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Vollrath (47141) Stainless Steel Disher - Size 10

  • Vollrath (47141) Stainless Steel Disher - Size 10

Vollrath (47141) Stainless Steel Disher - Size 10

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Disher has a molded one-piece handle that improves durability, makes cleaning easy and prevents handle from coming apart
  • Stainless steel bowl and components to prevent corrosion and insure longer life
  • Color-coded ivory handle for no-guess size selection
  • Extended grooved handle provides a sure grip for comfortable use
  • Blade extends beyond bowl to prevent sticking, accurate portions; dishwasher safe
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Customer Reviews

Buyer beware it may be a Chinese knockoff The product is labeled as a vollrath 4oz disher. It is a Chinese knockoff by the Thunder Group. Vollrath are all made in the USA. 1Action feels smooth and non-fatiguing (at least for my thumb). It produces even well formed half rounds for me every time.I pressed against the palm of my hand to form the portions shown in the pictures, and one could produce "balls" by rounding the half rounds.I also own and use the purple handle # 40 and have had similar excellent results.I appreciate that these dishers are made in the USA and NSF approved.I can tell that they are made for the "food service - restaurant" industry by the solid construction and feel.Note; a sticky or loose dough will tend to cause any disher to under perform. Ways to remedy this include:- refrigerating the dough to stiffen it- dipping the disher in warm water in between dispensing- coating the disher bowl with; butter, ghee, coconut oil, shortening, nonstick spray, etc. 5This Disher Really WorksI bought this to use with a gluten-free hamburger bun recipe, it specified the size 10. I haven't used it for that yet, nor have I used it for iced cream. I had made a huge pot of suet to share with my women's group and it was so very sticky. This thing was perfect, it released the balls of suet immediately, never had to press the handle more than once. This is a high quality product and comes in many sizes. If you need one, this is the one to get, whichever size you need.5Love it!I love Vollrath scoopers... Great quality when you get the AUTHENTIC ones. Make sure you do. Very heavy duty and well made. I use for bath bomb making. Love them!5Robustly made I purchased this to replace a disher with the caliper type handle - you squeeze both handles together and cause the sweeper to rotate. That old disher failed after a just a few years because the axle that rotates and moves the sweeper is only pressure fit into the gear, and it came loose and so it no longer works. It was an expensive disher (Farberware), more than twice what I paid for this one.This disher has a thumb lever that rotates the axle, and I am very happy to see that the gear, axle, and sweeper are one piece of steel. The axle is also a much larger diameter than the old one (more than double). Every part of this disher is much more robust than the old one. (The picture is deceptive - it looks kinda flimsy, but it is not.) So I expect to scoop a lot of cookies with this one for many years to come.I am also very happy to see that this disher was made in the USA, and it is stamped Vollrath. 5Excellent choice for a prolific cookie baker!! I bake professionally and this size is my 'go to' for cookies. Slightly smaller than what you might want in a retail cookie, but that's the size I need. When I am scooping cookies for home or parties, or gifts, I fill the scoop a little under level for a perfectly acceptable-sized cookie that is not too huge or skimpy.I bought this months ago and waited to review, to see how it held up. It..is..PERFECT for my needs. Heavy-duty. I used this scoop at my job from mid-May through mid-October, either every day (scooping a minimum of 60 cookies) or every other day. Sent it through the industrial dishwasher without a problem. At home, I wash it in hot sudsy water by hand. You do need to move the ratchet/scooper part a couple times to make sure to get the cookie dough out.This handled the stiffest cookie doughs, filled with chips and nuts, no problem.at a little over $14.00 this might seem pricey for a single item but I expect it to last for years. A great investment. I haven't used the old-fashioned 'scoop up dough with a regular table spoon and scrape off with another spoon' method for 30 years, when you get used to a ratcheting cookie scoop, you depend on the speed and uniformity. I highly recommend this Volrath #40 cookie scoop. 