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Water Right Professional Coil Garden Hose, Lead Free & Drinking Water Safe, 75-Foot x 3/8-Inch, Cranberry

  • Water Right Professional Coil Garden Hose, Lead Free & Drinking Water Safe, 75-Foot x 3/8-Inch, Cranberry
  • Water Right Professional Coil Garden Hose, Lead Free & Drinking Water Safe, 75-Foot x 3/8-Inch, Cranberry
  • Water Right Professional Coil Garden Hose, Lead Free & Drinking Water Safe, 75-Foot x 3/8-Inch, Cranberry
  • Water Right Professional Coil Garden Hose, Lead Free & Drinking Water Safe, 75-Foot x 3/8-Inch, Cranberry
  • Water Right Professional Coil Garden Hose, Lead Free & Drinking Water Safe, 75-Foot x 3/8-Inch, Cranberry
  • Water Right Professional Coil Garden Hose, Lead Free & Drinking Water Safe, 75-Foot x 3/8-Inch, Cranberry

Water Right Professional Coil Garden Hose, Lead Free & Drinking Water Safe, 75-Foot x 3/8-Inch, Cranberry

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Manufactured in the United States using 100% lead-free, top quality, UV stabilized FDA & NSF grade polyurethane
  • Hose stretches comfortably to about 65 feet; Features 12 inch tails on each coil end making installation to faucets and nozzles a breeze
  • Lightweight hose is perfect for smaller watering needs on the porch, patio, containers and small gardens; Contains no phthalates, drinking water safe
  • Specially engineered strain reliefs on both hose ends to prevent hose kink; Flexible in all weather conditions, even freezing temperatures
  • Solid chrome-plated machined brass fittings provide a long-lasting, never-tarnish, durable hose fitting which also prevents lead from leaching into the water
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Customer Reviews

