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Utopia Bedding Bed Skirt Soft Quadruple Pleated Dust Ruffle Easy Fit With 16 Inch Tailored Drop

  • Utopia Bedding Bed Skirt   Soft Quadruple Pleated Dust Ruffle   Easy Fit With 16 Inch Tailored Drop
  • Utopia Bedding Bed Skirt   Soft Quadruple Pleated Dust Ruffle   Easy Fit With 16 Inch Tailored Drop
  • Utopia Bedding Bed Skirt   Soft Quadruple Pleated Dust Ruffle   Easy Fit With 16 Inch Tailored Drop
  • Utopia Bedding Bed Skirt   Soft Quadruple Pleated Dust Ruffle   Easy Fit With 16 Inch Tailored Drop
  • Utopia Bedding Bed Skirt   Soft Quadruple Pleated Dust Ruffle   Easy Fit With 16 Inch Tailored Drop
  • Utopia Bedding Bed Skirt   Soft Quadruple Pleated Dust Ruffle   Easy Fit With 16 Inch Tailored Drop

Utopia Bedding Bed Skirt Soft Quadruple Pleated Dust Ruffle Easy Fit With 16 Inch Tailored Drop

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Full size bed skirt measuring 54 by 75 inches with a 16 inches drop, featuring quadruple pleating (2 at the front corners and 2 on the sides) for a crisp look
  • 100% polyester, brushed microfiber fabric skirt is not only soft, comfortable and breathable but also gives a royal look to your bedroom
  • High tensile strength makes it strong, durable, wrinkle and fade resistant and also, less likely to rip or tear
  • The tight woven nature of the microfiber bed skirt naturally repel stains and water; stains can be wiped out without a trace if this is done immediately; pre-shrunk to protect against any shrinkage after washing and drying
  • The long length coupled with smooth, clear appearance covers your bed perfectly, giving your room a neat and tidy look
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Customer Reviews

