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Wein Minimate AS150MM Air Supply Minimate Personal Air Purifier

  • Wein Minimate AS150MM Air Supply Minimate Personal Air Purifier

Wein Minimate AS150MM Air Supply Minimate Personal Air Purifier

£170.00 £102.00 Save: £68.00
£102.00 £170.00 You save: £68.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Propels cleaner fresher air into your personal breathing zone.
  • Ultra light, small, and wearable.
  • Ideal for air travel, movie theaters, waiting rooms, or any confined space.
  • Highest personal air purifier ion wind output.
  • Silent, fan-less, filterless, and maintenance free technology.
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Customer Reviews

FANTASTIC AIR PURIFIERI owned this product for several years which I bought in the Mall at one of the electronic store and it was Perfect! It was recently stolen and I ordered a replacement here on Amazon. The ONLY difference in the original was that the battery has been reversed for installation. This confused me and I sent the first one back as defective. When the second one arrived even before the first one was back, I looked it over carefully when it would Not work either, only to find that the problem was ME! I apologize for my inability to LOOK rather than ASSUME they were the same just because they looked the same. Actually, I think this one is much stronger than the first one which had a higher cost. I always used this on flights as I travel often on international flights and the recycled air is horrible on my sinus'. It works like a gem. NO, I do not use the lithium batteries on flights, but they work well with the same size camera battery which is allowed on flights. When I returned the first unit as defective the company called and were very understanding when I explained that after examination, the defect was NOT theirs, but mine. I can Highly recommend this product to anyone that needs to have their air purified whether on a plane, home or anywhere for that matter. GREAT PRODUCT!!5DISAPPOINTED... It worked ok for one week, then stopped. After changing the battery, it started again but the output is very very faint so all it really does is flash its annoying light. It seemed to work but I may have to continue searching. I get gas'd on a daily basis by colognes, perfumes, even what the janitorial crew uses to clean the bathrooms at work, so having something at the ready sounded great. I just wish it had worked longer than a week. 1Don't buy from this seller!Purchased in late June for a series of International flights in August. Worked for 2 flights then stopped working. Attempted to resolve with seller. However, seller said to contact mfg. for warranty resolution. E-mailed seller asking for different resolution. No response to my request. Product is cheap. Save your money!1Why I ended up returning it... Its all good...I bought this because I had CIRS or mold illness. It probably would have been helpful for me, but I discovered this illness, like MCS and many others is a limbic system trauma and I have been healing myself with dynamic neural retraining system. In a matter of weeks, I am mask free. So I didn't need this and they graciously accepted and processed my return.5Wearable ionizer with fantastic outputI first bought this ionizer in a local shop at a time of severe outbreak of SARS in Hong Kong 17 years ago originated from a sick patient from mainland China. 11 years later, I picked up the same ionizer to defend myself against the small particles in the polluted air across the border from mainland China. The reduction of my coughing by the ionizer is immediately noticeable.Thereafter I had bought several more from Amazon to replace the worn out units. While the output of this ionizer is noticeably stronger than the others, its working life does seem to be much shorter as well. It is kind of a trade-off: work harder, live shorter (I have to warn myself against working too hard as well). Over the last two years I had been trying to buy more units but to no avail. Many sellers do not ship to Hong Kong. Then the mainland China struck Hong Kong with yet another outbreak of deadly disease, this time the terrible Wuhan Coronavirus or WARS (named as 2019-nCoV or COVID-2019 by WHO). This time I am lucky to be able to find a seller on Amazon who would ship to Hong Kong. The units were quickly shipped to me.I wish more sellers would ship to Hong Kong to help us ward off the invasion from mainland China, which physical invasion are either in the form of deadly pollutants or in the form of deadly virus.5Best personal air purifier I have ever owned!!!!This is awesome. I have had two different personal air purifiers in the past and neither of them worked as well as this one. The output is fantastic, in fact I bought it because one of the other reviewers complained about too much output. When you have chemical sensitivities and cannot even go down the detergent aisle due to the smells that will result in an asthma attack, there is no such thing as too much output!! I ended up purchasing a second one for my daughter after she tried it and decided it was great.5WILL CHANGE RATING IF THEY REFUND OR REPLACE ITEM. (They replaced it directly from the company)Awesome price! I have bought three of these before over the years as I use them when I travel on planes and when there are things that set off my allergies. They are great to keep germs at bay as well. This model is a bit quieter than the ones I've had previously but the air flow is slightly less. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. It seems to work the same. The price is great, much cheaper than the last one I bought.5I think I found something that will work for me--but battery life is short This is my second day using this product. It is the second product I have tried--the first one left no noticeable difference.I was recently sick, and since then I am super sensitive to smells such as perfumes and cigarette smoke. I have to keep a cough drop in my mouth constantly.While I am still coughing, it is noticeably better. The only time I notice smells is when I first walk into a room that has quite a bit of the smell already there and an occasional scent here and there.One reason I think this is working is because I can actually feel the air emitted whereas I couldn't with the previous product I tried.UPDATE: The battery only lasted two days. For someone who would need to wear it every day when out in public, this becomes too expensive with the special batteries it takes. Manufacturer should consider rechargeable option. 3This thing worked!I was experiencing a lot of headaches due to the smoke here in Central Oregon from all the fires in the Pacific Northwest. I turned it on whenever I wanted to go to/from the car. When the smoke filled the office at work, I was able to have this on - and didn't have any problems. I would recommend it to my friends / family members.5Deluxe Mini Personal Air Supply poor quality I tried to give it no stars, but it wouldn't allow. It worked for less than one day and then quit. I replaced the battery thinking that was the problem, but it still didn't work and I returned it. The manufacturer also changed the battery cover, apparently to make it easier to remove. They did too good a job as it simply fell off constantly. I had to tape it to keep it on the machine, but since it stopped working the day I first used it, it didn't make a lot of difference. I have owned one of these machines for many years, but this product was not nearly of the quality that I was used to. I would like to buy another unit as I travel a lot and I believe it helps me from getting ill, but not if it is of the same poor quality that I received. Is there another manufacturer of this item? If so I would like to know and in all probability would purchase it. 1Great little inventionPurchased this to use because I have severe health and allergy problems. Very allergic to chemicals in colognes. This came with battery. The battery and battery case was very hard to open and close. After several attempts I was able to insert the battery and close the case. But it took a couple of tries. The device works great. I put it around my neck and went off to bingo. I didnt smell any smoke, perfume or even food. All smells were removed. Extremely happy with my purchase. Saved me much misery.5Poorly constructed, failed quickly.The battery contact point was skewed to where contact was poor and failed w/very few uses. As it initially worked, I decided that this probable knockoff was just cheaply made & didn't attempt to return it if I could jimmy it into working. The original unit I'd purchased off the airline catalog worked beautifully for more than 10 yrs.I would definitely discourage anyone from buying this cheaply, poorly made unit. If you use it as I have, on crowded airplane trips, you may not know soon enough that it will likely fail.1My order was returnedMy wife leaves for Asia tomorrow and these were supposed to come yesterday. Today I received a refund with the reason being that it was undeliverable. I read all of the reasons and none of them apply. This is a hot item now and I suspect they didn't want to stick to their original price, as they are now being sold for more.1
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