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Utopia Towels Cotton Banded Bath Mats 2 Pack, [Not a Bathroom Rug], 21 x 34 Inches, Sage Green

  • Utopia Towels Cotton Banded Bath Mats 2 Pack, [Not a Bathroom Rug], 21 x 34 Inches, Sage Green
  • Utopia Towels Cotton Banded Bath Mats 2 Pack, [Not a Bathroom Rug], 21 x 34 Inches, Sage Green
  • Utopia Towels Cotton Banded Bath Mats 2 Pack, [Not a Bathroom Rug], 21 x 34 Inches, Sage Green
  • Utopia Towels Cotton Banded Bath Mats 2 Pack, [Not a Bathroom Rug], 21 x 34 Inches, Sage Green
  • Utopia Towels Cotton Banded Bath Mats 2 Pack, [Not a Bathroom Rug], 21 x 34 Inches, Sage Green
  • Utopia Towels Cotton Banded Bath Mats 2 Pack, [Not a Bathroom Rug], 21 x 34 Inches, Sage Green
  • Utopia Towels Cotton Banded Bath Mats 2 Pack, [Not a Bathroom Rug], 21 x 34 Inches, Sage Green

Utopia Towels Cotton Banded Bath Mats 2 Pack, [Not a Bathroom Rug], 21 x 34 Inches, Sage Green

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Do not use bleach and fabric softeners as it may damage its quality; always wash the bath mats separately to minimize lint
  • Supreme quality cotton bath mat set offers a splendid experience when it comes in contact with your feet after taking a bath; our bath mat is 985 GSM each and measure 21 x 34 inches, making it extremely absorbent and nicely stretching across the floor
  • Double-hemmed stitching with a banded design enhance the look of these mats and add visual interaction
  • High absorbency quality, soft texture and non-rubber backing make these mats dry quickly
  • These bath mats are highly absorbent, yet light-weighted. Great at absorbing the moisture
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Customer Reviews