It's been working great and I'm very satisfied with itBought this product for my hose outlet in my garage. It's been working great and I'm very satisfied with it. I was torn between these and the other self extending/retracting ones you see on TV. Decided to get this one and I've been very happy with it. Works really well for washing cars and the like. I'm using it mostly indoors, so it's not at all exposed to the sun or the elements, besides the fact that garage temperature in the summer in Southern California can go up to about 110-120 degrees, which this thing has held up to greatly so far.My mom saw this and decided she wanted one for her backyard as well. She got it and swapped out her other hose which is a regular hose. She loves it. Her backyard is obviously exposed to the elements, but the place where the hose is exposed doesn't get too much sun. So I can't comment if it's gonna hold up to direct exposure or not, although based on the material I'd say it would be no different than other hoses, if not better. Some reviewers said it won't work if you have to turn a corner and that it gets punctures very easily. I asked her and she said it's been holding up real well, better than the regular hose she had before. All in all it seems to be a very good buy and I'm definitely happy with it... and so is my mom.This one doesn't come with a spray head. I had a few of them laying around and it fits any avg garden hose spray head... so no problems there. Installing it is also really easy so you don't need any kind of special tools for it other than what you'd normally use with any other comparable product. I really like that it stores very neatly and you don't need a hose reel to store it when you're done. highly recommended. 5The coil system is very difficult to extend. Consider the expandable style hose.I purchased this hose because of the 4 star rating by 1,289 people. This is the first time I totally disagree with the reviews.I found this hose to be very cumbersome to use. The coil is tight and I had to really pull it to reach the areas I wanted to water. I was using it in my patio, so the distance was no more than 20 feet but it was a struggle. Yes it is compact, but makes watering too hard.I never considered this style hose before because it seemed like it would be a challenge to extend. The reviews had me doubting myself.... guess I should have stuck with my intuition.I am returning this hose and purchasing the expandable hose that is becoming popular. My son just bought one from Lowes and is very happy with it. I'm purchasing mine from Amazon after reading the reviews. Yes, I still believe in them, just way off with this item. 2For small amounts of water like watering plants, this is great. But it's not that good if you are trying to fill buckets.For small amounts of water like watering plants, this is great. But it's not that good if you are trying to fill buckets.This is not a full hose diameter wise that is. So, you are not going to get the full output of a normal hose. I got this for someone to use on their deck to water their plants so they wouldn't have to unroll the hose out all the time. It works great for that, but when you need to do something like fill a bucket or fill up a pool, you're better off with good old fashion normal hose since this is around half the diameter of a normal hose and does not push a large amount of water for the larger jobs in a timely manner. 4Mixed feelingsThis hose is for my raised bed vegetable garden and I had high hopes for it. The material and workmanship appears to be top notch and I have no complaints there. The only disappointment was the low volume flow rate. I have the hose hooked up to a 3/4" line and spigot that feeds of a 1" main, with plenty of pressure. The 3/8" hose restricts the water flow quite a bit to the point I almost returned it. I, however, really liked the quality and the fact it coils inside my ceramic hose pot perfectly and with minimal effort, so I decided to compromise and keep it. One word of caution about the length: it doesn't stretch to the full advertised length, which is not unreasonable. I needed a 60-ft hose and the 75' one worked perfectly. I just wished it was 1/2" in diameter instead of 3/8" :-( 3Good productDisappointing! In the description, I read something about the hose comfortably stretches to 43 feet. Not in my yard. I don't know what they mean by "comfortably stretches" but by pulling the hose as far as it would go (and I certainly was not comfortable doing so) it did not stretch very far. I did not measure to see if it was close to 43 feet, but I doubt it. I actually need something for 50 feet and this does not come close to meeting my needs. I just wasted $45.00. By the way, there was either a missing or faulty washer on one end. That is not a big deal and I could have replaced it, but since I can not use the hose anyway, I didn't bother. Very disappointing. Only someone in their marketing dept. would call this a 50 foot hose.Update: Since I posted this review, the company sent me an email message explaining that they must choose between the hose's ability to stretch and the ability to retract. That makes sense, but it would be nice if that was clear initially. They also offered to send me a replacement which I will probably accept. I suppose if all sellers call the same length 50ft. it's not fair to criticize only one. I have changed the number of stars to 4.Update on an update: As I reported earlier, Water Right offered to replace my hose with the longer more expensive version at no cost to me. I contacted them and they sent me the replacement very quickly. Any company with that commitment to customer service deserves a big thanks. The new hose was excellent in every way. 5Not as expectedBeautiful color, nice material and well made. However, it does not extend well, I couldnt get 50ft as advertise may be just 30ft at best. And then it didnt go back to its compact shape. 3A total waste........A total waste of my time; a total waste of the money spent to "save" me the trouble of rolling out the fat heavy rubber hose. EVERY time I use it the hose tangles into knots spaced along the entire length so that the water flow stops, and instead of being a timesaver for just a quick garden watering of the beds in the front of the house it becomes a 15 minute job to start at the spigot and untangle each knot along the entire length of hose. The other reviews said it was great quality at a great price; ok, maybe....I will agree that the connection is built well with a spring support so the hose doesn't snap off under the spigot; but it's still a total waste of $60 ........ 1Well made but very dumb...I truly regret buying this..Update:Even though water flow is low, this works with a power washer as this was one of my most important issues.. So I will upgrade my review to 4 stars...Water flow is weak... This can't be used for anything like a pressure washer or even things requiring good water flow... This hose is very restictive on water flow so there is no point having this. They don't tell you the flow is greatly reduced in the specs. Saying this is professional it a total contradiction and truly laughable. 4If you need a coil hose, spend the extra money on this one7/15/14 Update: It has been 3 years of regular use with this hose. It has been outside since purchased, which means a temperature range of 15* - 112*. It has battled sun, snow, sleet, rain, stretching, relocating, etc. The hose still coils about 95% as well as it did on Day 1. It has only lost a little "elasticity" or "memory."The only item that has shown wear is the black plastic coil near the spigot connection. This is meant to prevent kinking when fully extended. This snapped-fairly early on. This wasn't really a big deal to me, though.So, with 3 years of use, I would confidently still give this a rating of 5-stars.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________I am a very firm believer in buying it right the first time. I did my research on coil hoses for the backyard garden after my previous one kinked and had hundreds of tiny punctures in it over just one year which made it spray mist everywhere. It seemed like this model had the best reviews, but was also the most expensive.You get what you pay for.The connection to your spigot is excellent. The whole feel of the hose is high-quality. The metal spring coil near the female end eliminates any kinking and the stainless steel connectors on either end sing "durability". The hose is a fairly thick gauge with decent weight and a glossy finish. I also love the plethora of earth tones available to choose from. It will almost disappear when not used depending on your landscape.The biggest test was the ability to recoil. Even after stretching it to it's max, and on a 100* day no less, the hose recoiled to its original fashion. I have been using this daily for almost a month without a single complaint. 5Absolutely Useless. Very Disappointed. Extreme Water Flow Restriction.5 Stars for being Drinking Water Safe, Design, Color, Construction Quality,..etc.1 Star for Water Flow & Usefulness.How anyone can use/praise this coil-hose as far as watering with it is beyond me? It is absolutely useless from my experience. I'm very disappointed with it. Purchased as a gift for my Mom. I did not expect it to replace a standard hose for the garden, but for decks, paved areas, with potted plants or landscape along walks. It did not deliver. The water flow was so restricted that it barely flowed out the water wand shower head. Inadequate and inefficient water hose at best. The only way it semi-worked is if you held the shower head in a vertical downward position, but even then it still takes longer to water plants/pots when compared to a regular hose (1/2", 5/8") with water wand shower head. A typical trigger grip spray nozzle works a bit better since it creates back pressure, but it's literally the same water flow. It just gives the impression the hose has better flow. What a disappointment. It works more like a soaker nozzle then a shower head. I was also disappointed with the reach of this 50' coil-hose. I didn't realize the stated length doesn't actually represent the actual length until I had already ordered it and read some other reviews. It seemed to barely stretch 25' on the deck.Proof is in the pictures (video also). But to see it in person is the only way most will understand.The first set of (4) pictures is comparing it to a regular 25' garden hose with 36" water wand. As you can see, the water flow/spray strength from the shower head is vastly different. The WR CH could barely spray 5-8" whereas the regular hose was spraying 6-7'+. Pathetic.The next set of (4) pictures is comparing it to another coil-hose that's probably 10 yrs old. Similar size (perhaps a mm or two bigger (not sure about I.D. though). And to be fully transparent here, the water pressure at this faucet is not as good as the other. Regardless, the results speak much the same but worse as you might imagine. It basically dribbled out with the Water Right Coil-Hose as seen in first picture of shower head. Again, how can anyone use it. Too restrictive. It took 2-3 times longer to water. So what's it good for; small delicate potted plants. Not recommended for larger garden areas, unless you want to be standing around watering for hours longer. 1
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