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Unicorn Magnum Plus Pepper Mill 9" Black

  • Unicorn Magnum Plus Pepper Mill 9" Black
  • Unicorn Magnum Plus Pepper Mill 9" Black
  • Unicorn Magnum Plus Pepper Mill 9" Black
  • Unicorn Magnum Plus Pepper Mill 9" Black

Unicorn Magnum Plus Pepper Mill 9" Black

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • New "Superiore" steel grinding mechanism. Our fastest grinding mills ever. Made here on Nantucket from parts made in the USA and Italy
  • Made here on Nantucket Island from parts made in Italy and the USA. Huge one and a quarter cup storage capacity
  • Sliding side mounted loading ring for easy filling. Body of ABS plastic for easy cleaning.
  • Grind size adjustment thumb screw on bottom stays set when filling
  • Extra length gives better leverage for ease of use. (Note: Our grinders are hand operated, not electric)
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Customer Reviews

Happy Happy HappyThis is what you are looking for, if you cook and like pepper. I am 65 years old, I have spent lots of money and time cussing over pepper mills that are junk, and won't produce the texture or amount of pepper I wanted. I did not want to purchase this grinder, because I have a shelf full of other junk mills. I decided at my age, this was the last try. Wow, am I glad I did. This thing is awesome. Finally a pepper mill that not only works to perfection, easy to adjust grind with a finger tip screw located on the bottom, and it delivers lots and lots of pepper. I admit it, I love to cook, I love to season, and I love the taste of fresh high quality pepper on my food. The Unicorn is made well, and looks nice, but best of all, after many years, I have a pepper mill that will not disappoint, even the toughest and most demanding of users, which I am. Thanks for making a great product, just sorry it took me so long to be happy. 5Best of Breed. Highly recommended.Terrific item! All my life, I had a firm belief that Peugeot made the ultimate pepper grinders. They d been doing it for perhaps a zillion years, made what was reported to be the best gearing/grinding system, wonderful longevity (hand it down to your kids), &c. I bought a few at Williams Sonoma, ranging from $75 to over $155.However, I noticed a few things. While there s an adjustment screw on Peugeots, it doesn t change much. I could easily get superfine. And I could get extremely course, but nothing in between. Also, it d jam sometimes and require me to take the whole thing apart. And it got worse. Finally, the cheap metal retaining clip that was secured with two tiny wood screws into the base, came out for the last time. And it was impossible to get fixed. Looking at the assembly for the first time open, it was way over-complex.I mention all this because I the Unicorn had NONE of these problems whatsoever. Superfast grind, very adjustable, excellent, solid construction, and I don t have to ne fluent in French to contact the company. This grinder changed my cooking for the better instantly! Superb product!. 5I like it. It's bigI like it. It's big. It's utilitarian. It holds a lot of pepper. It grinds a lot of pepper. It's made in the USA (with an oversized mill from Italy). The grind size adjusts very easily, it takes about 5 half turns to get from the finest setting to the coarsest.The black plastic case isn't as swanky looking as a wooden or stainless pepper mill, but I figure it will be easier to wipe clean if you're grinding pepper and handling a large cut of meat like a brisket or a pork shoulder.Check out the photos to see how big the grinding mechanism is. The grind size is adjusted by the thumbscrew, and it should be easy to turn from the finest to the coarsest and back again. If it's not, try clearing the grinder of any peppercorns by spinning it backwards.On the medium grind setting, given two half turns, the Magnum produced way more pepper than my Olde Thompson pepper mill (with a ceramic grinder). 5This is not only the best peppermill everThis is not only the best peppermill ever, but their customer service is over the top great. In December I couldnt get the grind to adjust. Somehow I bent the mechanism piece holding the adjustment screw on the bottom. We have a lot of people cooking in my house and something is always getting dropped or bumped. So I had to go back to an old one (different brand) i had stored in the basement...talk about painful. I was lamenting about having to throw this out and decided to email the manufacturer. I assumed because it was a few years old, there was nothing to do but purchase a new one, or a part. I emailed them New Years weekend. To my suprise they responded immediately, confirmed that it