So much better than bathroom rugs!Whoops! My original review should have been for the bath towels I ordered from another manufacturer! Here is the correct review! These are great!! I hated the way bathroom rugs begin to eventually leave behind bits of the rubber gripping on the underside, eventually becoming a mess that collects in your lint trap each time you wash them. These bath mats are an excellent solution. Will never use bathroom rugs again! We've used these daily and after a shower I drape the mat that was just used over the side of the tub and use it again once more the next day then throw it in the hamper. These mats have been used and washed umpteen times since I purchased them and they look just as nice as the day we got them. Holds up well in wash, nice and soft and very absorbent upon exiting the shower or tub. Highly recommend these, you won't regret it! 5Despite my fears, these are good quality bath mats and exactly what I was looking forDeciding to buy this item was difficult for me -- there were so many negative reviews and pictures that all showed the same defects. The mats were also a little bigger than what I was really looking for, but decided it was cheap enough that I'd go for it. Turns out I got a good quality product that I'm very pleased with. I washed these prior to use and they did seem to shed more lint than other new terrycloth items I've purchased in the past. The lint spread onto other dark towels washed with this, and the dryer's lint filter was pretty full. That being said, I expect that to diminish over time.My mats did not have any flaws in the fabric. The edges were bound nicely and the tightly woven fabric in the band was smooth and did not have any pilling. They are soft underfoot and are just thick enough to absorb the drips when I step out of the shower. If you are looking for a rubber- or latex-backed bath mat, this is not the product you're looking for. This is more like a small, thick towel - it's like the kind of bath mat you find in a hotel bathroom, which is exactly what I wanted. In my opinion, the advantage of this kind of mat is that it can easily be tossed into the washer and dryer along with other towels and I don't have to worry about pieces of backing coming off and making a mess on the bathroom floor or in my laundry machines. Bottom line is that these mats will serve the exact purpose for which I bought them and I'm happy with my purchase. If they fail to live up to my expectations in the future, I will update the review.I paid full price for this item and my review was not solicited by the seller. The review reflects my actual experience with the product. If this review has been helpful, please click the Yes button for the question, "Was this review helpful to you?" 5excellent bath mats (yes you can ignore the negative reviews)I was looking for high quality towel-like bath mats to replace my old worn-out ones, and finally decided to try a pair of these in navy. They exceeded my expectations: they're a good size, soft and comfortable underfoot, and as absorbent as you'd expect good cotton bath mats to be. They washed easily in the washer (we wash towels and bath mats hot) and came out looking perfect, no frayed edges, loose thread, etc. etc.I liked them well enough that I placed another order for another navy pair and a plum pair. They were equally good, so it seems clear to me that the product is consistent, I didn't just get lucky.If you're reading the negative reviews and are feeling wary, you're not alone. I have no idea what product those reviewers are describing, but they're not the product I received (sold by Utopia, fulfilled by Amazon). Based on my experience, you can comfortably and safely ignore those reviews. After all, if there's a problem, you have Amazon's excellent return policy to fall back on. 5Seems like the towels are just falling apartJust got these in today and threw them in the wash the same way I do with any of my other towels. Pulling them out I see they are COVERED in lint. There's towel debris EVERYWHERE. Seems like the towels are just falling apart. I got the white towels from the same company as well. And I know you're supposed to separate your whites, but I'm young. I don't care. Didn't think it would make much of a difference. White towels are ruined. The color isn't changed much but there's just fluff EVERYWHERE. I've never had any of my clothes or towels do this. Might as well throw in your leftover lint from your dryer into your washer. Complete disappointment. Save your money. 1Love these! We previously tried all types of rubber ...Love these! We previously tried all types of rubber backed, memory foam, shag, etc. floor mats in our bathroom. The main issues with all of them was that they stayed wet a long time and they were difficult to wash - so it didn't happen too often. In addition, when we did wash them, they tended to break down pretty fast.These towels are basically like the ones you find in every hotel. They are thick enough to keep your feet warm when you step out of the shower and soak up the dripping water. They also wash up great with weekly laundry. Having two, we just rotate a fresh one every week when it's laundry time. 5Good enough!Very well impressed with the quality, size and design of the bathroom mats. It helps to have a pair, as the extra one can go into the wash without leaving the floor bare. The only (mild) criticism I have is that the color turned out to be quite different from what is pictured. Of course, that is always going to be a possibility when ordering online. But, the descriptive term "sage green" is way off the mark. These mats are paler shade, much more of a light olive green, with a decidedly yellowish tone that doesn't match very well with the other greens; i.e., sage or seafoam, etc... I'm pleased enough with the overall value and quality to keep the items, but wanted to share the observation for others who might be more picky about the actual color hue of the product. 4IGNORE THE RATINGS--Either Paid or Bots--These Towels are TrashHow on Earth does this product have so many five star ratings? I received these and was disappointed to see that they are not bath mats, they're literally towels. There's no traction on the bottom and no thickness, they're just simply towels, and a towel does not a bath mat make. Being that my wife and I just moved into a new apartment and are a bit low on funds, I tried to figure out a way to make this work. I put rubber rug mats under the towels to try and prevent them from sliding--doesn't matter. They slide anyway, and slide dangerously, because they do so every time I get out of the shower. They also seem to attract copious amounts of debris--or at least show it quite clearly.In short, there's no cushioning, no traction, no thickness and no REASON to buy this OR GIVE IT FIVE STARS. 1Very nice!Very nice towel like bath mats. I have really thick ones from our big box store, but they're so thick and heavy, I'm afraid to put them in the washer. These are just right, and I wouldn't think twice about throwing them in the wash with other towels. People have remarked that they're nothing more than a towel. I disagree. I've never had a towel with this type of consistency. I would say these are a tighter knit and probably thicker. I think they are thicker and nicer than some of the ones I've seen in the better Hotels I've been in if memory serves. I got them in brown so they stay nice looking for awhile before washing. Some reviews mentioned that there is no rubber backing to stop them from slipping and stopping a dangerous fall. Really? If you can't step from the shower to these mats without slipping, it's probably time to consider assisted living. Just saying. I've dealt with bath mats (carpet with rubber backing) and they have always fallen apart on the rubber side when washing. I'll never buy them again. After 50 years of using bath mats, a thicker but towel like (easy to wash) mat is the way to go. I came to this realization after using similar mats at hotels. They've always worked. If they were really dangerous, I doubt hotels would incur the liability. I've never slipped once using a towel like mat. 5I really like the size too because many bath mats are too ...These rugs were some of the cheapest I've seen, but not for lack of quality. They are heavy duty and absorbent. I really like the size too because many bath mats are too small. And usually I buy new ones often because they begin to get dirty but these are completely machine washable. If you are worried about slipping because of the lack of a rubber bottom..don't! From all I've used them they don't slip from normal use. 5Finally, rugs without a backing!It is so hard to find bath rugs these days without that horrible rubber backing on them that cracks, peels, grows mold and prevents them from being washed (or else they disintegrate in the washer). We had been using one of those bamboo mats for years which was more sanitary but not so nice to step on bamboo rungs. When the rungs started loosening up on it, my husband insisted we get a rug style one, but I absolutely did not want the kind that gets nasty. These rugs checked all the boxes for keeping both of us happy. They are thick and absorbent enough to keep the floor from getting soaked and softer on the feet than the bamboo one we had been using. Most importantly though, these can be kept clean and sanitary. Since these rugs have no backing, they can just be put in the washer every week with the rest of the towels. Since they are basically like a thick towel and do not have a backing that will crease/crack if you hang them on a towel bar or shower curtain rod, they are easy to hang to dry after each use too. Love them! 5
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