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Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Serrated Edge Paring Knife, Spear-point, 3.25-Inch

  • Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Serrated Edge Paring Knife, Spear-point, 3.25-Inch
  • Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Serrated Edge Paring Knife, Spear-point, 3.25-Inch

Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Serrated Edge Paring Knife, Spear-point, 3.25-Inch

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • MULTIPURPOSE PARING KNIFE. With a serrated edge, this blade can slice produce with soft skins -- like peaches and tomatoes -- without ruining tender interiors. The tapered blade is ground in two directions and maintains its razor sharpness longer.
  • MADE FOR INTRICATE TASKS. This blade has all the chef's knife qualities but in a smaller size for precise cuts and control. The increased maneuverability and dexterity makes it an essential for every kitchen.
  • EASY HANDLING. Features an ergonomic, textured handle with a non-slip grip -- even when wet. This exceptional knife is weighted and balanced for easy handling.
  • KNIFE DIMENSIONS. Stainless steel blade -- 3.25" in length.
  • TRUSTED SWISS QUALITY. Expertly crafted in Switzerland in 1884, Victorinox provides a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship. Making a lifetime commitment has never been so easy.
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Customer Reviews

I use this more than my Wustoff paring knife... This knife is sharp and light-weight, with the perfect size blade for paring. It's a pleasure to use: it's perfectly balanced, and the lighter weight and slightly smaller size makes it more agile and easy to angle and manipulate than my more expensive paring knife. I can peel just the skin or pith off of things, without cutting into the fruit or veggie at hand, I can remove membranes off grapefruit slices and oranges, and cut salami, hard and semi-soft cheese and/or butter wafter-thin. It's a convenient size to pack in a picnic lunch too, although I wish it had a sheath. I am considering buying a few more, so I don't have to constantly wash it after each use, and carefully put it back in the same slot of my knife block, so I am not searching for it, or grab my Wustoff knife by mistake! I am also looking at buying a full knife set from this line, even though I already have a complete (and expensive) one. I plan to do a little research to see if all the knives in this line are as good. I can't believe this product isn't better known. If I hadn't seen this reviewed on "Cook's Country", I never would have heard about it. Probably because it is sooo inexpensive. 5America's Test Kitchen Best Saw this on TV rated America's Test Kitchen Best, so bought both the regular edge and the serrated edge knives. They cut great and appear to stay sharp. (this review is for the serrated edge so no sharpening). My only issue, which dropped them both to 4 stars, is that they are very light weight and seem flimsy. They are really light weight! 4Sharp knife but no heft to itI bought this on the recommendation of Cook's Illustrated, it was their "knife of choice." Well it's nice and sharp but it's just too light for me. It feels as light as a piece of paper in my hand. The handle is small enough that I don't feel I can get a good grip on it, especially if my hands are wet or slippery from what I'm cutting.If you're looking for a near-weightless knife, this is for you. For me, I prefer a heftier feel, and ended up getting a Wusthof, much more expensive but I know I'll have it forever. And the heft feels right.3Love it I bought this and liked it so well I bought 6 to give at Christmas - so inexpensive it's hard to think it gets top ratings in Cooks Country over expensive paring knives. I gave one to a friend with arthritic hands and she is so pleased with it, as are others I gave it to. I have several paring knives but grab this one. Started to use another one and immediately put it down and got this out of the drawer. Perfect in every way - quality, feel, price . . . . 5Sharp and effective for a great price! After looking at reviews of many, many paring knives with prices all overthe board, I decided on this Victorinox, and you cannot beat the price!!Having a good paring knife is a simple necessity for even everyday kitchenpreparations. As a multi-tool knife, I use it for slicing vegetables,carving eyes out of potatoes, peeling the skin from fruit, or hullingstrawberries.You can go to a fancy kitchen store and spend a couple hundred dollars onthis simple knife. I don't find that necessary since I use it mainly forfruits and vegetables. A paring knife is like a mini chef's knife with ablade between 2-5 inches. It needs to have a quality blade that can cutthrough tomatoes and peel cucumbers with ease, and a handle that iscomfortable and does not feel cheap. This fits the bill! I can't believethe quality of a knife under $10! The video shows me easily cutting througha tomato.A caveat, this review is based on using it a few times, so I can't attest toits quality after years of usage. I don't plan on putting it in thedishwasher and hope to have it for many years!5A great little knifeThis is a sweet little knife. It is feather light, highly maneuverable and very sharp, with a somewhat flexible blade. I use it for all my food prep requiring small, accurate, clean cutting. I am glad I got the large handle option (it is not huge by any means - I can't imagine it being too large for even the smallest hand).I take good care of this knife: hand wash and dry after each