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Wilton Medium Donut Pan, 12-Cavity

  • Wilton Medium Donut Pan, 12-Cavity
  • Wilton Medium Donut Pan, 12-Cavity
  • Wilton Medium Donut Pan, 12-Cavity
  • Wilton Medium Donut Pan, 12-Cavity
  • Wilton Medium Donut Pan, 12-Cavity
  • Wilton Medium Donut Pan, 12-Cavity
  • Wilton Medium Donut Pan, 12-Cavity

Wilton Medium Donut Pan, 12-Cavity

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Pan bakes a dozen donuts
  • Non-stick for easy-release and quick clean up
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Top off treats
  • match your unique party decor
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Customer Reviews

A doughnut nut, here! Works great! I am not a baker, but I made a nice selection of donuts with this. Pickup two and do yourself a favor, you will get sick of sticking the one pan in and waiting for it before you can fill it again.It comes with some recipes for doughnuts, as well as super quick icing. Worked great and everything tasted great. I actually used the recipe that came with and modified that with a cinnamon bun recipe and ended up with really good slightly cinnamon-ny doughnuts that were delicious.I also didn't have much problems with items sticking to the pan. As long as you spray it you are fine. Towards the end when I wanted to get done, I skipped spraying it and ended up with a few sticking but that was my own fault! 5Love this pan! Works beautifully for all types of cake donuts. Love this pan. I would also recommend buying two (or more). For the majority of baked donut recipes, estimate that ~2 regular donuts = 12 mini donuts and you should be set. I did not realize that a nonstick metal pan required regular maintenance in the form of greasing the pan regularly. Seems obvious now, but most of my cooking items prior to this were silicone trays. For a metal pan like this, I have found that greasing the cavities really well (coconut or extra virgin olive oil) at the start of each day's donuts will last you through multiple batches. For cake donuts, grease the pan once it is warm or you may have donut crumbs instead of donuts half way through.Other notes:* Transferring the batter into a ziplock bag and cutting the corner is a quick way to fill the molds without making a mess.* Depending on the type of donut batter being used and the fill level of the mold, the end product may bake more bundt-like (flat-tops when baking) or springy, perfectly-round donut forms.* If using fruits/berries, cut them into very small pieces to fit the molds! I made blueberry lemon mini donuts and found I needed to cut the frozen blueberries into quarters so that the batter could properly squeeze around the pieces.* Baking times can vary wildly depending on the batter. For the most part, 350F-450F with thick batter, 3/4-filled molds and the donuts will be done within 6-12min. It's quick so you have to be committed to be near the oven for a bit. 5Great for more than just donuts Pan works great, mostly Non-Stick as advertised but it helps to add a little spray. I personally do not like how the donuts taste when baked and have transformed this pan into a brownie/cookie pan and for that it is great. I would suggest this to anyone who already knows whether or not they liked donuts baked and anyone who likes cookies and brownies. Not only does it offer a different shape/way to eat brownies and cookies but they come out different than in normal pans. They typically come out very moist on the bottom with a flat crispy top almost like a flat shell. 5Teeny-tiny I'll admit, I should have paid closer attention to the dimensions, but these are not just mini, they are tiny. Like, teeny-tiny doll sized donuts. I was very surprised when I saw how small this pan was. Definitly will not be worth the time since you'd have to make like 4 dozen. I will be returning. 1Mini doughnut pan wow this is Mini for sure, but oh so cute. I do like it...who needs big doughnuts anyway. These are a little smaller than those rolls of doughnut you can buy at the store (the powder and chocolate type..you know) but this little pan works very well. Next time I will read the description better and will get the regular size doughnut pan. Seriously though, this is a good pan and I do recommend it to those who want a small doughnut. Oh and Happy New Year 5which is just what they are and perfect for our tea time I bought these for our poetry teatime in our homeschool. My four year old daughter kept begging for donuts. I knew these were small, which is what I wanted. I bought them intending for them to be a small snack and bite size, which is just what they are and perfect for our tea time! I wish the pan itself was bigger though. The recipes included require you to make multiple batches in one pan. While they bake very quickly, waiting for them to cool to start the next batch leaves me chained in the kitchen. The pan is about half the size of a normal baking sheet. You could easily fit two of them in the oven on the same rack and save yourself some time.Besides wishing it was 24-cavity instead of 12, this is exactly what I wanted and works wonderfully. 4Hit & Miss You get what you pay for.Had a notion to bake mini donuts and purchased 2 of these as the price was within my budget. I knew at purchase that these were Wilton brand pans which can be kind of hit & miss. These are small and make REALLY small mini donuts. For a regular size recipe, I'd say purchase 4 of them. As I don't own mini tools, these were difficult to fill, so I put the batter in a piping bag and cut a very small hole. I also baked the pans on a cookie sheet because I wasn't convinced that these featherweights could handle the heat on their own. Released easily and clean up was quick. I donated them to a friends yard sale since I wouldn't be using them again. 3Smaller than I thought but still awesome. I used a white cake box mix thing ... Smaller than I thought but still awesome. I used a white cake box mix thing with 1 egg, 1 cup of water and 1/4 cup oil. I sprayed the pan with some Pam and cooked at 350 for 7 min. 5... way too tiny- slightly larger than a donut hole- waste of effort cooking them i expected mini donuts but these were way too tiny- slightly larger than a donut hole- waste of effort cooking them. it also doesn't retain a donut shape at the top after baking 2Way too time consuming This pan is way smaller than I expected. My daughter has recently been diagnosed with wheat and dairy allergy. so to ease her cravings and my own we bake a lot. We like the idea of minis so she doesn't get too much sugar and I can portion control. But these were simply just hard to make and sooo time consuming. I made one batch of a recipe I found on Pinterest n they tasted great but of course the stuck to the pan whether we sprayed the pan or not. And 1 batch had to go into the oven more than 5 times to finish the batter. And in between each bake I had to clean the pan Bc of what was left behind with the previous bake. So baking fr 10 minutes. Cleaning n drying for 1 or 2. Spraying. Repiping the batter 5 times! I gave up. I had other things to do that morning. With at least 2 batches of batter left. They could have at least made it a 24 hole pan.we ate these bad boys quicker than we could make them. Lol. I'm returning 1
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