"Hotel quality?" Me thinks not!I feel a little foolish that I got sucked into this one. "Hotel quality" for $12.99? But it received SUCH high rating, that I decided to give it a try.Sadly, this is a clear case of false advertising."You get what you pay for" comes to mind. I just can't figure out how this received such high marks unless it used to be high quality, got great ratings and then switched to a lower standard. I truly don't know, just guessing. I rely on others to help me decide whether to purchase or not, and I wish I had read a review like this: This is an extremely cheap, thin fabric. It doesn't look like a bedskirt, but more like a low quality sheet is hanging out under the quilt.So very disappointed. Am sending back. 1Absolute garbage. Not worth returningAbsolute garbage. Not worth returning.It is a low quality flat sheet sewn into athree sided box shape, zero fastening.*If you have access to every bedside,and four people to gently let it down,the mattress might not drag it off center."Hotel" quality?Try cheap drug deal motel. 1Plan to iron this before moving the mattress for installation.I should have taken notice at the "Iron Easy" part of the description. The packaging was fine, the delivery was quick. The bed skirt inside the packaging looked like a four year old attempted to cram it into it's packaging. Upon removal from it's cocoon, I found the bed skirt to be extremely, severely, wrinkled all over. It looked nothing like the picture to your left. The pleats are not nice like the picture due to the wrinkling. The fabric is not as thick or as stiff as it should be to hang properly, and this is definitely NOT hotel quality. In order to have this thing look remotely good, I would have to move the mattress (again), remove the skirt and iron it, then put it back on the bed and move the mattress yet again. If it weren't such a royal pain to move the mattress, I would remove it and send it back for a refund. I could care less that the portion beneath the mattress is wrinkled. I am not happy that the skirts look like something orphaned children would have worn in Oliver Twist.Update: I've been living with this bed skirt for a while now. I though I could live with it, but I hate it and have downgraded it from 3 stars to 1. It looks shabby. We have company coming and I am seriously debating removing this because it looks so bad. To clarify, when I stated that this is not as thick as it should be, it is not as thick or as stiff as a standard sheet. The pictures are after ironing..... 1It was dumb of me to purchase this to actually CLEAN UP my beds looksI ordered this in order to have a CLEAN way to cover up the 2 feet of space under my amazonbasics platform bed frame. What I ended up with is a "wrinkle resistant" product that, out of the box, looks like a child balled it up and stuffed it in there. The skirt has no cloth ties/tabs or anything to keep it in place on the frame so everytime you make your bed, pull out the sheets, or adjust your bedding in any way; the skirt comes untucked and has to be readjusted. It took me 20 minutes to make my bed when it normally takes 5. So if your bed doesn't take nearly long enough to make; or if it just doesn't look messy enough then THIS IS THE SKIRT FOR YOU. Otherwise, save yourself the trouble (there is no way this skirt, as is, could possibly make your bed look better). 1Surprised by qualities of this inexpensive bedskirt...Usually bedskirts are pricey. I didn't need a pricey bedskirt, but I didn't want a cheap-looking blockade to the dust-bunnies and cr*p under my bed either... This bedskirt is made of microfiber, which I normally don't care for. BUT, when it's meant to hang low to the ground, I don't care what it's made of as long as it hangs nicely and isn't sheer. I got black to show off my coverlet. This is what I like about it: 1) although it was wrinkled out of the package (of course), the fabric ironed out quickly and easily with a little steam on med-high heat; 2) the fabric feels okay to the touch with a slightly brushed surface; 3) the fabric that lays beneath the mattress is also black (just looks nice if bed unmade which of course, it never is (yeah, right),; and 4) has nice, tailored pleats at the corners and at the middle of each long side. Yes, I'd recommend and buy it again. This is an honest review, not an irritating planted review by the sellers. I was not given this item in exchange for a good review. . Well worth the $ and deserves 5 stars. 5Know what I haven't thought of in a while.... gremlins under my bed....This bed skirt did exactly what I bought it to do. Keeps a barrier between me and the monsters under my bed at night.l It just touches the floor, which everybody know is the exact spot for the force-field to activate and help keep those nasty demons from slipping through any breaks in coverage. The Bed skirt doesn't hang as crisp and straight as the picture shown, but If you wanted to iron and starch it probably would. I'm good with mine sorta wavy. For a professional look you'll need to call 2 friends to hold the mattress up while you neatly press and hold the skirt in the perfect position, then said 2 friends would need to gently place mattress atop the skirt as not to move anything out of place. Then professional look is instantly annihilated when you have to jump up and down on the bed to stop the creatures from escaping during a freak thunderstorm...where it's common knowledge that thunder deactivates forcefields, in fact Thunder Rules. and Russell Westbrook is a hero 5... free box spring that I was looking to hide nicely until I move and buy a new bed frameI recently bought a brand new mattress that came with a free box spring that I was looking to hide nicely until I move and buy a new bed frame. This did the job! For the price you can't beat it. I love that the entire piece of fabric is one color (in my case black) vs. some of the other products that have the layer between the mattress and box spring white in color. It's a nice length and runs right to the floor.My only complaint is that it comes a bit wrinkled and needs some steaming/ironing out of the package. Other then that, I love it! The material is super light, but for the price-I wouldn't expect anything more. Its nice looking as well for my semi-modern taste. 5Looks nothing like the picture.Definitely not what the picture looks like. It is extremely thin!!! And even after ironing still wrinkles. It does not look straight once on the bed it looks like I took a top bed sheet and tried to wrap around the bottom of the bed frame. Won t purchase again. 3Perfect! Couldn't be happier!!!This bedskirt came packaged great and was not too wrinkled so I was able to immediately put it on my bed. I have a queen size that sits roughly 15 inches off of the ground and this bed skirt fits perfectly!! The material is soft and not too thin as you can tell from the photo of my hand behind it. After getting the bedskirt in place I realized that I needed to pull it back down about half an inch but it would've required me to reposition it again so it wasn't worth it so I left it. It's made well so it can either brush the floor or not. In my photo, it's not touching the floor but that's merely because I didnt want to move the mattress again (call it lazy if you will). I am very very pleased with this product and will order another for my guest bedroom. 5Soft and attractiveThe black bed skirt fit my queen box springs perfectly; dimensions were exactly as advertised. After a quick wash and dry (always recommended to remove factory chemicals like sizing), it was soft and wrinkle free. As other reviewers have mentioned, the entire bed skirt is made out of the same sturdy material, there's no paper backing like most bed skirts. Make sure you measure the drop from your box springs to the floor before purchasing this as it's made for a slightly higher bed.I'm not sure I would consider this to be "Hotel quality" as it's not exceptionally thick, but it works perfectly for our home. I would definitely buy this again the next time I needed a bed skirt. 5
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