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Vornado Pivot Personal Air Circulator Fan, Champagne

  • Vornado Pivot Personal Air Circulator Fan, Champagne
  • Vornado Pivot Personal Air Circulator Fan, Champagne
  • Vornado Pivot Personal Air Circulator Fan, Champagne
  • Vornado Pivot Personal Air Circulator Fan, Champagne
  • Vornado Pivot Personal Air Circulator Fan, Champagne

Vornado Pivot Personal Air Circulator Fan, Champagne

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Utilizes Vornado's signature Vortex Action air circulation
  • 3 speed settings and pivoting axis to control airflow direction
  • Compact size makes it perfect for desk or nightstand use
  • 6-foot power cord provides added convenience
  • Backed by a 3-year satisfaction guarantee
  • Built to meet U.S. voltage requirements. Certified, safety-tested, and warrantied for use only in the U.S.
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Customer Reviews

Prefect on low setting or on high as a white noise machine Small and quiet. This fan is perfect on low and medium. On high the motor causes a vibration that can cause a humming sound on a hard surface. On low the air flow is felt like a slight breeze. This can be felt from about 4 feet away, perfect if you are setting the fan on your work desk. Medium setting can be felt from about 10 feet away. Good distance for a shelf near your work area. On high the wind noise is somewhat loud, you will get used to it, like a white noise machine. On high it will move the air in the room and can be felt at about 15 feet.It is very easy to use and is high quality construction. The power cord is long enough. 4You've honestly found the best deal o here I spent so much time searching for the best deal for the best fan possible. Everything was either over priced, had awful reviews, or was exclusive to Prime. This is a fantastic fan for a fantastic price from a fantastic company. I love the packaging, design, everything. The odd little Z shape frame is super versatile and interesting. The three speeds cover the whole spectrum of what you could possibly want from it. Love, love, love. 5Excellent for a small to med size room. I read the reviews about this fan before my purchase. I was a little leery but took the gamble..This is a GREAT 4inch fan..I have NO IDEA what others were expecting from a 4 inch fan...for it's size it moves a good deal of air. It's a personal fan for a desk or night stand not a 14in. box fan!It is NOT as loud as some have claimed. When a fan is on high expect it to make some noise; ALL fans that have blades do...in my opinion, it would seem some put their expectations waay too high for such a tiny fan.On it's lowest setting it gives off a very light subtle air flow, PERFECT for me to sleep too & it's silent on this setting...you Really need to try & listen for it to almost hear it. The Medium setting moves a fair amount of air to circulate in a room. Not a wind, more of a slight breeze that can be felt, even at around 10ish away. Also on Medium, the fan can be heard, not loud or anything, you just know it's on.... ON High a nice light breeze can be easily felt at 10 to 12 ft away; not what I was expecting from such a small desk/night stand fan, that's for sure...Plastic construction, solid metal armature/stand & clamp, plastic blades, clicky switch & a really cool design for a fan. It looks better in person than in the pictures above.I'm glad I take others opinions in reviews with a pinch of salt, I'm glad I took the gamble on this fan & I'm going to be getting another one. It's PERFECT for my "needs/wants". 5Awesome fan!!! Highly recommend! I ve been looking for a smaller fan to use in my bathroom for a while now. Sometimes I get very hot - especially after the shower has made the room steamy - and I try to put my makeup on. This fan is perfect!!! The color matches my bathroom beautifully, and it s just the right size. The levels are great and blow very cold. I even use it while I get hot blow drying my hair! (It s always hot in South Florida where I live...) I would highly recommend this item for personal use on a desk, in a kitchen, on a vanity, in a workshop, etc. You won t be disappointed. 5Little fan that packs a big punch! Used as a bedside fan for some airflow and white noise. I m not a fan of white noise but it helps my partner sleep. This is quiet enough not to bother me but loud enough to help him out. It throws some serious air around for being so little too. Winning! 