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Victorinox Black Swiss Classic Chef's 5" Straight Blade 1â½" Width At Handle, 5 Inch

  • Victorinox Black Swiss Classic Chef's 5" Straight Blade 1â½" Width At Handle, 5 Inch
  • Victorinox Black Swiss Classic Chef's 5" Straight Blade 1â½" Width At Handle, 5 Inch

Victorinox Black Swiss Classic Chef's 5" Straight Blade 1â½" Width At Handle, 5 Inch

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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Customer Reviews

Precision instrument Not much of a classic "chef's knife" but the world's best cauliflower and broccoli knife. The smaller, pointier blade gets between those florets like a laser. It also an excellent carving knife for small or medium meat items, like whole chicken, lamb and the like. I still use bigger chef's knives for onions, carrots, squash, root veg and greens, but this little specialist is handy and precise for hot peppers, fruit, thin slicing, boning and other tasks that require finesse. 5No need to buy a $200 knife with this bad boy. We cook at home all the time in my house (you could call us "foodies"), but I could never bring myself to invest $150 to $300 in a high end chef's knife. The Victorinox series is perfect for stepping up from your Walmart knife set. Great grip, holds an edge well, easy to clean, and your not afraid to beat them up at the price. I have had several Victoinoxes (paying knife, slicer, 10" chef's knife) for years, and they simply refuse to break. We use them for everything from dicing onions to breaking down chickens without a single complaint.We bought this one for my son. He is 13 and learning to cook. I prefer the 10" model, but the 8" is ideal for smaller hands (just about any size hands, really).One tip: if you keep the, in a drawer, invest in good knife sleeves. I have the hard plastic clamshell variety, and they are worth every penny. 5Superbly Sharp and Durable What a great knife!What a great price!I have had dozens of kitchen knives and all have been unsharp, unfun, and unsafe...until this gem came along, recommended by America's Test Kitchen...and my life was changed.At first I though of spending hundreds of dollars on some Japanese blade, but thought I should hone my skills with an actual sharp knife. I'm glad I did because this knife took some getting used to. Prep work that used to be a tedious chore, is now fun!If you want to try a knife that is sharp, durable and won't break the bank, give this a try! 5I'd pay twice as much without a second thought. I'm a cook at a Mexican restaurant. All of our old knives have been effectively retired. With good care it can endure heavy use daily.I bought one a little over a year ago and came back about six months later to buy three more. Now I have one at both my prep and cook stations as well as one at home and one at my best friend's house. I won't use any other knife.The price is so ridiculously low it almost scared me away. I'm so glad I gave it a try. I love this knife. After 14 months of daily use I can still chop a ripe tomato with one hand or slice onions paper thin. The handle is perfect and still feels secure in my hand when wet or greasy.My only issues with this knife are that it can be a little sticky with that mirror finish, it can be a little fragile, I've noticed dings occasionally (that are most likely from my boss not caring for it the same way I do) but nothing a few swipes on a sharpener can't fix, and the blade needs to be roughed a little to make getting through tomato or pepper skin a little easier since it's so smooth out of the box, which makes the occasional ding even less of a problem.Overall it's a great buy and I may never use another brand. 5This knife is fantastic. I bought the smaller 6 inch instead of ... This knife is fantastic. I bought the smaller 6 inch instead of a larger 8 inch because I have small hands. The knife handle seems soft of cheap compared to more expensive knives, but the texture really helps keep a good grip. The knife seems well balanced, and the size makes me feel more comfortable and not like I'm going to accidentally chop the tip of my finger off because of an unwieldy grip. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another of these knives, but I suspect this one will last for quite some time. 5Buy 1 for you and 1 for your knifeless friends America's Test Kitchen knife. Got this knife for myself for Christmas. Great price on Amazon including prime. Shipping was perfect as usual, this knife is amazing! Thought because of the plastic handle and stuff, that it would just feel light and cheap and be a cheaper knife without a full tang. This knife has exceeded my expectations! The weight is not too heavy but not too light, the blade curve is perfect for doing awesome job at chopping. The height of the knife is about a half-inch taller than most chef knives I've used. The blade is so sharp! I have never used a sharper knife!!! Guess ATK knows what they are talking about. Buy it now and get one for all those people you know who host dinner parties and have everybody help prepare food. You know they have a crappy knife that you can't stand using. This is a perfect gift for that person 5Absolutely fantastic knife, no complaints. Won't get better for the price, guaranteed. I bought this for my grandparents to use after they complained that their current W sthof 8" chef's knife was getting old (the handle was cracked slightly) and they wanted something with a rubber grip so they could more easily hold it when wet.My grandmother, who has been cooking for 70 years (she's 83) and ran a restaurant as head chef for five years when she was younger, said that she would give this knife 10 stars if she could, especially for the price. Right out of the box, this knife is so sharp that if you aren't careful in opening the packaging, you'll lose a finger. That's not an exaggeration. You'd be hard-pressed to find a knife at ANY price point that's sharper than this one straight from the manufacturer. (To store, if you don't have a knife block/mag strip, I would not casually throw this knife in the drawer. I recommend buying the suggested case linked here Victorinox 47302 Cutlery BladeSafe for 6-Inch to 8-Inch Knife Blades.)The handle might *look* cheap compared to full-tang wooden handles with the metal bolts showing, or full-metal knives, but if you're someone who values functionality over aesthetics, the rubber handle is, in my (and my grandmother's) opinion, significantly easier to grip and use. That's a big selling point, especially for the elderly, or those with arthritis or joint pain in their hands.As a bonus, it sharpens fairly easily after it loses its initial sharpness. I've actually purchased several of these to give as gifts already, if that says anything about the quality! 5Excellent Starter Knife It's a great blade. If you get into cooking, you don't need many knifes. Really, for most things all you need is a Chef's knife and a pairing knife. While it might not be as nice as some of the super expensive Chefs knives, it's pretty close. A $400 dollar knife is not 10 times better than a $40 knife.If you cook a lot and use your knife all the time, i would say that it is worth it to look around and find a knife that fits really well in your hand. But if you only use your knife every once in a while or want a good knife to use until you find one that fits well, you can't go wrong with this one.Pros:Great value, you can't beat the price for what it is.Very sharp, much better than any "cheap" knife set you might find at Costco or the supermarket.Cons:Hard to find faults at this price point. If i had to nick pick, the handle might not be for everyone. 5Just buy it, even on a small budget you need good tools. Why did I wait so long to replace my sh*tty old chef's knife?! This one is amazing, and while it's one of those things I hate to spend money on, now that I have it, it was worth every cent. Even if you have a small budget and cringe at spending $30+ on something so simple/small, you still need good tools. Especially if you are using a 10" knife that feels clumsy and awkward in your hands like I was.I bought a second one for a wedding gift for my sister in law, and she loves it too. 5Extremely Sharp Got my knife yesterday. I was a bit upset to hear my wife ask from the kitchen, "Where did you get this knife?" So, she got to be the first to use it. I made food today to try it out. It is really sharp. I was looking for a straight edge (non serrated) knife that would hold an edge. I paid $12 for the old knife and it had to be sharpened before every use. I have only had this knife two days, but it butterflies fajitas (beef skirt) like a giant razor blade. The blade is just as sharp and powerful as the line of pocket knives they specialize in. It's also just the right size. I am already thinking about buying another one. A must-have for any serious chef (just count your fingers after every use). 5
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