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UST 60-DAY Duro LED Portable 1200 Lumen Lantern with Lifetime LED Bulbs and Hook for Camping, Hiking, Emergency and Outdoor Survival

  • UST 60-DAY Duro LED Portable 1200 Lumen Lantern with Lifetime LED Bulbs and Hook for Camping, Hiking, Emergency and Outdoor Survival
  • UST 60-DAY Duro LED Portable 1200 Lumen Lantern with Lifetime LED Bulbs and Hook for Camping, Hiking, Emergency and Outdoor Survival
  • UST 60-DAY Duro LED Portable 1200 Lumen Lantern with Lifetime LED Bulbs and Hook for Camping, Hiking, Emergency and Outdoor Survival
  • UST 60-DAY Duro LED Portable 1200 Lumen Lantern with Lifetime LED Bulbs and Hook for Camping, Hiking, Emergency and Outdoor Survival
  • UST 60-DAY Duro LED Portable 1200 Lumen Lantern with Lifetime LED Bulbs and Hook for Camping, Hiking, Emergency and Outdoor Survival
  • UST 60-DAY Duro LED Portable 1200 Lumen Lantern with Lifetime LED Bulbs and Hook for Camping, Hiking, Emergency and Outdoor Survival

UST 60-DAY Duro LED Portable 1200 Lumen Lantern with Lifetime LED Bulbs and Hook for Camping, Hiking, Emergency and Outdoor Survival

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • BRIGHTNESS: 1200 lumens of bright, clean light with High, Medium, Low and SOS modes
  • DIMENSIONS: 9.5 H x 4.8 W 5.1" D with a weight of 3.1lbs with (6) D batteries (not included)
  • VERSATILITY: Built-in, recessed hook on the lantern base for downright hanging and a removable globe for use as an area light
  • RELIABLE: 60 days of runtime on Low, 41 hours on High and a Lifetime LED bulb that will never burn out
  • DURABLE: Impact and weather-resistant rubberized ABS plastic case
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Customer Reviews