use, store carefully in a knife block spine side down, always use a wood or bamboo cutting board, etc. This is not a steak knife!So far I maintain the edge using a honing steel. When the time comes to actually sharpen it, I hope my sharpening skills can do it justice. I am very happy that I chose this knife.5Don t waste your moneyI bought this knife at the recommendation of TV show Cooks Country. The knife handle is so thin, it feels like a child s play knife in my hand. I couldn t get a good grip to slice a pear! It really wasn t very sharp - but felt dangerous in my hand since the grip is so off. I looked at my order to see how much I paid for it and decided it wasn t worth returning for a refund. It is in the garbage now.1Excellent knife with a great priceThis is a great knife with a reasonable price.The thing that makes this knife great is its size. A paring knife should not be too big. I have fairly large hands, and most knives I've used have a blade that extends well beyond any fruit I've cut. This knife is just right for confident control while peeling or slicing fruits.5A couple lead weights and it s perfect (don t use lead)This is an excellent knife, and it took me a while to notice it.It came recommended from a trusted source and I purchased it on that recommendation.My first thought (after extracting it from the clam-shell, and difficult, packaging) was that it was too light, a throw away knife.I was wrong. Wrong-ish.It felt like a toy when I first employed it. Light and insubstantial. But this knife is exceptionally sharp and agile. It is easy in the hand and a real joy to work with. I got used to it and it is my go-to in a the kitchen now.I wish it had a bit more weight in the handle, but I m starting to wonder why? Maybe that was just my expectation. Because beyond feeling right this knife has been an excellent tool.I think the balance would be better, a little easier to work with, if the handle had more heft. That said, this is a really great option that I turn to over and over again.4Great Multipurpose Utensil I absolutely love my Victorinox paring knife. I am not a professionally trained chef, yet I do love to cook. The knives I've used in my kitchen were all hand-me-downs and I did not care for them well. Regardless, they always got the job done and so I did not complain. After doing some in-depth research for a friend, I realized I was missing out on good quality kitchen/cooking utensils. I purchased this knife and the 8" Victorinox chef's knife. The design allows me to be very adroit with all many of food stuffs. I love length of the handle and the fit in my hands. I will certainly be caring for these gems better than I did my other knives. I will definitely promote this brand to anyone who asks for recommendations. 5absolutely worth the price Sharp as heck at first. legitimately couldn't believe how sharp this knife was when I first got it, and only for 8 bucks. Definitely worthy of the wirecutter recommendation. After a month or so it's dulled a bit. still cuts well but doesn't slice through a tomato with no effort like it did at first. I probably just need to sharpen it, but I also had hoped it would keep its edge longer. I only used it on fruits/veggies and hand washed. Still would recommend. 4Not my fave knife in kitchen I'm not crazy about the textured finish on the handle, nor how this fits in my hand. But, it's a serviceable knife. And it was relatively cheap.I understand that the texture is there to improve the grip, but I don't like the particular "feel". It has since ceased to bother me. 3Great knife at a great priceThis Victorinox knife is simply fantastic. It is sharp as a scalpel (be careful!) and holds its edge for a long time. Perfect for paring and slicing fruit and vegetables, etc. I purchased a whole set of Victorinox knives after doing careful research, and they are the best I've ever had. And they don't cost an arm and a leg like the Global or other big professional brands I used to covet.5Cheap, sharp, does the trick -- what more can you ask for? It is lightweight but sturdy, sharp, and does an excellent job as a paring knife. Great deal for the money. Bought this in combination with the Victorinox chef's knife and they're helping me get by while I save up for a full set of knives. The two got me through an entire Thanksgiving meal prep between the two of them so I'd say all in all, they're more than sufficient for most jobs. 5The Handle? Cheap Plastic Feel. The Blade? Sharp and Good.I bought two of these after reading a recommendation from America's Test Kitchen.The knives are sharp (high-carbon steel). But the handles feel like cheap plastic. Not at all what I expected from this company. Or for a blade like this.For smaller jobs, they're fine. (Don't wash them in the dishwasher or let them soak in water. Wash and dry immediately after you use.)Just disappointed with the handle.3Nice little knifeI bought this knife as a stocking stuffer for my Husband. He already has a few of the larger, more expensive Victorinox knives, so I figured he might like this to add to his collection.Opening the box, the knife was smaller than expected (I ordered the long handle), but when put in use, its small size makes it very handy. It's certainly not large enough to chop onions, but recently I've been using it Goodfellas-style to thinly slice garlic for pasta sauce - it works perfectly.Would definitely recommend to anyone who needs a knife for small, detailed work.4Received a fake, cheap, made in China knock-offItem was not as described. Buyer beware, I have requested a refund.1
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