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Unicorn Magnum Pepper Mill 6" Black

  • Unicorn Magnum Pepper Mill 6" Black
  • Unicorn Magnum Pepper Mill 6" Black
  • Unicorn Magnum Pepper Mill 6" Black

Unicorn Magnum Pepper Mill 6" Black

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • New "Superiore" steel mechanism. Our fastest grinding mills ever.
  • Made on Nantucket Island from parts made in the USA and Italy
  • Easy filling with sliding side mounted loading ring. Large peppercorn storage chamber. Made of ABS plastic for easy cleaning.
  • Grind size adjustable with thumbscrew on bottom
  • Grind size stays set when filling. (Note: Our grinders are hand operated, not electric.)
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Customer Reviews

Pepper Grinder First Class...this is my second Magnum pepper mill and I love it as much as I did the first one when I got it years ago... This mill will really put out the pepper.If you don't love pepper, you might be overcome by this grinder, it REALLY pours out the pepper... It holds a good amount so you won't needto refill it too often, plus it is so easy to load pepper in the sliding door... Great looking, stylish and easy to keep clean... the pepper tray that itsits on is a great idea as it catches all the stray flakes that will fall from grinder. The reason I got a second Magnum was a friend of mine had sucha fit over the original mill, I gave it to him and bought me a new one... There is a larger size available, but I doubt any non-professional cook wouldneed the extra peppercorn storage, thats the only difference . Oh, its very easy to adjust for size of grind, using set screw at bottom of unit. There are very few products that work and look as good as this... I highly recommend this grinder if you love fresh pepper, you won't be disappointed .I use the Badia Gourmet Peppercorn Blend in this, a great combo... 5Excellent pepper grinder/mill, smooth operation, compact but very high capacityBest pepper mill I've ever used! I've tried over a dozen electric mills as well as about a dozen "traditional" style tall pepper mills and this is by far the best for multiple reasons:1. Grinds a VERY high rate or pepper per turn. I read a review that said 6 turns = 1 tablespoon and I'd say that's accurate.2. Smooth and easy to turn even though it's grinding A LOT of pepper at once.3. Compact yet very high capacity for it's size. Holds about 3x any other mill's capacity of the same size.4. Easy to refill with a large side port w/twist cover, and the cover has enough friction to not twist open while in use.5. Very nice design being subtle/simple looking, yet classy, unlike many mills with tacky chrome or wood finishes.6. Grinding teeth are steel which won't chip like ceramic ones occasionally do.7. Grinding adjustment is a simple set screw which allows for any grind from fine to very coarse.I have 2 requests/suggestions:1. Make an electric version of this because there is literally NO electric grinder that can grind anywhere near the high rate this one does, and I want an electric grinder than will cover a few racks of ribs with pepper fast! Being a mechanical and electrical engineer, I'm installing a geared-down brushless electric motor in 2 of my Magnum grinders that I use for black peppercorns and Szechuan peppercorns. My 3rd grinder for salt will stay manual operation since Idon't use a lot of salt.2. Add o-rings to make it water-resistant and a textured surface so it is easier to use with damp hands or slightly oily hands which often happens while cooking. I always carry a towel with me so it hasn't been a problem yet, but other reviews complained about lack of friction on the smooth plastic shell with wet hands making it difficult for them to turn it. 5Get yah peppah!Like pepper? My husband too. Get this. Period. It seems a little pricey, but it's also worth it one hundred percent.Of the various "cons" I've read, I say: Don't grind with greasy wet hands (why would you, that's just gross). Give it a shake after you're done grinding and you won't have pepper flecks all over your counter between your pot and the little dish it goes on. Filling it is not that awkward. It works fine for lefties and righties, and nobody's accidentally opened the fill hole at our house. All those complaints people have, yeah well, we're real people and we don't have them.Don't look any further, this really IS the pepper grinder you've been looking for.Bonus: The name makes me giggle every time I see it in my previous purchase. The "Magnum Unicorn" almost sounds like it's something one orders from an adult catalog. Or maybe that's just me... 5Fantastic pepper mill!This thing is pretty awesome, it cranks out the pepper! I was looking for a new grinder because I was sick of cranking forever to get half a teaspoon of pepper but this totally solves that problem! Even though it's plastic it has a good heft and solid feel to it. The all metal grinding mechanism should last me for a long time to come. Other people complained about the fill hole being opened accidentally and spilling peppercorns everywhere and I can see how that could happen but it's like "DUH" when grinding just hold on to the bottom half instead of the middle! Easy peasy! You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out! We love this grinder! 