This is a very well made and useful emergency itemI just received this today and am quite impressed with the quality of construction. It's ruggedly built and even on the highest setting, the batteries will last for 3 full days. That's astounding.Although the highest setting puts out a lot of light, I was a little surprised that it didn't put out more. For emergency use, which is what I bought it for, it's perfect. Compared to my old Coleman lantern, the light output is noticeably less. An easy fix is to unscrew and remove the globe. This allows for significantly more light output, but in reality most people will be just fine leaving it the way it is. One reviewer stated that it was difficult to install the battery cover. I did not find this to be the case.With that said, I don't think anyone will be disappointed with this product. The battery life is incredibly long and while I would have preferred more light output, it's not an issue as it will only be for the rare time when our power goes out. Also, as mentioned above, the globe can easily be removed to provide more light. An added bonus is that the LED lights that are in the lantern will never burn out. 5You can't go wrong with this lantern. The only thing to consider is it's size.I gave this light 5 stars. There is only one drawback to this light, and it's not enough to knock off a star. I feel this light could be smaller. I understand that it needs to accommodate 6 D Cells, but they could have made it a little more compact. When you compare it next to the 30-day light it's huge. Of course, if you keep it in a house it might not be much of an issue, but it is something to consider if you live in an apartment like I do. It's also a lot to pack if your going camping as well. It's definitely more of a "base camp" size.I'm not going to get into the performance. There are several videos on YouTube of people who have tested these. It by far seems to outperform anything comparable. In my "less than scientific" tests, I have no reason to doubt the claims of this lantern's performance. I have had other LED lanterns and this is definitely a jump in performance.It has three well spaced levels. The lowest level (60-Day) is a good usable light if you really need to conserve battery life. It's not enough to light your way on a trail, but plenty of light to light a small room or tent. The high level is very bright, and will serve most needs if your really need to light up a large area. It's so bright that you probably won't even use that level so much. Medium and low would probably be used more. When you consider that you will most likely only use this lantern at night and only when you are awake, this will likely last you much longer than 60 days only just 6 D cells, if you use the levels wisely. Considering the price and performance you really can't go wrong with this lantern.If size could be an issue, I would strongly recommend the 30-day lantern. I have both. In hindsight, I would have just gotten two 30-day lanterns. They are considerably smaller, and arguably offer nearly the exact same performance. 5Purchased for storm blackoutsI thought I'd received a defective unit because, when pressing the button after it's been On, it doesn't cycle through the brightness modes but just turns off. When I saw that happens with both the 60- and 30-Day models, I realized that the only way to toggle the brightness is at turn-on.This 60-Day model is roughly the size and weight (with the 6 D-cell batteries inserted) of a 3-liter bottled water. Best for situations in which it's kept stationary unless you're into weightlifting.(The lightweight 30-Day is mini-size, but still plenty luminous! Definitely the better choice for walking around in the dark or sending with a child to camp.)Tip: When inserting the batteries, aim to align the black fitted pieces (more so than focusing on the red arrows). Much easier that way to close the battery compartment. 5Could well be your best betInitial impression, very well made. High impact plastic with rubber accents. Rubber "O" rings on the base and lens. Switch sealed by rubber. With proper care and barring accidents, should last forever.Puts out plenty of light. Switch operates easily.Screwing base back on after installing batteries a little clumsy but definitely NOT difficult.Seems pricey, but construction and function considered, probably worth every cent.Only down side so far is the picture showing the lantern being carried makes it look HUGE. It's not. If I had paid more attention to the specs rather than the picture, I would have bought it sooner. 5Nice and BrightThis is a really nice lantern and I consider myself something of a lantern connoisseur (I have a lot of outdoor animals to take care of early in the morning and late at night so I am always in need of a good light source). This lantern is far brighter with a farther spread than other lanterns I have used. It does a good job lighting the way. It is nice and sturdy and I appreciate that it can be hung from the main handle or upside down from the small hook underneath. Also, I like the fact that to turn off the lantern you don't have to scroll through the dimness settings. Just one click and it turns off. Using 6 D batteries, this thing can be kind of heavy so keep that in mind if weight is an issue for you. 5Safe and effectiveI wouldn t call this light weight. It is incredibly bright so in that aspect, yes, it is light weight for the amount of light you get. I also have this companies 700 lumen light which I can easily hang from my ceiling fang using a hook. I would not do that sort this light. It takes 6 D batteries. That alone has weight to it. So put 6 D batteries in a ziplock and feel that weight. Then factor the weight of approximately an empty large flashlight. It s not arm breaking by any means. But not necessarily light weight. Lighter and hands down safer than a kerosene lamp with equal light output. I have no complaints for this lamp. Have not tested battery length much as I use my lamps for storms so they run for shorter intervals vs camping. 5The lantern to have.In Las Vegas power outages are as common as a once a month installment payments. Bought this lantern which I know I'll use before the next month. It's very well made and chunky heavy. I bought it for the amount of lumens available and wasn't disappointed. The one thing nessecary to get the extra brightness is to remove the lens. Once I did that it was extremely bright. The question i have is why make the lens in a milky finish instead of a clear so taking it off would not be necessary for extra brightness? 5Great Lantern, very bright.This is a great Light. Was very surprised how bright these lanterns are. I ordered a second one. These may be too bright to go camping with, unless you use it to light the outdoors or inside a trailer. But if camping in 8 or 10 person tent, one of these might be fine, but for a 2 or 4 person tent I would suggest to get something not so bright or as I said already to use it outside of the tent.We use our for when we lose power, especially from hurricanes.These do use 6 size D batteries (not included) so order those as well when you order this lantern. 5Good backup lanternI got this lantern for power outages from hurricanes. I wanted something bright with a good enough battery life that I can just leave running and that has alkaline batteries that I can stock up on and change for extended power outages from hurricanes. This lantern checks all those boxes. It I much smaller than it looks in the pictures, which is good, but heavy as expected with something on 6 D batteries.Some reviews mention they had trouble with the battery lid being difficult. I had no problem but agree it could be better designed. It could be difficult to do in the dark.I compared this lanterns brightness to my Fenix cl30 lantern, this is brighter, but has a much cooler tint.This lantern seems like it is durable, but due to its size and weight it is best used for home power outages or car camping, so durability shouldn't be an issue in those environments anyway. 5Bright but not the Size RepresentedThis light gets an overall 4 stars because its incredibly bright and did a great job on the camping trip. The only problem I have is that the scale on their additional photo is not accurate. It made it look really big when in reality it didn't come up to my knee. I suspect the picture was manipulated or taken at a weird angle. Either way I have included a picture to show scale. 4
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