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Vitamix Drive Socket Kit , Metal 891

  • Vitamix Drive Socket Kit , Metal   891

Vitamix Drive Socket Kit , Metal 891

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 10 Days Return

  • Check the condition of your socket drive every 3-4 months
  • Make sure the teeth are sharp and in good working order
  • Kit includes instructions
  • Allen wrench included
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Customer Reviews

UPDATE 11/1/16 DON'T BUY THIS!! NOT GENUINE OEM VITAMIX PART!! You can read my initial review below (3 stars) to see what problems replacing my original drive socket with this unlicensed look-a-like caused me, or you can just look at the pictures labeled "Update" so see the differences between my original socket and this one. It is NOT the same. I know they look very similar, but these minor differences made ALL the difference! After tinkering with the new socket in my 5200 series machine for MONTHS, uninstalling and reinstalling it, searching online forums etc., I finally decided to try putting my original back on (which wasn't really broken to begin with - glad I kept it!) and see if that fixed the horrible imbalance/noise problems I was having. In short, it did. My blender is perfect again. With this socket it suddenly sounded like a bulldozer and would shimmy all over the counter at high speeds. TERRIBLE! I'm sure that wasn't good for my machine! Anyway, see the rest of the original review and my pictures for specs and details, but take my hard earned advice and DON'T BUY THIS if you value your Vitamix. Call the company directly and find out where to get the real deal that should have the Vitamix branding and part number on it (again, see pics). I think the website partstown.com sells all genuine OEM parts and have this drive socket in stock. Good luck!We have a vitamix 5200 (see pics for specs) that is about 5 or 6 years old now and needed a new blade, so while I was at it I figured I'd upgrade all the parts and went ahead and bought this new drive socket as well even though our old one wasn't completely worn out or anything. I thought why not do it all at once and breathe new life in the machine. In hind sight I think that was a mistake because ever since I replaced the drive socket, the blender has not worked well. I mean, it works, but it's REALLY LOUD and it is off balance. The whole unit moves across the counter top unless you push down firmly on the lid with your hand while blending. I'm so mad! The removal of the old one and the installation of the new one were easy enough using the instructions but now I don't know how to fix this problem and there is nothing I have found on the vitamix website that is helping. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing it numerous times, all with the same result. I have experimented with the level of tightness on the bolt that holds it in place but no change. I'm at my wits end. If anyone has any advice for me I'm all ears, but until such a time as I can get a clear answer why this is suddenly happening, my best advice to you all would be DO NOT REPLACE YOUR DRIVE SOCKET UNLESS YOU REALLY REALLY NEED TO!!!! I gave 3 stars because the part itself seems well made and comes well packaged. 1Doesn't work with 3600 Plus VitaMix machines Since we are all creative and handy people we were hoping we could buy this piece and find a way to make it work with our 3600 Plus whose motor is in great shape, but no luck here due to its design. Though the listing said it fits our model, it is in NO WAY similar to the one in the 3600 plus. The original drive socket has an actual metal drive shaft, with what looks to be a rubber spacing segment. 2Terrible sockets, only 1 socket worked but was broken ... Terrible sockets, only 1 socket worked but was broken in half after 2 weeks of use and the other sockets are USELESS because the screws couldn't be tighten to the shaft of the blender. It turned out that these sockets that I bought were defective according to Vitamix. Why would the seller selling defective sockets? This is Terrible on the seller side and on Vitamix to sell defective sockets. 1Doesn't Work- Beware ! I thought this was an original Vitamix part when I purchased. It didn't even come with instructions. When I replaced the original worn socket with this new one, my machine shook like crazy - it "walked" across my counter. I had to hold onto the whole machine and container to keep it steady. After making 1 smoothie, I immediately took the old worn drive socket out of the trash and put it back in the machine. No shaking! There's no way I'm using this 'new' part. I can't even return it. Garbage. I should have researched this a little bit more than relying on the stars it received. 1NOT OFFICIAL VITAMIX PARTS. This IS NOT BY VITAMIX. It is not sold by Vitamix, and the seller does not offer returns. The drive kit I got was of sub-par quality with a hex screw that was so small as to be almost impossible to find in the little hole on the Vitamix. Then once I got it on, IT WAS TOO SMALL FOR MY BLENDER CONTAINER. 1Perfect for my Vitamix machine! This part worked perfectly for my old Vitamix Drink Machine. I also replaced the original blade with an ice blade sold on Amazon. I called Vitamix for advice and that is what they recommended. I have to say it is so refreshing to see a company that makes products to last with quality replaceable parts and outstanding customer service. A Vitamix may be expensive but should give many years of service after all other blenders have gone to the dump! 5To my happy surprise, my daughter fixed it and I'm back ... I thought my Vitamix was a goner after the socket rubber piece decided it no longer wanted to hang around with the base. Guess they had an argument and decided to break up. Well this was quite upsetting as I heavily rely on my vitamix. With my daughter watching you tube on how to fix this for me, I ordered the part with little or no hope. To my happy surprise, my daughter fixed it and I'm back in business with my vitamix. Highly recommend this product as it certainly beats the 400-500 range of replacing the high speed blender. 5Works fine, maybe a little too pricey. I bought two of these when my wife stripped the drive on her 5200. We were standing next to it trying to figure out why the blades would no longer turn. I removed the container and poked around at the coupler, then I flipped on the power.WRONG THING TO DO!The motor revved up and the coupler shot up into the air, bounced off the kitchen window with a bang, and flew across the kitchen to land about 15 feet away. We have hard floors, and that sucker spun like a crazy top for well over 30 seconds. Our two dogs ran from the room. We were lucky the part flew in the direction it did, and not toward an eyeball....... it could have been ugly.Do NOT power up the motor without the container installed on top of the coupler! If yours is worn out or busted, it may take off and injure you!.The replacement took about 60 seconds to install and works perfectly. The second one went into my spare parts drawer.John DaviesSpokane WA USA 4new again What can I say about this? We've had our vitamix blender 10 years. It blew off The driver socket and I considered buying a new one. I didn't realize that you could just fix the driver socket. When I found it I realize that the price was very inexpensive compared to him of course buying a new blender. I overnighted it and for $15 I had my vita mix blender working perfect again. My husband didn't even even have to put it on as I was able to do it before he even got home from work. I was so easily able to do it and I think he was a little disappointed I didn't need his help. it was super simple and my 7 yr oldCould have done it 5Easy Install, Well Worth it We have an old Vitamix blender in our Mexican restaurant that recently started acting up. Generally, our first instinct is to replace these sort of "broken" appliances, but I've been on a DIY/Fixing things kick lately, so I took a look to see what I could do. I saw the old drive socket's "teeth" had just worn down and googled the part. Sure enough, here it was on Amazon, and the piece seemed easy to replace. Once received, things were simply enough. Take off the rubber part covering the old socket, line it up to get at the screw, unscrew it, and then pop it off. Then, simply put in the new socket, screw it in, back off 1/4 turn, replace the rubber mat, and you're good to go. A new Vitamix blender would have cost hundreds of dollars. I was able to replace the worn part and put the blender back in service for less than $20. From what I understand, this socket works with a wide range of Vitamix products - ours was the VM0100. So if you have a Vitamix blender on the fritz, PLEASE do yourself a favor and check the old drive socket before buying a whole new blender. You might save yourself hundreds of dollars like I did! 5
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