5Don't look any furtherBought this a day after visiting a high end steakhouse and commenting on the output and ease of their pepper grinder and of course was a Unicorn. We love pepper at my house. Really love pepper. On everything. This grinder puts out a ton of perfectly ground pepper with minimal effort and adjustable grain size. The little coaster is a nice touch that keeps the table cleaner. Loading is easy and it holds more than most which is great when you use a lot of pepper. By far my favorite grinder ever used and now have two, one for cooking and one for table. Can't believe I'm this excited about a pepper grinder, but I'm thrilled when a tool does exactly what it's supposed to do with perfection every time. 5Welcome to the Big Leagues, Pepperpeople.This is the best pepper mill you'll ever own in terms of functionality. This aint no pepper dud, its a full blown pepper explosion when you twist the dang thing. KABOOM! Pepper everywhere! But, if you're not THAT into pepper, an ever so finessed partial twist will drizzle a few freshly pulverized pepperberry bits onto your bleu cheese ice cream or whatever it is that you enjoy eating with freshly ground black pepper.I can tell you where the pepper guts wont end up... ON YOUR COUNTER. The people at Unicorn have answered your desperate pleas and included a little black saucer that fits the bottom of the grinder perfectly and catches all the pepper piddle that other grinders leave behind, even after you shake em off. YEAH, IF ONLY UNICORN ENGINEERED THE IPHONE 7, RIGHT!?Only possible downside is that it wont work for salt, but that's why UNICORN MAKES A SALT GRINDER VERSION IN WHITE:Unicorn Magnum Salt Mill 6" White 5Excellent pepper grinder!This is a great pepper mill! We have used ours for at least 15 years, until our previous one broke after heavy use.I am glad we could replace it so quickly!It's a very sturdy design- we just tend to drop it too often. It's fast and effective at grinding peppercorns, and is easy to fill. The fineness of the grind can be adjusted.We'd originally gotten a larger version, but it got dropped to the floor even more regularly than this version because it's 12 inches long and top-heavy. This shorter version is much better.(I am going to try to fix our previous one...) 5Performance is perfect, puts out an amazing amount of pepper, but a little slick when wetIgnore the price and stop comparing inferior products; buy this, it's pretty much the perfect size and dumps a borderline obscene amount of pepper per grind, although it can be a bit slick to use if your hands are wet. Metal grinding element will very likely outlive the plastic body, depending how often you drop it. The little catch tray for your countertop is great, and the filling hole is not as awkward as other reviewers made it seem. Adjustable size has a great range from super fine to huge chunks (which is where I will be leaving it forever).It looks a little ominous on your kitchen counter at first, like it's some alien device that's watching you cook, but I have a solution to both this appearance and the slippery problems. I took 5 fat purple rubber bands that came wrapped around asparagus or broccoli or something and put 2 around the top part and 3 around the main body. This makes it look a little goofy and not so serious, plus now I can crank the heck out of it when my hands are wet or covered in olive oil. Now it's perfect.Make sure you get a costco-sized tub of peppercorns because you're going to be drowning all your salads and omelets in heavy streams of course-ground pepper from now on. This thing holds a TON of peppercorns and it's basically impossible to just crank a tiny smidge out of this thing (but who can actually taste a smidge of pepper anyway??) so you will end up churning through peppercorns like your name's Mario and you are making your grandmother's Italian recipes. I just ran out of pepper today after filling it up barely a month ago and thinking that it held a year's worth of peppercorns. 5If you cook a lot, buy itThink about when a recipe calls for a half teaspoon (or whatever) of black pepper. You know that fresh-cracked pepper is a species apart from the pre-ground stuff, so you grind away with your wooden, Italian-restaurant-looking pepper mill until eitherA) the cows come home,orB) you give up, decide you've ground enough, and use way less pepper than you'd actually like to.This ugly, pricey, ridiculously named pepper mill will has an output that boggles the mind. It's a life-changer, up there with Lasik or a well-timed divorce. In other words, take the plunge now; you'll thank yourself later. 5Peppercorns do NOT fall out if you hold it like a normal person I almost didn t buy this peppermill because of all the warnings about people accidentally opening the refill door. I ve had zero issues with it. Yes, the door and the grinder spin the same way if they didn t you wouldn t have anything to twist against. I ve attached a video to demonstrate how much of a non-issue this is.It produces a consistent grind, and is easy to use. I am a little underwhelmed by the volume of peppercorns it stores (I had a fishbowl-like peppermill before that held a lot more).I paid extra for longevity, I was tired of cheaper plastic parts breaking. I ll update this review periodically as mine ages to report how it s holding up. 5
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