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uni-ball 207 Gel Pen Refills, Micro Point (0.5mm), Black, 2 Count

  • uni-ball 207 Gel Pen Refills, Micro Point (0.5mm), Black, 2 Count
  • uni-ball 207 Gel Pen Refills, Micro Point (0.5mm), Black, 2 Count
  • uni-ball 207 Gel Pen Refills, Micro Point (0.5mm), Black, 2 Count

uni-ball 207 Gel Pen Refills, Micro Point (0.5mm), Black, 2 Count

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Make a striking statement with thick, vibrant gel ink refills in intensely bold colors
  • Refills fit uni-ball 207 gel pens
  • Features uni Super Ink which protects against water, fading and fraud
  • 0.5mm micro tip draws crisp lines
  • Includes: 2 black uni-ball gel pen refills
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Customer Reviews

Writes smoothly and beautifullyI love these pens! I use them at work all the time. My coworkers also love them so much that 4 have been stolen. Good thing I bought 3 packs of them! These pens never skip on paper and the pens are very comfortable to hold. My only complaint is that they smudge depending on what you're writing on but that's rarely an issue for most people writing on normal paper. I would repurchase these. 5Change your lifeThis pen has the ability to save your ideas and increase your personal efficiencies. I used this pen on the beach of Aruba as 26 year old. Accompanied with an all weather notepad and a book by Dale Carnegie called, "How to win friends and influence people," I realized my career potential and goals for life. This pen provides the ability to catalog your greatest goals, organize your priorities, sign your life's most important signatures, and make moments in life last now and forever. This is what this pen has done for me. How many would you like? 5Nobody takes these pens from me...Out of all the roller ball type pens I've tried I like these the best by far. Almost all of these type pens are good looking, don't look cheap and the great majority of them write well. This has been my favorite style of writing instrument for years over a standard pen or the original felt tip Papermate version that came out a long, long time ago but put these on the map.In my opinion the big plus to these is the type and quality of the ink and the fine tip (they call it medium point) that dispenses it. The darn things just glide over the paper and of course dry instantly. Sincerely, write with any other roller ball ink type pen and then write with one of these. Maybe I'm a little bit too excited about a pen but it makes you want to write with it all the time and turn the house upside down to find it when it's missing.And as I claim in my review title nobody is supposed to use 'Dad's Pens'. It is cause for arrest in this household... 5Best pen EveRI've always loved their Micro tip sized pens. I never knew Ultra Micro existed until I shopped around Amazon for the first time for my school supplies (instead of office depot or the likes). I've ordered two sets because I do a lot of writing for class and work. I've already ran out of ink for 3 of them after 6 months. I've got to say that these are the sharpest pen I've ever used. My writing has become so fine and clear. I'll be ordering these pens for the rest of my life.For those whom had bad batches, I feel like they didn't give the pen a chance. Anything you buy online, or even at stores, can have bad batches. I used to work for a repair service in SAMSUNG and every now and then I'll get those customers who swears they'll never buy another SAMSUNG because of ONE bad TV. Very rarely people have excessive bad product. Considering SAMSUNG has the best quality TV in the world, good luck with your Vizio. This is how I feel about these pens. 5My Favorite Gel Pen EverOk, I usually only write reviews for products or places that I either really like, or that I really want people to be wary of. Pens usually don't qualify in either category, although, as a teacher and a full time grad student taking online courses, I do have clear preferences in pens. I am currently enrolled in a College Algebra course (part of my Secondary Math Education Masters program), and taking tons of notes because it's been 25 years since the last time I took this course! So, I need a good quality pen to take the notes. I wanted a gel pen because they typically write more smoothly, and because I wanted multiple colors to keep things more organized. I went to the office supply store, looked at a number of different pens and decided, based on its packaging claims, to give this one a try. I have used many different types of gel pens over the years, and usually have a problem smudging the ink onto the side of my pinky (I don't have perfect hand positioning when I write, which is funny when I teach cursive writing!) I have had a number of other problems with gel pens over the years. Sometimes ink is distributed unevenly. Somebody mentioned in one post about the ink not flowing evenly throughout the letters, losing ink at the top. This has happened with other pens as well. I have even been reluctant at times to let students do their final drafts of their writing in gel pen because of the mess.Not with the Uni-ball 207 pens. These pens rock! They are a joy to write with! I have some arthritis in a couple of knuckles and a little neuropathy from meds I treated with a couple of years ago. These pens are