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Z-Edge Super Bright Stick on Anywhere Motion Activated Sensor 360 Degree Rotation Wall light (L2)

  • Z-Edge Super Bright Stick on Anywhere Motion Activated Sensor 360 Degree Rotation Wall light (L2)
  • Z-Edge Super Bright Stick on Anywhere Motion Activated Sensor 360 Degree Rotation Wall light (L2)
  • Z-Edge Super Bright Stick on Anywhere Motion Activated Sensor 360 Degree Rotation Wall light (L2)
  • Z-Edge Super Bright Stick on Anywhere Motion Activated Sensor 360 Degree Rotation Wall light (L2)
  • Z-Edge Super Bright Stick on Anywhere Motion Activated Sensor 360 Degree Rotation Wall light (L2)
  • Z-Edge Super Bright Stick on Anywhere Motion Activated Sensor 360 Degree Rotation Wall light (L2)
  • Z-Edge Super Bright Stick on Anywhere Motion Activated Sensor 360 Degree Rotation Wall light (L2)
  • Z-Edge Super Bright Stick on Anywhere Motion Activated Sensor 360 Degree Rotation Wall light (L2)

Z-Edge Super Bright Stick on Anywhere Motion Activated Sensor 360 Degree Rotation Wall light (L2)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • MOTION SENSING: Monitors within a 5 meter range - when motion is detected light automatically switches on - turns off after 15 secs without further movement
  • BATTERY OPERATED: 4 X AA batteries required (not included) - no wiring required for installation - typically 1,000 cycles from 4 batteries
  • SETUP IN MINS: Fit to any wall or furniture with either double-sided adhesive or mounting screws (both included)
  • HIGHLY EFFICIENT: Features new white LED technology - power saving, super long life, emits light more evenly minimizing eye damage, kinder to the environment and suitable for all kinds of locations
  • BUY FROM US: Our customer support team are ready to respond to you within 24 hours. This product is supported by a 30 day money back guarantee, 12 month warranty replacement and lifetime support
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Customer Reviews

