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Whirlpool Y312959 Dryer Belt

  • Whirlpool Y312959 Dryer Belt

Whirlpool Y312959 Dryer Belt

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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Customer Reviews

NOT model Y312959 - inaccurate description This item is NOT model Y312959 as it is about 1 inch shorter. I purchased the same model number from my local appliance shop and it was the correct length. I am returning this.I have replaced this belt on my dryer before about 8 years ago but could not find the vendor I bought it from, so I found this online. After struggling to put it on for an hour and taking the back panel off the dryer, I finally saw that it was too short, by 1 inch. I called a local appliance store and thank goodness had this part, which I compared to the Amazon one when I got home. Sure enough, the Amazon one was 1 inch shorter. I then installed the one from the local appliance store in less 2 minutes. 1Fixed my dryer Got my dryer back up and running in short order. These belts seemed super expensive from local sources. This price seemed a bit too good to be true, but it came quickly and was exactly what was needed.Couple of tips on installation that aren't totally obvious from online instructions. There are quite a few youtube videos that detail this repair, and for the most part they are great, but the ones I watched showed the repair being done from the front of the dryer. You do have to remove the front panel to remove the old belt and do the initial installation steps, but after putting the new belt in place, move to the back of the dryer and take off the access panel at the bottom of the back panel. This gives easy access to the motor and pulleys.Also, when you put the belt on the drum, there is a groove in the drum that you would assume the belt should be routed into, but goes outside the groove (just outside). I thought the belt would eventually work its way into the groove, but it stays put. If you the belt gets into the groove during installation, it will not fit around the motor and pulleys correctly (too much slack). 5Factory parts to keep an old Maytag humming along Restored my old dryer to health. Labeled as a maytag replacement belt on the factory packaging. It's important, imho, to buy original factory parts for these old maytags for several reasons- they are designed well, manufactured to fit and hold up over time. For the price there are few real reasons not to get a factory belt. By the way, check your rollers on the tensioner pulley and the drum for binding when you have the drum off for belt replacement. These last a LONG time, but even maytag parts eventually wear over time. 5Good belt, but installation was not-so-easy Exactly the right belt, and seems to be reasonably sturdy. The original lasted for about 40 years - I hope this one lasts as long, although I doubt that I will care by the end of that time.Installation was a bit tricky. If I followed their instructions, it would have been impossible - my hands are too fat to get into the small spaces around the lower rollers. So, instead, I installed the belt around the lower rollers first, and then put the drum back in place and worked the belt around the drum. 5Perfect replacement for Maytag! Whirlpool bought Maytag. I think my particular model is as old as the hills... but the belt finally gave out.This one slipped on with few problems. Pro tip: Hang the drum by the belt as they show in the YouTube videos, then put it into the machine. Drop the belt. OPEN THE ACCESS PANEL ON THE BACK! Take a pic of the video that clearly shows the way the belt feeds around the loop with your cell phone camera. Use the pic to make sure you thread it correctly. It takes about 30 seconds to install, pushing the tensioner pulley to the side and then slipping the belt over the idler. Also, be sure that it does -not- fall into the groove in the drum. There will be a worn area just outside that groove that indicates the correct belt position.Now, if only the glides didn't use pop-rivets! 5100" 5 groove belt for my Maytag LDE8624ACM dryer It's the right 100" 5 groove belt for my Maytag LDE8624ACM dryer! Only 1 month old (bag has mfg date). Bag is marked Whirlpool, B008YDSETE (newest #) & 00-WPY312959 (older #). Old belt (1997) markings are green stripe and "6 8129590". New belt markings are "6-3129590" "30092B12"(?) "100 0719"(?). Last two not very clear.It's rolling the drum just fine. 5Cheapest on the web, pretty fast shipping. All of a sudden my dryer stopped working. It still got hot, but the clothes were still wet. Pulled the covers off and saw the belt had snapped. Sears and Homedepot had it for about $30 shipped, so for 1/3 of what they charge this is a great piece. The rubber seemed pretty flexible, and it seems like a quality part.Just remember, while you're in there replacing the belt, remember to clean out the vent, and the inside of your dryer. A lot of lint can accumulate everywhere which is a tremendous fire hazard, so do yourself a favor and start cleaning.Also, if you need help replacing the belt, there is a great video on youtube. Just search Y312959 replacement and there are some detailed instructional videos. 5Very happy with this deal!...Save me a lot of money buying from local places!...Thanx Amazon! Very happy with this deal as it saved me a lot of money from buying from local places where I would have had to pay between $20-$25 dollars after calling around, So I jumped on Amazon's site just to see if they had it and when I seen they did I set there for a few minutes as I couldn't believe the price I was seeing!, This is the real deal factory OEM replacement part from Whirlpool/Maytag and not some cheap made belt!, So ordered it...got it in next day and within 20 minutes with just a couple tools my Maytag dryer was up and tumbling again! Thanx Whirlpool for quality replacement parts and Thanx Amazon for the great price and fast service! 5Works Great Once Installed Properly We'd read all the other unhappy stories about people not installing theirs properly so we tried to be incredibly careful about how we put ours on. Even so, we somehow didn't get the belt to wrap properly around the drum - it slipped into a groove on the drum and began making odd noises. We thought the belt was faulty, but we pulled everything out and reseated the belt so it was fully on the flat surface of the drum. Once we did, everything worked perfectly. The dryer works like a charm again.I find it really odd that there's no channel for the belt to sit in. I would think that would ensure it ran at the exact ideal angle for the machinery. But, for whatever reason, it needs to be out on the main part of the drum to work properly. I hope that might help some of the other people who run into problems with these. Try looking at where on the drum you have the belt running, and see if that needs adjustments.Well recommended. 5Plan on replacing the blower wheel, belt, and idler pulley, all at the same time. Saves you from taking it all apart again. This application seems to be the only place where everyone says that you don't need to replace the belt.Basically, if the belt falls out of your machine and is lying on the floor, dead, you may actually need to replace the belt.I don't care, I did it anyway, since the belt is cheap and I had to take the machine apart 4 times, trying to find my problem.My final solution was to replace the blower wheel for a noisy dryer. After 23 years, the BLOWER WHEEL NEEDS TO BE REPLACED!You'll see why when you look at the cheap plastic fitting on the metal shaft, that wears down to a perfectly round hole and doesn't fit right anymore.Pay attention to where the belt sits on the drum and which side is against the drum. It is a bit tricky getting it back on. Check out YT for a video.You probably want to just buy the blower wheel, belt, and idler pulley, all at the same time. I replaced all three.Amazing how, after 23 years, I spent less than 30 dollars to repair my Maytag dryer that gets used every week and still keeps going.Too bad you can't buy that quality any more. 5
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