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Valuemailers 2.5 Mil Poly Mailers Envelopes Bags, 10x13-inch, 100 Bags, White

  • Valuemailers 2.5 Mil Poly Mailers Envelopes Bags, 10x13-inch, 100 Bags, White
  • Valuemailers 2.5 Mil Poly Mailers Envelopes Bags, 10x13-inch, 100 Bags, White
  • Valuemailers 2.5 Mil Poly Mailers Envelopes Bags, 10x13-inch, 100 Bags, White
  • Valuemailers 2.5 Mil Poly Mailers Envelopes Bags, 10x13-inch, 100 Bags, White

Valuemailers 2.5 Mil Poly Mailers Envelopes Bags, 10x13-inch, 100 Bags, White

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Genuine ValueMailers Trademarked Product
  • Water, Tear and Puncture resistant.
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive provides a high strength durable closure, water and dirt resistant
  • High-efficiency mailers are perfect for a wide variety of non-fragile items.
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Customer Reviews

Reordered these last year, just opened and they are not Valuemailer bags!!I originally purchased these in 2012 and was very happy with them. I reordered them last year but just got around to opening them after using up my old stock. These were shipped Prime and the seller ELMENOS was listed on my order history. The old stock I had came from a different seller.Since I reordered this, I expected to receive the same bags but they ARE NOT in any way from Valuemailers or 2.5 mil in thickness. I see from the more recent reviews that others are experiencing the same issue that I am. I too have really thin crappy bags that are unusable. I am unable to return them unfortunately because it is way past the return window. I didn't think to open them and check them when I got them last year because I assumed they were the same product I had since I clicked reorder in my order history.I do not see ELMENOS listed as one of the available sellers any longer. 1and have always been very happy. TheseI've bought these poly mailers on Amazon (this same link - same item - different seller) in the past to ship children's clothes in, and have always been very happy. These, however, were a huge disappointment. They are SO thin, that I'm not even sure that they'll withstand normal shipping conditions. They have a lot of static and stick together, a problem I've never had before. When you peel the strip off to adhere it (which isn't a permanent stick so I feel the need to tape over it) the strip you peel off is SO staticky that it sticks to your package/hand/countertop/EVERYTHING which is just plain annoying. They also don't look as nice, they are, again, so very thin, and have almost a shiny look to them-the inside looks reflective or something.I'm extremely dissatisfied with the quality of this product. I definitely do not recommend purchasing these. The version that is so awful is ValueMailers sold by Wickle Tickle. Don't buy! I am afraid to even order from a different seller, so I'm going to find an entirely different product with great recent reviews. 1Absolute garbage!!Absolute garbage!! We have been buying these bags for sometime now were satisfied in the past, but the last few batches are NOT the same thickness as before and paper thin. This order is going right back as there is no way I can send out product to my customers in this bag without doubling up and the bag tearing!! Buyers beware!!...with so many multiple sellers offering this product your definitely taking a gamble with consistency and quality. 1What the what!?Jump to the second paragraph if you just want to know the disappointment of my order of These mailers. These bags look gray in the picture but are actually white. The color is not the relevant part, I am more concerned about it being a different product than advertised. I purchased these same bags from ebay (was in urgent need of them so chose to use Amazon prime this time) and the bags from ebay were great. They were thick and durable, when I attempted to distress one to test the durability, it was still in perfectly good shape for shipping which I found impressive. Anyway, I'm not advertising for ebay, it was a private seller anyway, but they looked EXACTLY the same as shown in the Amazon picture.So it arrived in one day which I was pretty pleased about because I like having them stocked up for online selling. They came in a GIANT box! It was big enough for me to forgot what I ordered. Like these could have been mailed in such a small box. They were actually folded in a plastic bag so they woulda probably shipped fine in a poly mailer!!! So aside from the waste of packaging (I guess that's the seller's or Amazon's choice to waste packaging...awesome). Anyhow I used sizzors, as usual, to cut the tape on the box. The bags were underneath those padded air packs so there's no way the sizzors could have punctured them. I took the