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Westcott 6.5" x 3" x 6" iPoint Ball Pencil Sharpener, Case of 12, Red/Black (15570)

  • Westcott 6.5" x 3" x 6" iPoint Ball Pencil Sharpener, Case of 12, Red/Black (15570)
  • Westcott 6.5" x 3" x 6" iPoint Ball Pencil Sharpener, Case of 12, Red/Black (15570)
  • Westcott 6.5" x 3" x 6" iPoint Ball Pencil Sharpener, Case of 12, Red/Black (15570)
  • Westcott 6.5" x 3" x 6" iPoint Ball Pencil Sharpener, Case of 12, Red/Black (15570)
  • Westcott 6.5" x 3" x 6" iPoint Ball Pencil Sharpener, Case of 12, Red/Black (15570)
  • Westcott 6.5" x 3" x 6" iPoint Ball Pencil Sharpener, Case of 12, Red/Black (15570)

Westcott 6.5" x 3" x 6" iPoint Ball Pencil Sharpener, Case of 12, Red/Black (15570)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 14 Days Return

  • Battery powered pencil sharpener
  • Double blade technology for faster and longer lasting cutting performance
  • 4 AA Batteries sold separately
  • Safety cut off when the shavings reservoir is removed
  • Manufacturer's limited one-year warranty
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Customer Reviews