5A Charming, Stylish Desk Fan with an Emphasis on Background Noise Over Cooling I have purchased several Vornado products, and I've always been satisfied - the Pivot is no exception. I think many customers will find it suitable - as long as it fits their use case.This fan has a 3.75"-diameter blade and will move 18 CFM [Cubic Feet per Minute] on Low and 44 CFM on High. It produces 31 dB of noise at low-speed, and 41 dB at high speed. For reference, 30 dB is considered to be extremely quiet, while 40 dB is approximately like whispering.On high, it's just enough to drown out background noise and provide some breeze on a desk. It looks very premium and it feels well-built for the price. The stand is a sturdy metal, while the body is a a very solid plastic - though the glossy finish can be a bit of a fingerprint magnet!If you're looking for something small and stylish with a little more power, I'd recommend the Vornado VFAN Mini Modern or the Vornado VFAN Mini Classic, depending on your design preferences. These fans have larger 4.85"-diameter fan blades so they can move significantly more air: 75 CFM on low and 105 CFM on high. It produces 36 dB on low and 43 dB on high. So for a small increase in size and noise, you see a significant increase in airflow. In addition, these fans have metal bodies as opposed to the Pivot's plastic. However, you drop from three fan speeds to two when you 'upgrade' from the Pivot to the VFAN Mini line.If you want more room-cooling power (but still want something stylish), look to theVornado VFAN Jr. - 6.2" blade; 116-185 CFM; 33-44 dBVornado VFAN - 7.4" blade; 146-301 CFM; 39-57 dBVornado VFAN Sr. - 9.75" blade; 348-613 CFM; 41-53 dBVornado VFAN Sr. - Pedestal Mount - 9.75" blade; 348-613 CFM; 41-53 dBVornado also makes a VFAN Petite Alchemy and a VFAN Alchemy. These are most equivalent to the VFAN Jr. and VFAN, respectively, with more premium construction and materials.If you want a small, stylish desk fan with a grille to protect the blades, I think this is the best in its class/price point. 4Doesn t blow very hard For something named vornado it sure doesn t move the air very well. When its on high and sitting 3 ft away on my desk at work I can hardly feel it but I sure can hear it. It s much noisier than it is efficient. Not what I was anticipating 1Skip This One; Get the Zippi Update: This is still the worst fan I've purchased and I purchased a lot of fans before, many from Vornado. I need to quit purchasing Vornado and go with something that actually pushes air, is quality, and doesn't seem to work only for the designers who haven't used it. I will no longer be purchasing ANY Vornado fan as my C660 just crapped out on me after only one year of use. However, my Rowneta has been going strong 24/7 for the last FOUR years.This fan is so loud and doesn't push a lot of air for how much space it takes up. Even on the lowest setting it's almost annoyingly loud. I purchased this one because, one it's a Vornado and I have always liked their fans. Second, I had purchased the Zippi fan for my desk at work and thought I would try this one. The pivot function is too cumbersome to point where you want it.Get the Zippi fan, It is much more quiet and pushes a good amount of air. Plus, people that visit me at my desk think it looks cool. 1Underwhelming. They tried to make it a pretty design but the ocd in me hates how off center of the stand the fan is. It has cheap rubber o-rings for feet and my sigh of disapproval upon unboxing moved more air than this fan does. All that said, it does work. 3First impressions: pretty good! I got this fan to replace a Holmes Lil' Blizzard that started seizing up. I wanted a compact fan with decent airflow for my workbench, and the Pivot fits the bill perfectly!On low, it provides a very gentle breeze and produces almost no noise. On medium, it starts to feel similar to what you'd expect on a slightly windy day, with a still-acceptable noise level. On high, it produces pretty good airflow, similar to the vents of a car on medium, with more motor noise becoming apparent. My unit starts rattling a bit at this setting, which is why I knocked off a star.All of these observations were made with the fan set about 3-4 feet away from me.EDIT: I was able to get a replacement unit from Amazon, and the new one doesn't have the rattle. If you're past the return window, get in touch with Vornado themselves. 5
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