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Vaultz Locking Supplies & Pencil Box with Key Lock, 5"x 2.5"x 8.5", Tactical Black (VZ00192)

  • Vaultz Locking Supplies & Pencil Box with Key Lock, 5"x 2.5"x 8.5", Tactical Black (VZ00192)
  • Vaultz Locking Supplies & Pencil Box with Key Lock, 5"x 2.5"x 8.5", Tactical Black (VZ00192)
  • Vaultz Locking Supplies & Pencil Box with Key Lock, 5"x 2.5"x 8.5", Tactical Black (VZ00192)

Vaultz Locking Supplies & Pencil Box with Key Lock, 5"x 2.5"x 8.5", Tactical Black (VZ00192)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • This catch-all supply box is durable and cool, and is the perfect size to throw in a backpack, drawer, or glove compartment.
  • Great for school supplies or small valuables like prescription meds, phone, cash, iPod, etc
  • Mesh pocket and elastic pencil band inside for organization
  • Sturdy key lock on the outside for security
  • Chrome-steel corners for strength
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Customer Reviews

The Perfect Deck BoxThis is the perfect deck box for Magic The Gathering, or any other card game. 3 card decks fit perfectly in it (with or without card sleeves), with some extra room that can fit a few sets of Dungeons and Dragons dice. On the inside of the lid part, there's a pouch type thing and a strap. I've found that Dungeons and Dragons character sheets fold up and fit under the elastic strap perfectly. In the pouch, I was able to fit a stack of MTG token cards. It's pretty packed after that, but you could probably fit a few more things like a pencil for D&D, more dice, etc. It seems to be made of some really sturdy materials. You can latch it closed without locking it, which I would recommend, because the lock isn't very good. Without locking it, it stays shut, and won't come loose unless you unlatch it. For $10, this is a really nice box, and I would highly recommend it. Just don't fool with the lock, it's not a good lock. 5Great for organizing pc stuffI could not find a better box for my needs and the price is very good so I bought it. The size is generous and fits all my precious delicate items neatly.Currently I have put in it: Anker SD adapter and SD cards Meyo stylus and spare tips post test card spare usb charging plugsBox is cheap but attractive. The top is thin plastic and the lock sticks when moving the numbers.I really like the little zippered pouches. They keep usbs from accidental contact. I don't really need the lock and better building the box would be a better idea. The lock or box can easily be broken. I just needed something nice to stash my growing collection of small high tech items.I would buy another one at this price for pens or is my collection grows. If I needed to secure my items when I was not home I would put this in a larger safe by a brand such as Sentry. Don't really love it and would spend more for a more refined all metal version but it is comparable to other boxes I've seen at higher prices and not as nice form factor. The plastic might be a plus in so situations as metal can carry a slight magnetic charge and damage sensitive drives, although I doubt it. I like how it's stackable and hard case as opposed to to more portable options. This would work and look nice on a tabletop or shelf. 4Box arrived LOCKED. Company would not unlock or replace it!!I finally get around to using this and its locked before i even get it!! And they have no master codes!! Huge waste of money!! Never again!!! They suggested that I break into it. It was locked from the giddy up go!! Ugh. NOT HAPPY!! SAVE YOUR MONEY! 1Bad BoxI Needed another Lock Box. So I Bought A Vauliz Again, But A Different Style. You would Think, that You would Get The Same Quality, but No. First The Number Wheel was not well Made At all. And The Numbers was not Clear at all. My Other one is Black Numbers on A Silver Wheel, but this has Poorly Marked Sliver on A Black Wheel. The Box Itself is Smaller then They Say. I Unlock it and Put my Code in and Then Re lock it, Can't Open it. So I went Back to 000 to reset it. Won't Open, Try that Four Times But Still Nothing. So Go with the Black with Sliver Trim Around it, Boxes. 1Great accessory box for guitaristsGreat little box for what I needed it for. I'm a musician and, without going in to a lot of detail, I use wireless equipment. I purchased this box for a place to keep batteries, extra guitar picks, strings, and the small set of tools I routinely use on my equipment. My lock, too, is a tad tricky to open, but I'll never use that feature. If you know a musician that keeps a stock of batteries, picks, etc. they need to frequently access, this would be perfect for them. It's small, secure, and pretty well built. I plan on affixing Velcro to the bottom of the box and inside my amp cabinet. That will make it easily accessible and secure while traveling or at home.Inside box:I used a piece of plastic-type styrofoam, heated a large Phillips screwdriver with my propane torch, and melted the holes for the batteries. I used a knife to cut slits for the picks.Troy46/M/TX 5AWESOME!!! But keep in mind... This pencil case is awesome! I use it as a pencil case to keep some of my pens inside for class. One thing to keep in mind though is that you can change your combination anytime which can be dangerous if someone knows how to change it. They say that you can t change it, but you can and it s a little setback. Awesome storage and I decorated it with duck tape! 5Do not buy the combination lock versions. The lock is not reliable.My son had been using the same Vaultz pencil box for 4 years and it is still in ok shape. He recently asked if he could upgrade to a new box and use the old one for at home. We ordered this one thinking the combination lock would be great added security as his box is left in his desk overnight and CCD kids use his room one night a week. He had to bring it home today because all of his supplies are now trapped in the stupid thing. He used it at school for 3 whole days before the locking mechanism decided that his combination is no longer sufficient to open the box. We currently have a scientific calculator, compass, protractor, sharpies, pens, pencils, USB drive all stuck in there. Not cool at all. There is no back up way to get into the box if this happens. Once we figure out how to get his supplies out, we will be returning it. Completely defective. Great in theory but horrible in execution. 1I suppose it locks... but it's not a security box.It's difficult to call this a security box or a 'place to store your valuables'. The sides are wood and not even real wood... more like that thick cardboard wood press board. So, a lock may keep an infant out (which is a good thing for storing medications or make up chemicals, etc.). If an adult steps on the side, or just hits it with a closed fist, the side will just implode.It was disappointing that they listed the material that the box is made out of as 'metal'. That would be like me saying that my car is made out of rubber because the wheels are rubber.I cut off the catch on the locking clasp because I really didn't need a box that 'locked' and losing or misplacing the key would've been a minor pain. Only a minor pain because the lock is kind of weak; my best guess is that they all have the same key.Having written all that, it is a cool looking and useful box. But, let's not call it what it's not. 3It's a nice little lock box!I purchased two of these, one for myself and the other for my wife, after our autistic son got into her purse and lifted her debit card. He then proceeded to run up charges in excess of $900 for an Android game on his Nexus 7. Thankfully our bank was good to us and reversed the charges but the experience has taught us that we have to take steps to keep this from happening again. I know this isn't as secure as a real safe but it should serve it's purpose. It seems to be built pretty well and has enough room in which to place a wallet and perhaps a watch. I'm pleased. 5Easy to set upNice little box that you can use to store medicine pill bottles and such.The box itself is better quality than I was expecting based on the stock photos. I got the black on black color and it looks great, even though it came with a few scuffs. The combination was easy to set up and i had no problems. The box is pretty small so don't expect to fit anything big inside, it's just big enough to fit a medium sized hand. 5
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