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Vinomaster Wine Bottle Lever Screwpull Opener Gift Set - Best Rabbit-Style Corkscrew Bar Accessory

  • Vinomaster Wine Bottle Lever Screwpull Opener Gift Set - Best Rabbit-Style Corkscrew Bar Accessory

Vinomaster Wine Bottle Lever Screwpull Opener Gift Set - Best Rabbit-Style Corkscrew Bar Accessory

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  • Vinomaster Wine Bottle Lever Screwpull Opener Gift Set - Best Rabbit-Style Corkscrew Bar Accessory
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Customer Reviews

Doesn't pull the entire cork from bottle, broke after 50 uses Opener only pulls the cork 80% out of the bottle. You then have to tug on the opener while still attached to the cork while bracing the wine bottle to remove the last 20% of the cork from the bottle. To make matters worse, to remove the cork from the opener once removed from the the bottle takes a fair amount of effort. Lastly, the opener broke at the top (made of plastic) after about 50 uses. This is a terrible product and design, and even if not broken, does not pull the cork fully. Go with a name brand or better product. This is junk. 1Did not last!!! This product worked good for about 6-7 months, then it began to deteriorate. First the screws on the foil cutter stripped out, making the cutter useless, then the main screw on the opener itself broke, making it impossible to remove corks from the bottle. This product also has crappy instruction on how to use it. I will say when I did figure out how to use it, it worked great!!! But it did not last and for the money spent it was not worth it!!!! I am back to using an old-fashioned manual screw and lever opener and a knife to cut the foil. A real disappointment!!! I am also wondering about the veracity of some of the "unpaid" reviews. I also must say this is the first product I have bought on Amazon that I got upset enough to review badly. I am not usually a negative poster but this ticked me off!! 2A Failure Vinomaster Wine Bottle Lever Screwpull Opener Gift Set - Best Rabbit-Style Corkscrew Bar AccessoryI have owned at least three of these wine openers and they have all failed. It starts when the corkscrew worm becomes worn making it difficult to penetrate the cork. Recognizing the problem, I immediately replace the corkscrew worm, which ships with the unit. Unfortunately, other parts of the opener (which the corkscrew passes through) also fail when added force is needed to penetrate the cork. Consequently, the unit fails even when the corkscrew worm is replace.When the unit is new it performs very well. When it fails, it fails catastrophically making it impossible to open a bottle. My last unit lasted less than six months. I do not use this opener in a commercial environment. It is only used for parties and the occasional bottle of wine. 2Inadequately designed product. Well engineered, easier to use that Rabbit, smaller and easier to store. Material seems sound and ease of use is excellent. Well packaged, with spare screw, too. I agree with all the other reviews.6 month update: The handle snapped off, the device is useless. The pivot for the inner handle that you hold against the bottle is molded into the plastic main part, and wasn't strong enough. Did not use a lot of force on it. Better to get a brand that's all metal. 2Good when I works ... But Not For Very Long I bought two of these in an 18 month period. When they work they are great. Both ceased functioning. I replaced the first one thinking maybe I just got a lemon. The second worked for about 10 months and then the cork screw pulled fully apart from the unit when the screw holding it in broke and could not be replaced. And to be clear, I don't overuse it ... maybe once a week (or a bit more if I entertain ... which is infrequent). I expect much better for something that costs this much.There is supposed to be a lifetime warranty, but the webpage for that doesn't work. Sadly, I would say to avoid this product! 1Two broke in 3 months! The first one I had lasted 3 months, then was no longer able to remove the cork from the Vinomaster. They replaced it, but from the start the new one was broken; a screw cap supposed to be removable to change the corkscrew keeps popping off. I tried registering the unit on their web site per their instructions to request a refund, and all I get is, "OOPS,This sign up form is not working. Please contact the website administrator."Don't waste your money. 1I want to love this wine bottle opener I want to love this wine bottle opener, but there is a problem. The screw cap that is used to replace the spiral worm doesn't stay tight. It was loose when I took it out of the box to use it for the first time, so I tightened it. I noticed then that it didn't tighten much at all. You can see the screw cap in the picture, the lever sits right on top of it when the lever is in the lowered position. The good news it that the first time I used the opener, I understood and believed all the great things written about it in the lengthy description on the seller's page. It was a smooth and simple operation. My husband saw my excitement and agreed to give it try on another bottle of wine. He didn't have the same experience though. He struggled to get the lever up and really struggled getting it back down. It took so much force he thought he was going to break it, but the lever released after overcoming some resistance. Unknown to me, the screw cap came loose again and interfered with the smooth simple operation of the opener and we were both disappointed. Now it looks as though the screw cap has to be tightened before each use. Too bad. 4Great while it lasted I bought one of these on Amazon in September 2015 and liked it so much I bought a second one in November. The newer one got a decent amount of use (maybe two or three bottles opened per week). Well, last week the opener broke and it is unusable. The piece that the corkscrew goes through (and forces the corkscrew motion) broke loose and it doesn't stay in place resulting in broken corks. I had to compare it to the other one I bought to see what was wrong. I tried to contact the manufacturer (vinomaster), but there is no no website, no contact info...nothing available on a Google search. The page where you can sign up for a "lifetime" warranty doesn't work. So, it's a nice opener and it came in a lovely box, but don't expect it to last too long. Oh well. Time to look for another one. 2Well designed making it easy to uncork a bottle with a moderate amount of ... Well designed making it easy to uncork a bottle with a moderate amount of strength which is a plus for seniors as myself especially who seem to have a tad less force than before. The handle seems quite durable which is important as one of the plastic handles on my last screwpull opener just broke trying to remove a stubborn cork. 5Not as good as others I bought this because of its nearly 5 star rating. Unfortunately I don't concur. Mine seems to bind in both directions, and I have to finesse it a bit to lift or depress the handle full-stroke. Also, it doesn't fully pull the cork from the bottle, so I actually have to hold the bottle while pulling the Vinomaster upward to remove the last quarter inch of cork. 2
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