PERFECT for kids (and grown-ups) who move around a lotAfter our old electric sharpener died, we searched for a low-priced, full-feature pencil sharpener. This one has stood up quite well!Pros:Battery operated: so it can go where ever the kids are working.Sturdy: it doesn't move all over the table when it is used.Sharpens: arguably the most important feature, this little machine does a great job. As with most automatic sharpeners, we find that twisting the pencil gently in the opposite direction of the blades means a sharp point all the way around. Even with the crummy cheap pencils (which I'm still trying to get rid of) it sharpens well - except for the type that has the thin plastic decorative "sleeve" - but those seem to be a problem with ANY sharpener we've tried.Easy cleaning: the shaving cup fits securely, and yet removes and replaces easily.Portability: It goes where you need it, and doesn't weigh a ton.Battery life: Still going strong on the first set of batteries - and we use it a lot!Price: Excellent!Cons:None that we've discovered so far!REVIEW UPDATE: February 27, 2014Still on the first set of batteries. One thing we have discovered: although it's small enough to fit in your hand, it really does work MUCH better if you place it on a hard service and push the pencil in. I thought the batteries or blade were failing, then realized that trying to hold the sharpener in my hand was an ineffective sharpening method.REVIEW UPDATE: December 2014After a year, this had died. Tried cleaning it gently, new batteries - but it's gone. We have gone back to the manual sharpeners with a catch-cup and are quite happy with the "old fashioned" method. I'll be singing a different tune in August when we're getting ready for back-to-school, but for now we'll stick with the no-batteries-required version. 3Tortures and Maims My PencilsPencil sharpener is almost too powerful. I'm not sure how else to describe it. This sharpener rips my pencils apart. Literally. You have to hold the pencil very tight or it grabs it out of your hand and then it just spins around and around. Sometimes it's even hard just to get the pencil back out as it is being tortured in there.It worked okay, if not a little over enthusiastic the first few months, but now the lead gets stuck and jams and no matter how many times I clean it out, it still eats up all my pencils and colored pencils. I end up trying to resharpen it over and over and eventually giving up and throwing the pencil away.To be fair, it does seem to work better on higher quality pencils. But the million pencils my kids get at school and parties as well as crayola colored pencils are apparently of a lessor quality. Unfortunately, I am ready to throw it out and buy a different one. 2Failed after a couple dozen uses. Makes a nice point when it's working.I agree with other 1-star reviewers who complain that this unit fails after a few uses.I'm guessing, but I don't believe I used it more than two dozen times (because I have other pencil sharpeners in various workplaces around the house and shop).Two days ago, it just quit. I checked the batteries. Solidly in the green. Cleaned the battery ends, cleaned the unit contacts. Nothing. Bent the contacts out to give them a firmer grip. Nothing. Changed to brand-new batteries. Nothing.Tapped the bottom on the counter. It turned on--with no pencil in it. After all this, I found that (randomly) it would start with a pencil inserted, and sharpen it, but it wouldn't stop. Learned that if I tapped the bottom on the counter several times after removing the pencil, it would stop.In its favor, it makes a very nice point, even on pastel pencils, without breaking the tip. (Which was a surprise, because it has a straight-edge, not a helical, cutter.) Anyway, I pitched in the trash and ordered a more expensive sharpener with a helical cutting head. 1Cheap, horrible performance; lasted about 10-15 pencils being sharpenedCheap, horrible performance. Do NOT purchase this. Lasted about 2 weeks or (roughly) 10-15 pencils being sharpened. It has a cheap, single blade that is cheaply installed and can easily fall out of alignment. Essentially, it has inside one of those cheap, manual pencil sharpeners and the motor spins it around for you. I didn't read the reviews, still have not (I've already wasted my money and time), but it is likely others have had the same problem.We have this other sharpener and it works wonderfully. Have already sharpened 2 boxes of new pencils (24 pencils each) and still works like new: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00O1FIQ7Y/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 1A blade but not gears insideThis one is actually a modified "mini-sized manual pencil sharpener ". They install a blade inside and let it rotate when you insert a pencil. Because it's not composed of gears (which you may expect), the pencil might be stuck and rotate sometimes. And this pencil sharpener may "bite" the pencil instead of "sharpen" it. So I suggest parents to help your kids when using this sharpener. I think one of the positive point of this product is that it has a protective design. When you open the lid and clean the blade inside, this sharpener won't work even if you insert a pencil. This keeps you from cutting your finger. Due to the cheap price and cute appearance of this sharpener, I think I will keep it and give it 3 stars. If you need a more professional and durable electric pencil sharpener, I suggest you to look for other products. After all, you get what you pay for. 3Wish I could return this. Huge waste of money!This is the worst electronic pencil sharpener I've ever used. I've mostly used it with colored pencils, but have tried regular pencils as well. Basically, this is a tiny .25 cent blade pencil sharpener that's made to spin around the pencil quickly (not the same mechanical design as the typical office electronic pencil sharpeners). I does that. But, you have very little control over it - you push the pencil in & it starts to spin; it doesn't stop until you remove the pencil, regardless of the point on the pencil. About every 3rd or 4th pencil, the blades grab onto the wood & yank it out of my hand. You can't get it back out until you're able to grab the spinning pencil hard enough to pull it away from the trigger. The end result is a large gouge in the wood of the pencil and the pencil lead is broken lower in the pencil, so as soon as you put pressure on it to use the pencil, the tip breaks off well below the wood & you have to sharpen it again. To keep this from happening you must hold the pencil very firmly, which will end up wearing a blister if you're sharpening more than a few pencils at a time. It's completely ruined a new set of colored pencils. It's crap.If you get the hang of it and can get the pencils in just right, so as to barely trigger the motor and barely touch the blades, you can get a sharpened pencil. Usually they're too sharp, and the very fine tip of the lead crushes and smears when you try to write the first time. But it will work if you figure out just the right pressure. Way too much effort to sharpen pencils. 2Horrible pencil sharpenerThis pencil sharpener is horrible!! You could sharpen a pencil with a razor blade better than this sharpener. It sharpens unevenly and the lead breaks off easily. The lead even falls out because the wood around the lead isn't sharpened evenly. It doesn't make a difference what brand of pencil has been sharpened. They all turn out the same- terrible! What a waste of money, going to replace with either a Bostitch or X-acto 1Don't buy!Received this in the mail yesterday. Used today to sharpen 12 brand new unsharpened pencils for my daughter back to school supplies. Sharpened 8 just fine. The other 4 only partly sharpened but no point to even write with. I cleaned it out and kept attempting. Wouldn't sharpen, but would be citing the pencil down in size. Contacted Amazion and refunding me. 1LOVE this sharpenerHad this sharpener about 2 weeks. LOVE this sharpener! It's bigger than it looks. The size of a big apple. I read a lot of the other reviews, so I was careful when I first removed the shavings tray and it went back on for me no problem! It takes 2 seconds to re-sharpen a pencil, and as others have said just pay attention to what you are doing and stop holding your pencil in there for too long and stop jamming it in! The first time I used it, I was holding onto the device with one hand and the pencil in the other, but I wasn't really tightly holding the top of my pencil, and it ripped my pencil out of my hands and whirled it around. I quickly grabbed it and pushed down accidentally in the process and heard it make noises. I pulled it out and the second time I actually gripped the pencil more firmly at the top, like squeezed it between my fingers, and inserted the pencil in WITHOUT pressing DOWN too hard! You don't need to, I imagine it would jam up the machine if I were to push the pencil down in there. I honestly wouldn't let my 7 year old have free reign with the machine - they do everything to roughly. 7 and under, they just have no finess. Give your children hand-held twirly sharpeners to use. Just grip the pencil top between your fingers and lower it straightly into the machine lightly. It works beautifully and wonderfully and it is totally worth the $10 or so Amazon wanted for it!. 5Worked for a few months and diedSharpens pencils when it works. But like all the westcott pencil sharpners I've bought over the past year, which is five, they die quickly. Haven't had ANY last more than eight months. Such a waste of time and money. As an artist it's frustrating to be working on a piece and have to stop because the fifths pencil sharpner you've brought stopped working. Ugh 1
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