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Yosemite Home Decor JK101-11DB 2-Light Flush Mount with Marble Glass Shade, Dark Brown, 11-Inch

  • Yosemite Home Decor JK101-11DB 2-Light Flush Mount with Marble Glass Shade, Dark Brown, 11-Inch

Yosemite Home Decor JK101-11DB 2-Light Flush Mount with Marble Glass Shade, Dark Brown, 11-Inch

£132.00 £80.00 Save: £52.00
£80.00 £132.00 You save: £52.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Requires 2 medium base 60-watt incandescent bulbs, can substitute CFL or LED bulbs (not included)
  • Made out of steel with dark brown frame and marble glass shade
  • Mounting bracket included for easy installation
  • UL-rated for damp locations
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Customer Reviews

Beautiful Fixture at an Exceptional Price!This is a really nice looking fixture and the price can't be beat! I'm going to include some installation tips from my perspective since there seem to be some complaints in that area due to the instructions. First of all, I've installed fixtures before AND I had read the other reviews before purchase so I didn't bother with the instructions. In my opinion, it's pretty straightforward anyway. Before you get started, have a pair of light work gloves handy since you'll have your hands in the fixture's insulation...trust me on this one! If I recall correctly, the mounting screws for the fixture were already in place in the bracket, so don't remove them - just check them to make sure they're screwed in far enough to be secure Next, install the mounting bracket, which should be quick and simple if you're replacing an existing fixture (which I was). Then, wearing gloves, I separated the insulation to make two holes through the fixture where the screws would need to come through. That visibility allowed me to line up the light perfectly so I could connect the wiring without worrying about having to twist the fixture into place and, hence, your wiring in the process. This also allows better access to tighten those screws up after your wires are connected and you slide the light into place. Once I got the screws nice and tight, I plugged the larger part of the hole where the screw head went through before adjustment, thus avoiding the possibility of the light being shifted in the future during a bulb change, etc. I actually just used smaller wire nuts to plug the holes and taped over only them with electrical tape to keep them in place. I hope this makes sense! I felt that this made the whole fixture more secure since it is the only means for keeping the fixture in place. Last, just screw in the threaded rod to attach the globe and adjust it as necessary. FYI, the rod does NOT screw through the fixture and into the mounting bracket - it is solely for attaching the globe - this is one area where I felt the design could have been improved. Overall, this took me about twenty minutes alone and it may have been faster if I'd had someone to help hold the fixture while I connected the wiring. The light is very attractive and the price is excellent considering the high quality, so I'd hate to see someone pass on it because of unclear instructions. I highly recommend you give this beautiful light a chance!5cheap and relatively easy for a homeowner to installMASS SAVE, a state agency which help reduce our electrical costs, gave me a couple hall lights with "2D" fluorescents. One burned out and I couldn't replace it, so I looked for something lower tech and not to expensive. I got these and was satisfied. Cheaper than most other conventional light fixtures listed on line, and relatively easy to install , even for a homeowner who hasn't done electrical work in decades. I would say the whole operation took me about an hour for two lights. The hardest part of installation is getting the screws through the top of the unit so it can be mounted--not so easy on a ladder working blind above your head. I also thought the nuts provided to make the electrical connections should have been the next size up because you're joining three wires (I used the old ones.) And by the way, I used 60 watt rated miniature fluorescents, so I still am able, I think, to have the energy savings I was looking for with a conventional screw in fixture. P.S. Those 2D bulbs are murder to change out!4Pain to install, cheap hardwareLooks good but the the hardware included is not enough to install it for most cases. They want you to attach two screws to the bracket and put them through the holes on the base and tighten them up. The problem is, it's very hard to put them through because of the 1" thick insulation. I managed that but then I couldn't tighten the screws because the metal box had lips around screw holes so it prevented long screws to go any further so the base stayed a half inch away from the ceilibg. Then i decided not to use the screws but reverse the nipple rod. Ofcourse the rod wasn't long enough to hold the glass. I had to spend $4 more to get 6" nipple to install it. If they skipped the screws and supplied a long rod, it would've been a 5 min installation.I do not recommend this.2Cheap But Looks ClassyFor the price (~$12.00), this is a very nice looking light fixture. The brushed satin finish is very clean looking and the frosted glass light diffuser has a classy "swirled glass" appearance. It accepts 2 standard bulbs...your choice of incandescent, fluorescent or (my choice) LED bulbs. I'm using 25W equivalent bulbs because this fixture illuminates a lot of light. I am very happy with this light fixture.Don't let the negative reviews deter you because installation is quite easy. Sure, the instructions are lacking but not really necessary. It attaches with no more than 4 (included) screws to a standard light fixture junction box. Normally, I would use only 2 screws directly to the junction box but, the included screws were not long enough to reach my slightly recessed box. I had to attach the included mounting bar to my junction box and then (minimally) insert 2 screws to the mounting bar, then line up & push light fixture onto screw heads and tighten screws