5Bad compared to previous Vollrath disher I previously purchased the #40 Vollrath disher that operates very smoothly. Last week I ordered the #16. The first #16 I received had terrible action: The gears crashed into the slots; there was a good deal of resistance in the thumb lever; and the spring back lever stuck in several spots every time.I returned the first #16. Its replacement was hardly better. Reading reviews, I now see an increase in complaints like mine over the last year, so I decided It wasn't going to get any better if I exchanged another time.I studied this poor quality more recently built downgrade from my previous excellent smoothly operating #40 and found several changes. First, the stamped lettering on the wedge shaped slotted plate is more deeply impressed with more crude typography. The NSF stamp on the #16 thumb press is an outline font, where the #40's NSF stamp is not. The edges of the gear and gear slots on the #16 were rougher compared to the #40. Unlike the #40, the #16 semi-circular bowl scraper pressed against the inside bowl next to the pivot holes, causing resistance and scraping against the bowl.Using a file, I smoothed the areas of contact between the gear and slots. I also disengaged the tightly sprung bowl scraper on one end and carefully bent its ends together to shorten the distance (reduce pressure) between the ends, then slipped the free end back into its hole. With very fine emery paper, I smoothed fine gouges and burrs in the bowl which developed from previously heavy scraper contact. Together, these repairs smoothed the action between badly built parts. This #16 now produces the same pleasing action as my #40 disher.How many other customers would take this much trouble to fix Vollrath's carelessly manufactured (formerly excellent) disher?! I am very disappointed in Vollrath. This is a betrayal in trust -- earned over time -- to those who want to buy USA made products. At a time when American manufacturing wants to make a comeback, selling downgraded poor quality products using old customer satisfaction reviews is unethical. Amazon should remove past reviews if a company downgrades their manufacture quality. But most of all, shame on Vollrath! 1Poor productI can't believe this product was so misleading on how commercial it was supposed to be broke first use on soft ice cream1Strong, well-made scoop for cookie dough, mini-muffins, and ice cream (Vollrath #40) This is a great portioner. I use it for ice cream, cookie dough, muffin batter, and meatballs, and it works great.It s sturdy and strong and performs well, and has a good solid feel in the hand. I ve had it for two years, use it several times a week, and have had no trouble with it. Despite the mechanism, it is not difficult to clean: just press down on the handle to clean beneath the moving arc, and then put it through the dishwasher.Regarding the size, the #40 makes 3/4 ounce scoops which are about 1.5 inches in diameter, a little smaller than a ping-pong ball. Cookies made with this scoop usually come out of the oven about 2.5 inches in diameter, give or take half an inch (depends on the dough!). I am watching my weight, and I find these scoops to be a great size for small portions of ice cream, mini-muffins, and meatballs that can be eaten in about two bites, and medium-sized cookies that are (to me at least) satisfying but not excessive for one person.Note that the #40 is too small to make generous, bakery-style cookies. If you want to make big ones like those, go with a bigger scoop I use a #16 (2 ounce) for large cookies destined for bake sales. The #16 produces cookies in the 3 to 4 inch diameter range with most around 3.5 inches. I find these too big for regular household use, through.My only complaint about the Vollrath scoop is that they don t make a left-handed version. This is a strongly right-handed tool. I am left-handed and I usually hold this scoop in my left hand, scoop the food, and then reach up at an angle with my index and middle fingers to pull down on the lever to release the food. This is awkward. The angle I have to hold it at means that the power sweep of the arc is from the bottom of the scoop to the top, rather than top to bottom, which makes it a little more difficult to free sticky substances. I sometimes switch the tool to my right hand for the release, which makes for an easier release but feels more awkward to me as my right hand is weaker and less accurate than my left one. But these are small issues compared with the high quality and performance of this scoop.Note: there is another good ice cream scoop out there, the Zeroll, which is a much simpler scoop with no mechanism or lever, and thus can be used equally well in either hand. Its trick is that its handle contains a liquid which, warmed by the grip of your hand, slightly warms the bowl of the scoop from the inside, resulting in a smooth, easy glide through ice cream. I really like the Zeroll scoop for ice cream as well I have the Zeroll Zerolon #30 (1 ounce), which is the smallest one Zeroll makes and slightly larger than the Vollrath #40 (3/4 ounce). I use the Zeroll #30 and the Vollrath #40 about equally for ice cream, but the Zeroll is of course no good for cookie dough, muffin batter, or meatballs. For those, I use the Vollrath. 