Better than expected for the money.A very nice wall sconce for the money.- Brighter than expected, which I'm happy about, and yet not blinding. The light from the LEDs are softened nicely by the front plate.- Easy to mount. Comes with both screws and double sided tape; your choice to mount with.- Looks real nice; well constructed, not cheap.- Works just fine on rechargeable NiMH batteries.I installed it onto the wall of a small hallway closet, about shoulder height, opposite of the shelves. It's plenty bright to clearly see what's on the shelves, and the bottom LEDs light up what's stored on the floor. Works very well for our needs. We're happy with it. (Sure beat trying to wire in a light into a small closet with nowhere to put a switch!) 5Updated review 20172/10/17 - I use it to light a small, but dark doorway, but it worked for less than a month. In that time, I was thrilled to see it come on as I walked in, but then the motion sensor mode stopped working completely. It does a weird cycle of coming ON, then shuts OFF after 1 second, then comes back ON again after 1 second, repeatedly, even with no motion at all. I tested it by turning off all the lights in the house, I went around the corner to make sure no movement is sensed, but the light still shuts on and off and on and off. It will do this all night. It also does it during the day, with lots of light around, on and off and on and off.Im aggravated because i loved this light, but now its broken. I need a replacement but am unwilling to pay 14 again for it to do the same thing.2/25/17 update: i received a new unit. It behaved the same as my old one which lead me to believe that it must be the batteries. I thought i had new batteries but it turned out that it was not new and may have been drained. So i bought a new set of batteries, and now it works perfect again. The light works on motion sensor, it is bright enough, and im happy again. If your light started to do a weird "on and off" routine, its the batteries. Change it out and it will be good again.P.S. i have to say that the customer service for this product was 5 stars to begin with. When they saw i was dissatisfied, they wanted to make it right and sent me a new unit. Very very happy and satisfied now. Thank you. 5Fantastic Lighting Solution!These lights are absolutely great! We have only been using them a week, so I can't attest to the longevity, but they have made our lives so much safer in a simple, easy way. We just moved into a new (to us) home with a very dark split level stairway with no available outlets for lighting. A wiring job would have to be done. It was very difficult to go up and down them at night. I looked at multiple lights of this type on Amazon and chose to buy 2 of these for both sets of 7 stairs. My husband mounted them (with the included hardware) halfway up both stairs. They come on as soon as we approach the steps, fully light the steps and go off in 15 seconds as long as there is no motion. And only if it is dark. They don't come on when it is full daylight, although they do come on when it is low light before full daylight. I smile every time I go up or down the stairs at night when these lights come one. They are an inexpensive, attractive solution and work perfectly. 5Perfect for dark placesWe have these all over our house where there's no electric light. Sleek-looking and easy to install. They are on several times a day and most have been a good year on the same batteries. I wish I could find similar ones rated for outdoors. 5Good feature set for the price; some quirks and absent featuresReally nice light diffusion and color .... not as harsh and glaring as I've come to expect from LED lighting. Sensitive to motion and easy to mount.But there are some aspects that would be unacceptable in a more expensive light. For instance, the sensor is said to be sensitive to motion and warmth. Not so... it's sensitive to motion only. ... once it's tripped by motion, holding a foot or hand steady within ten inches will not keep it from turning off. If you move even slightly it will stay on.The sensitivity to motion is not adjustable. Neither is the length of the lighting cycle. Nor is the sensitivity to light. [Oddly, once it triggers in a dark room, it stays on if you turn on the room lights. Just 15 seconds or so, but weird.]Batteries seem to last a reasonable time. I use rechargeable Eneloop batteries and they last about 4-6 weeks when the light is used as a bathroom nightlight. As the batteries drain, the length of time the light stays on grows shorter and shorter.... when they're nearly dead the light stays on, dimly.These are quirks I think are acceptable at this price point, but you should know about them before buying.Looks are subjective but this guy "punches above its weight".... looks more expensive than it is. 5Love this. I used the provided stick'm tabs to ...Love this. I used the provided stick'm tabs to adhere it to a wall that is directly across from the door from our garage into the house.. So, when I open the door, the light turns on so we're able to see the steps. As soon as we're at the top of our two staircases, the light turns off. The only thing I wish it has was a softer/warmer white light rather than the bright white light. 5These LED motion lights work great. They don't come on when there is lightThese LED motion lights work great. They don't come on when there is light, because it's not needed. They do come on in low to no light when there is motion. I have two of these in an "L" shaped hallway, one at the bend and one at the end. Product states 5m range- 15ft ish. Mine will come on at 28ft in the dark when it sees me move- yep, pulled out the o'l tape measure. They look great, reason I chose them.BTW, this is a great deal on some good rechargeable batteries. No, I don't get anything for this review. Panasonic Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries 8 AA, 4 AAA, & Quick LED Charger Kit.Pic was taken in the dark with flash. 5BUY THESE THEY ARE AWESOME!These lights are gorgeous! I needed light in a small hallway and at the front door and these were perfect! The light isn't real bright as I was hoping for but bright enough to be able to see. It looks like an expensive wall sconce! I ordered 3 different sets of motion sensor wall sconces at the same time to find the perfect fit...I will be returning the other sets today and ordering 2 more of these! BUY THESE you wont be disappointed! I hanged mine with the screws as opposed to the tape as I have hopes of it hanging there for a long time!The actual dimensions are 6"L x 7-7/8" W x 1"D 5Outstanding lightOutstanding light! I needed this light in a landing where I have a high ceiling and the high ceiling light bulb burnt out and I cannot reach it to change it. What I like best about this light is the motion sensor and the fact that it doesn't stay on for a long time and doesn't waste the battery. It is also sleek in design, reminding me of theatre lights. Love it. 5easy peel-off tapeAnd I said: Let There Be Light.......and darn if it wasn't there - instantly. Leave the room and it goes off - no more "forgetting" to hit the light switch.I am IMPRESSED ! Not your dim little 'night light' either. AND, am also impressed with the versatility of "mounting" it. Has both a MAGNETIC back to it AND "sticky tape" should there be no metal object near by.Am THINKING that if I should want to "stick" it on a surface, I'd opt for using the 3M, easy peel-off tape, because the 'sticky' part APPEARS to be kinda Industrial type - probably never come down {and I move things around too much for THAT} 5
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