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Wiztem Cookbook Book Stand (Bookstand/Bookstands/Holder/Music) (Jasmine)

  • Wiztem Cookbook Book Stand (Bookstand/Bookstands/Holder/Music) (Jasmine)
  • Wiztem Cookbook Book Stand (Bookstand/Bookstands/Holder/Music) (Jasmine)
  • Wiztem Cookbook Book Stand (Bookstand/Bookstands/Holder/Music) (Jasmine)
  • Wiztem Cookbook Book Stand (Bookstand/Bookstands/Holder/Music) (Jasmine)
  • Wiztem Cookbook Book Stand (Bookstand/Bookstands/Holder/Music) (Jasmine)
  • Wiztem Cookbook Book Stand (Bookstand/Bookstands/Holder/Music) (Jasmine)
  • Wiztem Cookbook Book Stand (Bookstand/Bookstands/Holder/Music) (Jasmine)
  • Wiztem Cookbook Book Stand (Bookstand/Bookstands/Holder/Music) (Jasmine)
  • Wiztem Cookbook Book Stand (Bookstand/Bookstands/Holder/Music) (Jasmine)

Wiztem Cookbook Book Stand (Bookstand/Bookstands/Holder/Music) (Jasmine)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Eye -Level Reading Provides Maximum Comfort
  • Promotes Proper Posture For Better Spinal Health
  • Large Size For Better Hold & Stability
  • Heavy Duty To Withstand Even The Bulkiest Books
  • Patented 2-Way Adjustment (Height & Degree)
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Customer Reviews