to hold light fixture against ceiling. Finally, screw in center cylindrical screw and secure glass light diffuser with nippleThe only thing I didn't like about the installation was the screws weren't really long enough...Even though the screws are just long enough (from mounting bar) to attach light fixture, it would have been easier with longer screws to align and secure light fixture to ceiling. Also, longer screws may have been long enough to attach directly to junction box.5Do not recommend!I wanted to give an honest review on this ceiling light and gave it a go for 2 years. This is the most poor quality light fixture that i've ever installed in my life. This does look nice but to install this was a pain. After hooking this up to the ceiling which was surpisingly the easy part you have to stall the dome. Now with the dome there is no locking screw to keep it in place when installing the bolt. So when you're tightening the screw everything becomes loose. All though this fixture does look nice I personally would not recommend this to anyone. The worst part is that this ceiling fixture is not rust proof and every piece on this is getting dots of rust. This is not in a damp area. As the saying goes you get what you pay for.1Elegant but neutral. Very pleased with this! Bought to replace the light in our nursery as we are moving and needed something more 'neutral' instead of the fun light we did have up. It matches the chrome accessories in the room nicely. Pretty simple to put up. My dad did it in 15 minutes. Works nicely. We do have a dimmer switch, and it is not dimming much, but that could be my dad installed different bulbs; not sure.For the price especially, I am pleased! I think it looks more elegant than some globe lights in our kitchen currently. More updated of a look. 5Liked them once they were installed***Updated review @ the bottom***I have yet to install this fixture (& I know it could potentially pose some issues & take a bit of time according to many other reviews). But for now, I rate this as a 3 out of 5 stars because the color of the fixture is NOWHERE near the example online or remotely close to a dark brown (picture to follow). I think I will just paint it dark brown with a spray paint I have kicking around, though it's something I should not have to do, it should have been the right color to begin with. Anyway, I will see how the installation goes & take a picture or 2 when I finally have the time. I did order 2 of the satin nickel ones; maybe those will come in right?********Update: So the brown color seemed disappointing at first, but once it was installed it actually looked darker. I also installed 2 satin nickel ones in my hall & they look great. The first light was a challenge but after it was figured out the other 2 went much faster. I did just purchase 2 more of these for the last rooms that need replacing. For the price, you can't beat it.4bad fitthis is a beautiful light--- but globe will not fit fixture and the down rod is more then a inch short very disappointed in the quality control shown this item the instructions were next to useless hoping lowes can cut a threaded rod at least to fit the globe=== more then 4 days later still trying to get the globe and rod to fit on the rim straight if can't fix im buying a new light but surely not the same brand very disgusted with this light2Beautiful! Needed a little change in my room, and this was exactly what did it.Two small things to keep a note of:1) the two bolts provided are way to small and it would have been extremely difficult to try to use them to hold the main plate to the ceiling, so i used the ones I had from the previous light. People that are doing a new install might run into this issue.2)The directions looked quite confusing, I just threw it away and am glad I did. Took me about 15 minutes to do it.Overall a great looking product for an amazing price. 5Great product, and I don't even have to add "for the price" because these should cost more.I was initially hesitant to buy this after seeing what some of the reviewers were saying, but I made the purchase and am happy I did. While the installation was a bit horrendous, the product looks great and pairs nicely with the $50 sets we already had. While I can definitely tell you which of the lights is higher quality when directly comparing them, I wouldn't even notice otherwise. The only tell-tale signs are that the more expensive lights have design features that seem intentionally difficult to produce (although not directly lending to the overall aesthetic qualities) and the finish is a bit softer. The marble dome is nearly identical.Since other reviewers noted problems with the installation, and that was the most aggravating portion for me, I'll speak to some of the problems I had. I've installed my fair share of these things and I can tell you, this was the most unnecessarily aggravating one for me. I received the correct parts: I had all the bolts (two for the frame and two for base attachment), I had the bracket, I had the post and finial and I had the instructions - I set about to installing it. The only thing of value in the instructions was the diagram of the unit, and I only referred to that after questioning my installation, as outlined below. I'd recommend not even trying to read them - they will only confuse you.I took down my old unit, and started with the bracket installation. I realized that because of the shape of my housing, I wouldn't have the luxury of using all four bolts. I would need to use the longer ones to secure the bracket to the housing. This is where the "unnecessary" aggravation comes in. The bolts provided were just barely long enough, but it took me a long time to get that realization. At first, I did what I would normally do. I attached the bolts with only enough thread to keep it secured and went to attach the base plate. It's the keyhole type where you have to push the heads of the bolt or screw through an opening and then twist it to secure it in place. This needed to be done with both bolts.I tried a couple times and failed, not seeing the bolt at