bags out and was so irritated and disappointed. The first thing I noticed was one of the bags were out of the group of folded bags, and the bag had to puncture holes at the bottom!!! The holes went all the way through the bag. I removed the punctured bag and realized it was stuck to the others because the sealing tape was partially "unstuck" already. Upon ripping that bag from the others, I realized these were white, paper thin bags an there's no way I would trust sending anything to customers across the country in these! Not even a lightweight article of clothing.The claims are opposite of what I saw in these bags so I'm not going to say "well you get what you pay for" because this was false advertising- NOT just a gamble I decided to take.So disappointed hopefully I can send them back and have time to do so and order more.I would have been more than willing to pay more for better quality, but it was the false claims of what a durable poly mailer should be, that prompted me to take advantage of this deal.Rant over. When I have time I will post pictures of I am able to edit this review. 1I may have found the cause of the mixed reviews.I am editing this review in hopes of organizing it for the buyers as it is terribly long.I am not a regular sleuth, but the mixed reviews caused me to look around quite a bit.1. My experience and opinion of what I received.2. What Happened Next3. Where did I get my other bags? (The nice ones)4. The facts on my purchase and what I did about it.5. What I did about it and who I wrote.6. What I cannot tell you but may help.7. What I think happened and may be causing the mixed reviews.8. What next?9. The pictures.1. I bought the bags in April. I opened them in June tp ship and item and was shocked at the quality of the bags. Some are referring to them as garbage bags and yes that is the appearance of the material but not the durability. They are thinner than the Glad liners in my bathroom wastebasket. Having nothing else to use I was embarrassed to have to ship the item in this bag. A Wal-Mart bag would have been sturdier and even more embarrassing. I have never seen bags of this poor quality.2. The next day I was cleaning the garage and found some old poly mailers stuffed in a bag. So I figured I could use these inside a box. No. I went to pull out another and it was stuck to something. I picked it up to look and the bags are sealed together to the package they came in.3. A lot of people are asking where others are getting their good bags . I can answer but it won t help. I bought mine from ezmailers on e**y but they are not selling anymore. I can bring you this information because I was so happy with the quality I saved the seller with a note poly mailers so I would know where to find it again.4. I bought the 100 count bags. It is a Prime item and listed at $8.40, I paid $7.43. It says: Sold by RightPriceUSA and fulfilled by Amazon. After I opened them and went to look at my completed orders and wrote this review I am now editing. After that I dug around and on my completed order it says they were Sold by: ELMENOS Who the heck is that? I browed the Q&A on the product page and noted people had posted pictures of two totally different looking bags.5. I wrote Amazon told them what I refer to in #4 of this review and I also wrote Value Mailers and asked if they could identify the pictures I posted as a product of theirs as it did not visually compare to anything on their website. Amazon quickly replied that they contacted their catalog department and were very gracious. Value Mailers has not replied but it has only been 1 day.6. I do not know if the bags from my garage are Value Mailers bags. They do look like them but contain no identifying marks that I can see.7. On the product page there is the pull down menu and it has 5 options. Long story short you can compare the details 4 are being sold by Value Mailers and the one I bought is not. They used ValueMailers description and photo. I think the buyers are unknowingly buying 2 different products resulting in the mixed reviews. But let s ice the cake. I clicked on other seller s from the page I purchased from to help others find the right product being sold by ValueMailers and It says I bought that product. I only bought 1 product. So I added both items to my cart to compare. So and the difference is one says Shipped from ValueMailers and the other just says Prime.8. Amazon acknowledged and is in the process of fixing the problem. Not having a verified Poly Mailer from ValueMailers I cannot tell you how the quality compares. I will purchase the $4.00 + 5.99 shipping from the ValueMailers listing. That is a fair price if it is of the same quality as the ones from my garage. This was a lot of work for a product I paid $7.83 for. Stay tuned while I order this other product.9. Picture #1 Bag sealed to the packing bag they came in. #2 same thing, but from other side. #3 their bag (left) next to a poly mailer (right) from my garage that had been stuffed in a bag. #4 the seals. The light colored one is the one from my garage (You probably figured that out by now.), #5 The poly mailer from my garage. #6 These bags you are considering buying right now. Or maybe you are no longer considering them after viewing my pictures? 