extremely comfortable to me, and I like the way the rubber grip fits well in my fingers. The ink distributes evenly. The color is bold and a strong black. And, best of all, NO SMUDGES! I ran out of ink yesterday, so I ordered these as a replacement (oh, another benefit is just how much I was able to write with one pen. I was able to fill more than 1/2 of a marble composition book with one pen). You can get the refills, but the price of these four were comparable to two refills. When I ran out, I grabbed a Pentel gel pen that was nearby. Oh NO! Smudges!! I had forgotten that that even happened because I haven't had the slightest smudge with the Uni-ball.There are a lot of valid reasons and many different uses that people have posted in these reviews. But, if you want a pen that is an outstanding value for their price and will give you satisfaction with their use, buy these!!!! You will not regret it. 5Look Nice, Poor PerformanceI am rather picky when it comes to pens, so take this review with a grain of salt. With the disclosure out of the way, I'll say that I do not care very much for the pens. While the design is appealing, I found that the pens "skipped" while I was writing. For example, if I were to write the letter "b" it might actually come out looking like an "l". It was not a constant issue but it arose frequently enough to disappoint me. That said though, most of the other reviews are quite positive so it is possible that I just got a bum batch. 2Can t trust these to write!I bought pens with these ink cartridges in them and fell in love! So, when the cartidges ran dry, I naturally bought more. I got through about half of one when it stopped writing. I took it out of the pen, examined it, saw there was more than enough ink still in the cartridge, and put it back into the pen. It still wouldn t write! I tried circles, straight lines, scribbles, you name it! But nothing worked!The cartridge is useless! I m really upset because I ve had the package long enough that a return is no longer an option!!I will not buy from this seller again because I have no way of knowing how long these cartridges have been sitting around! 3So disappointedI bought these same pens awhile back. I don't know when but I loved them. They were so easy to write with, the ballpoint was smooth and had a nice smooth flow. So I ordered the same pends again, same company, same number, sameeverything. BUT They are not the same at all. They are scratchy, the point is not a nice flow to it, I hate them. I ordereda set of 4 and they are all like that. I'll not order them again. I'm disabled and do a lot of crossword puzzles and I love itwhen I have a pen that just flows and has a rather wide depth to it. I don't know what you did but it doesn't work for me. 2Best and Smoothest PensEver since I discovered these pens a few years ago, they are the only ones I buy. They are smooth writing pens and are not that expensive either. This uni-ball 207 Retractable Gel Pen is very diverse and has the ability to write notes on the back of glossy business cards or photos. They write really smooth and the ink flows incredibly well.Awesome product. I will purchase again for my office ( and steal some for my home ) 4Very scratchy pen, with occasional ink flow problems--note--for some reason, because of the way amazon has the products laid out, i am not able to put 2 separate reviews for 2 different products, and must combine the reviews for the signo 207 ultra micro and the newly purchased signo 207 micro--signo 207 ultra micro review--Very scratchy, not recommended as an everyday writing pen. The scratchiness was a little less noticeable when drawing, but still there. Although, I guess I prefer thicker lines anyway.Didn't really like the bumps and the shape of the grip. I would consider getting a different body for it, like the Signo 207 Impact, the grip is smooth and completely circular. Energels could also work (don't get the Alloy body though).Had trouble with ink flow sometimes--the ink just randomly didn't come out when I was writing or drawing.Compared to the Energel 0.3mm needle tip refill (I have in that Energel Alloy body I don't recommend), the Energel is smoother and the lines are thinner. Basically, there are a lot of bodies and inks that are interchangeable with Signo 207s, so try those instead.--10/31/19 update and 207 micro review--bought the signo 207 micro (0.5mm) and happy to say that those are smooth compared to the ultra micro. it was initially going to replace the precise v5 rt as a drawing pen, but ran into a problem with pencil--if there was enough lead on the paper, the signo 207 micro (and ultra micro) would sometimes have trouble putting ink down and start skipping. putting a layer of lead down and trying to draw a circle tended to make a 'c' instead.the micro is fine on it's own, with very little skipping (i'm not sure if using an eraser on the paper also contributed to some skipping when there was no lead). the ink wasn't as dark as the precise v5 rt, and maybe a little bit thinner and on certain paper with nothing underneath, the micro can feel a little scratchy. so instead of making the micro my 0.5mm drawing pen, i've made the precision v5 rt my dedicated 0.5mm drawing pen, and the micro my everyday 0.5mm writing pen (with the 1.0mm signo 207 impact my main writing pen). 2
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