was the bottom bar and said they would send me a replacement. I got it a week later, changed it out, and it s perfect. And there was no charge!!!! Can t tell you how happy I am that it works now and horrible the other peppermills are compared to this one. I really missed it during all of my holiday cooking. So now I m ordering a new one for my son who helped me use the backup mill during the holiday meal prep. He deserves it for all of the hard cranking he did when my Mangum Plus was under the weather. As he said about the backup: Mom, this thing is crap....where is your good one? 5Design flaw with thin plastic holding the grinder.The plastic piece at the bottom broke off just two months after using it! It was the one of the pieces that holds the metal plate across the bottom together. Such a shame that a product that is charged at a premium is made with such poor workmanship. I'm certain the other piece of plastic will break soon and the metal plate itself will fall off. 1Not Electric But I LOVE It!I bought this thinking it was an electric grinder. I was surprised when I received it that it was not electric and was ready to send it back.However, I decided to give it a try since it has such good reviews and boy am I glad I did!I found that even though it is not electric, it is easy to hold and twist and so fast that it only takes a couple of turnss to have plenty of freshly ground pepper when I am cooking and need a half teaspoon or teaspoon of pepper for my recipes. It also looks nice on my counter or on the table.Such a happy accident! I am definitely keeping it! 5Best pepper mill ever!I love it. It is the best pepper mill I ve ever owned. However ours was missing the plate for it to rest on so pepper gets all over the counter when you set it down. We also bought the smaller version and this one did include the small plate to place it one when not in use. I wish I would ve followed up with the manufacturer but I fear it s too late now. Anyway, you won t regret this purchase otherwise. 4Less Turns More Pepper I bought this product because I was extremely tired of standard pepper mills that work out your forearm and bicep to meet recipe expectations. This was highly recommended for versatility and production. Upon opening the package I was slightly disappointed in the feel of the product quality. It felt like an inexpensive pepper mill. Anxiously, I filled the pepper mill with my favorite peppercorns and prepared for a head to head test with my previous forearm/bicep workout equipment. I was pleasantly surprised at the increase in production staying consistent with the size of the grind with this peppermill. It was a hands down winner. Out with the old and in with the new! My forearms and biceps are smaller but my new peppermill rocks! 5Maybe the best pepper grinder on EarthIt's twice the price of other grinders, but worth it.Good leverage and grip make grinding is easy (even with greasy hands).Sleek, smooth shape make it easy to clean.I bought this and their smaller sized version. The bigger one is better.The smaller version doesn't allow you to get both hands fully on it.The only caveat I heard from a friend who has one, is thatthe ground pepper can be too fine. Some people like avery coarse grind. I don't think this grinder is adjustableenough to allow for a very coarse grind.This is a great gift for your pepper fanatic friends. 5Don't grind over this decisionOk, I gave it 5 stars because it is the best pepper grinder we have owned. We've owned two of them, in fact. It is very much adjustable and works really well if you want lots of coarse pepper, but you can grind it more finely as well, and quickly. Refilling is a piece of cake.But....it does break at the bottom and the stout, heavy grinder falls out along with all the peppercorns. Happened to me twice now. Normally, I would just say there is a design flaw and avoid it, but, man, it does grind like no other! So, for the heck of it, wrote the company and told them my mill broke at the bottom, etc., and forgot about the email. A couple of weeks later, a replacement outer shell arrived, free of charge and I was able to easily slide the old grinding mechanism into place and, Voila! I am back in business. The black shell is the least expensive part of the item, and it is not that big of a deal, I suppose, for the company to mail you another one.And finally, because there is a heavy metal grinding mechanism inside a typical plastic container, I think it is vulnerable to dropping. I know that warning won't keep people from accidentally dropping this thing, though, but I thought I would add that. I might add that you should avoid car accidents also. 5
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