1Lightweight, strong, space saving annnnd awesome for shipping small stuffs.Poly mailers are so useful if you ship a lot of items.These particular ones are a nice smaller size, very handy. I love the poly bags for shipping stuff as they minimize the total shipping weight of packages compared to boxes...I can't hardly believe I ever used to ship in boxes...well they're great for breakables but for anything fabric, soft, lightweight, indestructible, poly mailers are the way to go.I've been very pleased with my orders of these. They take up very little room in my desk drawer. A stack of these, the 100 pack is only about an inch tall....my stacks of cardboard boxes would be a few feet high and no way could I store them in my desk drawer!!!These are so lightweight that they register as 0.1 oz on my shipping scale, that's like nothing to the shipping weight.I also find them quite sturdy. I was nervous as first when I switched to poly mailers but I have had no issues. They seem pretty strong for what is basically a tough little plastic bag with sealer strip.When I run out again I'll be ordering more again.A couple tips if you're new to shipping with these sorts of bags. You can use a cardboard insert to make a sturdy shipping package, like if you're shipping photos or prints or something.You can use bubble wrap around your item for extra cushioning, basically creating your own bubble mailer as well.Only more affordable and you have the flexibility of shipping your items the way that suits them best.Oh and if you have an itty bitty box that's too small for adhering the online purchased postage to (grrr, I didn't realize when I invested in some super small cardboard boxes that they didn't meet USPS guidelines for surface area for the postage) you can just stick one of those inside the poly mailer. Great for shipping little breakables etc. 5GARBAGE!Poly? These are cheap plastic bags period. HUGE WASTE OF MONEY! Look at my photo my finger went right through it. I can't mail my anything to customers in that! 1Poor qualityI bought this exact product a year ago and I couldn't have been happier. When supply ran out I reordered, expecting same quality. However the mailers I received are so thin you can clearly see the bags content, compromising the security of my shipments. Also, because the material is thinner it rips easily when item has sharp corners. I usually double bag to avoid these problems, thus wasting supplies. When these run out I will be looking for another brand. 1These are the WORST poly mailers I've usedI NEVER write reviews but I found this extremely necessary in this case. These are the WORST poly mailers I've used. I ordered these a couple months ago but those were never as cheaply made as the ones I received yesterday. Self-Adhesive Labels barely even stick to the mailer. I suggest buying poly envelops from a supplier where you actually know the quality of which you're getting. 1They've held up well to USPS abuse and the price is excellent.I've used several packs of these over the past year and have not had any issues. I did notice the last pack I ordered had a slightly different adhesive strip that seems to be stronger and cover more area than the previous. No complaints there. They've held up well to USPS abuse and the price is excellent.2016 UPDATE: Be VERY careful which seller you order from! I have always ordered from ValueMailers and never had a problem. This time I was in a rush and didn't notice that they were shipping from QQ.Store. The mailers I received are terrible and tear apart with shockingly little effort. No way these are the same thickness as those I receive from ValueMailers. I requested a return and refund immediately.2017 UPDATE: Well, after years of buying from Value Mailers, the love may be gone. I have been ordering the 500 pack and the most recent one received is awful. The smell is overwhelming, the thickness is underwhelming, and the adhesive sucks. I assumed I ordered from the wrong vendor again, but Amazon order history confirms it was Value Mailers. I emailed them to ask if this was a supplier change or one-off, and offered to mail these back for an exchange, but got a pretty short reply to tell me what I got was fine and to air them out. The whole pack is going into the trash, and if this is what they're mailing now, that was my last order. 2
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