5This is a good medium size scoopThis scoop seems well made & durable. It's a good size for standard muffins & filling medium size quesadillas. Although I haven't used it for ice cream, the size looks perfect.5Like Grandma use to own.This reminds of of the heavy duty ice cream scoop my grandmother use to own. I love that its well made and the spring mechanism works perfect. This product will last along time. When I use the scoop in a tub of hard ice cream it smoothly plopped out a nice rounded scoop.5Excellent quality, made in the USA!Update: My original review was for the #10 size scoop. Since then, I have purchased the size 16, and it works just as well as the size 10 does. Excellent quality and very comfortable in your hand. I ordered again at Shop at Dean (Amazon Supplier)got excellent service, and got the Vollrath brand as requested. Very nice scoop if you get the actual Vollrath Stainless Steel Disher instead of a substitute. The first one I ordered had to be sent back because a different, inferior brand was substituted. The Vollrath scoop has a one piece handle that is comfortable, is well made, and the release works well. I bought it to make consistent sized gluten free hamburger buns in my Muffin Top pan.5This is not a Vollrath product, it is Thunder ... This is not a Vollrath product, it is Thunder Group, made in China and very cheap and flimsy. This broke the 3rd time I used it. I will be calling Amazon for replacement. 1All the same sizeGood for making cookies!4fantastic ice cream scoopWe bought the # 10 ice cream scoop. Works great and easy to clean!5THIS IS THE HIGHEST QUALITY !!! I purchased this Vollrath 5-1/3 oz. stainless steel disher,(scoop), because I work in a restaurant that is relatively small,(it's in a large metropolitan airport),but,busy nonetheless,and I wind up doing quite a bit of "prep-work" for this restaurant. It often seemed that when I needed to use a disher to do my work, it had been either misplaced or was being used by a fellow co-worker. That can get to be extremely frustrating. So I thought,"Why not just purchase one of my own? I'm sure that I will be able to bring it through security,then I'll have one and I won't have to search for something just to do my job." So,I looked for this online,and,it was not hard to believe that Amazon had it. I bought the disher,it arrived on time and in excellant condition. Didn't have any problem getting it through security,and,now I don't have to search. Do any of my fellow customers read the reviews about products before they purchase them? I do not know,as I am not them. But,if you are,let me tell you a little bit about this scoop as I use it in "real life" conditions every day. Quality: the highest. Ease of use: It's a scoop. How hard can it be to use? It does not care if you are right or left handed. Longevity? Will it last if I use it often or for different things? : I plan on keeping and using this disher,(scoop), for YEARS !! While I can not predict the future,and I do plan on buying another to keep as a back up, I honestly can not see this scoop wearing out EVER. I'll be using it for years. Amount the scoop holds: 5 1/3 oz. Is that correct? : Yes,it is. I portion a lot of hamburgers,they are supposed to weigh 5 oz. If I fill the scoop to the top and weigh what's inside,the burger is a little bit heavy,(that's not good food cost), so I've learned to take a bit out then weigh it and everything is just fine. So,now you've read,(there has to be people out there who will read this), a review written by a person who has purchased and uses quite often the product that you are considering. You might be wondering,"If I use my money to get this,will it be worth it? Will it last?" The answer to both of those two questions is simple: Heck , yeah !! Thank you for your time. 5Great price on the best brand of ice scooperVery happy with this purchase. I did a lot of research trying to determine what the best brand of ice cream scooper was (tough to do in a niche market like this). I finally settled on the Vollrath and found it to work great. One scoop is good for about half a cup. The scoop has been washed several times now and the blade is still well in place and there is no rust anywhere on the unit.5Strong, sturdy ice cream scoop. I really like this ice cream scoop. I saw a lot of other options online and in stores that had negative reviews because the triggers are flimsy and break, but this one is very sturdy and strong. It s a large scoop (4 oz), which is nice. I use it with ice cream straight out of the freezer and as long as you have the strength to push it in, the scoop seems ready and able to get the job done. I also like the deep dome shape. The ice cream presents nicely to company, and it doubles as an egg scoop when I have to drop them into boiling water without cracking them. 5Size is larger than expected... but very solid construction.Next time will go with the size 12 (green) in the event that I buy more of these as gifts. But really no complaints, this is a great ice cream scooper.5
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