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Van Houtte Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Coffee, Light Roast, K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers 24-Count (Pack of 2)

  • Van Houtte Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Coffee, Light Roast, K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers 24-Count  (Pack of 2)
  • Van Houtte Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Coffee, Light Roast, K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers 24-Count  (Pack of 2)

Van Houtte Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Coffee, Light Roast, K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers 24-Count (Pack of 2)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Raspberry chocolate truffle flavor
  • Light roast coffee
  • K-cup for keurig brewers
  • Please note: 'regular', 'bold' and 'extra bold' refer to the amount of coffee in the K-Cup
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Customer Reviews

Coffee is great, but beware of the deflated cups First, the coffee is great and we love the flavor...however...Ever put a K-cup into your machine only to find grounds in your coffee and all over the inside of your machine? We discovered this is because of deflated K-cups. Normally when we get our K-cups, we see they are pressurized with a slight bubble on the seal. Whenever a K-cup does not appear pressurized, you can bet there is a problem in the seal and when you brew coffee, that weakness breaks and you get grounds spewing into your system and coffee.At least 2/3 of the cups in our shipment were deflated. Thinking this might be just a bad batch, we later purchased another box of Van Houtte coffee and experienced the same thing. NOTE, however, that you can open up the cup and put the coffee into one of those my-Kcups (which is what we do), but that defeats the convenience of the k-cups. 3Try It You'll Like It... These are so good! Great pricing currently. I am almost through my first order of #48 total k cups. I will be ordering these again. And although I'm not a huge raspberry fan, these are flavored just right, imho. I realize that flavor is such a subjective thing. I read where another reviewer wrote that it's hard to find a good flavored coffee. That is so true. I have several different flavors sitting in the pantry that I only use when I run out of my favorites. I feel like I wasted good money on those rejects, lol. Usually the flavor isn't what it is advertised to be... or it has a weird "off" flavor or a funky aftertaste. I have had such good luck with the Van Houtte line. I first tried their White Chocolate Mint flavor/outstanding, but that wasn't available at the time I placed this order. I will be ordering this Choc Raspberry Truffle as soon as I finish this review. But I'm also going to check availability for the White Choc. Mint. 5Defective Pods This is my favorite flavor of coffee; however, the pods are defective. Most of them in this batch I bought a few weeks ago have come apart and grounds spill out into the coffee. Luckily, I learned a long time ago if the pod had deflated and lost all its air, to cover it with a small piece of paper towel before inserting it into the Keurig machine. This usually prevents all the grounds from leaking into my cup, but it is such an inconvenience. 1Excellent flavor, well worth the little extra cost for perfection Love this coffee! I tried some cheaper raspberry coffee and it was terrible. I ended up throwing away 2/3s of it. I won't make that mistake again. This is a perfect blend of coffee with a touch of chocolate and just the right amount of raspberry with no butter after taste. Highly recommend. Dont make my mistake, buy the good stuff. 5Excellent flavor So some people may see the flavor and think it sounds gross, others may think it sounds delicious. I am in that second group, and the flavor on this doesn't disappoint. It has a very distinct raspberry aroma, with chocolate coming on behind that. Not much coffee in the aroma, but it is there in the flavor, though it is very clear about being an unobtrusive light roast. Again, the raspberry is distinct on the flavor with the chocolate serving to enhance it and help it blend into the coffee. I often drink regular coffee, so I treat flavors as a bit of a treat. Because of that, this lasted a long time for me, so I would probably buy a smaller size when purchasing again. 5My personal fave My husband gave me a Keurig coffee maker, so we've been trying different flavors of coffee. To me, I don't care about brand necessarily, I just like flavored coffee. On the top of my list are Gloria Jean's assorted flavors (Hazelnut, French Vanilla, White Chocolate -- I think). That one also includes a Mudslide flavor, but we thought it had a slight coconut taste we didn't care for. I like the Kahlua brand Kahlua coffee, but the flavor portion is a little strong. But my VERY, VERY, VERY favorite flavor is this Van Houtte Chocolate Raspberry Truffle flavor. It's just the right balance of "coffee" to "flavor" ratio. You can taste it, but still taste the coffee. And my kitchen smells heavenly! But a lot of it boils down to personal taste and preferences. If you typically like this type of flavored coffee, you will love this flavor. And I definitely recommend Subscribe and Save for K-cups if you have a Keurig. It's the most economical way to get them. You get a discount and free shipping. 5Tastes Like a Calorie-Laden Dessert Over the years, I have tried many, many different flavored coffees. For a lot of those, trying to find some similarity between the label and the actual taste was disappointing. That is not the case with Van Houtte Choclate Rasberry Truffle Coffee. Each flavor comes through individually, but the blending of all the flavors is what makes this outstanding. I bought this because it was cheaper per K-Pod than other brands. What a fabulous surprise when I tasted my first cup. This is going to be my new favorite flavored coffee. 5Rich aroma evokes a confectionery; light roast is delicious Be prepared for visitors. The decadent aroma of Chocolate Raspberry Truffle imbues your kitchen (or office) as you brew this light roast from Van Houtte. We brewed a couple cups at the office (in a cubicle) and the rich aroma carried through the office air vents, attracting droopy-eyed co-workers in search of chocolate.Delicate for a flavored coffee, this blend made a delicious afternoon treat. And, amazingly, the artificial flavoring doesn't leave a strong chemical aftertaste. The smell of rich chocolate and raspberries lingers after the last sip, giving the impression that a team of chocolatiers just departed. Honestly, Van Houtte Chocolate Raspberry Truffle is heady stuff.We tested and enjoyed Van Houtte Chocolate Raspberry Truffle both on Keurig's small cup (5.25 oz) and small mug (7.25 oz) settings. According to the Van Houtte website, "The 8-oz size makes the ideal cup of coffee, but you can vary the cup size if you want to change the coffee's strength (for example, choose a larger cup size to get a less intense cup of coffee)."If you are concerned about freshness, our box of 24K cups came with an expiration date of July 10, 2011, or more than six months from our purchase date.Rating: Five stars. 5Tasty and this is the best deal around. Best deal. You get two 24 packs. 48 total.As a coffee snob, I hate to like this brand and flavor so much. Only kpod coffee I ve found to enjoy after trying dozens. Fills the office with a light sweet aroma everyone seems to like too. 5Amazing aroma. I am so excited to see Amazon offering the Van Houtte k cups. They are by far my favorites. This one is my husbands favorite. I am not big on the fruity flavored coffes, but I love the way this one makes the whole room smell. I was surprised that I like this one. These coffees are a great combination of flavor and a medium bodied coffee. I have tried five of their flavors and all of them taste exactly like what they are supposed to taste like. The 5 I have tried are the raspberry truffle of course and Creme Caramel (tastes like those little square caramels you see at Halloween), Spicy Mayan ( My favorite chocolate and cinnamon mix), pecan praline and creme brulee. I am so happy I no longer have to spend more to stock these coffees. My house is never out of the Raspberry Chocolate truffle and the Spicy Mayan. They have the best and most unique flavors. If you like flavored coffee that is full of flavor and yet has a nice smooth medium bodied coffee taste, then these are a must try. I highly recommend the Van Houtte line of k cups. 5
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