Med student's NECK pain is gone!Currently as a medical student, I am constantly looking down at my books. Either that or I'm looking at my computer screen and the CONSTANT motion of looking down and up for years caused neck pain and has finally driven me to purchase this book stand! I wanted one that was sturdy enough to bear the weight of my extremely heavy textbooks. Also the WIDTH of the book stand was important. I do not like it when the edges of my binders/textbooks are hanging off the edge causing them to be prone to tipping over. I know this book stand might be on the higher end but if you are a dedicated student or in other hobbies/professions that may require you to look down, I highly praise this bookstand. It has been saving my neck for the past 2 months and I am so glad I bit the bullet on the cost. I purchased the Freesia 19.69 stand to accomodate my binders/texts and I do not regret this purchase at all. I've had my med school friends even ask me about it. The bookstand itself is lightweight yet it doesn't feel flimsy even with a heavy book. The versatile view also help me when I want to switch up view modes. Sometimes I need to write notes or ipad and the lower elevation helps. When I'm writing for hours (8-10 hours), even the littlest elevation helps! The most help has been using it to stand right next to my computer as I look at notes and type simultaneously. I can't rave about this enough. I hope you decide to bite the bullet and buy this as well. It's saved my neck pain! 5Nice Stand, Good Size for a MagazineMy primary reason for getting the Rosemary size was to read magazines, which tend to be around 10 to 11" high. Although the stand is not designed for magazines, it works well for that purpose. The hinges to the lip protrude slightly (1 or 2 mm), enough to prevent a magazine from resting squarely on the lip, but this actually gives the pages more space to turn, as the magazine is raised 1mm or so above the lip. Books are unaffected by the hinges. You can open two thesaurus-sized books side-by-side, or one dictionary-sized book. In the latter case the middle arms can hold the pages down. I am not giving five stars because it feels like faux wood, and the base is plastic. I've got a feeling that a good nick will reveal the material underlying the veneer (not even sure that's real, but it looks real). Brand new, however, it looks quite nice, and the relatively light weight is actually convenient (the weight is all in the plastic base). 4Excellent StandI am pleasantly surprised how well this stand works. I was skeptical even after reading all the reviews because I've had wimpy stands before that couldn't cope with the weight of a stack of papers or big text. I'm posting this in case you're one of those people with similar concerns so you won't have to spend as much time as I did trying to decide which stand to order. I purchased the 15" wide and it holds a 4" binder full of papers very securely--even with the binder cover as shown. The lip is deep enough that the little arms aren't necessary if you're reading. It's stable enough to make notes on the pages. What you see in the image is the highest angle it goes. This size is larger than you'd need for an iPad stand, but it's perfect for big texts. It's so nice not to get the neck cramp from bending over a flat desk reading. 5Useful for the very core of your workloadI originally bought this and the added top book holder from Wiztem when I needed to do enter in a lot of text verbatim from a textbook for a course build. I found I needed something where my head did not move at all or else I would lose my place in the long passages. So a textbook on the desk beside me was just not working. that project is now finished up, but I am still enjoying my bookstand combo.It is just the right combination of lightweight but sturdy. I even bring mine forward until the front lip hangs over the front edge of the desk which brings it into an ideal position for my Wacom Cintiq Companion pen tablet. Even with the edge being over the front of the desk, it is sturdy feeling. I tip the bottom ledge up and move one clip off to the side so my arm can rest there comfortably. I create scientific illustrations which can take 6 to 8 hours to complete, so I need a set up that is comfortable.Photo - the blank area in the top tier is where I place my iPad. I was using it to take the photos. 5Good for books, but not TEXTbooks. Consider buying ones you can put side-to-sideAs a medical student, I found it difficult to place four (text)books all at once. Don't get me wrong, these look great compared to others I have tried, that look more like fancy plate holders. This would probably be best suited for smaller AND lighter books, but definitely not Robbins, Harrison's, Cecil's, or even two copies of First Aid. All are printed on 8"x11" paper, but these book holders are not long enough to hold two hardcover books without considerable overlap, and don't even try to fit two non-hardcover textbooks on this (like First Aid or Goljan's Rapid Review Pathology), unless you put these side-to-side.Also, attaching the smaller holder to the larger one on the top doesn't seem like a good idea as the design is not suitable to hold moderate sized books without considerable bending of the plastic and the wood!All that said, I'm going to buy a one (or two) more of the smaller book holders and just place them side to side across my desks. Like I said, these are the best book holders I've seen that do not cost a fortune AND do not look (or act) like cheap plate holders. 4A must have for frequent readers of heavy booksI don't normally take the time to leave reviews for items, but this one is such a life saver that I feel the need to share. Every student should have one of these. Period. It takes all of the strain out of reading large books. There is no more hunching over a desk or trying to hold a heavy book at a comfortable angle. I've tested it at both ends of its range of standing angles and it is perfectly stable across the board.I also tested its stability with the plus attachment and my text book on the top part. For that, the steepest (most vertical) setting does not work because it causes the attachment to actually be pitched forward. However, with the angle of the main piece being set such that the attachment is not more than vertical, it is completely stable. I was nicely surprised to find that the plus attachment can be used as a stand-alone book stand. Buying the stand and attachment together basically gives you a second book stand for $20.As far as the construction and hardware are concerned, it is lightweight, but not to the point of feeling cheap. The little arms that hold pages down have a nice amount of pressure, enough to hold an 800+ page paperback textbook vertically, but not so much that they are in danger of marking the pages. The stand is a thick plastic that is solidly attached to the face. The stand itself is made of a wood veneer, but it looks very nice.One thing that I found to be odd, and probably what caused other customers to say that it is unstable, is the way the stand works. The plastic part of the stand has small rubber grips on one side that very much makes it look as though it is meant to be the part that is in contact with the desk. In addition, there are grooves on the side opposite of the rubber that look like they are meant to be resting places for the stand's face. While it can be used in this configuration, it has a narrow range of usable angles and is not very stable at all. Instead, I recommend setting it up such that the stand forms an upside down "U" with respect to the desk and the "bottom" of the stand is facing away from the stand itself. To get a visual of what I mean, take a look at the images provided by the seller and find the one that shows the the stand in three configurations with the stand circled in blue. The top right configuration is what appears to be the "correct" way to set it up and is completely unstable. The top left configuration is the way that I use it. If you look at the image titled , you can see both the unstable configuration and a series of ridges on the stand's arm. When the stand is set up in the way that I recommend, each one of those grooves represents a usable stand angle and it really is stable at every one of them. Once I worked that out, I had no trouble with the stand at all. 5Good product but hardware is lacking.This product is great, but the hardware used in its construction is poor. I had to replace the two screws that mount the metal arms to the stand. They stripped from the wood after about a year. I replaced them with some Ikea hardware, it appears to have done the trick. I also found the non-slip bottom to be insufficient for taking notes on a book, it would slide about; so I added some carpet tape and everything stays in place now no matter what the pressure. 3Works great as a dictionary stand!!We are using this stand to hold our full-size 2096 page Oxford American Dictionary. It is working very well for this purpose.The dictionary is too big and heavy for my young writers to carry and use. Having the dictionary accessible to them, has not only encouraged them to use it when needed, but it has inspired them to explore the dictionary itself.The base is secure. We have it on top of a bookshelf, in a central location of our home (homeschool). The bookshelf contains other language reference books: thesaurus, rhyming dictionary, synonym finder... and a smaller portable dictionary.This stand is exactly what I was looking for! 5Helps my productivity, looks greatI love this thing, it's really good in a multipurpose way;I can have two textbooks on it at the same time and still have room. This is great because I can put a textbook on the bottom left, answer key on the top, and a tablet on the bottom right. I can do problems, check them, and type them in all on the same setup.I can organize important papers that I have to reference later, as well as my medications. When I'm not using this stand for school it helps me keep my room area organized with all of the things that I keep around (I'm a bit of a hoarder who loves to mess with new things).I can detach the stand and put it on my bed for when I want to do work.Overall this thing is expensive as hell and I really had to debate for a while before buying it. $70 for a book stand seems absurd but I figured I could always return it if I didn't like it. I previously had to convince myself that the $45 for the rosemary book stand was worth it and it ended up helping me with organic chemistry so I bit the bullet and got it to try.I have a rule for new purchases; buy things with a good return policy, keep track of how much and how consistently I use it, and then re-evaluate the cost/benefit to me. I've used this thing pretty much every day so I decided it was well worth the money. As a present I bought the smaller jasmine plus stand for my little brother and he loves it too. If you're on the fence think about getting one of the less expensive models, but this brand (Wiztem) makes the best build quality stands from my experience.For anyone on the fence,$70 for a book stand definitely seems absurd but this thing is definitely worth a shot. 5Quality Bookstands Aren't Cheap -- Love this One!If you want a stable, well-built quality book stand then you're going to have to pay a little more than you might expect. This stand is very stable and well made. I got my "Lilac" small book stand for $26 plus the delivery costs. That was a fair price. I plan to use it for both books and as a stand to hold a small, portable multi-band radio (Sony ICF-2010). It works very well at both of these tasks. Much nicer and far more sturdy than a cheap lucite or plastic stand.Only suggestion I might add is that I would like to see the option of ordering this "wood" book stand with real hardwoods (cedar, maple or oak) rather than vinyl-ized press board (MFB). The heavy weight of the press board material adds stability to the stand but hard wood would add to the life of this stand. Many buyers would probably be willing to pay a little more for these well-made stands if they had the option of ordering them in hard woods in addition to the current press board material. The lighter weight of genuine hard woods could be compensated by making the base of the stand a bit heavier.Bottom line.... you won't be disappointed in this book stand. Spend the money (once) and enjoy it for many years to come. 5
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