON's with this product yet. It glides smoothly and actually comes down very far, no problem getting the cups in the back row. 100% Recommend. 5Seems fragile and opens unevenly The concept is superb but the execution is off I think. It really feels fragile and cheap. It fits nicely and very easy to install but it just doesn t open nicely or evenly. It hangs down on the left hand side and the right side takes a title nudge to get it to open. No matter how many different ways I try to open it, the same thing happens.I bought this as a gift for my wife who spends as much time with her Keurig as she does with me. She is not enamored with it at all and it drives her crazy that it doesn t open smoothly or evenly. I love it because it reclaims some precious counter space that the Keurig carousel holder was using. I think I am stuck with this because that stick tape is not going anywhere without the fear of damaging the cabinet.Again, great concept but just feels very cheap for a $25 product. Hopefully, someone will find a way to manufacture this a little heftier. I would not purchase this again or recommend it to others. 3I love this K-cup holder so much I bought a second one!! I don't like to have a lot of kitchen counter clutter so I was so happy to find this product. I read a bunch of the reviews ahead of time so I went ahead and secured it with the screws so it wouldn't go anywhere. I love this thing so much that I bought a second one so both my husband and I can have our own coffees in our own holders. The design is sleek and I love being able to have a bunch of different flavored coffees right by my Keurig without having a pile of different boxes on the counter.The one tip I would like to pass on is to open and close the holder by using the front bar only. Otherwise it can go up cockeyed and not close up flat. 5Wonderful product-bought Nespresso version too! Love it. Helpful tips for installation We have now had this for 8 months and it works so well. I bought the Nespresso version as well and they look SO NICE. Still as functional as day one and very practical and elegant.Now, we have press board base cabinets, so screws didn't hold. The adhesive was strong, but because the press board was shoddy, it just pulled the pressboard off!So, we did plan B.I have wood glue for crafts and for assembling furniture (works wonders with divots), so I smeared a healthy amount of that ON the adhesive, and propped it up with a roll of paper towels after.You want to make sure you wipe away any excess glue and do NOT let the glue get in the joints. Also, a mistake we made is the angle of the pressure from the support pushed it slowly backwards, so it wasn't flush to the front of the cabinet which is nicer. It still works and looks great, it is just nicer when to the front.But these have stayed very well and is one of my best purchases yet. Great product. 5Love this item, but learn from my fail! I love, love, love this k-cup holder. I had it in my last house and it worked like a charm for two and a half years. We recently moved, and I donated our existing one to the new owners, so this holder was one of my first purchases for the house - not even a question.Here's where you can learn from me:When you take the holder out of the box, determine before you hang it up which way the tray pulls forward. They don't label it for - I assume - aesthetic reasons, which is why only 4 stars instead of 5+ (if I could give it 4.5, I would). When I put up my new holder, I figured I was an experienced owner and didn't need to think about such things, so I just stuck it up under the cabinet. Backwards. Might I also mention that the adhesive is seriously heavy-duty? I think I bent the metal a little bit just trying to pry it down. So now it's down but the cabinet is not holding the provided screws well. Let's attempt Plan C and super-glue it up. I put it too far back this time. Wow. Plan D is to buy yet another new one because I am clearly not meant to have this particular holder.In spite of my comedy of errors, I just ordered a second new one because the holder really is fantastic and nothing else keeps the cups both convenient AND inconspicuously off my counter. Wish me luck.****UPDATE 10/22/2013****Upgraded to 5 stars because of a little package I received this afternoon from UPS. Steve at Coffee Keepers read my review and sent me a replacement coffee holder with a kind hand-written note letting me know that they're in the process of printing new boxes with instructions and graphics to indicate which way the holder should be placed. This tells me that not only do they make an awesome product, but they also pay attention to their customers' experiences. Thanks Steve!In other news, Google says that acetone will loosen super glue, so I'll be opening all the windows and making our kitchen smell like nail polish remover when I get a couple of hours free to fight with it. 5
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