all. "Are they too short," I thought. I stuck a screwdriver through the opening of one of the keyholes, having to pull back insulation (I should have worn gloves), and guided it to the screw, all the while pushing the base plate up as well. I looked and saw that there was a significant gap between the top of the base and the head of the bolt. I backed the screw out as much as I felt comfortable and tried again.I can't saw how many times I did that until I finally moved the bolts to where they were almost literally hanging by a thread. I managed to get the base plate to the head of the bolt only to have the bolt drop off. I did this for, gosh, oh-so long before I was finally able to guide both of them through enough and still keep them attached to screw them in and secure everything. I feel like all of that could have been avoided by as little as 3mm of extra bolt. Gosh.So, while I wish they had slightly longer bolts, and that the insulation could have been secured to the base a little better, the product itself looks great after being installed and we've had no problems with it whatsoever. I'll likely buy more of these for upstairs (albeit I'll be throwing in a bag of bolts too).4Not satisfied & would NOT recommendI'm very mechanical minded but I had one heck of a frustrating time installing this light. If you don't read the rest of this review, then read this... If you are not good at figuring out mechanical things, or how things go together, then pass on this. Just trying to save some of you some serious aggravation.To it's credit, it's a nice looking ceiling light. We purchased this light to complement other fixtures in our MCM home. The styling is spot on for our era of ceiling fixtures.Now to the not so good. Much has already been written on the bad instructions (pictures of a six different lights and then you have to decide which light is represented by the photos). Problem is, none of the photos match this dual socket light.Anyone who's installed light fixtures knows that space is tight in the average electrical box. So why such a primitive design with two sets of wires for each socket. Why not one set of wires that feeds the dual sockets?The thick fiberglass insulation is another huge issue. Imagine blindly trying to find a small bolt head in a thick slab of fiberglass insulation. That's what you will be working with to install this fixture. The mounting bolts come already installed on the crossbar. After attaching the crossbar to the electrical box, one has to get those mounting bolts through the thick insulation, which is attached to the back side of the light fixture (called "ceiling pan") in the instructions. Now here's the tricky and dangerous part; The light fixture/ceiling pan has two slots, one for each mounting bolts--larger on the ends so the mounting bolt heads can slide in. These slots are located on either side of the center stem base. To lock the fixture into place, you have to turn the entire fixture which moves the slots from the larger opening for the bolt heads to the narrower portion of the slots (hopefully that all makes sense). Now keep in mind you have wires (two sets--for each socket in the electrical box that could potentially get twisted, disconnected, crossed etc during this turning maneuver). In the interest of safety, once I make an electrical connection, I would feel a lot better/safer NOT twisting my meticulous placed connections into who knows what position. I don't care for this type of installation process in anything having to do with live electrical wires.And getting back to those slots, while tightening the mounting bolts, to secure the fixture to the ceiling, the thin metal gave way and the bolt heads went behind the fixture/ceiling pan and into that thick fiberglass. I had to use two fender washers above the slots so there was tension to hold the fixture in place. In order to get the washers on the bolt heads, I had to twist off the fixture and start the installation process all over again.And back to the build quality, the thin metal makes it feel cheaply made. Coupled with the dual sets of wires, the potential to come in contact with, or become disconnected due to the location of the mounting bolts, twisting action to install the fixture on the ceiling, this will be coming down in short order.I'll be on the hunt for another ceiling fixture with a safer and better mounting system.2Had to break it to make it work This dome light is unlike any other ive ever installed. The central rod does not go thru the ceiling pan to attach to the cross bar. They want you to magically find the holes in the cross bar and run the screws thru the pan. Next to impossible. So i ripped out the center of the pan and went down to the hardware store to get a longer threaded rod, nut, and washer. Works and looks great but yeah the instructions are toilet paper. You better have a least an inch of experience before trying this one. 3Terrible installation instructions, good looking light fixtureChanging out a ceiling fixture should only take about 10 minutes...this took considerably longer because the directions seem to be a generic catchall used for multiple models. There are two screws that the housing is supposed to lock on to from the junction box...unfortunately, there are two reasons this won't work (at least on the dark brown model):1) There are no notches for the screws to lock into2) Even if the housing had notches, the insulation would prevent it.Essentially, this mounts using only the center bolt that the bowl is also secured to. If I had simply ignored the directions, this would have been a 5 minute install.It would be better had they had two pre-drilled holes so the fixture could be secured to the junction box so the center bolt isn't doing all of the work (securing the fixture to the ceiling and holding the bowl up)...that's how many of these mount...you know, keeps it all universal and stuff.It's a good looking fixture, however, and is a good price. Added bonus: it accepts two standard size bulbs. You can actually light a bedroom with it!4
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